Amy was miserible, horny and slightly ill when she answered the doorbell.

She opened the door and she saw another Succubus.

This succubus had blonde hair, violet wings, and red eyes. While Amy had black wings, brown hair and blue eyes. The other succubus had breasts slightly larger than Amy did.

This succubus had violet wings, blonde hair and red eyes.

"There aren't any human boys hiding here" Amy said bluntly, figuring that was the only the other succubus could possibly be interested in but the other succubus chuckled "My name is Suzu, I'm a social worker sent by the Demon Government, may I please come in?".

Amy could tell by the way Suzu asked the question that permission was just a formality. Amy stepped aside and let the social worker in. Amy and Suzu sat in the living room.

"You've been a succubus for about a month is that correct?" Amy nodded yes.

It had been a month since the kingdom of Androcles had been conquered by and assimilated into the Demon Realm. After the king surrendered  a wave of demonic energy washed over the country transforming half the female population into Mamono.

"I want to ask how you're liking it so far but you look miserible. According to reports you haven't attended school, haven't visited anyone, and haven't attended any orgies or as far as I can tell left your house at all since the conquest. I want you to be honest with me and tell me why that is."

Amy shrugged "I've just been sick" "Mamono don't get sick unless were poisoned, cursed, or unless we are deprieved of spirit energy. So tell me the truth this time, why have been staying home?"

"Orgies aren't really my thing, I've always been anti-social why is that suddenly a problem"

"According to your file you enjoyed going to school and your professors you always had perfect attendence, until your transformation. Since then they haven't seen you"

"I've been dealing with a lot okay. My whole body changed against my will and ever since then..."

Suzu was writing this down and when Amy stopped talking Suzu gestured for her to continue. When Amy didn't continue Suzu noticed again how sick Amy looked and grew concerned.

"I'm going to ask you a very important question. Have you had sex since your transformation?"

"No, of course not"

Suzu sighed "I was afraid of that. Spirit Energy deprivation, that's what's making you sick. But why haven't you had sex since your transformation?"

Suzu took out a photograph of a brown haired lanky young womanwith glasses and in a school uniform. It was a picture of Ami before she changed. "If I had to look like this my whole life and suddenly got to be a Succubus, the first thing I would do was go get laid"

"I was happy the way that I was"

Things were silent for a minute before Ami spoke up again.

"It must be hard for a succubus like you to understand but I was happy the way I was. Being popular with boys or popular in general never mattered to me. I didn't care if anyone found me attractive. I liked my body the way it was and you took it away from me. Oh but that wasn't enough you also had to invade my mind"

Amy actually started crying but she continued "The truth is I actually have left the house, every time I leave my house I smell everyone elses pheremones. Every time I go on a walk and I see a human man or woman without a clear Mamono gaurdian I have the urge to tackle them to the ground and rip their clothes off and have sex with them. Every time that happens I come back home to make sure I don't hurt anybody.

At first I could keep my head clear just by staying home and away from everyone elses pheremones but that's not working anymore. My favourite thing in the world was reading but now I can't concentrated because I'm constantly horny."

"You need to have sex Amy. A succubus needs sex like a human needs food and you've been starving yourself. If you keep holding onto your virginity, you're body will only become more sick"

"Nice try but I've read the stories. A human woman gets turned into a Mamono. First her body changes then her sex drive is increased. Her new sexual desires start to drive out her old morality and thoughts. She can try to fight it but her insticnts will compell her to seek out a man to violate and absorb his spirit energy. Her desire for sex will reshape her thoughts. After she is finished raping that man her transformation is complete. Her soul is gone, the person she used to be is dead and all that remains is a beast capable of nothing bust lustful thoughts."

"Is this a religious thing? Are you worried about the Order or-" "-Fuck the Order and fuck God. I don't want to lose my intelligence and I don't want to lose my identity.

My body has already changed and demonic energy has already taken root in me. I'm dead either way. I don't care if staying a virgin kills my body because the alternative would destroy my personality. If I kill myself by refusing sex then at least I'll die with some part of me still human."

Suzu wiped the tears from Ami's eyes and gave her a hug. Ami didn't want to admit it but she actually felt comforted by Suzu.

"Don't believe everything you read.

Your first time having sex as a Mamono will change you but in not in the way you think it will. It signifies an acceptence of your new body and new instincts. After that you'll still be a bookworm, still might be an introvert, but you'll also have accepted your sexual desires and need for spirit energy.

If the human you have sex with is somebody you love then the act will strengthen your emotional bonds and make you want to protect that person, for a Mamono havign sex with a human you love is tantamount to a wedding ceremony. If it isn't with somebody you love and is just for the fun or the spirit energy, that is also fine but it won't be as good as sex with love."

"That...doesn't sound so bad. But does it have to be with a guy? I read that if a Succubus has sex with a human woman that woman becomes a succubus and her spirit energy is extinquished"

"Any women who are still human after the Demonic Energy wave are incapable of transforming so sleeping with them won't turn them into Succubi."

Suzu gave Ami another hug "Look, I'll come back later today hopefully with a solution to your problem. In the meantime you should masturbate to take some of the edge off."