Sister Maid

You walk into your little kikimora sister's room. She's gone too far this time! You find her trying to sweep her floor with a broom bigger than she is. She turns to you and smiles innocently.

"Ah, my dearest rođeni brat! How may I help you?"

"You know why I'm here. Someone replaced my porn with this," you throw a copy of Loli Maids Under Attack onto the floor. "And I think it's you." Your sister's face, while still cute, goes from warm and welcoming to cold and aloof.

"Why would you think that, my dearest brat?"

"All the evidence points to you being the culprit," You pause briefly, letting your words sink in. When she fails to crack you continue. "First of all, I locked the door to my room before I left. Only three people have a key to my room, including me. The others are mom, and you."

"I still don't see why you would suspect me. To me, majka seems to be as much of a suspect as I am," your sister coolly states.

"That's true, but mom's been out shopping since this morning. Also, mom wants me to get a girlfriend, so she'd just get rid of it, not replace it!" Your sister pales as she realizes that's she's been caught red handed. She then begins to cry.

"I'm sorry rođeni brat! Please forgive me!"

"So what did you do with it?"

"*Sniff* I burned it! They were all full of girls with big boobies so I threw them all in the incinerator! I'm sorry!" You don't know what to say. All you can really do is stand and stare at her. Staring at her tear stained face, you realize that you just can't stay mad at the little kikimora. So you walk up to her, kneel down and pull her into a hug, causing her to yelp in surprise.

"It's ok, it's just porn. It's not worth getting angry over it. Just promise not to do it again." She looks at you, dumbstruck.

"Really?" You nod in response. She then buries her head into your shoulder and hugs you tighter. Since you can't see her face, you can't see the devious smile that crosses her face. "I promise, my rođeni brat."

Sister Maid 2

You look up from your homework to find your friends, Adam and Teo, working on their own across the table from you. You stretch and yawn before looking around your room. Unable to find anything that would end your suffering, you go back to your equations with a sigh. Adam yawns and Teo leans back into his chair with a groan.

“Do we have to do keep doing this, or can we get started on what we really came here to do?” Teo complains.

“Well it has to get done anyway,” Adam rebukes without looking away from his books.

“Well I’m tired of trying to find out the rate of acceleration of a man having sex with a cockatrice,” Teo shoots back. “Why do we have to learn so much about our principles sex life?”

“Because Mrs. Zupan is a bicorn who’s proud of her husband and harem sisters,” you explain as you finish the last question you needed to do. “Besides, the questions about viscosity were kind of fun.”

“You mean the ones where you had to find out the viscosity of the lube that Mrs. Juric needed to use to get that big ass strap on into Mrs. Broz’s ass? Yeah, those were nice,” Adam agrees. The image of your elven social studies instructor tied up and naked while your dark elven history professor readies her large strap on pops into your head.

Teo nods his head before asking, “Who’d of thought that a physics manual could rival a porn mag?”

“My brother says that they update it every year with new pictures,” Adam adds. “Some avid porn collectors have been known to pay a pretty penny for some of them!”

“That’s amazing…” you mutter, awestruck. Maybe you should take better care of yours? “Well, I’m done with my problems. We can start now if you’d like.”

“Finally!” Teo shouts before he starts rifling through his back pack.

“If you insist…” Adam sighs before digging through his own bag as well. It doesn’t take either of them long before they pull out a plethora of porn magazines and DVDs. You smile at your friends, who also happen to be members of the Ten Brothers, the most infamous of your school’s student run porn distribution rings.

“Thanks guys! That should hold me over for a while!” you say with a large, excited grin.

“Hold you over?” Teo asks. “Sorry man, but these are just your options. You’re only allowed one DVD and two mags.”

“What? Why?!”

“Sorry. We tried to fight for you, but the other brothers don’t think you can be trusted anymore,” Adam explains.

“B-but I’m one of your most loyal customers!”

“True, but lately everything you’ve rented from us has disappeared,” Teo states. “The brothers has decided that you’re too high risk. Sorry.” You couldn’t really fault them for that. Ever since you confronted Mirna, your cute little kikimora sister, about the disappearance of you private stock, your porn has been disappearing! You suspect that she’s behind it somehow, but you can’t seem to find any evidence of her involvement like last time.

