Fucking Cheshire.

"Ming Zhi-sensei! Tyler is doodling in class!" the purple and black tressed cat girl blurted out suddenly, interrupting our Hakutaku teacher's lesson.

It was another spring afternoon, and like many a student my age, my thoughts were on things other than the lesson we were actually supposed to be studying.

What the actual fuck, you goddamned smirking four-eyed smirking fucking tattle-tale? I fume quietly as our Hakutaku instructor turns around. I'm quietly drawing in Ms. Ming Zhi's class, disturbing no one, and this smug, pointy-eared bitch is yelling out in class, actively disrupting our teacher's lesson.

However, judging from the content of what I was working on, the likelihood was quite high that I was going to be the one getting in trouble. In hindsight I really should have been more careful when I put pen to paper.

Snitches get stitches, four eyes... I hiss venomously at Flin- my bespectacled Cheshire classmate. Unsurprisingly, she doesn't seem the least bit bothered by my threat as she's smirking at me.

 "Ty-kun?" Ming Zhi-sensei asked as she stepped out from in front of the blackboard and towards my desk. "Is this true?"

"Y-yes.....sensei." I mumble timidly.

"Would you care to share the note's contents with the rest of the class?" she asks, making her way over to my desk, a subtle but no less alluring sway to her hips in that pencil skirt of hers and her silky tail swishing as she walks. The pale, flowing locks and her soft-spoken and gentle demeanor made her the stuff of schoolboy fantasies.

No fucking way- thank you very much, senei. Just accept whatever penalty she dishes out as long as she doesn't read the note. Detention, getting sent to the principal's office, suspension....hell, even a good old fashioned paddling. Please don't read the note, Ms Ming Zhi I quietly plead.

"I would like to tie up Miss Ming Zhi Sensei with sturdy and tight ropes, putting her in a shibari style webbing, seeing her...breasts Jut out and become red and even more sensitive as I tighten the ropes.."

There was more. Lots more.

"Ty-kun- could you please read the note for me?" Ming Zhi-sensei asked in a surprisingly sweet tone considering the interruption to her lesson. Her hooves sounded impossibly light as she made the final three steps to my desk.

"S-sure...I, uh......" I begin to trail off. Shit- the longer I hesitate, the more guilty I look. Time to improvise.

"Things to get from the grocery store on the way home." I begin "Milk, bread, eggs, flour...brown sugar."

What bullshit... the Cheshire said almost in a whisper, rolling her eyes.  

"May I see?" sensei asks, expectantly holding out her hand. 

"Fuck, No!" I wanted to yell out, but that wasn't really the answer she was looking for. I was helpless in her gaze as I handed her my note- detailed sketches and all. It was too late to devour the note as well. My beautiful teacher's eyes widened a little upon seeing the note's contents and illustrations, but her facial expression returned to normal after a moment after darting between me and the note.  

"Is there anything else you'd care to add to this?" Ming Zhi-sensei asked in a knowing tone.  

"Uh....Lucky Charms?"  

"Ty-kun, I'll have to ask you to see me after class." she said in a disappointed tone.  

This elicits a collective and reproachful "Ooooooooh." from the rest of the class- human and mamono alike. At least with the notable exception of Flin- the fucking Cheshire tattletale was sticking her tongue out at me.  

  • ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*

Some have me pegged as a delinquent, but I'd say slacker is more appropriate. The thing is, I don't really have a problem with authority figures- I'd just rather avoid them altogether and sometimes go to great lengths to do so.

But there was no avoiding detention with Ming Zhi-sensei. Ordinarily, this is the sort of thing most guys my age would dream about. However, most guys are smart enough to not write down how they would like to tie up their hot nerd teacher nice and tight before drilling every orifice in her voluptuous frame- while providing detailed illustrations, no less.

The final bell rings and I seemed resigned to my fate as everyone else begins filing towards the door except for me. I didn't even try to weasel my way out of whatever she had in store for me by trying to blend in with the rest of the class as they headed towards the exit. Instead, I simply sat at my desk for what seemed an eternity.

"Ty-kun....come here please." she said quietly.

"Care to tell me more about this....?" Ms. Ming-Zhi asks calmly as she holds up my offending note, complete with illustration.

"I-I'm so sorry, Ms. Ming-Zhi...." I begin to say. "I don't know what came over me, I....I just...."

"Awfully bold of you to start drawing naughty pictures of me. In my own class, no less, wouldn't you say?"

I can say nothing and try to avoid my favorite teacher's reproachful gaze.

Except.....she actually doesn't seem that upset. She seems amused by my situation more than anything.

"Ty-kun, you're a young man who's nearing his sexual peak. It's perfectly normal for you to be curious about these sort of things, but I would appreciate it if you could restrict your curiosity to sometime when I'm not teaching class."

"I...I understand, Ms. Ming Zhi." I said, not sure if I should be thanking her.

"Is everything all right, Ty-kun?" Miss Ming Zhi asks. "No problems at home or anything?"

"No, Ming Zhi-sensei." I say quietly.

"I ask because your grades are slipping, and some of us are concerned." She leans a little closer. "Ty-kun- I know you're smart. You shouldn't be having this much difficulty with your courses...if you really applied yourself, you could be on the honor roll."

I actually had been doing quite well in Ming Zhi-sensei's classes, but had been struggling mightily in math and science where I had other teachers.

