Thud, thud, thud. The echoes of my footsteps, the last sound that I will remember. If only because I chose to run away, from the evil and the needless slaughter. The Order of the Chief Goddess, nothing more than a house of butchers ready to be released into the slaughter house. And I was one of them.

But right now, I have bigger problems than my past. How would you like it if you were being chased by a platoon of soldiers hungry for blood. Not much, I would think. Well, that's my situation in a nutshell. Except I'm standing on the edge of a cliff face, facing a platoon of soldiers from the Order.

"Stop! In the name of the Chief Goddess!" I heard one of them shout. "You have nowhere to run! Just turn yourself in and we might be merciful!"

"Might that's hardly in my favour," I replied. "Plus, I do have a place I can turn to."

"Where then? Face it, you're trapped. Turn yourself in!"

What am I thinking? There is no way I can do that. "I can jump."

"W-wait, l-let's talk this out. Y-you can turn yourself in and w-we promise not to kill you," he stuttered. He took a step forwards and that was all I needed.

I turned and jumped. Simple as that, I began to fall. The last thing I saw of the Order, was the man reaching out for me and calling me to grab onto his hand. As tempting as it was, I couldn't stop.

As I fell, each second lasted an eternity, and I would rather death than this torture. It seem like an age before I realised that I fell of a cliff, and there was a stream that flowed off nearby. Then, it happen. My head connected with the water. That instant I fell unconscious, the last thing I saw as I sunk lower into the water, was a face and long hair.

Later, I woke up on the water's edge, and sitting next to me was a familiar face. A human by the looks of things, saved me from certain death. She stared at me as if I was some strange specimen before turning away once she realised I'm awake.

"Thanks for saving me, name's Jinks by the way," I said warmly as I extended my hand.

"You're welcome, human," she replied coldly.

"You're not human?"

"Don't insult me, I am a pure bred elf! You are but a lowly human, you will never be able to truly comprehend the majesty of elves!" with that (and a rude pout) she turned away from me. Honestly, rude much, though I did bring it upon myself.

We sat there together for a while before I realised just how tired I am, I lied down and fell asleep on the soft grass.

To be continued.

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