“So how long can I keep them?” you ask.

“Just for the night I’m afraid,” Adam states glumly. “On the bright side, you can borrow more right away!”

“Thanks…” you mutter, feeling a little down. “So what are your recommendations?”

“I’m glad you asked!” Teo says as he shows you several of his DVDs. They all have titles like ‘Were-Rabbit Hunting Season’ and ‘Escape from the Lamia Village’, but Teo taps on one called ‘Quest for Tail’. “They’re all favorites of mine, but this one blows the others out of the water! Hitomi Tanaka, that youko with the big tits, finally gets her ninth tail! They decided to film it, and it. Is. Glorious! She uses up five, professional, male pornstars before her boyfriend comes in, or should I say cums in, to finish the job. Hands down, this is the best movie I’ve seen all year. Maybe of all time!”

“Sweet! I’ll take that one. What about you Adam?”

“Unfortunately there isn’t much that stands out for magazines this month. However, there are a couple that might interest you,” Adam says as he displays his collection of pervy magazines. You quickly look over the covers, and see that his selection ranges from lolis to milfs with everything in between. “‘Monsters with Tits’ has a pretty good showing, with a special mention to the holstaur Miosotis Claribel and the troll Arianna Sinn’s lesbian photoshoot. And I know you’re not that into plant girls, but this issue of ‘House and Garden’ has a liliraune threesome that might just change your mind.”

“That does sound awesome! Thanks-!” A soft knock at the door interrupts you.

“Rođeni brat? May I come in?” a small voice asks.

“Oh shit! It’s Mirna!” you whisper.

“I have some snacks and tea!” she announces with adorable glee.

“Hide the porn!” you quietly command. Your friends nod in silent agreement before they scramble to hide all the porn they brought.

“Brat?” Mirna asks, sounding a little suspicious.

“C-coming!” you call out as you head to the entrance of your room and open the door slightly. You look down at your little sister, who meets your gaze with her emerald green eyes and smiles while her feathery tail begins to wag. You note that she’s still wearing her maid uniform, which consisted of a full length black dress, a plain white apron and a white cap, which couldn’t quite hide her floppy, puppy-like ears. Her light brown hair was kept in a tight bun behind her head which make her look rather professional, even though most girls her age were probably more interested in playing house than cleaning house. “H-hey Mirna! Y-you said you have snacks?”

Mirna nods her head and adds, “And tea! Majka made her special herbal blend to help give you energy!” She motions excitedly to the small, food laden trolley behind her.

“Alright, just pass it over and I’ll bring everything in.”

“Sorry my dearest brat, but as a maid it would stain my honor to let you serve yourself!” she states matter-of-factly while puffing out her chest with pride.

“I see…” You both stare at each other in awkward silence as you stall for time.

“May I come in?”

You glance back into your room to see Teo give you a thumbs up before answering, “Sure!” As you open the door, Mirna smiles and pushes her food trolley into your room. She approaches the collapsible table you were working on and places a cup of tea and a strawberry tart where you were sitting, with some difficulty due to her short stature. She then pushes her cart closer to Adam and repeats the process.

“Hmm, that smells good,” Adam says as he lifts his cup to his nose. “Did you help make this Mirna?”

“Yes!” she replies with her tail wagging.

“That’s wonderful,” Adam praises.

“Keep this up and I’m sure you’ll be a good little wife when you grow up!” Teo adds, causing Mirna to break out in a fit of giggles. You swear you see her looking at you with a blush on her face, but she quickly looks away and moves on to serve Teo. You sit down and take a sip of your tea, enjoying its fruitiness.

“What’s this?” Mirna asks while eyeing out Teo’s textbook.

“It’s just my physics textbook Mirna. I’m sure you’ve seen your brother’s,” Teo explains.

“No… Underneath…” To your horror, Mirna swipes a DVD hidden beneath Teo’s textbook. You recognize the naked, busty youko using three of her nine tails to hide her nipples and vagina. “Quest for Tail?”

