This is a response to a WWYD question brought up on the Hellhound page that went a little long, so I figured I'd repost it here.

Here's the scenario-

Your get a report from the Inari teacher at the cooking school because your Hellhound daughter caused a mess at school, again. You start to lecture your daughter who defiantly shouts to you "Shut up human! You will not tell me what to do!" she puts her paw in her mouth in surprise of what she just said as you raise an eyebrow at her.

"Uhhhh........ sorry dady! Please don't tell mom!"

What do you do?

Perhaps without even realizing it, my daughter put me in a bind. Do I try and respond forcefully? That can only work so many times. Although the most effective course of action would no doubt be to tell my Hellhound waifu what happened, that would also be displaying weakness on my part and effectively undermining whatever authority I had with her.

As I'm pondering this, my daughter and I hear the sound of footsteps from the next room.

The apology comes a bit too late from our daughter as my Hellhound waifu was in the next room this whole time and heard every utterance. Our little girl's eyes grow as wide as saucers as she sees mom come into the room.

"I'm sorry mom! I didn't mean....."

She didn't get to finish the sentence. Without saying a word, my waifu drags our unruly daughter before me by her ear as she lets out a series of pained yelps.

"Listen and listen well, I'm only going to tell you this once..." my waifu snarls ferociously at our cringing daughter, only slightly letting up on her ear. "I met and have loved this human years before you were even born. This man before you is no ordinary human. He is your father, and more importantly he's my husband and most precious treasure. I can't make you listen to him, but I swear in the name of the Demon Lord's throne that if I EVER find out that you have disrespected my lover and the most important man in my life like that again...."

She gives our daughter's ear a vicious twist- not enough to cause any permanent damage, but certainly forceful enough for her to remember this discussion for the next several weeks.

".....THAT will be as good as it gets for you, Little Missy." she said before suddenly letting go. "Do I make myself clear?"

Barely stifling a tsunami of tears, our daughter meekly nods while rubbing her ear.

"Good- now why don't you go ahead and apologize to the man who gave you life." the underlying growl in her voice made it clear this was no mere suggestion.

"I-I'm sorry, daddy!" our daughter wails tearfully.

"Don't apologize to me- apologize to the inari who's classes you disrupted." I said, deciding to take a more magnanimous approach to counter my wife's effective use of brute strength. "You'll have plenty of time to think about what you did in your room without supper...."

"D-Daddy...?" She asked nervously.

"You heard him, Little Missy..." my waifu said.

After looking at the two of us, our daughter was off like a shot. Five seconds later, we heard a door close upstairs.

Holy shit, that was awesome!! I hear myself exclaim. In one fell swoop, my beautiful waifu had managed to lay down the law with our unruly little girl and reaffirmed how much I meant to her. She wasn't even trying to be sexy, yet I was as aroused as I had been in several weeks.

"Honestly..." my waifu huffed. "What's gotten into her lately?"

"Mmmm....babydoll..." I murmur as I wrap my arms around her begin kissing my waifu's neck from behind. I figured we were overdue for some spontaneous daytime kitchen sex. "I don't know about her, but I know what's getting into you in about 30 seconds..." I say as I use my right arm to sweep the plates and silverware off the kitchen table.

"Oh?" my waifu giggles with a lewd expression on her face. "Skipping dinner and heading straight for dessert, are we?"

Who said married life was tedious and repetitive?

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