I've been on this wiki for a while now so I think I should contribute. And this is my contribution. Tell me what you think and I might write more.

Insert the typical message about this not affecting the canon material of MGE here.

Call me Jinks, that's what my friends call me and though I may not know you, you are a friend to me. That's funny, I have not known human companionship for two years now, and that's not counting the days I've spent in taverns and inns.

I was destined to be a hero of the Order before I ran, to be given a blessing by the Chief Goddess and slay monsters. Yeah right, I've ran because I saw the "monsters" for what they really are: normal, sane, almost human-like beings. So I ran. On the day before I was going to be blessed I pack my stuff, only essentials like food, water, sleeping bags and other whatnots. That night I ran, I climbed out the window and bribed the guards on the gate to let me out. They complied and then I ran as fast as I could go without making too much noise.

Now it has been three years since I left and no doubt the Order will be hunting me for committing felony. I have hid in demon realms and monster friendly territories as I ran, I don't know where I am going or why I am running and not settling. But one thing is for sure, something is protecting me. When I go into demon realms I don't lose my mind to lust, and no monsters approach me. I am protected by a force greater than the gods themselves, perhaps it is a kindred spirit? Or even a friend who won't show themselves? I have no idea except for this, I must keep moving.

And forever more shall I be a stranger to all even myself, a wanderer of worlds, an enigmatic mystery, and a mere traveler. Perhaps I am overthinking this and yet there is always that one question nagging at the back of my mind, why? Why am I running from my home? Why am I being protected? Why, why, why? It's questions like these that keep me from find peace within my heart, yet I will run and keep running, until I find what I'm looking for. Because I am the Wanderer, the only one who ran, the Betrayer and the first of many. I shall become immortalised in history as a criminal and a symbol of free will, but for now I shall run.

To be continued...