“How dare she?!” you mutter as you storm out of your school’s cafeteria and into the hallway. Your older sister, Daisy, asked if you could eat lunch together today. You reluctantly agreed to it since she’s the type to bother you until you give in. And, as usual, the butter brain’s late! You turn a corner and continue your agitated march to her classroom. You soon find her next to her locker, getting hit on by a couple of the senior jocks who think they’re cooler than they really are. You don’t blame them though. Out of the horrifyingly small pool of positive characteristics, Daisy at least had her good looks. Well, her looks and her large breasts, or did that not count since she’s a holstaur? Her white and black streaked hair usually came down to her hazel eyes, but today she had her bangs tied back with a cartoon cow hair clip. She had three stud earrings along the bottom of each of her bovine ears, but her horns were undecorated. Her large, baggy jeans showed off quite a bit of her white and black splotched furry legs and cow tail, and were held up with elastic suspenders that stretched around her usually D cup breasts. You notice that her simple, white button up blouse is being stretched to its limit and that her nipples are poking through the fabric. You think she must be nervous, since she has this weird habit where she expands her breasts when she’s upset. Ironically, this usually brought her unwanted attention, which would upset her even more.

“C’mon Daisy, you should come party with us tonight. It’ll be fun,” one of the perverts say with a voice that he probably thinks makes him sound rugged.

“Yeah Daisy. Let us show you a good time,” the second dough brain insists.

“W-well… I-I…” Daisy stammers as her eyes nervously dart back and forth. She then spots you and a bright smile appears on her face. She picks up a large lunch bag that was lying beside her, and bowls over the two jerks as she rushes towards you. “Bro!” she shouts as she catches you in her bone breaking and suffocating embrace. “You ready to have lunch together?” You try to scream out a long string of expletives and insults but, considering you’re currently struggling for oxygen, you only manage to make yourself lightheaded. Eventually Daisy lets you go and holds you steady as you catch your breath. “Oops… Sorry bro…” Daisy says apologetically.

You scowl at her and start to trudge back to the cafeteria as you say, “Let’s just hurry up and get this over with.” You don’t get far before Daisy catches up to you and entwines her arm with yours. You blush as you realize you can feel her soft, warm breast through the stretched fabric of her blouse, but you start to scream as she pulls you back to the cafeteria at full speed. You both quickly reach the cafeteria and Daisy finally lets you go. You glare at her, out of breath and red faced, although you don’t know if it’s from all the screaming or embarrassment. “What… Did… I… Say… About… Touching…?” you managed to gasp out.

Daisy ponders your question a bit before asking, “Not to do it?” You continue to glare at her until she realized why you were upset with her. “Oh! Right. Sorry! I’m such a scatterbrain!” For whatever reason, her apology just irritated you further.

“Whatever nimrod,” you say as you turn away and head towards the end of the line to get some cafeteria food. You bitterly note that the line is at least twice as long as it was before you left to get Daisy.

“Hey! Wait! Where are you going?!” Daisy shouts after you. You turn to face her and find her motioning towards her lunch bag. “I made us lunch!” You look at her like she just said that she bathed in raw sewage and resume your journey to the end of the line. Daisy, clearly not happy with your decision, runs up behind you and grabs you by your belt. “Geez, why do you have to be so stubborn? My cooking is waaay better than the cud they serve!” she says as she begins to drag you to an empty cafeteria table. You cast one last furtive glance towards the cait sith lunch lady, who was serving up some sort of gray mystery meat, and sigh in defeat. Daisy sits you down at the table, before she places her lunch bag in front of you and begins to unpack it. You watch her as she pulls out a couple containers filled with salad, some apple slices, Oreo cheesecake, plastic cutlery and a couple containers whose contents you can’t identify. “I’ll go warm these up, so you can start without me!” she announces excitedly before she brings them over to the cafeteria’s microwaves. You grab a plastic fork and open one of the salad containers, and begin to eat the simple salad composed of lettuce leaves and ranch dressing. As you eat, you beging to enjoy this quiet moment of solitude.

