Lonely and somber sat the man on the blue sands, his long brown hair floating in the ocean winds. His feet dug into to the depths of the sands and his hands strumming back and forth on his uke, as he longed and thought about his coming union. And to grasp what it was he was soon to embark upon, he traveled and swam along the ocean bottom's vast eden of beauty.

From the bright magenta and reds of corals and shells, to the shimmering dances of seaweeds and bubbling torrents, he saw his soon to be wife in all of it. The more he stroked his uke, the more the ocean hummed with him, the sounds winding the waves above into beat. To his delight, the sun would make its appearance through the clouds and beat down like drums on the sandy floor. Then, as the world's song beat on, he jumped up from his perch and grabbed the uke by its handle, skipping along the ocean floor and flinging sand into the water's embrace.

And in the wake of his excitement, he strummed against his fingers against the strings of his uke once more and skipped and bobbed his way down the large sand dune and into the hard lime palace floors.The palace spiraled like a large cone shell, spikes jutting out and becomeing part of the spires of the seemingly neverending helix, fit with bright oranges and maroons.

But no matter how high it reached, nigh would it not compare to the love he had for his wife.

The uke still played in his hands, almost on its own and his hands had become the instrument. He came upon the crowds of people and even amongst their chatter and gay, his tune still rang above them, soliciting a chant and song from them as he played. Their voices sang like angels from heaven, be them only men and mermaids of varying kinds.

But nigh was their voices to compare with the grace of his wife's.

He continued on to the palace doors, plucking his strings for loud rings to alternate the upbeat of his lay, the guards too began to dance and make merry. They clapped and beat their knees to the man's uke and followed him down the long palace lane and seized open the doors that lead into the large theatre room. A large red silk carpet stretched up to the the large marbele steps of the theatre, beside it were gold encrusted handrails made from the same white marble. Banners of deep purple and magenta sprung out from the spiral rafters above, and packs of silver fish sway like doves in air. There upon the high steps, the top center stood the Otohime to join the two lovers in bond sanctity, as well as mermaids in ornate charms and glittering jewels off their fish bodies, maidens fit for the honor they are to recieve.

And the one that stood out from them all, was the bride. Long flowing white sleeves came from her arms, large leafy green fins poking where the hands would be. Past her tailored white and gold, lay her much more prized and lith body, smoother than the silk she was covered in. Her deep dark olive hair matched that of her eyes, although they shown much, much more brighter. Her face was in utter blush, as the man, her husband, came in wearing nothing but his humble waist cloth and in hand with only a uke.

He traveled up the steps of the theatre and took his place beside his beloved, and before the preistess could speak, nor before his wife could chaste him for being late, he knelt on one knee and strummed his uke.

"My dear sweet wife, I am sorry to have been late, but I couldn't help but find myself wandering upon the outer sands and taking in the beauty of the vast ocean. And no matter how hard or how closely I looked, I could find nothing that could surpass your awe inspiring bloom."

"And in all my searches, I found that to this commitment, average words cannot fulfill my love for you. So I spent my thoughts, thinking long and hard about my words, and finally arrived with this:"

The man picked the chords of his uke and sang:

"You know that I am wild and free,"

"As fast as the torrents and far stretching as the sea,"

"But even the wind must calm, as does the ocean lay still,"

"For the earth commands its love, just like you command your fill,"

"I cannot say my love shines like the sun, nor is my commitment as solid as the stars in the sky,"

"For the sun must always set, and the stars won't always meet our eyes,"

"But my love is deeper than the abyss,stronger than the mightiest ocean tides,"

"Higher than the skies above, purer than the holy tithes,"

"Forever I will love you, and be faithful."

"Til paradise we reach, or the end o' hateful,"

He slowly tired his strumming of the chord and stood up to gaze upon the soft face of his wife, onl to find her eyes sparkling with tears, and her sweet lips spread in a smile. Before he could reach his full standing height, she quickly crossed to him and hugged him as tight as her arms could manage; burying her head in the man's chest. The man rested his hand on her tortoise shell and wrapped the other across her waist. And as she softly wept in his arms, she peeked out from her niche and whispered to him, "F-forever?"

The man smiled and said, "Forever and ever, Amen."