“I-it’s a documentary!” Adam quickly explains.

“Y-yeah! It’s about how youko and inari get their tails!” you quickly lie.

“I told your brother about it the other day. He asked about it, so I brought it over so we could watch together!” Teo adds. Mirna looks the three of you over, her innocent smile never leaving her face. On the surface she looks calm and serene, but experience tells you that she’s probably furious.

Mirna examines the DVD box art again before looking at Teo and saying, “Ako nađem ovog čađ u sobi moga brata kasnije, ja ću ti završiti.

“W-what does that mean?” Teo nervously asks.

“It means thank you for looking out for my moj brat!” Mirna explains with a giggle.

“Aww, thanks Mirna!” Teo says as he pets her head. You think you see her tense up as if something disgusting touched her.

Adam laughs before saying, “So, now that we’re done with our physics homework, should we get to work on that group project for history?”

“I don’t know,” you say. “Shouldn’t we wait till we have the whole group together?”

“Translation: Let’s wait until tomorrow so I can show my girlfriend how smart I am,” Teo teases with a snicker.

“Girlfriend?!” Mirna gasps. She climbs onto your lap and grabs your shirt collar. “Y-you really don’t have a kurva? Do you?” she asks with tears in her eyes. You also can’t help but notice the slight accusatorial tone in her voice.

“Don’t worry Mirna, I don’t have a girlfriend,” you assure. You shoot a glare at Teo and say, “Teo is just being a dumbass. Anita’s just a girl in our class who’s helping with our group project.”

“Really?” Mirna asks. You get the sneaking suspicion that she doesn’t quite believe you.

“I don’t know,” Adam interjects. “She seemed pretty intent on joining the group. Desperate even.”

“She’s also been asking questions about you when you’re not around,” Teo adds. You think you hear Mirna give off a faint ‘tsk.’

“You’re both so full of it! Don’t listen to a word these assholes say Mirna,” you say with a blush. Mirna looks deep into your eyes then jumps to the floor. She then grabs her little trolley and starts pushing it to the door.

Nema šanse da ću dopustiti neke drolja doći blizu mog brata ...“ you hear her mutter under her breath.

“What was that?”

“I said I need to go help majka finish cleaning before I can take my bath,” Mirna coolly replies. “No peaking please!” You groan as she skips out of the room. With Mirna gone, you complete your pornographic dealings before spending the rest of the night talking to your friends before they leave for home.

The next day, you find yourself in front of a café called ‘La Belle Francoise’. You double check the address that Teo gave you yesterday, and sure enough, this was where everyone was meeting today. You shrug and enter the café. Once inside, you are immediately greeted by several ‘Bienvenue!’s and a couple ‘Bonjour!’s from the mamono waitresses dressed in skimpy French maid costumes.

“Bonjour seigneur!” an elf says as she approaches you. “Are we expecting company today, or will we be dining alone?”

“Actually, I’m meeting some friends here,” you explain. “They should already be here.”

“Vraiement?” she asks, sounding disappointed. You nod in response, and she sighs before saying, “Very well.” She steps aside and you go look for your friends. It doesn’t take long to find them.

“Figures you’d want to meet at a maid café Teo,” you say as you sit at their table.

“Well it’s better than a stuffy old library,” Teo says while staring off into space. You follow his gaze and spot a kakuen cleaning the table across from yours. You can tell by the way her tail is holding up her skirt to reveal her plump, bare behind that she probably knows that he’s looking, and wanted to put on a show. “Besides, I think Anita would like this place.”

“And the food’s pretty good too!” Adam shouts after scarfing the last of his omelet. He drinks the rest of his tea and calls out, “Marie? Could I have some more tea please?” You shake your head before picking up a menu.

“Bien sur! Ah! Mon frère! Bienvenue!” Now that sounded familiar. You look away from the menu and find Mirna smiling at you with her tail wagging. She's wearing the café’s French maid uniform. It doesn’t seems to fit her though, if the bunched up sleeves and knee length miniskirt were any indication. Her apron was also too big for her, but now that you’ve gotten a closer look at it, you can see a rose embroidered on it. Her white cap had been replaced with a white, frilly maid headdress and she had let her shoulder length hair down.

