Author's Note- Yep! Another WWYD fic starring Helly-Chan....must be a day that ends in 'Y'. This one is based on another scenario from Reality Warper with a pretty lengthy setup.

Basically the premise for this one is that you're a regular human who somehow was accepted to a Mamono college. It looks as though you have a big bullseye on your back, but almost from the first day you have an unexpected savior- a Hellhound named Anna who keeps the bullies and would-be rapists away

You try and interact with Anna, but for the most part she gives you curt, monotone answers to your questions. As the semester progresses, you can see a few other humans receiving similar treatment from other Hellhounds. None of them seem to be sure what's going on, either.

At the end of the semester, one of your teachers says that she looks forward to seeing you at the End of Semester camp. Since you know you signed up for no such thing, you figure its some sort of mistake. Then you see Anna, who appears uncharacteristically giddy. She informs you that she passed her Elite Level Bodyguard course with flying colors and has you to thank for it, since you were the one she was protecting as part of the course. She's also getting rather grabby as she confesses that she's liked you almost since Day 1, but couldn't say anything since she was required to keep your relationship strictly professional for the duration of her course.

You also find out that it was her who signed you up for that End of Semester retreat and camp- not only does she plan on going with you, but Anna presents you a jewelbox with two rings inside- one for you and one for her. She plans on marrying you at the camp. If that's not enough to take in, Anna then presents you with two official-looking sheets of paper. One is an invoice for all of her protective services that she offered you throughout the semester and the other is a contract that stipulates you will repay Anna for services rendered by marrying her and allowing her to rape you whenever she sees fit.

You're hesitant to do anything and she senses this. Growing increasingly frustrated and belligerent, Anna drags you off to the gymnasium where there's a boxing ring fully encircled by a chain-link fence. Anna hands you a pair of boxing gloves and gives you an ultimatum. Either you're paying her back by marrying her at the camp or she will give you a vicious beatdown.

What do you do?™

The whole thing is hard for me to take in- it almost feels as though I'm watching this from somebody else's body, but its my name she keeps using and my body that she keeps touching.

I can't believe what I'm about to do next. Instead of putting on the boxing gloves, I simply drape them across my shoulders.

"So if you beat me, then that means you'll be out of my life forever, right?" I can hear myself ask Anna in an emotionless monotone.

The confident and aggressive look on her face had vanished.

"Th-that's right...." she said, trying to maintain her composure.

"Well then..." I say absently as I sit down on the floor of the boxing ring Indian-style before tapping my chin with my right middle and index fingers. "Have at it. I forfeit."

Anna swallows hard. I could tell she wasn't expecting this reaction from me.

" get up and fight me." she orders.

"Why? You'll win regardless." I observe, my monotone concealing the sensation of dread and fear that was starting to overtake me whole being.

"Get up and sign the contract!!" Anna snarled.

"I refuse." I looked up at her. "From the bottom of my heart, thank you for everything, Anna. But you can't force me to love you."

"You'll learn to love me, I just know-"

"Or else what, Anna?" I cut her off, surprised at the forceful timbre in my voice. "You'll beat me up for not giving you the answer you want to hear when you just asked me to make a huge life-changing decision with zero notice? I may just be a lonely, weak human.....but I know enough to say that isn't love. Even for a mamono."

Anna's facial expression had changed from uncertain to almost panicky. To my surprise, I had put her in a no-win scenario. She had genuinely envisioned no other outcome than me being coerced into signing the contract. Yet the timid, weak human male she had cornered wasn't budging.

"Honestly, Anna..." I said. "I thought so much better of you. This shit right here-" I held up the contract she presented me. "That's beneath even the shadiest gyoubu danuki con-artist."

For emphasis, I flung the contract back at her. Our eyes locked as it fluttered to the floor of the boxing ring.

"I guess we're done here. I'll let myself out...." I said as I got up from the floor. Any second now, I was expecting the Hellhound to tackle me and make good on her threat of caving in my face. I got as far as the door to the cage encircling the boxing ring before turning around.

Anna simply stood her ground, sullenly eyeing me as I exited. I carefully put the boxing gloves on a bench next to the cage's door before she spoke up. She was so confident in her tactics that she hadn't even closed the gate all the way, let alone lock it.

"Get back here..." she growled.

"Goodbye, Anna. Again, congratulations on your diploma." I feebly waved as I walked away. The only thing was that with each step I took, the more I was overcome with a sense of regret.


I continued walking toward's the gym's exit.

"C-come back....." she said softly. It almost sounded as though she was in tears. "Don't leave me, husband!"

Often times, I wonder how my life would've turned out if I took those remaining two steps out of the gymnasium and never looked back. Instead, my body was wracked with an overwhelming sense of guilt upon hearing my protector's earnest appeals for me to stay.

I turned to see Anna slumped onto her knees, appearing defeated on the floor of the boxing ring. As displeased as I was that she drew up a contract for me and was willing to threaten me in order to get me to sign it, I couldn't bear to see her like this. As twisted and manipulative as it was, this was the Hellhound's way of showing that she loved me. Even if I was upset with her, after all she had done for me, this would be a shitty thing to do to her.

