You are enrolled in a mixed human/mamono school. You seem to be doing just fine academically,  but much of the Monster Girl student body doesn't seem that interested in you.  Nary a Valentines Day card or letter from a secret admirer on this Valentines Day.

As you are contemplating your misfortune while walking down the hall after classes , you see an unforgettable sight. Ahead of you and on all fours is your Hakutaku homeroom teacher, her shapely backside in the air and partially obscured by her flowing tail. As you get closer, you hear her mumbling something to herself.  " glasses...." she murmurs absently. 

Since she's been pretty nice to you, you decide to help her find her missing eyewear. However, as you walk closer to Hakutau, you feel something underfoot and hear a loud *CRUNCH*. The good news is that you found Hakutaku sensei's glasses. The bad news is that you pretty much destroyed them just now 

Looking up twards the sound of footsteps, Hakutaku sensei asks "Who's there!?".

What Do You Do?(by Breakaway Republic)


She is my favorite teacher, Sensei Taki Hakume. Inside of class she is very stern but kind as a teacher and devotes her time to teaching her many students. However, outside of class, she seems to be a bit of a klutz. So scenes like now, occur very often, and I am happily there to help. Despite the comments of being the 'teachers pet', I like Miss Hakume.

So, seeing her looking for her glasses, I am all to willing to help. Then, I wince at the sound of the crushing glass and slowly bend down to pick up whats left of her glasses. "Sensei...I found your glasses."

It doesn't take long for her to realize that I had stepped on them, but smiles and gingerly accepts them. "Its okay, I've done that many times myself." She leans on the wall and makes her way to the classroom, when I decide to help her to the room. It is my fault, I should at least do something.

I place her hand on my shoulder, "Here Sensei, I will guide you." She makes a slight 'oh' and places both of her hands on each of my shoulders, "My you are tall...I have a spare in my desk. Could you get them for me?"

I nod, although I'm not sure if she can see that. I lead her into the classroom and set her hands next to the closest desk, leaving to her desk and finding her spare glasses. Before returning to her, I spot a peice of paper caught in the jam of her top drawer. Curiousity and OCD grip me and I open the drawer to fix it. Then the words called out to me, as I skimmed them and found that they were writings about me. Things like my hair and attitude; things that were seemingly little importance about me.

All of these things, she claimed to love.

It was very heartwarming to say the least. If anything I was almost ecstatic.

I look up to the half blind Sensei and then and there was the first time I had ever thought of her as something other than my teacher.

"D-did you find my glasses?"

I shake from my revie and carefully hand her the spare glasses. The instant we touch, she jumps and squeals like one of the resisdent school girls.My heart almost stopped as I fell on the floor, "Sensei? Are you okay?"

Her face is as read as an apple, "Y-you s-saw it..."

From my downward view, I could take in all of her splendor. Her thick thighs seemed to scream wanting to be touched and felt through her pencil skirt; her top seemed to be holding on by the seems holding her impressive bust. Here with her glasses off, she looked more like a meek child than she would as a stern english teacher.

I sit forward, knees to the ground, "Yes, yes I saw it, Sensei."

My mind swirled with thoughts, some I would lust to see her react to. "F-forget it! We can't do any...of that...You're the student and I am..." She stutters and back away as I rise up and move closer to her.

"I....a-am...a-am..." I silence her with a pull of the chin and a kiss. Her bright green eyes have flung wide open, but her mouth betrays her as we kiss together quite feverently.

Suddenly pulling away, she leans away from me against the desk" No...we can't it's not allowed...I-"

"I love you Sensei." She is silenced by those words.

"You know its true don't you? You felt it. In that kiss you felt it, Sensei. Why can I not love you?"

She tries to move away to the door, but I step in front of her. With ease she could've pushed me away and left, but she didn't. She stood there looking at me with a confused expression, but her eyes spoke differently.  "M-move...We c-can't be doing...this..." 

"Why not? I love you Hakume Sensei! Please just let me-!" She flung her arms around me and sobbed into my shirt, "I can't...I can't do it any more..." I hug onto her and sway with her in my grasp. "I don't want you to hold back. I want you to be more than just my Sensei. Please....Taki..." 

With that, she couldn't resist anymore, leaning on one foot and lifting the other in the air, she leapt up to my lips and kissd me like I was her long awaited Prince. I was more than happy to be so.

Afterwards, she and I had the best private lesson we both had ever had. By the end of the school semester, I prepared for graduation and when crossing the stage, not only will I be met by the hands of my favorite teacher, but that too of my lovely wife.


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