Alright, this is what you all have been waiting for, the second installment of the Lights in the Dark story. Now to be fair this one took a while for me to put down on paper so, I apologize to all who were eagerly waiting for this story to come out. Secondly, for those who don't like some steamy situations, should turn back now, because the ending scenes are quite racey so I'm warning you now. Without further adue, here it is, the next chapter of Auriel the Wisp and Ivan the gravekeeper!

Two months have passed since their encounter, and Ivan felt that things had gone smoothly. At first, it was difficult getting used to a Wisp being a roomate, but considering the alterative, he had thought things would've been better this way.

Almost every night, he would find himself wanting, waiting for her to come so that he may talk and read books to her. Surely enough, she was also anxious to see him every night, arriving just before the sun would rise and making short hurried knocks on his door, and leaping to hug him once he opened it.

Together they would read many of Ivan's books, some of which he read already but did so again for her convenience, and cherished that they now had someone to talk too. They would each take turns reading to the other, hearing tales of princes and maidnes, battles of huge nations and beasts, as well as great epics and romances. Although some of them had depressed Ivan in the past, reminding him of things he couldve done, he was now happy that he could light up Auriel's eyes with the stories on the page.

As days and weeks wore one, they began to talk more about each other. Ivan felt he didnt have much to talk about, but when he spoke about his brushes with mamono, she would listen to him with the utmost attention, as if they were stories of heroics and bravery. 

However, no matter how great she thought his stories seemed to be, Ivan thought it was her life story that held him. 

Auriel had once been the daughter of a wel known blacksmith in town. She grew up not knowing any boys and once she was of age, no man had even looked her way. As her life felt more and more lonely, she said, she had begun to keep journals, writing stories of her finding her prince, and he would sweep her off her feet.

However, the day never came. She contracted a sickness and died after three days.She passed out of this world never knowing the love or touch of a man, hence how she became a Wisp.

After hearing her story, Ivan felt renewed flame of vigor, as he did his best to make her days with him better. Together, they would walk along the graveyard paths, making stories and jokes out of the names on the tombstones. He would always make her some tea, after finding that she could actually eat and drink, and always would go the extra mile to help her or to put a smile on her face. This made Auriel, feel almost as if she were alive again.

It suddenly occured to him one day, that a large warmth had found its way into his chest, a warmth she had given him. It was, true enough, the feeling of love he had for her. And it tore at his heart. He lay awake some nights, wrestling with himself, as to his love for her. All his thoughts were consumed with, How can I satisfy her! I'm old and past my time, my strength and stamina are but a foggy memory. How can I make love to the woman I care for and love so much now?

Thus, it was when she had came to him one fateful morning, he decided on his course of action.

.   .   .

It was just about to become daytime, as Auriel had taken to reading back one of the previous book they had read together. 

When he asked her about it, she replied, "Its because of the love between the man and the Princess is so good. I envy that kind of love..."

He lounged in the chair, but he was under obvious duress, "Auri, I have a story for you, and I want you to hear it. You need to here this one." 

She hovered over his bed, "Sure, I wanna hear it!"

Her cheerful voice almost made him choke on his words. "Well....there once was a man. The man was very old and lived by himself. He never knew a woman, and was a hermit his entire life. One morning, he heard a knock at the door...he went to see who it was. Upon opening the door, he found that it was a young woman, one who was pretty and vibrant...."

He pauses wavering. She eggs him on, "And....?"

"She came to him and asked if she could stay and visit with him. When he asked, why, she replied that she too was a poor and lonely soul, although the man couldnt believe it. But surprisingly, she would visit him everyday, without fail. They would talk to each other, and share their dreams and hopes, but the man often insisted, that his were no longer possible. One day before she left, she turned to the man and said, ' When I come back tomorrow, I'll make your greatest dream come true, I promise' And she left."

He saw Auriel's blue eyes starring at him with immovable interest. "And then what happened?" Her voice was giddy waiting for the romance to come.

He sighed,"The next day, when the girl came to the man's house, he never answered.....He never saw her again..."

Her smile was torn away. "Why?"

He got up and walked to the fire pit. "The man died, Auriel. The end."

She lifted her head in disappointment, "That wasn't a happy story, Ivan."

He muttered, "Sometimes there aren't any happy endings, Auriel."

She looks back to him, "Whats gotten into you, Ivan? You've been acting like this acting like this for awhile now, all depresssed and moody."

He turned to her, although avoiding eye contact. "I think its time to stop this Auriel..."

She tilts her head, "What do you mean?"

"I think its time we stopped this. The reading and the talking and...all of it. It needs to stop."

She is now visibly upset, "Why? Whats wrong with the way things are?"

