When all was said and done, having a whip cracked next to your ear was a pretty rude way to wake up.

"Wakey wakey......" the cool voice taunted.

Realizing I could only pretend to be asleep for so long, I opened my eyes. It took several moments for shapes to even begin to take form as the ringing in my ears began to die down.

"Ah....what's......?" I asked hesitantly. "What's going on....?"

"Oh're awake." the voice cooed. "I was beginning to think that I had slipped you too many sedatives."

I tried rubbing my eyes only for my wrists to be constrained. I appeared to be fully clothed, but I was still tightly trussed up in shibari-style rope bindings. My captor seemed supremely satisfied at my helplessness.

Instead of explaining my current plight, my captor seemed content to launch into an unsolicited litany of her own personal problems.

"Oh....I'm not sure where I could go with this rather complex problem of mine......" she began. As my eyes adjusted, I could see that it was an incredibly beautiful and statuesque dark elf. The same one who propositioned me at the tavern and was buying me drinks throughout the night, although her wardrobe seemed far more sedate then. Lording over me, the platinum-haired temptress was clad in leather thigh-high boots, a black vinyl bustier and black velvet gloves and a coiled whip on her right hip. Her form was nearly flawless- long, slender caramel colored thighs; a flat supple midriff and a generous bust whose volume might have only been slightly exaggerated by her skintight bustier.

My captor looks down at me, content that I'm awake and aware of her every syllable. I feel her palms gently slapping the sides of my cheeks.

"Come on- up and at 'em, sleepyhead....."

"Hnnngh......wh-what 's going on?" I repeat myself, more bewildered than frightened.

"Mmmm...hmm hmm" the mature dark elf let out a sinister chuckle, satisfied with my helplessness. "All in due time, my dear, I shall explain everything...."

"Huh...?" I groan absently, trying to regain my senses.

"To start off with, I'm a widow and I have two daughters...." the commanding voice continued. "One of them seemed to have turned out okay, but the other one has given me cause for concern. Both of them have spent their formative years without a human male to refine their skills to captivate and pleasure them...."

"Nnnngh....nngh!" I begin thrashing in vain. "Let.....let me go!" I say, only there's no authority in my voice. I don't like where this conversation is going. Whoever has me trussed up has me completely at their mercy.

"I'm afraid that isn't in the cards, my dear...." my captor taunted. "But getting back to my daughters...."

"Oh way. No fucking way..." I said, finding my resolve. "I'm not doing any of that sick lolicon incest shit..."


I didn't even see the whip move, let alone crack right next to my ear. I winced as a satisfied grin crept across my gorgeous captor's face.

"You don't fully appreciate the situation you find yourself in, my pet." she said. I interpreted that as both a threat and a roundabout way of saying she wasn't through explaining her plight.

"My poor, darling little girls had to grow up without a father with which they could properly train...." she lamented. "Although Leana seemed to have turned out okay, I do worry about my little Anya's perverse tendencies....."

Wait... I realized something. She just said 'growing up'- how old ARE her daughters, anyways?

	"But...why me?" I asked absently. 

Why did you approach me at the tavern, slip some sort of knockout potion in my drink and take me wherever this place is? Your home, I'm assuming.

"Why?" she seemed amused by the question. "Because, my dear, while you may not be a full blown masochist, I could sense in your aura a spark of.....something. Something that yearns to submit yourself to a capable queen who can rule over your with a firm but loving hand. It is my most sacred of duties to see to it that tiny little spark within you grows into an unquenchable conflagration."

"Let me guess...." I sigh. "You're that capable queen that I'm yearning to submit myself to."

She let out an odd little chuckle " sure know the right things to say to a lonesome old widow, my little pet."

"Old!? You look younger than me, and I'm in my 30s. How old are y-?"

My query was cut off by a thigh-high leather boot now firmly placed on my crotch and pressing down. Not enough to hurt, but certainly enough to get my attention.

"Presumptuous little pet- there are some things one NEVER asks a lady." She scolds.

"S-sorry..." I stammer nervously.

"Sorry what?"

"I'm sorry, milady..."

"Tch....insolent human." she pressed down a little harder with her boot before removing it from that most sensitive of areas. However, wearing a warm smile, she leaned in and gently caressed my cheek with a gloved hand. "But milady....that's quite novel. Do you fancy yourself some sort of knight or squire?"

"No, I...."

"Shhhh...." a gloved finger was now across my lips as I could only quiver in anticipation at what this Dark Elf and her offspring had in store for me. As if sensing my thoughts, my captor continued. "Save your words and save your strength. You'll need them when I introduce my daughters to you."

"But I was having so much fun getting to know you, milady..." I pouted. That was actually partly true- despite being taken here against my will, if my captor were to free me from my restraints at this moment, my first inclination wouldn't be to escape but to continue with our playful banter. And then maybe try out some of the restraints on her. Or find an exit. Either way, her releasing me seemed an unlikely scenario, so it was a moot point.

"Patience my pet....." she cooed. "We can have our fun in due course, but that isn't why I brought you here. At least....not entirely."

"What do you mean...?"

Seemingly ignoring me, she turned to face the door. "GIRLS! We have a guest that I'd like you to meet!" she shouted.

There was a few moments of unbearable silence throughout my captor's domicile. Before she could shout out to her daughters again, the two of us could hear the quiet click of heels approaching from down the hallway. A soft voice spoke out from the other side of the door.

"I believe Leana went to the market earlier, mother. Is it all right if I enter?" the voice asked quietly.

"Yes yes....come in, Anya." my captor said, doing little to conceal her impatience.

Wait. Anya? My mind was racing. This was my captor's supposed 'problem child' with such sick and twisted tendencies that they even gave a Dark Elf reason for concern. Oh shit! What's going to happen with me!? I scream internally as the door slowly opens.

Standing in the doorway is a lithe dark elf, her platinum locks in a bob cut and barely coming down to her shoulders. Far from being a loli, she's nearly the same height as her mother and looks to be the human equivalent of 18 or 19. Even under her dark skin, her cheeks have a visible blush to them as she seems to be averting her gaze.

However, my heart beat a little quicker as I saw what she was wearing. There was an alluring expanse of exposed dark skin on her thighs between her snow-white thigh-high stockings and the rather elevated hem of her dress. Except it was no ordinary dress. As Anya tentatively made her way into the room, I could see it was a maid outfit. The top appeared to be fairly conservative, with sleeves coming down to her elbows, a little bow around her neck, a frilly headdress and white fabric along the chest. But what had my undivided attention was the short skirt as Anya uncomfortably tugged at the hemline.

"Anya!" my captor scolded. "Take that ridiculous getup off this instant! I'm not raising a kikimora..."

"S-sorry, mother..." she stammered before finally gazing at me and hesitantly closing the distance.

"G-Good day, Master..." she said nervously as she bowed towards me. "Welcome home."

My mind was racing. Master? A dark elf is calling me 'master'? An incredibly cute dark elf in a maid costume is calling me 'master'? Of her own free will? In open defiance of her mother?

I smiled as I nodded and returned the shy dark elf's gaze. This was going to be a fun little 'dilemma'.

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