“Mirna?” you ask. “What are you doing here?”

“Pardon?” she asks innocently.

“Seriously Mirna, what are you doing?”

“Mon frère, I think you are… Qu’est-ce que c’est… Confused. Je m’appelle Marie,” the kikimora formally known as Mirna explains with a curtsy.

“I thought she was Mirna too,” Teo admits. “But it seems they just look the same, like a doppelgagner.”

“Espèce d’idiot!” Mirna says as she nods in apparent agreement.

“I see…” you mutter, not convinced in the slightest.

“Alors, what would you like mon frère?” Mirna asks while her tail wags excitedly. You look through the menu and quickly find something you’d like.

“I’ll have some eggs and toast with a cup of coffee please.”

Très bien! I’ll have it ready soon mon frère!”

“Could I get some more coffee too?” Teo asks.

“Ferme ta gueulle, maudit fou!” Mirna responds with a smile. She quickly bows before heading to the kitchen. True to her word, Mirna soon brings out everyone’s food and drinks. Like Adam said, the food is delicious. You eat and visit with your friends while you all wait for Anita to show up. While you’re enjoying yourself, you also notice that Mirna is keeping an eye on you. She would come by the table to ask if you needed anything more often than necessary, and when she did finally leave the table, you were always in her field of vision. After a half hour of waiting, Adam gets a phone call.

“Hello?” He answers. “Oh, hey Anita! Where are you at? Oh really? That’s too bad. Will you be able to make it later? Great! We were talking about going to that sushi place down on Main Street. Yeah, that’s the one. Ok, see you around six. Bye!” Adam sighs as he puts away his cell phone.

“So Anita isn’t coming?” Teo asks.

“Yeah, unfortunately something came up and she couldn’t make it. She said she’ll meet up with us at the Hairy Mackerel Sushi Hut.”

“Great,” you sigh. “So what do we do now?”

“Well,” Teo muses. “I guess we can go waste some time at the arcade or something.”

“Alright, there’s option one. Anyone have any other ideas?” you ask. Adam shakes his head so you say, “The arcade it is! Let’s blow this popsicle stand.” You get out of your chair and turn to leave.

“Mon frère?” You turn towards the direction of Mirna’s voice and find her looking worried. “Are you leaving?”

“Yeah. Thanks for the service. It was really good!” you praise as you quickly pet her head.

“Vraiement? Merci!” she says with a bow. You pay for your food and leave the café. Once you’re out of sight Mirna mutters, “Merde…” before chasing after you.

A few hours later, you and your friends walk into the Hairy Mackerel Sushi Hut. Teo is currently regaling you with the conversation he had with the cop near the arcade. “And he said that they found her tied up in the storage room, wearing nothing but her underwear!”

“And that was going on while we were in the café?” you ask incredulously. “That’s messed up…”

“Do they know why she was in her underwear?” Adam asks.

“That’s where it gets weird,” Teo explains. “They think her attacker took her maid uniform and used it to serve customers for a few hours. All of the customers were taken care of and the staff didn’t notice since they were busy working or flirting.”

“That’s messed up…” you repeat. You suspect that Mirna might have something to do with that, but you hope in vain that you’re wrong.

“Hello. How many in your group?” a kejourou in a kappougi, a kimono with a large apron covering it, asks.

“There’s three of us, but someone’s going to be joining us later,” you reply.

“Very well,” she says with a bow. “Please follow me.” The kejourou leads you all to one of the booths and you quickly sit down. “Your server will be with you shortly. Please enjoy yourselves.” The kejourou bows again and quickly returns to the reception area. You continue to converse with your friends until the server arrives. Suddenly, you hear a weak voice.

“K-k-kon’nichiwa! M-my n-name is M-mei! Is t-there anything I-I can g-get for you?” You look towards the source of the familiar voice and find Mirna dressed in a plain gray kappougi with a white apron, while she now wore her hair in a ponytail. She was also looking down at her shoes and fidgeting in place, which made her look much more timid than usual.