“Hey there sweet cheeks.” And the moment has passed…

“Buzz off rug muncher,” you say as you keep your gaze on your food. You didn’t need to look to know it was Jenalosa the dark elf and her manticore lackey, Mordad. Jenalosa was short and slim with a healthy tan and long, silvery hair. She wore a tightfitting, black tube top with a matching micro skirt that would reveal her panties every time she bent over. If she wore any. Mordad was much larger with powerful, feline limbs, bat-like wings, an energetic tail with a bulbous, spiky end, and a pair of impressively large breasts. She also had a healthy tan and shocking red hair with a slivery skunk stripe between her fuzzy cat ears. She wore a plain, white t-shirt with a large rip that acted like a cleavage window, and some blue jeans that were so ripped up that they might as well been shorts.

“That’s not the kind of thing you say to your queen twerp,” Mordad growls.

“I didn’t vote for her,” you say with a smirk. Mordad growls some more, clearly not enjoying your clever movie reference, but Jenalosa gently elbows her arm before she can say anything.

“That’s a lot of food you got there,” Jenalosa says. “Way too much to eat on your own.”

“That’s why I’m eating it with my good friend Mr. Tibbs,” you say sarcastically. “Say hello Mr. Tibbs”

“Wow. That’s so funny I forgot to laugh,” Mordad says trying to match your sarcastic tone.

“It’s a shame you didn’t forget how to breathe.”

“You little,” Mordad growls, but Jenalosa elbows her again.

“Don’t let him get under your skin stupid,” Jenalosa scolds. “So who are you eating with?”

“Why do you care?”

“Because I’m worried that someone’s trying to take away my boy toy.”

“I-I’m not…” you mutter, suddenly at a loss for words.

“Of course you are, you little shit,” Mordad purrs, but Jenalosa elbows her for a third time.

“What did I tell you about using that kind of language?” Jenalosa asks, sounding like a parent scolding her child.

Mordad rubs her elbow and responds with a hesitant, “Not to?”

“Yes. Try not to forget that next time.” Turning her attention back to you, Jenalosa says, “She is right however. You are my personal boy toy, whether you like it or not. So tell me, who are you having lunch with?”

“None of your business,” you reply curtly.

“My, you’re being quite stubborn today,” Jenalosa sighs.

“Want me to tenderize him for you?” Mordad offers. You don’t like how eager she seems to be today.

“No that’s fine Mordad,” the dark elf thankfully declines. “I have other ideas on how to deal with him. See you later.” Jenalosa smirks before she waves and walks away.

“You better watch your back,” Mordad warns before she follows suit. Alone once again, you stare at your half-finished salad. You suddenly don’t feel very hungry anymore.

“Who were they?” Daisy asks, suddenly bringing you back to reality. “Friends of yours?” A part of you wants to tell her the truth. A part of you wants to tell her that they’ve been harassing you for the past month and that you’ve been feeling miserable because of it.

Instead you say, “Just people I know,” and go back to eating the salad you don’t really want to eat anymore. Daisy looks at you with a worried expression before shrugging her shoulders and placing one of the warmed up containers in front of you. She sits across from you and reaches for her own salad container, but she can’t quite reach it. She stretches to grab it, but the container remains just out of reach. You watch this go on for a bit before saying, “Daisy.” She stops for a moment and glances at you before you say, “Your breasts.” She looks down to find that she’s still one sneeze away from going topless.

“Oops!” she exclaims as she shrinks her breasts back down to their usual D-cups. “I guess I forgot!” She scoots closer to the table and grabs her salad container and begins to joyfully dig into her leafy greens. You notice that her blouse seems to be fitting more loosely than before. Guess she must have stretched it out. You finish your salad and open your warmed up container to find it full of homemade macaroni and cheese. It looks and smells delicious.

“I’m not eating this.” You push the container of filled with cheesy goodness away from you.

“Don’t be like that,” Daisy pleads. “Eat up! It’s delicious!”

“No,” you say as you cross your arms and look away from her.

“Why not?”

“Because you made it, and it’s full of milk and cheese. Do the math.” You’ve never quite gotten over the fact that she used to use her own breast milk in her cooking. You haven’t been able to trust her, or her cooking, since you caught her milking herself in the kitchen.

“Just eat it! You big baby!”


