Alrighty then, this is Part Two of the Cuu and Cait Sith story, and I will take this moment now to address the topic in this story which is furriedom. Now, in the MGE I would go ahaead and say that half of the girls fit the definition of a furrie, but letting that slide, the Siths are my favorite furries as because they are loli, cute, endearing and so on so forth. It's mine and others opinion so no hating here. Now, on to the story! Things may be a bit heated so those who like to keep a innocent mind, which i wouldn't know why you would, should abstain from reading.


Upon returning back to his shop, Mark kicked open his door and made his way to the bathroom in the back of the shop. He laid Elaine in the tub and started to run the water from the spiget; grabbing rags to wet them. While he easily tore awawy at the ragged drapes Elaine had been wearing, Mark could feel Fida beside him, whimpering and worried sick about her friend.

"Is big sister Elaine going to be alright?"

Mark took one of the damp rags and began to dab at the cuts and wounds on Elaines body. "She'll be okay. There doesn't seem to be any broken bones, but she will be hurt for a while..."

As he looked to Fida, he felt horrible for being so ignorant. "Fida get in the tub, now." Fida had easily noticable patches of bruised skin, despite her fur, and multipule cuts as well. When she looked at him questioningly, he grabbed her, pulling off her rags as well, and put her gently in the tub with Elaine and began to wash them both.

"You cannot just neglect yourself, Fida. What would Elaine have said, huh?" Fida blushes and whimpers again, leaning Elaine onto her shoulder.

As Mark continued to bathe them, he found their fur started to grow a bit lighter. Grabbing the soap, he rinsed them down and began to scrub them gently, doing his best to avoid their cuts.

The tub starting to fill with the dark brown color of dirt, Mark scrubs down Fida and making sure to get under her arms and around her legs, in which case it didn't take long for him to become heavily embarrassed at the places he was cleaning.

Bearing with the shameful act, he then turned to scrub Elaine, Fida holding her a loft as he got her back and her legs. As he scrubbed them down, it finally occurred to Mark that he was starring at their curved and perky little bodies. Fida's fur had turned into a silky dark brown, with tinges of dark black running up her back and sides, while Elaine's had become a full pale blonde, darkening slightly around her ears and tail. Each ones breasts had become perky and cold by the water, despite how warm it was; despite their furry skins, Mark was almost able to see all the intimate parts of their bodies.

Mark shakes his head and chastes himself for looking at them in such a way, he hurriedly rinsed them down and dried them with his towel. Elaine was still benumbed as Mark picked her up out of the tub and then reached for Fida, who clung to him as she stepped out of the tub. He guided her to his bedroom and set Elaine down on the bed. He picked Fida up and tucked them both in under the covers and turned back to the door, "Let me go get you girls something to change into..." And he walked back out into the hallway.

Once out of their sight, Mark leaned against the wall and sighed heavily, the effects of those cute girls were an unfathomable test to any man. He turned back to the bathroom and rinsed his hands under the trickling spiget, still grimmacing from the pain of his busted knuckles. That man got what he deserved. 

After carefully wrapping his hands in some white cloth, Mark returned back into the bedroom; with two of his shirts in hand, to find that Elaine had finally awaken.

With a sigh of relief he handed the two girls their shirts, "I suppose these will do, that is until I find you better clothes to wear."

Before Elaine could even speak, he dashed back out of the room, "I'll be right back!" He was surprised he hadn't thought of it before he got the shirts, they needed to eat! He poked his head inside the small cobblestone oven in his quaint little kitchen and pulled out the left overs from his soup last night and poured it into two bowls.

From the bedroom, Elaine had shouted as high as her recovering body could allow her, "Mr. Acher....I....we thank you for your hospitality but we must be-"

"I will have no such thing!" He hurried back into the bedroom with their bowls. "You two can barely stand, much less walk out the door. You two are going to stay hereand-"

She tried to interject, "But we-"

"And thats final, young lady!" 

His reslove was almost shaken by the sight of the two mamono snuggled in his bed, wearing his shirts and looking out to him with their bright angelic eyes. Fida's long brown hair and fur shined beautifully against the sunlit window of his bedroom; her eyes like shiny green emeralds. Elaine was like a shock bright flame, the pale blonde fur was almost indistiguishable from his bed sheets.

Elaine started to fidget, "We...we arent hungry-"

"Don't lie to me, I can see it your eyes, you're starving." He set the bowls in front of them with spoons, "Now stop being stubborn and eat up you two. Be careful though, it may be too hot."

His warning went unheeded, for as soon as he placed down the bowls and spoons, they grabbed them and began to scarf down the soup. Mark smiled at their immediate reaction and pulled up his chair next to the bed and began assessing his knuckles once more.

"Mr. Acher!"

He looked up, "Hhm?" Elaine had seen his beaten hands and looked at him with a concerned expression. "What has happened to your hands?"

Before Mark could reply, Fida interveened, "Mark took Fida and Elaine away from Master. Fida saw Mark and Master fighting and Master lost."

Then it seemed as if all the blood drained from Elaine's face.

Mark took this as an opportunity, "So that was your Master?"

Very sickly she nodded, "He....he is....but we're going to be in very big trouble..."

"Why was he beating you? Why was that pig of a man, hurting you two girls?"

Elaine shivered, probably remembering the scene, "We...we hadn't made enough money. We didn't realize that Master had asked for more than last time so we were short of-"

"Wait a minute," Mark leaned towards them in his chair, "he makes you two watch the fur stand, get the furs, and skin what does he do? How is he the one getting the money?"

Elaine bunched up in the bedding, "Well....he is our Master, so we have to work for him. He treats us if we work hard and-"

"That's not right!" His sudden outburst startled both him and the two girls. "He has no right to do that to you. He has made you slaves to him and gives you nothing of what you have earned! How can you stay with such a man!"

It took him just a minute from his ranting to realize that streams of tears were falling down elaines eyes. As Fida nuzzled her and began to cry herself, Elaine stammered, "We...we...disobeyed once.As...a punishment, he took us out to the wild forest and stripped us...of our clothes....we didn't have any food or water and he told us to stay out here for a week..."

Mark sat there breathless at what he had just heard.

"When he came back a week later....," she mumbled, "he gave us a piece of meat and those rags and told us to work again.....and to no longer displease him..."

Fida pawed at Elaine, "But Fida always had Elaine....Fida and Elaine are sisters." Elaine tried to whipe her tears away," You're right Fida..."

Without any thought, Mark suddenly leapt off of his chair and hugged the two girls. Elaine, after what ever bit of stoic pride she was trying to display, vanished quickly as he hugged them; she began to bawl once more. He too was weeping uncontrollably and sobbed along with them, his hands holding them tightly against his chest.

He managed to muster out, " is a horrible...horrible person. To do such things to you beautiful girls...." They wept together for a while, still bound in Mark's arms.

Finally leaning his head back to look at the two girls. "I..I have decided..."

The two Siths watery eyes looked at him almost yearningly. "I will...have you two....From now on, I will be your owner. You will never have to see that terrible man again."

Elaine shook at his words, "But...but.."

"No 'buts'. You can stop now, Elaine, stop trying to stubbonly turn away from what I am offering. Please," he looked to Elaine, then to Fida and then both, "I will want you to stay with me. Stay with me, and let me show you a better world."


Well now, you have to admit, you got some feels....even just a little bit? Daw, come on, it's a cute loli puppy and kitty for crying out loud! Alrighty, I will begin working on section three and I hope you'll like that one as well....what? You just expect me to leave off there? Till next time, my fellow deviants!