“What are you doing Mirna?” you ask unimpressed.


“Seriously, drop the act. What are you up to?”

“B-but o-onii-chan, m-my n-name is M-mei, not M-mirna,” she explains with a stutter.

“Seriously man, I know they look a little bit like Mirna dude, but there is more than one kikimora in town…” Teo gently scolds.

“I know that,” you snap. “But what are the chances we’d go to two different restaurants, and run into two kikimora who look nearly identical to my sister?”

“Well it is possible,” Adam muses. “Besides, it’s not like Mirna knows three languages.” You fight the urge to tell Adam that your mom made sure Mirna knew six languages, including German, Spanish and Swahili.

“P-please listen t-to the b-baka-sans, Onii-chan! I-I’m not M-mirna-chan!” Mirna implored with tears in her eyes. The sight of her almost breaks you. Almost.

“F-fine,” you relent. “But we’re going to have a nice, long talk about this when I get home.” Mirna wipes away her tears and quickly tries to change the topic.

“W-what would y-you like t-to eat?” she quietly asks.

“Let’s see… Let’s have a crab pizza, some tempura shrimp, some dumplings, some California, spicy and dragon rolls, and some miso soup. Aaand that should be enough for me. What about you two?” Adam asks, leaving everyone stunned. He didn’t even look at the menu! You and Teo quickly request your food, and Mirna bows before she heads towards the kitchen. You go back to your conversation, but a loud “KYAAAH!” interrupts you. You look in the direction of the scream and see Mirna getting hugged to a teenaged jorou-gumo’s generous chest while her kejourou friend fawned over her.

“Anata wa koko de hataraite kono kawaii hito o motte ita koto o watashi ni itta koto wa arimasen!” the jorou-gumo squealed as she squeezed Mirna tighter, despite her protests and flailing.

Kanojo wa atarashīdearu hitsuyō ga arimasu!” the kejourou responded. “Darekaga watashi ni sō sezu ni, koko de kyūtona shigoto wa dono yō ni shiru koto ga dekimasu ka?”

Mirna spots you and screams, “Onii-chan! Tasukete!” You sigh as you get up and approach the trio. Mirna manages to wriggle free and runs towards you. Meeting you halfway, she hugs you and starts crying into your stomach. You wonder what’s going on, but then you remember that Mirna was scared of spiders. And arachnid family mamono apparently.

“I’m sorry,” you apologize. “She’s kind of afraid of… Well… You…”

“Ah! No worry! This happen sometime since me very scary!” the jorou-gumo assures with a bow and broken English. “Me sorry, little girl!”

“I should apologize too,” the kejourou adds. “We got a little carried away. Sorry.”

“It’s fine,” you say with a smile. “I’ll just bring her over to our table until she calms down.” You pick Mirna up bridal style and start to make your way back to your table.

“Just a moment!” You stop and turn to face the kejourou. “My friend just got here from Zipangu and I was going to show her around later. Would you guys be interested in helping me out?”

“While that does sound like fun, we’re going to be busy with school stuff. Sorry.”

“Ah no, that’s ok! Just figured I’d ask!” You smile as you head back to your table with Mirna. You’re such an idiot. Oh well. At least Mirna’s little masquerade has ended.

“Wait… So Mei was Mirna this whole time!” Teo exclaims.

“Unbelievable,” Adam says awestruck. “I didn’t realize you were such a good actor Mirna!” Mirna turns away with a “Hmph!” before you sit down and place her on the seat next to you. She has other ideas however, and she quickly places herself firmly on your lap. “She seems pretty attached to you all of a sudden.”

You resist the urge to tell him she’s probably been following you all day, but instead you say, “It’s probably because she’s still freaked out about the jurou-gumo.”

“A maid never ‘freaks out’!” Mirna protests, but she refuses to get off of your lap. You sigh, but surrender to your sister’s wishes and resume your conversation with your friends as she clings to you.  After a while, the kejourou comes to your table, carrying your food with her hands and hair.