“Fine. Be that way.” Daisy grabs your fork and impales some of your macaroni.

“What are yo-,” you try to ask, but Daisy shoves the forkful of pasta into your open maw. The wonderful taste of Daisy’s cooking fills your mouth, and you take back your fork after she pulls it out. You pull your container closer and begin eating the rest with an “Hmph!” and Daisy giggles at your immature display. You both continue to eat as you talk about nothing in particular. She’s still really annoying, but you have to admit that having lunch with her is more fun than you thought it would be. Just a little bit.

“Now that was good!” Daisy says as she rubs her stomach after finishing her cheesecake.

“I’ve had better.”

“You’re supposed to say it’s good!” Daisy complains.

“And why am I ‘supposed’ to?” you ask. You smirk despite yourself when Daisy starts to pout.

“Fine then smartass. You can make lunch next time!”

“Next time?” you ask. “We’re doing this again?”

“Of course we’re doing this again!” Daisy shouts. “Didn’t you have fun?”

“I guess,” you sigh. Daisy just looks at you and groans in exasperation. You help her pack everything, and you both leave the cafeteria together.

“All right, it’s time to get back to class,” she says with a smile. “See you after school?”

“Sure,” you answer. Daisy pulls you into another suffocating hug.

“OK! See you later!” She lets you go, and you begin to make your way back to your classroom. You don’t notice your sister watch you leave with her concern clearly written on her face. You take you time walking to your classroom, paying little heed to the general student body that surrounds you. Even with your relaxed pace, you reach your classroom with minutes to spare. You quickly check your watch and decide that you have enough time for a quick trip to the bathroom. You jog to the nearest public washroom and enter to relieve yourself. When you emerge from the restroom, you find the hallway, which was previously bustling with activity, completely empty. You find the absence of people disconcerting, so you decide to return to class as quickly as possible. You turn your back to the restroom and something slams into you between your shoulder blades. Whatever it is then grabs your shirt and lifts you up into the air.

“Help!” you shout as you’re carried into the girl’s washroom, but it was in vain as there was no one nearby to hear you. You quickly realize your predicament and begin to struggle in an attempt to get loose, but whatever it is that’s holding you has a firm grip. When you pass in front of the mirrors, you check their reflection to find that your attacker is Mordad, who’s using her tail to carry you behind her. You also see Jenalosa standing next to an open stall, looking very impatient.

“Could you hurry up please,” the dark elf commands.

“Just give me a minute,” Mordad growls before she sets you down on the toilet in the empty stall. You try to stand up, but she uses her tail to hit you in the stomach. The force of the blow is enough to knock the wind out of you, and you struggle to regain your breath. “Are you sure you want to do it here? I mean, I’m ok with it, but I know you had something else in mind.”

“While the location is less than what I desired, it’ll have to do. We can’t risk getting caught trying to bring him somewhere else, and we might not get another opportunity.”

“W-what are you going to do to me?” you ask.

“It’s quite simple,” Jenalosa answers. “We’re going to show you your place. You’re my toy, and while I don’t mind you giving me a bit of attitude, you’ve been rather audacious lately.”

“And Jena’s getting worried that you might’ve found yourself a girlfriend,” Mordad croons. Jenalosa shoots the manticore a dirty glare.

“Please. I don’t care if the little pissant got himself a girlfriend,” she denied. “I just don’t want some tart playing with my toy before I get to. Let’s get started already!”

“Sure, why not?” Mordad asks with a smile. You double over as she slams her tail into your stomach once again. With you defenseless, Jenalosa rushes to your side to help you sit up and pulls you into a kiss. Unsure of what to do, you let her explore your mouth with her tongue as she begins to pull up on your shirt. She pulls away from you just long enough to remove your shirt before she kisses you again. She gently trails her hand along your chest until she finds one of your nipples, which she gingerly begins to tease. When it starts feeling good, she pinches your nipple with enough force to make you moan in pain. She then breaks the kiss and forces you to look at Mordad, who has stripped herself down to her racy red panties.

“Your turn,” Jenalosa says as she continues to stroke your naked chest.

“Thanks. I’ve been looking forward to taking a bite out of him,” Mordad replies while licking her lips at the sight of you.

