(Set in a bit of an alternate timeline where Mamono do fight and injury humans. Otherwise everything else is more or less the same.)

Your a traveling martial artist seeking to better hone your skills by training near a village between the borders of Zipangu and the Mist Continent. Once every three years the village hold a tournament open to everyone, regardless of region, to celebrate it's founder who sought equality and peace among Humans and Mamono by fighting the various people who sought to ruin his vision. You enter the tournament and notice that, while yes there are human participants, there is a large number of Mamono particpating as well.

As it turns out some of them use the tournament to find potential husbands or display their sexual prowess and attract males to them. But that doesn't shake you at all as you've resolved yourself to win. Once you manage to get past the qualifiers and into the main tournament it's: 

First round: You vs. Mantis = You win 

Quarter finals: You vs. Jinko  = You win but close 

Semi-finals: You vs. Kunoichi = You win but even closer 

Finals: You vs. Last year's champion (Your choice) mine is Manticore = Extremely close but ends with a double count out and the two of you are crowned "co-champions".  

You leave early before the celebration can go into full swing as you got more journeying to do but as you walk through an alley trying to slip away you get cornerd by the girls you fought in the tournament. You believe they are there for revenge but what they each say throws your plans out of whack: 

Mantis girl: Husband mine. 

Jinko: You are a worthy opponent. Would you marry me? 

Kunoichi: Says nothing but shyly holds out a marriage registration form while fidgetting cutely. 

(your choice) Manticore: Where the hell do you think your going huh?! No way am I letting my new hubby go so easily!!!

What do you do? 

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