Hey guys, its me, Carth again. Yes, yes I know, bring in the applause...<crickets chirpping>.....And there is no applause. Well anyways whether you like it or not, I have a new story for you guys! I had been wanting to knock this out earlier, but the holidays wouldn't permit me, so I apologize for it being so late. Now, this one involves a some-what favorite, but one not often thought about mamono, the Ogre! So brace yourselves everyone, its gonna get bumpy! (That being said, there will be some perverse actions, so for those who don't want to see it you've been warned)


Marcus had been running all through the perilous night. His heart pounded, his muscles burned like fire; his legs wanting to topple like fallen towers. Despite so much pain, he was determined to escape.

How long had he toiled in the coliseum and fought and killed large men and beasts? Too long. His mind was burned with images of bouts at the hands of death, which had scratched and clutched at him many a time.

His escape had been purely by chance, as the slave caravan he'd been with, was suddenly the target of a full scale goblin seige. Wringing himself free from his bonds, he barely escaped capture and thus is how he ended up running through the forest throughout day and night.

He felt eyes on him, eyes hungry for his flesh and blood. His mind itched with the thought of his pursuit and capture. The forest seemed to stretch endlessly before him, feeling trapped by the evergreen maze. Then the world started to spin and slide. Rain started to fall as soon as he started to waver and slow.

He could only think of running, but his body had taken its toll. Without anymore energy left in him, his knees buckled and he fell to the ground. His paranoia still clung to him, making him crawl and push through mud and water filled puttles.

Marcus gasped for breath as he wallowed in the mud, thinking to himself that this is how he truely ends, not at the hands of another man or paws of a savage beast, but by the attempt to leave it all?

As his body began to shut down, his eyes lingered open only for enough time to see a foot step towards him, and then they shut.

.   .   .

He was snug. Such an unusual feeling for Marcus. He bolted upright, only to be covered and surrounded in fur skins. He slowly looked from the seam of one of the skin to see that he had found himself in a cave, one that had been pretty well worn by time. Out side, the forest seemed fairly dry, considering that the last thing he remembered was it was raining.

He hadn't known for how long he'd been out, but Marcus was now once more awakened to the sounds of movement beyond the furs covering him. Suddenly leaping out of his craddle, he comes face to face with....actually he couldn't really believe what he saw.

The face of a green and red freckled woman met him. Her eyes were that of deep blue and her hair, which was matted and wild, seemed like auburn-red fall leaves. Instantly recognizable as an Ogre.

Before, his groggy body could react, she had pounced, pinning him back down into the furs. "Mornin', sunshine! How is my cute pet doin'?~"

Her voice was very bristled, but with light charm, possibly because of the accent.

"You've been alseep, for a while now, you feelin' better?" Her muscular green arms held tightly on his arms.

Marcus is almost at a loss, "I'm fine...but how did I get here?" Up close, she was actually fairly beautiful, green skin and all. 

She visibly brightens, "I found yah! And now your ma' new pet husband!"

Marcus sinks his brows together, "Excuse me?"

She smirks and leans closer to him, "Your ma' p-e-t~"

A pit of revulsion swirled within him. "I am nobodys pet. Now get off."

She wasn't taking a hint. "Sorry, hon, but you're mine, fair n' square."

He wrestles against her arms, "Get off of me!" She sits on his torso, "Nope~" she was completely confident in her abilities.

More than that, her body felt so warm, and it didnt help that her bosom was fairly large, to the point of busting out of her make-shift brassier. Even more so, her tall and voluptuous body glistened against he lighted back drop of the smouldering fire. Where she sat on Marcus was also quite the intimate spot, as he had been stripped down to his loin cloth, to which she now sat on.

But this wasn't a time for fantasy. Swiftly lunging his legs up, he caught around her neck and flipped her over and off of his stomach. She was wholely unprepared for what he did. From the teasing position she had, she was surprised to see herself now flipped over and on the ground. 

Springing to his feet, he looked down at her, "I have no interest in becoming your pet." and turns around to leave the cave. However, he did not account for her to surge back up and grapple him.

She picks him up with her hellish strength; smirking the whole time, "You are what I say yah are!" Then throwing him back to the bed of furs.

Slightly dazed from her toss, Marcus barely was able to react as the Ogre lept upon him. Before she could resume her original position on top of him, he had managed to lock hands with her, both now wrestling for control of the situation.

Fingers locked and arms pushing against each other, her sheer weight is almost unbearable, not to mention her strength. Marus gritted his teeth and grumbled, barely holding his own against her, but resisting nonetheless. She, however, was surprised at his very ability to hold her back.