“Do I look like an idiot?” you ask incredulously, not at all intimidated by the manticore. “Everyone knows that mamono haven’t eaten people sin-PUH!” Jenalosa interrupts you with a slap across your face.

“Who said you could talk?” Jenalosa asks as the pain begins to swell in your cheek.

“Wow, you got him pretty good!” Mordad praises.

“Thanks. It’s all in the wrist you see,” the dark elf explains with pride. “Now do your job or you can get the next one!”

“Alright, alright.” Mordad approaches and kneels in front of you. She then brings the end of her tail next to your face and opens it up to reveal its wet, fleshy insides before using it to deftly undo your pants. When she finishes, the manticore tries to pull off your pants and underwear, but you do your best to keep them on. This earns you another slap from Jenalosa, and Mordad manages to strip you while you’re distracted by the pain. With your erect cock now free from any restraint, Mordad whistles her approval. “Damn Jena! You sure do have some nice toys!”

“It’s because I deserve the best!” Mordad chuckles as she spreads your legs open and nestles your dick between her heavy breasts. Her tail hovers just above your dick, and she opens it so that she can drip its fluids onto her breasts and your erection. As she’s doing this, Jenalosa begins to kiss and suck on your neck and earlobe while stroking your chest. Between kisses the dark elf whispers sweet nothings into your ear. When she feels like you’ve both been adequately covered, Mordad squeezes her breasts together with her paws. She smiles as you begin to moan, but it grows when she notices your dick poking out from her cleavage.

“Hot damn!” Mordad cries out excitedly before she engulfs your tip with her tail. Even though it’s just the tip, you can feel the insides of her tail stroking and coiling around it. Combined with the sensation of the manticore’s soft, wet breasts rubbing against your shaft, it sends shivers down your spine.

“Ah! N-no… Stop..!” you moan. You begin to buck your hips as the waves of pleasure overcome your senses.

Jenalosa stops suckling your neck and says, “I thought I said no tail!”

“Well sooorry! I didn’t realize that he’d be big enough to poke out like that! Besides, I’d like to have some fun too!” Mordad retorts.

Jenalosa groans in displeasure and says, “Alright. Fine. But if he cums before I have him inside me, you’re getting tied to ‘the wall’ for an hour!”

“S-sure…” Mordad says as she shivers, although you can’t tell if it’s from fear or excitement. Jenalosa watches her for a moment before going back to kissing you. She also continues stroking your chest, although she sometimes slaps you, pinches your nipples or lightly bites your neck. As is expected from a dark elf, she only hurts you enough for it to feel good and excites you further, much to your dismay. Eventually, Jenalosa and Mordad’s ministrations prove to be too much to bear and you cum, spraying your semen into Mordad’s eager tail. “Ah damn it…” Mordad mutter quietly, even though she looks like she’s enjoying the sensation of her tail sucking up your seed.

“What was that?”

“N-nothing!” Mordad quickly answers. “J-just saying that this is really fucking hot!”

Jenalosa glares at her accomplice before saying, “He came, didn’t he.”

“N-no he didn’t!”

“That’s going to be two hours tied to ‘the wall’.”

“B-but you said I’d only get one!”

“You earned an extra one for lying to me,” Jenalosa states coldly.

“Damn it…” While your captors bicker, you hear the restroom’s door open, and the clip clop of hooves walking across the floor.

“Suck it up. And sting him before he goes soft on us!” Jenalosa commands.

“A-alright!” Mordad lifts her tail off of you and quickly closes it to keep your semen from leaking out. The spines on her tail then extend slightly and she brings it closer to your leg. “Now this is going to pinch a bit,” the manticore taunts. You watch in horror as it her tail gets closer to your skin and you begin to remember the effects of manticore venom. You are saved however as someone knocks on the stall’s door. You open your mouth to call for help, but Jenalosa forces you into another kiss. “Sorry, but this one’s being used,” Mordad calls out. There’s a brief silence before whoever it is knocks on the door again. Mordad rolls her eyes before saying, “There’s plenty of empty stalls. Go use one of them!” The mysterious figure knocks again, only this time with much more force. Annoyed, Mordad shouts, “What part of ‘it’s busy, go somewhere else’ can’t you get through your thick skull? Screw off!” She barely manages to finish shouting when Daisy rips the door off of its hinges and throws it behind her. The three of you stare in shock at the holstaur. She takes in the scene before her, her surprise clearly visible on her face. You watch as her look of shock slowly morphs into a look of unbridled rage.

