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The guards' temporary surprise was all he needed, Galius summoned a wall of flame and escaped while the guards ran away in fear of what might happen next. He quickly made his way to a roof with a good view of the gods gathered there, one of them he noticed, was Hephaestus, the god of fire, his patron god. Standing there, with a hammer in hand and standing tall and proud in his blacksmith like attire, was he, Hephaestus, the god of fire, smithing and volcanoes. The other gods were busy talking amongst themselves, behaving rather like a group of women shopping together. Then Galius noticed something odd, the Chief Goddess wasn't there, a sudden flood of possibilities flooded his mind, out of those he chose one and turned back.

Chief Goddess: My, my, you sure can run. But that skill would be so much more useful for you as a hero, why don't you accept your fate like the rest of them?

Galius: Some of them didn't want to be heroes, yet you forced that fate upon them! You are no better than the so called monsters we fight! And they 'monsters', at any rate are no more evil than a newborn lamb! They don't even wish to harm us! What kind of goddess would-! *The Chief Goddess places a hand over his mouth*

Chief Goddess: You are on the same side as those monster?! You don't know what kind of damage the Demon Lord would cause! She will rip this world apart! You are no follower of mine, heathen. You deserve a death that might get you into heaven, I will see to that.

Galius: Go ahead! Death is more welcoming than mindless servitude and killing, all in your name!

Chief Goddess: You will regret that.

As she prepared to kill him, Galius shot a barrage of fire, which the Chief Goddess deflected without a problem. But when she recovered from deflecting the barrage, Galius was nowhere to be seen. He is already at the city gates and preparing to leave his past, family, friends, and most relative to his current situation, the Chief Goddess behind. As he readied himself to leave, a feminine voice spoke to him, a voice that he doesn't doubt, will ever forget about.

Female: Wait a moment there, I have something to give you.

Galius: Who said that?!

Female: I did. *A robed figure ran towards him, and clearly from the way the robe curves, the speaker is female*

Galius: Who are you, and why are you here?

Female: I am here to help you, my name currently doesn't matter, look, I have a few things to give you, so can we get to the part where start to trust me?

Galius: Fine, what is it?

Female: First off, a weapon for my hero. *Passes something bundled in cloth* You'll use it more than me any way. Next, something to protect you. *Gives him a necklace with a crystal attached*

Galius: Whoa, where did you put this? *Accepts the cloth bundle and the necklace* And I am not a hero.

Female: It's a woman's secret! Now, one last thing, a good luck charm. *Kisses him on the cheek* Good luck my hero! *Sprints out of the city*

Galius: Wait! I am not a hero! *Chases after her at full speed*

He ran as fast as he could, only to see a lilim fly away from the city. From what he can tell, life away from the city, will not be dull, as he walked away from the city, he felt as if a great weight has been lifted from him. He drew the bundled cloth with one hand and with the other touched his cheek, with one hand, he unwrapped the cloth and out fell a broad sword. The sword was decorated with patterns of fire and the hilt shaped like a Phoenix, as if it has been specially made for him and crafted to his likings. The necklace laid at the bottom of his pants' pocket, the crystal is like glass, that is to say, transparent. In the crystal is an ember, a small tongue of fire trapped in the crystal still burning brightly and silently. Ignoring the crystal, he strapped the sword to his back and started running, in the direction of freedom and adventure, in the direction of his future and his life, in the direction of an unbiased world, towards the demon realms.