"You're ah strong pet, I see~" She leans forward, her head extremely close to his, and brings her knee against the inside of his legs. "I like that in ma pets fu-fu-fu~"

He feels her nestle her knee against his pride, licking her lips and pressing her lower body against him as well. "You don't wanna miss out on this do yah? Come on, stop resistin', else I'll put ya down in your place~"

Despite his current situation, almost breaking under her pressure, he could feel his lower half start to radiate with heat, blood quickly flushing down. But, he was unwavered, "You want to play that way? Fine!" Marcus lifts up his leg and pegs his toes into her crotch.

Eyes bulging, she yelps and tumbles to his side next to the fire; breathing in short breaths. Wasting no time, he bolted up and was upon her, his arms pinning her shoulders to the ground and sits on her. The tables have now changed in his favor.

"I see you're quite sensitive there," he teases her, grinning. She reddens, "Tha-That's not true!"

He looks down on her, his face turning serious, "I don't care who you are, or what strength you have, I am not anyones 'pet'...not anymore."

It was then the Ogre had managed to really look Marcus's own body since she had found him. His chest was laced with several lashes, one even reaching up to just below his chin, hidden between his neck muscles.

She saw them and was stunned. "'d you get these?"

He looks down at her, "Now you care! You force me down and call me your pet, and now you give a care!" He presses down on her, his face in front of hers.

She is shook by his sudden outburst, "E'cuse me for doin what I was brought up ta do! I can't get a decent man out here now can I, huh!?"

He galred, "Men are not supposed to live to be puppets or pets! Why must you have me as a pet? What do you want from me, my servitude? My flesh and my blood? My very soul?! What do you want of me!?!"

He was so belligerent that it took him a bit to realize the streams of water tracing down her cheeks, that the Ogre was crying. Her body lay limp now, as she bawled beneath him.

She whimpered, "I....I...only want a man....I only want a husband." She looks to him, "Is it so bad? To desperately want ta be loved? To be known as a monster and never seen as ah woman?" She sniffles. "We are strong, but tis we want is love. All we want is to be happy with the husbands we choose, and yet..." she lets out another bawl, "I can't even get you to want me either!"

As she had spoke and cried, Marcus could do nothing but sit in stunned silence. His mind hung between the Ogre who had wrestled him, tempted him, and plotted to make him her pet, and the one before him now, who is bawling and crying like a child.

She continued," You....just laid out there, like you'd given up.... I don't know what you'd been through...but you looked so beatin' up and your were covered in dirt. I couldn't just leave yah....I can only imagine what you'd done to get those scars....but now look at yah. You're healthy and strong....but what then? Yah couldn't even thank me....." She looks away,"Get off of me...go a way....leave me be."

He didn't move.

"I said leave..." she covered her face to whip her tears.

He still didn't move.

She yelled, "Go awa-!" Marcus flung aside her arms and, grabbing her chin, kissed her. Her eyes were wide and filled with astonishment. He kissed her deeply, she, without refusal, kissed back.

Finally pulling back from her, Marcus leaned up and looked into her watery blue eyes. "Thank you. I am sorry, that I hurt you...please forgive me. It is not wrong of you to find love." He looks down, "I am just a run away slave. I have fought for so long, and so hard, that I don't know when to stop fighting....much less see that someone could love me. So again, I am sorry for the pain I caused you...and thank you."

He felt his heart stir with emotions, ones he'd never had nor come to expect. However, his realization was short lived, as the Ogre pulled him to her and kissed him once more. He gripped her arms and kissed her deeply, as she rocked them both over onto the fur bedding once more, but this time on happier terms.

He removed her bandaged brassier and, before gazing upon her bountiful breasts, he looked up to her, "What is your name?"

She smiled, " name is Anna."

He kissed her once again, "I am Marcus."

She rolled over on to him and kissed him, sliding down from his mouth to his neck, placing her hands on his chest, along his many scars.

"Marcus....if you'd please....would you please be mine...even if it's only for tonight I-" Marcus held a finger to her lips. "Not just the Ogre, but the woman who saved my life and who cared for me, asks if I can love her and be hers. Who am I to reject?" She squeals happily, as more tears ran down her face, and kissed him more and more. He brought her under the cover of the furs, albeit her feet hanging out of them, and glossed over her breasts with his tongue, seeing her snap her head back in pleasure. She reached below to his crotch and eyed him with a rueful and sensual grin.

For the remainder of the evening, and well into the night, many loud and boisterous noises could be heard from the mouth of their cave.

Afterwards, when Marcus lay with her curled up beside him, holding his arm for dear life, he thought to himself that for such events that had befallen him, he wouldn't have guessed in a million years that they would happen to him. Looking to the sleeping face of his Anna, his lover, he felt that despite the torments in his previous life, that he could spend his new life with her by his side.


God dang, I finally finished it! I'm sorry to those who've waited so long for me to write this out and finish it, namely Breakaway, and I am glad to be done! Now as for the next one coming up, I am going to shke things up with a new setting that, hopefully y'all love. So! I dedicate this story to a happy new year, and may all of you enjoy it!