“B-brother?” Mordad asks as Daisy grabs her tail and pulls her out of the stall. You hear the sound of something heavy hitting the wall before Daisy reappears at the stall’s entrance.

“Get off of him!” Daisy commands. Jenalosa’s grip on you tightens, and you can tell that she’s starting to freak out. Not that you can really blame her since you’ve never seen Daisy like this either. “I said GET OFF!”

Jenalosa almost looks like she’s going to comply with Daisy’s demands, but then her confident smirk reappears. “Why don’t you buzz off and let me play with my toy instead?” Daisy grunts in response and reaches for the dark elf to pull her off of you, and you see why Jenalosa seems so confident. Mordad, having quickly recovered from being slammed against the wall, jumps onto Daisy’s back and tries to sting her in the belly. Luckily Daisy manages to grab the manticore’s tail and holds it in place, but she has to back out of the stall as Mordad clings to her. Jenalosa kisses you passionately once again before saying, “I’ll be right back. Be a good boy toy and wait for me.” She gives you one last pec on the lips before she saunters after the other two mamono. You decide to disobey your “mistress” and quickly put on your pants and rush to help your sister. You find Mordad still clinging to Daisy’s back, with one arm around your sister’s neck. Her free paw is reaching for Daisy’s breast, but Daisy’s managing to keep her claws a safe distance away. You notice some tears on her shirt, which tells you that she’s having a hard time keeping the manticore’s claws at bay. With her hands full, Daisy jerks about to try to throw Mordad off of her. When they get close to a wall, Daisy tries to crush Mordad against it, but the manticore refuses to let go. Jenalosa, not content with sitting on the sidelines, alternates between kicking at Daisy’s knees and ankles, and slapping her stomach and breasts. At first you think that your sister might be able to fight them both off but, to your dawning horror, you notice that she’s beginning to tire out. Her jerking movements are losing their intensity, her breathing is growing heavier and more labored, and her legs are beginning to buckle.

“She sure has a bit of fight in her!” Mordad roars.

“Indeed she does,” Jenalosa agrees before kicking behind Daisy’s knee. You gasp as Daisy falls to one knee. “It makes me want to want to punish her.”

“Oh ho! Any ideas?”

“I changed my mind about staying here, and was thinking that we could take them back to my place,” Jenalosa answered. “We could tie her to ‘the wall’ and she can watch me have my way with her precious little brother. All. Night. Long.”

“You mean she can watch us, right?”

“No, just me. You still have to be on ‘the wall’ for a couple hours yourself.”

“D-damn it…”

“Quit your whining!” Jenalosa commands sternly. She approaches your sister and calmly brushes some stray strands of hair from her face. “You know, she isn’t that bad looking on her knees like this.” She grabs Daisy’s chin before continuing, “Maybe we can give her some lessons on how to be a proper slave afterwards?”

“That sounds awesome!” Mordad purrs. “It’ll be like some sort of brother/sister combo pack!”

“You’re both sick!” Daisy spits before she tries to bite Jenalosa’s hand.

“Stubborn like her brother,” Jenalosa muses before she draws her hand back to slap Daisy across the face. “Maybe we should give her a crash course, right here and now?”

Tired of watching, you run up behind Jenalosa and catch her arm with a “Nooo!” She tries to pull away from you, but you refuse to let her go. She sighs in annoyance before forcefully introducing her heel to your gonads. You let go of the dark elf and double over in pain. Jenalosa then pushes you onto your back and puts her foot on your chest.

“What is with these two? You’d think they’re fighting to get me to punish them first!”

Mordad snickers before asking, “Who knows? Maybe he wants to get fucked with his sister watching?”

“You might be right,” Jenalosa agrees.

“Y-you’re both s-sick!” you wheeze.

