For everyone's information, I may or may not finish this. I may leave this project half complete then forget about it or have writer's block. Don't get your hopes up.

Destruction spread like wildfire, an army charged towards the distant demon realms, hoping in vain to reclaim them in the name of the Chief Goddess. As they arrived at a village, they burned, killed, pillaged, and raped to their hearts contents for three days and three nights. As they set out to leave they met a man, the man was covered head to toe in golden armor, with a swipe of his hand he burnt the army to cinders without remorse, he removed his helm to reveal vibrant green eyes...

Galius woke with a start, this was his second year since abandoning the Order, and the first time he has regretted leaving his home. He got out of bed and looked out of the window, he saw the same red moon as he always did, and again the couple next door is engaging in intercourse as per usual. This was his second month in Lescatie, and honestly, he thinks that anyone arriving to live in this place is bonkers. The air smells of lust and the water tastes of it, the plants are sentient and one of them attempted to start a conversation with him. At least the animals here is normal enough to be considered food or pests, but barring that, this place reeks of pure lust. Settling back down in his bed, he attempts to drown out the couple next door, and falls swiftly asleep.

The next morning he dons his gear and looks over the necklace he was given once again, the flame continues to dance and flicker within the crystal like a paper ballerina. Walking out from his room, he takes in his surroundings again, an old inn situated near the heart of Lestcatie, if you wake up early enough or come in late you can sometimes see Merse in here drinking. Today is not one of those days, being like so it seems that Mimiru and a baphomet is in here, no doubt looking for new Sabbath members. Walking to a desk and sitting down, Galius orders some light breakfast, and upon seeing him Mimiru walks up to him and taps him on the shoulder.

Mimiru: Mister, have you seen Onii-chan? He ran away today, and I saw him come in here.

Galius: Uhh, you'll catch a cold in that. *Gestures towards her revealing clothing*

Mimiru: Please don't treat me as a child, I need to find Onii-chan! We were going to play a game. *Pouts, then starts to giggle uncontrollably*

Galius: Well, no. I have not seen your big brother as of yet, may be later on in the day?

Mimiru: *Pouts* Well, if you do, tell him I'll be waiting at the castle with mistress Deruella. *prances off with the baphomet*

Galius: Right, this sounds fishy at best.

After a while a succubus dressed in a maid outfit delivered his meal and left, after, of course, giving him a sultry wink. Galius ate his meal quickly, and left soon after paying and giving the kind waitress a tip.

Outside, it was a bustling city full of life and people, as if he had never left the Order in the first place. Walking out of the city he had encountered wilderness and beasts that would strike fear in the hearts of men, yet here, the same creatures behave as normal humans should. The sight that confronted him was the exact opposite of the image the Order has printed in his mind. work in progress.

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