My name is Regulus. I am a newly registered adventure that's been working with the adventure's guild for a week now. I became an adventurer because I've always wanted to help people even back when I was a child. Currently I am traveling in a carriage that's heading towards a village in real need of help. 

The village is near a semi-dormant volcano and thanks to that they have rich farmland. The problem is that the village has been attacked by a couple of unidentified monters recently. The guild wanted the monsters identified first before they decide how to proceed. A lot of people didn't like the idea of running into whatever it is that's running around out here so I took up the job. Despite the numerous incidents no one gets a good look at them. 

Some see a scorpion tail while others see tracks from a large feline like creature after the incidents. Thankfully no one is gravely injured beyond a couple of broken bones and a black eye or two. The carriage arrives at the village and I dismount. The heat around here is pretty intense thankfully I came equiped with light gear and a short sword, if I came with heavy gear I'd use up more energy and de-hydrate myself faster. If I had to keep using water magic then I'd just end up wasting mana. 

I look around the village to see if I can find out anything else about our mystery monsters but to no avail other than finding out that they come from the volcano and retreat back that way when they are done. I end up calling it a day and go to the inn deciding to climb the volcano tomorrow. 

I leave the inn early in the morning and start advancing up the mountain hopefully I can find them without being spotted. I reach the halfway point at noon when I start to find tracks from the beasts and decide to follow them. Ten minutes later I start to hear voices.  I duck behind a near by rock and peek my head out and that's when I saw them; Manticores, two of them at that.

"Sister we've been here a while now and haven't found anyone that strikes our fancy. Let's move on to another place." Says the calmer one. Looks like they're related.

"Please there's still plenty of guys down there to check out not to men-" The aggresive one stops mid sentence and raises her head snifffing for something. The other one stops to and starts mimicing her sister's movements. 

"Well how about that? Looks like someone decided to save us a trip today." The aggressive charges the rock I'm behind and smashes it with her fist, forcing me out my hiding spot. I get a good look at them now that I'm not hiding. They are both roughly six feet tall with slim yet tone bodies. The aggresive one has wild pink hair and purple fur while the calmer one has straight purple hair tied in a pony tail and pink fur.

They both have a layer of sweat on them from this heat but the sun shining off of it gives them an amazingly attractive air to them.

"Well looky here, we got a fine catch right here." I draw my sword and the two of them approach me and give me a look over. 

"He seems quite tone and has a cute and kind face. It sort of says that while he does have power he's also kind." says the calm one.

"Really? That face makes me want to mess with and tease every inch of that body of his. So then what do you say?" 

"You were right." says the calm one in a deflated voice. I take this chance to swing my sword hopefully I can take one out and the other will be too shocked to do anything. Right when my sword comes down the aggresive one catches it with her ha- er paw. 

"Looks like he's also got some fight in him too. Good it would be boring if he gave in too easily." 

"I apologize for what what my sister and I are gonna do in advance but we promise you won't be hurt too badly." The calm one gracefully bows her head. 

The aggresive one knocks my sword out of my hands and then before I know it wraps her arms around my waist from behind. The calm one takes a stance and starts drilling me with a series of punches. Despite their power the fur feels surprisingly soft as it rubs up against the skin that the armor doesn't cover. She then uppercuts me which the Aggressive one uses the force of to throw me into the air. She then jumps higher than me and does a spin, shifting her position to where her fine ass lands on my head and my lower body is at the same level with her.