"You are getting in the way of my duties as a grave keeper, and my sleep, and..." he knew he was spouting off nonsense," its starting to get annoying. Now you can use the shack here when it gets bright out, but I won't be here to-"

She slaps him. "Is that what I am to you!? A bother, an annoyance? What about the fun we had? Was that just nothing!?"

His mind was blank, and his heart was torn in pieces. But some how his pain spurred him. "Thats it....your a bother to me. Now leave, leave so that I may go back to my peaceful life. Go!"

He looked up at her just in time to see her face. Her beautiful face was now in tears, her cheeks red and puffy. The sight broke him. Her whole body trembled, "F-fine..." She burst from the shack sobbing.

When she had gone, his knees gave way and he collapsed on the floor. Tears ran down his face, and he cried and cried like a child. His whole body rocked and shuddered, as he just broke his own heart and the heart of the woman he loved.

.   .   .

The day had come and gone, and Ivan had not moved an inch. He wallowed in his guilt and heartache. His heart was utterly broken. He wanted to die, his life was too painful to bare without her.

He wanted to take it back, but he knew he couldn't. He was too old, too long past his time of vigor and sex. Too far away from her. He thought to himself, Maybe she will find another man, one that can make her happy...happier than I could.

Suddenly there was a hailstorm of banging on his door. He didn't even look up to see it, he didn't care anymore. The door wouldn't last much longer, and he couldn't care less. Let whatever is coming, at leats make it quick, he thought.

The door splintered into pieces, and large flickering blue flames swept the room. Before he could realize what had happened, he found himself enveloped into a large wrought iron cage. There before him, in swirling blue flames, was Auriel.

Her eyes were now tinged in red anger, instead of her usual blue, and her flames flew spasmodically. Before he could even say a word or cry out in happiness, she lashed out at him, slapping him multiple times, while saying, "You heartless man! You were the one who made the deal!"

She continued to slap him, "How is this for being a bother, huh! You lowly excuse for a man! Have you anything to say to me now!"

Although her slaps hurt, his heart hurt much worse, he couldn't move, his body too paralyzed to move. The only thing he could do was let his tears roll from his eyes.

She saw his tears. Pounding his chest, she shouted, "Are you scared of me!? Do you hate me!? Why!? Why did you say those things!? Why did you push me away!? Why did you abandon me!? Why did you tell that horrible story!?"

As she screamed, the pounding on is chest began to soften up.

"Why! Why! Why, why, why, why, why, why........"

She slumped into his chest, crying and bawling as all of her anger has left her, leaving only sadness.

Finding his strength, he grabbed her and squeezed her in his arms, both sobbing together, and he said, " an old man, Auriel. too take care of you.....I can't satisfy you....I cannot express my love to you. You need to....go and find...a younger man and-"

She looked up to him, her tears glistening from her flames, "But...I don't want any other man but you, Ivan. I want you. I love only you." She pulls her hand up to his red cheeks, "You who told me stories, you who gave me a home," she smiles. "You who gave me a home; you the man that I love who gave me a new life. I love you so much Ivan, and I couldn't exsist without you. Please, don't leave me...."

His heart lifted as if the unbearable weight was taken from him. "I love you too, Auriel. I love you so much!" He pulls her in and kissed her, wrapping his tongue around hers. Holding her in his arms, they kissed for a what felt like an eternity; before he knew it she was rubbing her hands on his crotch. Firmly grasping her buttocks, he rolled her over in the cage, he being on top of her. She placed her hands on to his chest, ripping open his shirt and slithering them down to his pants, unbuckling them.

Letting go of her lips for a moment, he said smiling, "I might have a heart attack you know?"

She smiled back at him, "Then lets not jinx it..." She said this as she slipped his pants down.

He didn't know how, but he felt the youth and vigor he once had rush back into his body. He grabbed her by her arms and kissed from her lips down onto her neck then to her chest, finally stopping at the tips of her breasts.

She moaned at his touch, her blue eyes now glowing with love for him. "Ivan, I can't take it anymore..." She suddenly rolls over top of him placing her lips back on his and deeply sucking inhis tongue; centering her self right above his towering pride.

They both gasped in intense pleasure, as it was for the first time, had they both found happiness residing in the one they love.

.   .   .

Auriel laid on his chest, looking at him with her lovely blue eyes and serene smile. Ivan kissed her for the hundreth time, and still never tiring of it.

She beams, "I won't ever let you go, you know that. Not even if you die, I won't let you go....."

He smiles and almost breaks a tear once again. "I would never want to leave, not now, not that you are here with me."

Together they snuggle and held each other, for they never knew such a better nights sleep than that night when they laid in each others arms.

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