She begins to place it all on the table as she says, “Here you go! I helped my mom make this stuff, so I know you’ll like it!”

“Thanks,” Teo says. “It smells delicious!”

“It tastes even better!” Adam mumbles through a mouth already full of food.

You grab a sushi roll and eat it before saying, “Oh! That is good! You should try some Mirna.” Mirna pouts, but eats one of the dumplings despite her protests. The taste causes her to pout harder and sparks a bout of laughter around the table.

“She really is the cutest thing,” the kejourou comments. Suddenly Adam’s cell begins to ring. He quickly swallows his mouthful of food before answering.

“Hello? Hey Anita, what’s up? Well that sucks. Just a sec.” Adam looks your way and says, “Anita’s not going to be able to make it here. She’s still busy with that thing from before. Do you think we can all meet up at your place?”

“Sure,” you say with a shrug. You hear Mirna growl under her breath, but you choose to ignore it.

“Alright he’s cool with it,” Adam says into his phone. “It’s at the end of Tsar Street. Oh, that’s just a couple blocks from the school. It shouldn’t be too hard, it’s the big house. Ok, bye!”

The Kejourou clears her throat and asks, “Is there anything else I can help you with?”

“No, that’s fine,” Teo assures before he takes a bite out of a crab pizza.

“Very well. I hope you all enjoy your meal,” the kejourou says with a smile. You think you see her smile turn devious as she turns to leave, but you determine that you must be seeing things. Although Mirna seems to have something too, as she tenses up and glares at the hair yokai. When she’s out of sight, Mirna prepares a plate of food and hands it to you. The four of you enjoy your meal while talking about the usual stuff. You even manage to show your friends Mirna’s “super happy” face by scratching behind her floppy ears, much to her embarrassment. She returned the favor by tickling you with her feathers. You were having so much fun that you didn’t realize that a nekomata had replaced the kejourou as your waitress. Soon you all finish eating and begin to walk home, with Mirna deciding that she’d rather ride on your shoulders instead of walk. With everyone having a good time, you reach your home before you know it, just as the sun sets.

“Lights are off,” you mutter. “Mom and dad must have gone somewhere.” You walk onto your front porch and breathe in the familiar and comforting scent of your mom’s flower bushes that grew in front of your house.

“It doesn’t look like Anita’s here yet either,” Teo notices. You put Mirna down on the porch before pulling out your set of house keys and unlock the front door.

“She’s probably just running late. We can probably wait for her inside,” you say as you turn to face your friends. When you finish turning, you find Adam struggling to lift his feet off of the sidewalk. “What are you doing?” you ask unamused.

“I’m stuck!” Adam exclaims. He continues to try to pull himself free from the ground, but fails. Growing desperate to escape, Adam starts trying to take off his shoes. Teo sighs at the sad sight.

“This isn’t the time to be joking around. The mosquitos are coming out!” he complains as he begins to walk towards Adam to get him to knock off. Unfortunately, he soon finds himself trapped as well. “The fuck? Now I’m stuck too! What’s going on?!” You decide to go help them, but Mirna grabs your arm and refuses to let go.

“Can you let go Mirna?” you ask. “I got to go help the idiots.”

“Ha ha, yuck it up jackass,” Teo snaps as he begins to try to free himself. Adam finally manages to free one of his feet from his shoes, but gets it stuck again when he places it on the ground.


“You can’t go my dearest brat!” Mirna pleads. “There’s something sticky on the ground! It’s almost like a…”

“Like spider web?” finishes a familiar voice. Two shadowy figures leap down from the roof and land in front of you. Out in the open, you identify the figures as the kejourou and jurou-gumo from the restaurant. “Miss me?” the spider woman asks in a seductive tone.

“Looks like one of the flies was smart enough to avoid our trap! Do you mind if I grab him Kimiko?” the Kejourou asks cheerfully.

