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You are walking through a chasm between cliffs.  There is about 20 feet clearance at it's narrowest point, and it's about 45 feet to the top of the cliff.  This is a path you've taken to the next town dozens of times, but today is different.  As you walk down the path, you see two orcs standing on the path.  They have their nude chests pressed up against one another as they compare.  "There's no way your's are bigger than mine!"  One shouts.  "Believe it, bitch!"  The other shout's back.  As they continue their argument, fondling their breasts, all you can do is stare dumbfounded.  Before you can do anything, they finally notice you.  At first they blush from embarassment, but then they get evil grins.  "Do you want to ask him?"  The first one asks.  "Sure..."  Her friend replies

What do you do?

"Ladies...I'm just a traveller." I say as I nervously back away from the plump, topless duo. "I'm not sure I....."

"Excellent!" the slightly taller orc squeals with delight. "That means you can be an impartial judge of who has the biggest and the best."

"Wait, no...." I call out as each of them firmly seize my wrists, dragging me a short distance down the path until we reach a wooded glen shortly after reaching the other end of the chasm. 

"Ladies! I need to tell you that...." my protests are cut off by giggling, and the sight of their bouncing and abundant breasts renders me speechless as they drag me down the path.

They don't really seem very malicous, in fact, one of them dropped their hammer shortly before we came to a stop. However, I still need to explain something to them.

As we come to a stop along the path, each one is now placing my hand on their soft and ample breasts.

"Aww....he's blushing!" the slightly bigger orc coos.

"So are you...." the smaller one teases as she tries catching her breath.

Its not unpleasant. While not by any means skinny, they seem to have baby fat in all the right places. Still, I need to break loose before-

"What is the meaning of this, Husband!?" an indignant voice calls out from a few meters behind me. The two chubby and curvaceous Orcs relax their grip on my hands when they see a svelte, dark-skinned Anubis carrying a giant pack walking over a rise in the trail. She's using her staff affixed with the scales as a walking stick.

"Txakala...this isn't what it looks like." I say nervously. However, my attempt to reassure her ends up having the opposite effect.

"You uncouth lecher! It's bad enough you have me carrying both of our packs through this gorge, but to do so while you run off to fondle these corpulent retrograde sows....?"

Oh Chief Goddess and all her Archangels on high, she's pissed now.

"We're sorry- we didn't know he was married. We just wanted his help in resolving a dispute between the two of us...." the slightly shorter and more bashful Orc says to Txakala. "Honestly, we couldn't detect anyone else's energy on him...."

That sincere apology from the first orc seems to ease some of the tension between her and my Anubis wife and travelling companion.

"Wh-who do you think you're calling a sow, you high and mighty little cur!?" the second one snarls, finally pushing my hand away from her right breast.

"You, sow." My wife says dismissively.

I attempt to call out a warning to the more aggressive orc, but it would be too late. She has no idea what she's in for.

Letting out a primal roar, the taller (and slightly bustier) Orc moves with surprising speed, scooping up her hammer and charging at my wife. Even weighted down with the pack, she is able to quickly evade the orcs swings.

"Running away, you snooty hound? I'll wipe that smirk off of your face!" the orc taunts.

My wife does no such thing and merely waits for the more temperamental orc to over-commit with a particularly powerful swing, taking the plump, porcine mamono so far off balance that she's staggering and trying not to fall completely over. It was an opening Txakala didn't have to wait very long for as she harshly brought her elbow down on the back of the aggressive orc's head.

The bustier and more aggressive orc bellowed as she hit the ground face-first with her hands splayed out before her, but looked as though she had plenty of fight still left. Groaning, the bigger orc mamono rolled over to get back up when my wife firmly put her right foot's paw-pad atop her sternum, preventing her from getting back on her feet.

Her eyes grew wide when she saw that my wife was holding the staff, it's base emitting a bluish glow that was visible even in daylight. Txakala raised the staff and looked as though she was going to bring it down with enough force to impale the now hapless orc, but she held up at the last minute, instead gently using the glowing blue base to poke at the swine-girl's exposed nipple.

The slightly smaller and more deferential orc saw what was happening and was spurred into action.

"Sister! No!" she cried out as she ran to where Txakala was standing over the downed orc. The busty sow that my wife had just bested was now beginning to moan. Except instead of pain, one could see her hands start to roam freely over her own body and understand that they were moans of pleasure- a spell of my wife's own design that was capable of afflicting other mamono with a temporary version of the Mummy's curse.

"What did you do!?" the other orc asked in a panicked tone as she closed in. I wasn't sure if she was going to check on her sister or try attacking Txakala on her own, but I never had a chance to find out as the olive-skinned anubis pivoted and pressed the glowing base of her scales-adorned staff to the less aggressive Orc's forehead in the blink of an eye.

After letting out what sounded like a part groan, part sigh, the smaller and lighter-haired orc's legs turned to jelly as she collapsed onto her knees and began fondling and pinching her own exposed breasts. Txakala turned her attention to the first one that charged her seeing that her hand was beginning to make it's way between her legs. Although the base of the staff was no longer glowing, the Anubis used it to harshly swat the ample backside of her orc assailant.

"I didn't give you permission." she said sternly as the orc withdrew her hands. The more diplomatic orc girl is massaging her massive breasts and pinching her nipple as Txakala sets down the large rucksack and begins rummaging through it. I suddenly realize what she's after and speak up- seemingly for the first time in ages.