With a great deal of trepidation, I headed back towards the boxing ring.

She seemed to be looking absently down at the floor, telltale wisps of steam coming from her eyes indicated she was crying, even if her tears were instantly vaporized. Her head swiveled back up and I thought I caught the faintest glimpse of a wag from her tail as I opened the door to the cage.

"'s you...." she huffed.

Instead of helping her up, I sat down next to her.

"Anna..." I sighed as I clasped her paw. "You can't force me to love you with a contract because.....I was in love with you before you ever put pen to paper."

"B-but....why were you acting so mopey and emo when I wanted you to sign the contract?" she asked, her paws gently squeezing my hand.

" humans see the world a little differently. We're not as eager to force through important decisions without giving it some thought" That was an oversimplification, and both of us knew it as she pressed her body a little harder against mine. "Don't you want me by your side because I love you and care for you, Anna? And not because I'm obligated by some piece of paper you made me sign?"

"But I want you to be with me..." Anna almost whimpered in protest "It shouldn't matter how- as long as we're together!"

"I.....I didn't think I'd need some silly contract to let you know how much I cared for you, Anna. To let you know how much I appreciated everything you've done for me since I arrived here."

"I wanted you to sign it because I was afraid you could wind up with someone else. You have NO idea how frustrating it was for me to be so close to you all that time and not be able to do anything about it." It wasn't my imagination- her lithe, charcoal-hued frame was now leaning much harder against me.

"Come on now- who else could I wind up with?" I ask her. Part of being my self-designated bodyguard was being aware of all my quirks and shortcomings.

"Well....I heard something about that manticore sophomore wanting to have you over at her birthday party..."

"Holy shit- you mean Carrie?!?" I gibber excitedly before I manage to compose myself, remembering my present company. "I mean....rumor had it she's too much of a daddy's girl with all kinds of baggage."

"And there was that shirohebi exchange student, too...." Anna said as she continued leaning hard against me.

"Really? I thought she was that touchy-feely with everyone."

"Most lamia can be that way..."


Before I know it, the two of us are in a heap on the ring's floor after Anna's continued leaning against me. I'm on my back with Anna straddling me- the two of us carrying on the conversation without missing a beat.

"Hey....what about that Gandharva in the marching band? She ever say anything about me?" I tease.

"UGH! She thought you were a weird, creepy perv who talks too much!" An exasperated Anna sighs." How the hell were you able to pass anything when all you can do is think about all these other monster girls in your class!?"

"Because I had an awesome bodyguard and didn't have to worry about anything thanks to her- that's why!" I say as I reach up and playfully rub my thumb in a circular pattern along Anna's right ear. She seemed to approve as she let out a slight whimper before regaining her composure.

"By the way, Anna....?"


"My answer is 'Yes'. A thousand times 'yes'. I love you madly and want you by my side no matter what comes our way."

"Took you long enough, you stubborn weakling." Anna teased as she leaned in to kiss me.

The feel of her surprisingly soft lips on mine and her warm tongue eagerly probing my mouth will stay with me forever. But I was caught off guard by what she did next as she broke the kiss.

Eyeing me with a mischievous grin, she says nothing as she balls up her right paw into a fist and then gently- almost playfully- bops me on the chin.

"Total knock out! I win..." she giggles triumphantly.

" fair!" I protest.

"As winner of this match, you still have to sign the contract. However, I have magnanimously decided to postpone the signing of said contract to a more convenient date" she said, brushing her paw through her hair as she leans in once again.

"Shut up and kiss me, Anna".

~*~*~*~*~ SEVEN YEARS LATER ~*~*~*~*~*

"And then what happened daddy?" Oleska asked as she looked up at me.

"A bunch of stuff that either mommy or I will have to tell you about when you're older..." I tell my Hellhound pup.

"That's so...." Oleska could no longer stifle a yawn. "....romantic."

"It sure is." I lean in and give her a quick peck on the forehead. "Sweet dreams, kiddo."

"Good night, daddy." my little girl mutters sleepily as she rolls over in her bed, looking as snug as a bug under her comforter. I gently pat her head as I get up and turn the lamp on her nightstand off.

As I turn to make my way out of her room, I can see Anna in the doorway. She had been watching over us the whole time.

"You always leave out the part where you were begging..." she teases me.

"If memory serves me, you had me on my knees and begging MANY times that weekend, babydoll..." I remind her as I lean in for a quick kiss. "But I didn't think it was age-appropriate for her."

"Play your cards right and I can get you back on your knees begging for more again before 10 o'clock, mister." she says with a lewd wink. "But I'll insist that you put this on first." Anna holds up a bright orange ball gag. "I can't have you making so much noise calling out my name and waking up Oleska again."

"You thought of everything, babydoll..." I said as I kissed her on the lips.

"Mmm....hmmmm...." she almost moaned. "Less talking, more begging, human."

"Right...." I say, following my frisky Hellhound waifu back to our room. As I caught a glimpse of the sheer negligee she was wearing under her robe, I could only thank the powers that be that I didn't take those final two steps out of the gymnasium that fateful day.

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