“Go ahead Mao,” Kimiko answered with a smile. “You want him more anyway.” With her friend’s blessing, Mao’s hair rushes forth, catching you by your wrists and ankles before you have the chance to react. You try to shout but Mao gags you with more of her hair before you can. She then effortlessly lifts you off the porch. Mirna tries to hang onto your arm, but she slips and falls onto her rump with a shriek. Mao chuckles at the sight and begins to pull you closer. As you approach your captor, you see that Kimiko has managed to gag and restrain Adam and Teo with her webbing.

“Looks like you’ll have time to hang out with us after all~,” Mao teases. You try to scream at her through your hairy gag, but the smell and feel of her hair are already overpowering you. Your scream instead turns into a series of semi-plaintive moans. Mao giggles at your pathetic display before asking, “So Kimiko, do we still want the little kikimora?”

“Yes!” Kimiko squeals. “Catch cutey too please~!” Mao sends some of her hair to ensnare Mirna, but your sister rolls out of the way and runs to one side of the porch. Mao tries again, but Mirna once again avoids capture by doing a backflip off of the porch and into the bushes. She then bursts out of the bushes wielding a trowel that your mom must have lost like a knife. She makes a mad dash towards you and Mao, dodging the kejourou’s continued attempts to ensnare her. When she gets close enough, Mirna leaps towards the hair binding you, probably hoping to hack you free with the trowel. Unfortunately, her luck runs out as Kimiko snatches her out of the air and holds her to her chest.

“Oh my! Cutey so fast!” Kimiko says as she squeezes Mirna a little tighter. “Or maybe Mao just slow!”

“Shut up Kimiko!” Mao shouts back in embarrassment. Meanwhile Mirna struggles desperately to free herself, but the jurou-gumo is just too strong for her. Helpless, Mirna drops the trowel in her panic and begins to cry.

“Brat! Help me!” Mirna screams. You try to break free of Mao’s grasp, but her hair feels so nice against your skin and it smells so nice. You want to help your sister and friends, but you also just want to stay wrapped up in Mao’s hair.

“No, say onii-chan~,” Kimiko gently scolds. “It much cuter!”

“Help me…” Mirna quietly pleads.

“Say it please,” Kimiko insists once again. “If you say onii-chan~, onee-chan let you help –GUH!” Before Kimiko could finish her sentence, a physics textbook comes out of nowhere and smashes into her face. Sensing her chance, Mirna wriggles out of the stunned spider’s grasp and dashes to safety. Unlike Mao, Kimiko was not amused by this turn of events. “Who do that?!”

“Show yourself!” Mao shouts at the darkness. Silence is her only answer, but soon the sound of footsteps against the sidewalk fill the air as a mysterious figure approaches.

“Please forgive my tardiness,” the figure says. “My errands took much longer than anticipated.” As the mysterious figure approaches, you realise that she’s Anita, your kikimora classmate. Her long golden hair came down to the small of her back and seemed to shine in the dark. Her long black dress and white apron were crisp and clean, and her white maid headdress hid daintily behind her floppy ears.

“I don’t know who you are, but you can buzz off!” Mao threatens.

“Yes! You go buzz away!” Kimiko says while rubbing her sore nose.

“Unfortunately I cannot do that,” Anita answers coolly. “Those gentlemen you have detained are my partners for a class assignment. If you could release them so that we may work on it, it would be greatly appreciated.” Both yokai look at Anita for a moment and burst into laughter.

“That’s rich,” Mao says with a smile. “What’re you going to do? Clean us to death?”

“We no take order from girl with no boob!” Kimiko mocks.

“Is that so?” Anita asks. She smiles, but it seems tense and you can’t sense any type of mirth behind it. “If that is the case, I’ll just have to take you both seriously. Just know this, I would have been willing to take it easy on you if you both weren’t so rude.” She reaches into her sleeve and pulls out a large stiletto knife.

“A knife?” Mirna asks, shocked at the sight of the blade.

“Oooo a knife, so scary,” Mao taunts.

“What you do with knife?” Kimiko condescendingly asks.

“I’m going to do this. Servus ex Machina,” Anita calmly says before disappearing.

“W-where did she go?” Mirna asks completely dumbfounded.