"You know...." sensei continued in a knowing tone. "Class president is worried about your grades as well."

I couldn't help but gulp nervously at the mention of the class president.

"G-Greba senpai?" I ask.

Ms. Ming Zhi seemed as though she stifled a chuckle as she nodded.

"What does she care? She thinks us humans are worthless anyway."

"That's not true, Ty-kun..." she says reassuringly. "She just has a.... lower tolerance for underachieving and has a unorthodox way of showing that she cares." As wise as Hakutaku are in general, Ms. Ming Zhi wasn't there all those times when our Dark Elf class president was referring to me as 'half-wit' and 'stubby ears' in front of her little posse.

"If you say so, sensei..." I mumble quietly. I had the feeling she was bullshitting me, but she seemed willing to let my rather lewd doodles and note slide so I figured she was more than entitled to some leeway.

"Tu-kun?" she asked quietly, slipping her hand around mine. "You don't believe me?"

"Sensei- I.......I....." I felt a little stange, even though the sensation of her hand clasping mine was so warm and pleasant. I found myself thinking of state capitals, bacon, classic Mustangs, my first-ever baseball game, plot holes in season 4 of Breaking Bad, the pet cat my family had growing up and.....

Oh shit.

It dawned on me that she was capable of learning everything about my just by touching me. Everything.

Soon things a little less mundane than those old west guns I saw at a swap meet a couple of years ago or wondering where those Gyoza Hut coupons might have gone were making their way to the forefront of my consciousness.

That cable TV channel that somehow got unscrambled. That one website with the two full-figured MILFs taking turns playfully tying and spanking each other. That one succubus on the school's volleyball team and how I was fixated on watching her shapely ass bounce and sway beneath her tight spandex shorts as she leapt and pivoted across the court. That one time after class when I was sneaking a smoke under the fire escape and looked up, getting a good look under Greba-senpai's skirt. Marveling at how Ming Zhi-sensei's blouse was always pulled taut by her considerable bust.

As this is processing, I notice that outline of the henna eye etched onto Ms Ming-Zhi's forehead was flickering a pale amber light. As soon as I saw that light on teacher's forehead, I understood that she now knew everything about me.

Yet, even with all the perverted thoughts of mine running through my head that she now knew about, Ms Ming Zhi was regarding me with a kind, warm smile.

"Sensei?" I gasped suddenly as I recoiled from her warm and gentle grip on my hands.

"See? That wasn't so bad, was it?" she asked with a disarming smile.

", I guess not..."

The problem wasn't that she now knows everything about me, but that it wasn't a two way street. The curvaceous, white haired instructor remained just as enigmatic to me now as she did on my first day of classes.

"Now Ty-Kun...." she says, stifling a knowing giggle.

"Y-yes, sensei?"

"I may have just the thing to help you get your grades up."

This is where I really wished the inherent ability of learning more about someone by merely touching them was more of a two-way street. I couldn't help but shake the feeling she was up to something.

"What did you have in mind, sensei?" I ask.

"Well..." she said proudly. "Next Wednesday afternoon I host a book club meeting at my place. Five of us decide on a book ahead of time, read it and discuss it in depth over some drinks and refreshments."

Honestly, that sounded a little anti-climactic to me.  "I don't know, Ming Zhi-sensei...." I say hesitantly.  

"You don't have to read the book the group has been assigned." she reassured me. "You can just sit in and listen. Then, if you'd like, you could read the next book the group is assigned and take part in the next book club meeting."  

"I kinda had plans for next Wednesday...." I lie.  

In all honestly, the full extent of my plans for next Wednesday were Not going to book club meetings. Too late, I realized the tremendous folly of lying to a Hakutaku who had just delved into my most innermost thoughts moments ago.  

"Ty-kun...." she says, her soft and gentle features darkening. "We both know that you're lying."  

I hang my head for unnecessarily testing my quiet and mild-mannered teacher's patience for at least the second time in a single afternoon.

"You have two choices, Ty-kun." the hakutaku says, her tone still quiet but she's fixing me with an accusatory glare. "You can either attend next week's book club meeting and get your grades up with some extra credit. Or...."  


She held up the note and illustrations I was drawing in the middle of her class. "Or I can show this to Vice Principal Soto..."  


Our Ushi Oni vice principal was married, but rumor had been circulating lately that it was an "open marriage", meaning that on top of whatever academic sanction she might have in mind, getting assaulted by a horny spider-monster woman about the size of a Toyota Yarris wasn't completely off the table either.  

"And maybe I can tell Class President all those times you looked up her skirt." she continues.  

"Th-that only happened twice...." I stammered defensively.  

"I'm sure she'll be very understanding since it was only twice." Ms. Ming Zhi said facetiously.   "You don't have to do that, M...Ms. Ming-Zhi." I plead quietly. Greba-senpai was quite beautiful, but there were times she genuinely scared the crap out of me. And of course, the soft-spoken Hakutaku knew this.  

"Then I expect you to be at my place next Wednesday at 3:30 PM, Ty-kun. Do I make myself clear" she said in an uncharacteristically stern tone.

Damn it.....I'm being blackmailed by sensei- the downside of the teacher you're hot for knowing everything about you just by merely touching you.

"I-I'll be there, Miss Ming Zhi." I say quietly.  

"Good.." she says, her expression now warm and kind once more. "You can help out with the refreshments."