"Wait.....sweetheart, you're not going to use that on them, are you?"

"They attacked me unprovoked and you still choose to side with them, husband?" she huffs at me as she pulls out what she's looking for.

There's two of them and they look kind of like metal thongs.

"It's like the first one said- I don't think they realized I was married right away...I didn't get a chance to explain that to them-.don't you think you're overreacting?"

She says nothing, but shoots me a murderous glare before tapping the inner thighs of the larger orc with her staff, who's now on her back, writhing. Taking a cue, the swine mamono absently spreads her legs as Txakala gets to work affixing the chastity belt and locking it into place.

"" the second orc, still on her knees, begins to whimper and plead with Txakala. She looks as though she knows what's going to happen to her but is powerless to stop it. The Anubis stands over her with a triumphant smirk, holding up a seemingly animated spool of ribbon.

Txakala gets down on her haunches and gently blows into the orc's ear. The helpless orc, who's skin has now been rendered sensitive a hundred-fold squeals and whimpers. Cupping her chin, she looks the orc directly in the eye.

"I do appreciate your attempts to be diplomatic and avoid confrontation, but you're hot-headed cohort ruined it for the both of you..."

The defeated, squirming orc quietly nods as some of Txakala's magically enhanced wrap snakes its way around her wrists, pulling her hands away from her admirable breasts and behind her back. Her hands are now bound together behind her back as more ribbon entwines its way across her torso, wrapping itself just above and below the orc's ample and exposed bosom. The rope around her torso  Txakala then almost gently puts the chastity belt into the second orc and securely locks that into place before going over to bind the now mostly-unresponsive orc in a similar manner. She did, however, leave their feet untied, and gets the first one to her feet before almost gently walking her over to her bound sibling and having her kneel down next to her.

"Damn, babe....sometimes I swear you're part Dark Elf or Arachne." I say as I take in the sight of the trussed and lustful orc now attempting to libidonously rub herself against her bound and equally helpless and buxom sister. Her eyes are heavy-lidded as she's panting and now nuzzling her face against her sister's bountiful and exposed tits. The slightly smaller orc seems a little embarrased at first, but then starts arching out her back and letting out little sharp moans in response to the attentions from her 'sister' (I wasn't sure if they were blood relatives or 'sister' was being used colloquially by one of them during our encounter). It's almost like my anubis wife and travelling companion someone knew exactly what I wanted in this situaion.

I take my eyes off the two chubby, topless, bound and lustful swine girls rubbing against one another to see my wife staring daggers at me.

"I haven't even started with you, yet." she intones ominously.

As I'm watching the orc's very compelling display of bondage, large breasts and possibly attempted incest arranged by my wife seems to be scanning the surrounding area for something.

"Perfect!" she declares, smacking her fist into her open right paw-pad. Turning to me, she says in a surprisingly sweet tone "Dear husband- could you assist me in moving these insolent, rutting sows over to this tree?"

Very reluctantly, I pull apart the two orc girls as the bigger one had managed to start suckling the slightly smaller one's right nipple.

"Come on....easy now...." I try to say reassuringly to her. She stumbles a bit, but I manage to catch her before she completely falls over- although I soon realize that I now have both hands grabbing her massive, bounteous tits....I swear it was an accident as she starts to moan softly and squirm at my touch. Txakala doesn't seem like she's having as much trouble as she's gingerly moving the slightly larger one over to the tree she had selected. The two of them are now wearing a dazed, orgiastic expressions on their face as they're now both leaning against the tree with their back to it. Another length of Txakala's enchanted ribbon wraps around the tree, keeping their necks somewhat pinned to it. She follows this up by gagging the two orcs with more two rather mundane swatches of cloth- both with a knot in the middle, serving as a sort of rudimentary ballgag for each of them.

"Can you reach that branch, husband?" she asks sweetly, pointing to a sturdy branch immediately above us.

"Yeah...." I say, reaching up with my right wrist. "Why? Do you need me to get something up th-?"  My question is cut off as I feel steel clamp around my elevated wrist. Giving the set of shackles a gentle tug, she swings around and walks up to me with a satisfied smirk grin on her face and a seductive sway in her hips before grabbing my free wrist and gently coaxing it further up before applying the shackles. My wrists are now suspended above my head as I'm facing the two orcs she so deftly subdued.

"Like I said...." her voice now oozing with a sort of sensual malice. "I'm just getting started with you."

I realize the way the branch is angled, I'd need to stay on my tip toes if I'm to be in this current position. However, if I move closer to the base of the tree- and the two bound and gagged orcs- I won't have to stand on my tip-toes.

"Txakala? What are you doing?" I ask helplessly.

Inching forward, my body is now almost pressed right up against the pair of bound, sweating, voluptuous, panting, gagged, horny, moaning, gently struggling and nearly naked orc women...this was by design on Txakala's part.

A furred digit cups my chin and turns my head to face her.

"These little piggies need to learn a lesson, husband. And that lesson is that you're all mine." the sensual were-jackal says, her voice washing over my ear and breath spilling down my neck. As she gets to work removing my shirt, she gives my backside a playful little swat as it's now my turn to join the helpless orcs in bondage at the hands of my anubis wife.

"And they shall move to the front of the class so they can see for themselves. And if I have to, I will teach them this most important lesson....."







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