“I’m over here little one,” Anita calls from behind the group. “Everything will be ok now.” You almost fall over as your feet suddenly find the ground. The hair isn’t holding you as tightly as it was before, and you find that you can pull it off rather easily. You look towards Adam and Teo just in time to see the spider silk Kimiko wrapped them in slough off of them. Kimiko and Mao weren’t spared either as their kimonos disintegrated into small, even sized pieces, although both were too busy to notice.

“S-she cut my hair…” Mao said in disbelief as she held the ends of her neatly cut hair. “SHE CUT MY HAIR!”

“It ok,” Kimiko said in a soothing tone. “It still look good!”

“I don’t care if it looks good!” Mao snapped. “THE BITCH CUT MY HAIR!” Her hair flares up and begins to writhe in anger as she turned to face her foe. “I’LL MAKE YOU PAY FOR THIS!!!”

“If you wish to continue, then I will gladly shave you bald,” Anita warned. “If not, I suggest you leave before I lose my temper.” Mao flinched at Anita’s threat, before covering herself with her remaining hair and running off with Kimiko not far behind.

“You’ll get what’s coming to you! If it’s the last thing I do!” Mao yells.

“Goodbye flatty!” Kimiko shouts one last insult before they both disappear into night. You look upon the scene, confused as to what just happened.

“What the hell just happened?” Teo asks, voicing your thoughts.

“I simply drove them off,” Anita says calmly as she approaches you. “My father was ‘assassinated’ by a kunoichi before I was born, and my mother managed to track him down to the hidden village he was taken to. Both of my mothers made sure I was trained in both the way of the shinobi and the way of the maid since I was very young.”

“That’s pretty cool,” you say as she brushes some of Mao’s stray hairs off of your shoulders with her hands.

“Thank you for your kind words,” she says with a genuinely happy smile. “Although I would have preferred if you called me beautiful or cute instead.” She finishes cleaning you off and begins to wipe her hands on her apron. She begins to frown when she gets a good look at her chest. “Although it seems like I’ll need to do a lot of ‘growing up’ for anyone to complement me on my appearances.”

“I wouldn’t worry about that,” Adam said as he picked up Anita’s textbook and handed it to her. “You’re already pretty good looking.”

“Yeah,” Teo confirmed. “Without a doubt, you’re a ten even among mamono.”

“Thank you, you’re both too kind,” she says coolly. She turns to you and asks, “What do you think?”

“W-well, let’s just say any guy who’d be able to date would be pretty lucky,” you answer bashfully.

“W-wha?!” Mirna gasps before starting to growl.

“I see,” she says before she turns away from you. You can’t see her face, but she must be pretty happy if her wagging tail was any indication. “Oh! Silly me! I forgot, we still need to work on our project!”

“Oh right, we haven’t even looked at that yet,” Teo remembers.

“Well, better late than never. Right?” Adam asks.

“Alright then let’s inside and start working on it,” you suggest.

“Yes let’s. You three can get started while I prepare some snacks for us,” Anita declares.

“You don’t have to do that Anita,” you say.

“I insist. We would have gotten so much done today if it weren’t for my errands, so I must make it up to you all," she insists.

“That won’t be necessary,” Mirna announces. “You have a lot to do, so I can prepare the snacks.”

Anita stares at Mirna for a moment before asking, “Are you sure little one? Wouldn’t it be hard for you to reach the counter?”

“Thank you for your concern, but I have a stool,” Mirna calmly replies. “Besides, as a maid of this house, it is my dužnost to serve all of our guests. Big or small.”

“How gracious of you, but as an older kikimora I’ll be able to prepare the snacks much more effectively. Besides you look very tired. You should probably go rest little one.” Mirna and Anita smile at each other, but you sense that the atmosphere between the two has grown incredibly tense.

Neću dopustiti da stavi prst na mog brata, stara drolja.” Mirna finally says with a tense smile.

Nećeš imati pravo glasa u to malo derište vas,” Anita calmly replied with her face mimicking Mirna’s.

Onda valjda to znači rat,” Mirna says before she leads your friends inside the house. You look on for a moment before following suit, wondering about what was going on and what was going to happen next.