Author's Note- this is another fanfic I hammered out in response to a What Would You Do? scenario posted by an Anon on the Arachne thread a few weeks ago.

You are in a cave when you hear a woman cry "sister! Help!" You find the location ad see an Arachne tied up upside down by her own webs. She sees you and attempting to act high and mighty starts saying "I-I-I don't need you! This is a prank for my sister! just watch me get out!" She wriggles but the threads don't loosen suddenly there is a rockslide and the way back is blocked. from behind the wall you hear her sister cry "are you alright sister!" She replies "yes! But I'm stuck I can't get out and there's a strange man here!" You realise how scared she is "I don't know whats going to happen to me" looking frightenedly at you she begins to cry. It will take several hours for her sister to remove the rockslide. You notice a small hole which you could fit through there is light at the end. In your bag is a glowing rock, a knife and a weeks worth of provisions What do you do?

Assuming I could squeeze through the opening in the slide, that would bring me face-to-face with the other arachne outside the cave, who would no doubt be interested in why her sister was crying. So beating a hasty exit from the cave looked as though it was off the table for the time being.

"Well....damn" I sigh as I fish the luminescent rock out of my bag. "Looks like we're going to be here for awhile."

The only response from the Arachne is to sullenly look away from me with tears still in her eyes as I place the stone between us. While the expression hoisted by their own petard sprang to mind, I couldn't help but feel a little bad for the spider-girl who wasn't expecting a total stranger to find her in such an embarrassing and compromising position. After several awkward and agonizingly silent moments, I try to break the ice.

"So...I'm sorry- I didn't get your name...."

"Kuduja" she replies quietly.

"Pretty name....are you hungry Kuduja? If you want, I have some provisions-"

"That won't be necessary." she cut me off curtly, still facing away from me.

"Are you sure?" I ask, unwrapping a pastry seasoned with cinnamon. "They're pretty good."

The defiant expression on her face faltered. "Well....maybe I'm a little hungry."

I brushed one particularly stubborn and gravity-defying strand of hair away from her face as I held the pastry in front of her mouth.

"Y-y-you're just going to spoon feed me like an infant." she asked indignantly.

"OK, Kuduja- Number one, you explicitly said you didn't want me to help you. Number two, even if you wanted my help, odds are pretty good I'd just get tangled in the web along with you. Number three, I haven't exactly brushed up on the latest Mamono 'How-to' literature on what to do in this situation. And Number four, you're welcome...."

As I'm finishing up my mini-tirade, I feel something warm and moist close around my hand tinged with something sharp. Kuduja just bit the pastry out of my hand as I was yelling at her- although she seemed to be taking care not to bite down on my fingers too hard.

I was left speechless as Kuduja slowly pulled her mouth away from my fingers before chewing and swallowing. It didn't even occur to me to check for bleeding until much later- there was none.

"Yummy...." she smiled sheepishly.

"Hey...uh...Kuduja?" I asked, suddenly feeling very warm.


"If...if you don't mind my asking, what were you doing tying yourself up?"

"I....I already told you, I was just playing a prank on my sister....."

"Oh really?"

The skepticism in my voice must've been evident since she was now squirming in more ways than one.

"Well....that's what I was going to tell her. This was all just an accident...I'm such a klutz...." she tells me unconvincingly.

"I may not exactly be a subject matter expert, but I imagine very few people 'accidentally' tie themselves up with such ornate and expertly-done shibari bindings...." I said as I admired the handiwork on her bound torso.

"Wait- How would you know about that sort of thing, you sick pervert?" She harrumphed, avoiding an answer.

"Looks as though some humans have overlapping interests with Arachne, Kuduja" I smirk.

"Oh by the Demon Lord, I'm trapped in a cave with a human who's going to do perverted things to me...." she lamented as she started thrashing. "Onee-san! HELP! Are you out there!? Please hurry!" she called out towards the cave-in. There was no response, leading me to believe her sister on the other end went to find help.

"I'm not going to do anything like that..." I try to reassure her. For a moment I consider telling her that unlike most Mamono, consent is pretty important to me- but think better of it.

"I....I..." she stammers, more embarrassed than frightened. "I wanted to know what it feels like...."

"What it feels like?"

She seemed to be regaining her composure. "We Arachnes pride ourselves on our silk. Sensual and soft while strong and could say those are traits that we strive for as Mamono." I could tell that this was something she had given a lot of thought to.

"Like most Arachnes, I hope to one day use that fine and strong silk to ensnare a good husband..." she said, squirming a little bit. "But...I know this is going to sound strange....I don't want him to feel like he's trapped or that he's merely prey. I simply want the silk that binds him to feel like an extension of me- like I'm embracing him."

Despite the blood flowing to her head from being upside down, she was blushing noticeably. "You see- I want him to look forward to being restrained by my silk web. That even though his arms and legs may be bound, he'll know that I'm still 'holding' him and that it's only a matter of time before I'll fill his body with such undeniable pleasure."

My mouth is unusually dry- I suddenly realize it's because it's been hanging open ever since she quietly-but-eloquently explained how restraining someone means love and affection to her.

"Kuduja.....that was strangely......" I pause, deciding against using hot as an adjective. "that was actually kind of a weird, roundabout way..." I said.

"I can't believe I'm telling someone this." She lamented quietly before turning to me. "Do you really think so?" she asked "My sister would say I'm just being foolish and sentimental, even though I think deep down she probably feels the same way".

She was casually thrashing around in her self-inflicted restraints and putting on quite a show, letting out soft little moans and grunts as she continues futilely testing her own bonds as she arched her back, the fibers of her restraint pressing into her flesh.

"UNGH!" she let out an exasperated grunt before calming down. "The only downside of this is that I can't let myself loose at my leisure....still, it's not all bad."

I nod. It belatedly occurred to me that I had a flint that I could've used to ignite a torch and perhaps undermine the web that was holding her in place, but I was having too much fun watching the show Kuduja was putting on. And from the looks of it, so was she.

"Well then, Mr Pervert..." she teased. "What do you plan on doing with me now that I'm completely helpless in my own webbing?"

"Seems as though we have some time on our hands." I tell her with a wicked grin.

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