'This is just the first chapter of a much longer story. '

Chapter 1: POV Hana Tachibana

I woke up to a Succubus woman pulling my ear. My first instinct at seeing the monster was to grab for my weapon, but unfortunately neither my sword nor my dagger were anywhere around. I quickly realized something else, I was naked under my blanket. Where was I, how did I get here?

The bed I was in was pressed against the wall, the room I was in looked more like a girls dorm room than a prison cell. Next to my bed was a desk with a vanity on it and beauty supplies. At the other end of my bed was a tall dresser. The other side of the room was a mirror image, another desk, another dresser, another bed except that one was empty. One detail that felt out of place was the loudspeakers built into the walls.

I felt very strange, my body felt...lighter than usual, and warmer. Beneath the sheets I could feel something moving, something connected to the back-side of my body. Was there a snake in my bed?

The Succubus was actually dressed pretty conservitively but that didn't change the fact that she had huge breasts and a beautiful face. Normally looking at a woman with large breasts would make me self-conscience or angry, but instead of those emotions right now I felt some excitement mixed in with my panic.

"Stay back" I shouted at the Monster, as I sat up I instinctively held my blanket in front of me like a shield. I wasn't looking forward to fighting her naked and realistically knew I probably couldn't defeat a Succubus unarmed, but I was prepared to fight anyway.

I fully expected the Demon to rip the blanket away from me, pin me against the bed, and rape me. I was absolutely not going to let that happen...even I was getting kind of hot imagining myself having sex with the dream demon...No. I shook my head violently and refocused myself. What the hell was wrong with me? Maybe just being in proximity to this monster was messing with my head, if that was true then I needed to defeat her as quickly as possible.

Instead of attacking me the Succubus spoke up in a formal but gentle vocie "Please relax, I'm not here to hurt you, my name is Amy Koboyashi. Right now you are in Transition Center 86, I'm here to escort you to breakfast in the cafeteria. I assume you'd like to get dressed before leaving. But if you'd like to remain naked that's also perfectly acceptable"

"I have no idea, what you're talking about. even if you don't want to rape me you're still a monster and I'm still human, which means you're still my enemy" Amy looked at me in disbelief, like I had said something obviously stupid. "For just a second, look at you're body, don't look at me, look at you're own body".

I did what Amy asked and was horrified to realize my body had changed. My breasts had magically expanded from a size A to a D. There was a coat of brown fur covering my shins and forearms. I also realized the thing moving around in the bed wasn't a snake, it was my tail. Yes, I now had a brown furry tale that extended from my lower back. All the scars and bruises my body had accumulated from a lifetime of fighting had been erased.

They took my body away from me and made me into a Monster GIrl. Forgetting about modesty, I jumped off the bed and tackled Amy onto the wooden floor, I put my arm over her throat and shouted at her "Who did this to me? The last thing I remember I was fighting in Leonidis Valley".

I was a soldier for the Kingdom of Androcles. Six months ago, the Mamono Empire launched an invasion of Androcles and since then the Army has been doing everything in our power to hurl back the Invaders. Every week the Monster Girl forces were gaining ground, until finally they were prepared to attack the capital itself.
Leonidis valley is a narrow break between two mountains that the Monster Girls needed to get through before they could attack the capital. I remember the morning before the battle Cleric Sayuri (an army medic/priest) led some of the soldiers, including my secret love Yamato,  in praying to the Chief God. Captain Hiroshi was singing songs about how he was going to kill all the Monsters and single-handed turn the tide so we could win the war. I joined in on Hiroshi's singing and made a bet that I would kill more monsters than him. My friend Hikaru made sure none of us would have to go into battle completely sober.
I remember we were outnumbered at least thirty to one and that the battle lasted for several hours but I couldn't remember how the battle ended.

Amy was never intimidated for a second, even as I had my arm against her throat. "Violent outbursts will not be tolerated" then Black tentacles materialized in the air, wrapped around my limbs and lifted me off of Amy. I writhed and struggled, while Amy got off the ground. "You can keep struggling all you want, those tentacles are magic. The more you fight them the stronger their grip will become, the only way they'll let you go is if you calm down and relax"

"Don't tell me to relax! You fucking raped me and turned me into a monster!" I pulled against the tentacles with all my strength but like Amy said they just got stronger the more I resisted. After that Amy kissed me and my mind went blank,

Her tongue invaded my mouth and for some reason I welcomed it, all my anger had been temporarily forgotten, the agression was drowned out by pleasure and a sense of contentment. When the kiss finally ended, the pleasure vanished but my rage didn't return so I was left feeling empty and subdued.

The magic tentacles dematerialized. I sat down on the bed.

"I didn't rape you" she assured me "It's odd you don't remember, but after you and the other humans were defeated at the battle of Leonidis Valley, there was an orgy between the defeated humans and their conquerers. That's probably when you were turned into a Monster Girl. I don't know exactly who turned you into a Monster or what happened after that but you were unconscious when you arrived here."

They had beaten us. The monsters had beaten us and I couldn't even think of it as a heroic last stand. The Androcles army was supposed to keep fighting tillt he last soldier dropped dead, I was supposed to keep fighting until there was no more breath in my body. The Monster Girls couldn't even allow me to die an honorable death on the battlefield, instead they had to capture me alive and then rip away my humanity.

I felt like crying, the Succubus tired to put her hand on my shoulders to console me but I shrugged her off. Why was she being so nice to me?

"Just leave me alone" Amy nodded no "I'm sorry but I can't risk you attempting suicide, besides you still need to get to breakfast and then attend you're first session with Dr Yin"

Amy pranced over to a dresser "We need to get going if you still want to have time to eat, I assume you're hungry and I'm also going to assume you don't want to leave this room naked" she started opening drawers looking for somethign for me to wear.

She pulled out a black and red dress with an obvious cleavage window, she turned it around and I saw it was low cut in the back to show off my ass and lower back (or possibly it was cut like that so it could be worn with somebody who had a tail). "This would look awesome on you, I bet you can't wait to show off your new body"

That made me snort. I've been a tomboy my whole life and hadn't worn a dress since I was nine years old. I actually smirked at the thought that not even being monsterized could change that part of me.

I got up and looked through the dresser myself, hoping to find something that was more my style. I systematically went through all of the drawers but almost everything in there was too slutty or too childish or a creepy combination of both. All of the shirts either had a cleavage window, were sheer or translusent, or weren't long enough to cover my midrift. I also couldn't find any bras. It took a while before I was able to put together an outfit I found acceptable.

The outfit I chose was black panties, denim shorts, and a green shirt that didn't cover my midrift.

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