Alrighty then, I'm back guys, with more good romanticism for you too! Now, I know that everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but come on, you gotta like some furries! Well, regardless, I have brought you the most furriest story on the site, a Cu and Cait Sith story! Now, this story is a bit delicate, as it has some violence towards mamono but trust me I made a very short scene of that. I hate needless violence but for the drmatics of the story, I decided for it tio be present only for a small moment. So please, I hope you will find this story very endearing.


It was a day like any other in the town of Betil, the sky was a vibrant blue and the townsfolk were lively and bustling themselves about their lives, and Mark Acher was no exception. He had to hurry and get new material for the shop and was grumbling for not being able to eat. Ah well, he thought, I can make soup tonight.

Rounding the corner, he came into the town square, which hosted some of the most bizarre and elegant shops Mark had ever seen. Pots and jars from all corners of the globe, fine Arachne silk, and large intricate textiles and tapestries. His first stop was a thread vendor, who was handled by a rather exhausted man, not from haggling customers but more likely from his Weresheep wife who peered yearningly from behind the back curtains.

In this town it wasn't at all strange to find mamono working or shopping in the town of Betil. As long as there aren't any savage sexual misconduct from them, the towns people welcomed them. Many times before had he been pursued by mamono, especially a very frisky Kejourou, but Mark hadn't felt any interest in them, not because he would find the repulsive but because he hasn't had the time to look for a girl to fall in love with, human or not.

As he moved onto other vendors in search of material, he thought of his most recent works. One was bridal gown for an orange speckled Lamia, who was very specific on her tastes. But it was very worthwhile, as he had been invited to attend the wedding after the gown had been finished, and boy did the groom have a hard time looking away from his newlywed. Another time, he had found an old tossed out suit and with little changes and some sowing up, it fetched him more than three times what the suit had been valued. Last he had heard of it, the suit had been bought by some nobleman and was later to have been reported to have his own entourage of human and mamono women alike.

He moved down the line of vendors until coming upon a small fur stand. Aside from it's crude assembly, what baffled the tailor was the seeming lack of good furs. Even more baffling was when a petite cat came from behind the curtain on her hind legs.

"Is there anything you like, sir?" She was matted in dark gray fur, and wore a ragged cloth that seemed like a make shift skirt.

Trying not to stare, Mark stammered out, "Um...I don't know, I haven't really looked yet."

The furs themselves were almost raw, in some cases bare. Each seemed unlikely to be sold off for any good price at all. While pretending to inspect the furs, he stole glances at the cat who was starring at him with, what seemed to be, great dilligence. It suddenly struck him that the cat was a type of mamono, a Cait sith he thought it was called.

" the one who catches these skins?"

The cat smiles and seems to straighten up, "No, Fida gets them. We skin them together and I sell them. We do it so we and our Master won't be poor."

"Fida? Whose she-" Before he could finish, a dog walked through the curtain dressed almost the same, save for a few different patches of cloth, and hair as matted as the cats. "Did Elaine call Fida?"

The dog seemed very dazed, most likely just waking up from a nap. The cat turned to her, "No, it's okay Fida. You can go back inside."

The dog looked to Mark, "Who is he? Fida hasn't seen him before."

The cat responded, "He's a customer. Be good and greet him." Looking at him, the dog bowed a bit and greeted Mark, to which he promptly reciprocated.

"Did you catch all of these Fida?" The dog perked up, "Yes, Fida caught them. Fida likes hunting, Fida and Elaine get good food out of it."

He flashed a look at the faulty furs, "Well, you certainly are a very good hunter, Fida." He pats her head, sending her tail wagging.

Elaine chimed in, "Fida, can you get me some blankets from the back please?"

Fida turned back to her with a gleeful smile on her face, "Anything for big sister Elaine!" And disappeared back into the curtains as abruptly as she had came. 

Mark looked back to the cat, "I take it you are Elaine?"

The cat blushed, "Yes, sir. It's nice to meet you Mr....?"

He extends his hand, "Mark...Mark Acher." She dutifully shook his hand, "Well, Mr. Acher, have you found any furs that caught your eye?"

Returning back to the furs, he plucked out two racoon skins with a sizeable amount of fur still left on it, and held them to Elaine. "I would like to purchase these please. I would hope you'd give me a good deal for them?"

She inspected the skins, "Would two silver coins do, good sir?"

He smiled politely and fished out three silver coins and put them in her paws, "Keep the extra dear, you never know when you'll need an extra coin."

The cat's eyes gleamed with joy, "Oh thank you Mr. Acher, thank you so very much!" He turned to leave, "Have a good day Elaine. I hope you make a good profit." She giggled and waved as the tailor heaed out of the square, "Bye, Mr. Acher! Please do come back!"

In reality, these furs hadn't been worth what Mark had paid for them, but he couldn't help but feel distraught about the two girls' poverty. He smiled to himself, thinking about his good deed. He may be a shrewd business man, but he had a big heart. Who knows, maybe their Master will reward them.

.   .   .

The next day, while halfway through a customers cape, Mark realized he had forgot some red threadiong the previous day and rushed back out into the market square. After a quick stop at the thread dispenser, the thought suddenly gripped him that he should go stop by the girls' fur stand and say hello. After arriving at the stand and found it empty, he was about to head back to his store, assuming he'd missed them, when he heard a soft scream behind the vendors curtain. Unable to resist the chilling scream, he dashed over the stand table and flung back the curtain. and what he saw, rocked him to his core.

There was a rather heavy set man looking over the two girls, launching kicks and beatings. Elaine seemed to be unconscious, battered in bruises, and Fida who laid over Elaine, blocking more hits from the man.

The gruesome man kept spewing, "You haven't sold enough! I have given you weeks, and you return with barely nothing! Stand up and take your punishment!"

Now, Mark wasn't a fighting man, his build was that of an average man; which wasn't anything compared to the husky, bearded pig. But to see this sight unfold before his eyes, drove Mark to unfathomable rage. He sprung upon the man, catching him by surprise, lashing and his fists into the man's face. After an unaccountable amount of time, he found himself standing over the man, his knuckles bloodied and the ugly beast slumped on the ground, head contorted into something indistinguishable.

Then, looking to Fida and Elaine, he moved to them, touching Fida's shoulder, to which she proceeded to jump with a yelp. "Fida. It's Mark...remember me?"

It took her a moment, but she gradually recognized him. "Fida remembers...Elaine said Mark was good person..."

Although he was touched at Elaines praise of him, now wasn't the time. "Fida, we need to get away from here, you need to come with me. Elaine needs help."

She whimpered, "Mark help Elaine?" He nodded, "Yes, come with me...I'll carry here...gently now..."

He pulled Elaine into his arms and carried her out of the stand, a blanket to cover her. Fida hanging closely to his legs, and together, they hurried out of the square and to his tailor shop.


Okay, I know what you're all thinking, but trust me, there is a Part Two that will be coming soon. This is going to be a tear jerker so bring the tissues next time, and no lotion allowed. And so! Soon I will have another part to this story and I hope you all will enjoy it when its all done and finished. Powah to the Furries!

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