“Now, now,” Jenalosa scolds. “One person’s perversion is another’s turn on. Mordad?”

“Yes Jena?” Mordad answers obediently.

“I’ve finally settled on what I want to do. Make sure you have a firm grip on the cow, it’s time to pop my toy’s man cherry!”


“No…” Daisy whispers. Jenalosa lifts her foot off of you and removes her shoe. Slowly but surely, she begins to poke, prod, and tease your crotch with her bare foot.

“So how much of a perv are you?” Jenalosa asks sadistically. “We already know that you get off on tails and having your dick between tits, but what about feet? Do you want me to touch your virgin dick with my feet?”

“N-no…” you moan, your dick already semi-hard despite your protests.

“You sure? It sure doesn’t feel like it~.” Jenalosa smirks and Mordad guffaws.

“Stop it!” Daisy yells, much to Mordad’s amusement.

“Really? I guess Jena and I can switch places,” Mordad says in a mocking tone. “Your bro’s not really my type, but my tail sure thinks he tastes good!” Mordad begins to roar with laughter at her joke, but she stops when Daisy manages to stand back up. “W-whoa! Where do you think you’re going?” Mordad pulls her tail from Daisy’s grasp and begins to sting her legs as often as possible, but Daisy seems to scarcely notice.

“You. Leave. My. Brother. ALONE!” Daisy yells as she lowers her head and charges. With Mordad holding on for dear life, Daisy rams into Jenalosa while stomping on your stomach by accident. She doesn’t stop however, and all three mamono crash into the wall and fall to the ground. It takes a moment for the pain to subside before you get up and rush over to them.

“D-daisy?” you ask. All three of them seem to be out cold, but Daisy groans and her eyes flutter open after hearing her name.

“A-are you ok?” she asks.

“I’ve had better days. What about you? It looked like you got beat up pretty bad…”

“I’m doing ok. I guess it’s a good thing I’m a little hard headed,” Daisy says with a smile. You grimace as you help her to her feet. She manages to stand for a moment, but her legs give out and you catch her before she falls. “Maybe I’m not feeling that great after all…”

“It could be Mordad’s stings,” you muse. “It’s hard to tell though considering all the damage you took. I’ll help you to the nurse’s office.”

“Thanks~,” she says in a tired, sing-song voice. You let her put some of her weight on you, and you help her walk out into the hallway before heading towards the nurse’s office. Neither of you speak for a while, but you eventually speak up.

“So how’d you find me?” you ask.

“Well after we split up, I couldn’t shake off the feeling that you were acting weird. So I went to your class to make sure you were ok,” Daisy explains. “But you weren’t there, so I asked your classmates. One of them said she saw you head to the bathroom.”

“But how’d you know I was in the girl’s bathroom?”

“Just call it a big sister’s intuition!”

“You went into the wrong one…” you sigh.

“Hehe, maybe~.”


“No problem!”

You look away from Daisy so she can’t see your quickly reddening face and whisper, “You were actually really cool today…”

“What was that?” Daisy asks.

“What was what?”

“You said something.”

“No I didn’t,” you deny.

“Yes you did!” she insists. “I heard you say something, something, something cool, something, something.”

“I didn’t say anything,” you insist.

“C’mon! Tell me!”

“I didn’t say anything you stupid moo-ron!” You stop in your tracks when you realize what you just said. You begin to practically glow red from embarrassment.

“Moo-ron? You haven’t called me that in forever!” Daisy squeals. “You must have said something real nice!”

“I-idiot! I-I d-didn’t s-say anything!” you protest. Daisy begins to giggle like an idiot and pulls you into a bone crushing hug just outside the nurse’s office. “L-let go! Dumbass! Moron! Ignoramus!” She squeezes you tighter and you both fall to the floor. The unicorn nurse must have heard the commotion you were making and pokes her head into the hallway.

“I love you too!” Daisy squeals.

“A l-little help here?!” you ask the unicorn.

“Give me a minute first,” the unicorn replies. “I need to take a couple pictures to show your parents.” She takes out her smartphone, and you finally realize that the unicorn is your old babysitter. She begins taking a multitude of pictures while Daisy continues to cuddle with you.

“K-kill me…” you plead.

The end.