You've found an abandoned temple while searching for a place to get out of the rain, while exploring said temple you find a women bound and tied in a lower chamber with what appears to be magic seals around and two talismen attached to her , upon closer inspection you notice that sh'e a Shriohebi, she looks up at you with pleading eyes.

"Please help me a serpent cult trapped me here a few days ago, they plan to use me for some ritual, please help." the Shriohebi begs of you, tears falling from her eyes.



Moved by the beautiful serpent woman's pleading, I ignore the fleeting temptation to take advantage of the shirohebi as she's bound and immediately get to work udoing the chains, cutting loose the shibari bindings and unfastening the talismans affixed to her most sensetive areas. I couldn't help but notice her blush and softly bite her finger as I went about the last part as she let out a small, involunary wimper.

"Oh thank you! Thank you!" the pale serpent maiden said as she threw her arms around me. "However can I repay you? My dear, sweet traveller..."

I could think of a few ways she could repay me, but I should probably be checking her for injuries. I cautiously begin roaming my hand over the bawling serpent girl's body when I notice that it now sounds like chuckling.

"My precous, naiive human...." the shirohebi smirks, her voice much lower now. Confused by the ominous aura that is now radiating from her, I can now see the white scales on her tail flaking off and giving way to something darker.

"However shall I reward your most noble and selfless act, human?" she asks mockingly as her eyes turn to black. The scales continue to seemingly shimmer and fall away, revealing violet-hued flesh and scales. An ominous looking hood that wasn't there before has now manifested itself as I was suddenly staring into the dark eyes of an Apophis.

"Can you believe Pharoah and Anubis had the nerve to exile and imprison me in this seculded temple?" she asks indignantly as she traces a pattern on my chest with her finger. "But I'll get my kingdom back and I shall make them pay in due time. I always do."

"'re...." I stammer.

"The talismans sealed MOST of my powers..." she explained. "I couldn't escape my bindings, but I could convince some wandering hero that he was rescuing a Ryu's devoted shrine maiden, and you had the good fortune to be that hero, my darling."

In the blink of an eye, her serpentine lower half  is coiled around me tightly, pinning my arms to my side. "Ah! I've got it! As your reward, I shall make you my husband." she giggles.

I struggle and begin to protest, but she's having none of it.

"Those infernal ropes hurt too...." the apophis pouts as she firmly places her index finger to my lips. "Ara ara! I know- your first duty as my husband shall be to ease my pain by kissing where they had tied the ropes around my flawless and delicate frame. Your lips shall make me forget the pain and humiliation I felt as those bindings bit into the most sensetive parts of my supple body...."

She leans in a little closer and playfully nips at my ear.

"Do be gentle....And take your time...." she coos sensually "I wouldn't want you to miss a spot."