The Girl Who Could Breathe Fire.

“Wake up” my little sister Lucy screamed.

"Shit I’m up what do you want," I moaned. I’m Thomas I go to opal high school and I’m 17 I like video games and other normal things teenagers do. My friends say I'm a pervert,and I can’t disagree. “

You’ll be late for school.” She explained.

I let out a groan of frustration. When I arrived at school it was normal, except there was a new girl she has long orange hair that goes into too two giant pigtails and the biggest boobs I’ve ever seen. I spent the day watching her apparently in the other classes here was a bunch of new girls. In history class I caught her staring at me with bright blue eyes. I waved, and she gave me a malicious grin that sent a chill down my spine. After class I decide to introduce myself to her I look around and see her turn a corner. I started jogging to catch up to her, Then I saw her with large wings horns and a tail and, fire being spewing from her open mouth. She saw and launched her body on to me. Before I could say anything, I felt teeth sink into my neck and felt blood being gouged out my neck. The girl looked me in the eye and let out a giggle.

“Call me master.” She chimed.

"No fuck you I managed to let out."" I felt a pang of pain in my brain and black started forming in my eyes my eyes wandered and my legs were wobbling then I fell. When my eyes opened there was a girl in front of me with a thick ass, green skin, flowers and plants covering her.

“Are you all right” she asked with sweetness in her voice.

Yes, I am I responded locking at her breasts as the jiggled and wobbled.

“What’s your name” she asked

"Thomas" I responded.

“You met master right” she asked.

"Who?" I asked.

“The girl that bit you, you must call her master, or you will be punished” she explained and left the room. I stared around the room and got out the bed. I walked to the door, opened it and left the room. Outside the room was a vast hallway leading into several room I heard sound coming from one of the rooms. I looked in the room seeing a figure standing up playing Mario on a Wii, the person turned around revealing a strong female figure with bull horns and tail, Cleavage like volleyballs and brown hair.

"Hi I I’m Thomas I greeted her."

“Oh hi I'm Mika” She introduced herself.

"Can you please explain what the fuck is going on." I asked.

“Well it is long story were all mamono, monster girls.  Lily is a Lilyton,I'm a Minotaur and Master is a Liarone of the Emberse Family. You will meet the others soon, Come with me.”

"Thanks, I guess and started following her." Eventually we came to a kitchen bigger than half a house. I was lined up with Lilly and Mika and 4 more Monster Girls.

“Hello Girls we are here to welcome a new servant, his name is Thomas she explained while brushing my long brown hair. “Welcome to the household make yourself at home, i’m looking forward to what comes next.” She exclaimed.

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