In light of the new mamono, I wanted to be the first to get the jump on a fan fic, and with the profile, be able to come up with quite the one-shot story for this. I hope you enjoy! Lets kick it!

The halls were always so quiet at night. So quiet, one could hear the soft squeals of the mice girls rummaging behind the stone walls of the church. Well, church was the only thing Bali could call it.

This was a gathering spot for the Cult of the Snake, a faith devoted to the loving embrace of the serpentine tail and the warm to beconcieved from it. However, Bali hasn't ever felt such warmth, not that she wouldn't want for it, just that she felt it would never come.

By some definition a priestess, it was her duty to see to it that every male was prepared for the many orgies ahead of him. Thus, the eyelits carved out of her stone wall was for them to gaze into and for her to gaze back, filling their bodies with such insatiable lust it makes them limp. Sometimes not even men, but human women are shown her piercing eyes, highlighting the way to the path of becoming a Lamia. Then, once finished, they will be taken to the main amptheater and the services shall comence. Bali never participated.

Days in which she could comfortably wear her mask and enjoy the time to herself, Bali would comfortably brush her long azure hair and scan her fingers over the brail of pages, quietly reading lifetimes and stories in only passing hours. This was all she cared for doing, all she could want for the while.

Alas, it wasn't meant to be, as another book fell from the shelf, "Careful Daniel, those can break easily!" she hissed.

"I'm sorry Mistress, I shall pick it up..."

Daniel was the attendent assigned to clean and govern Bali's room, making sure she had all of her required wants and needs for her amusement. However, Bali had come to think of Daniel as a sore man with no wit, as he had at least bumped and hit every furniture in her room.

"Honestly, Daniel, you surely cannot be so clumsy."

Silence for a moment. "I'm sorry to say I am Mistress..."

She huffs and whips her tail around in the air. Sometimes it was hard retaining her mask, moving and 'seeing' only by warmth and touch. If anything, she would love to see how clumsy Daniel really was. She surpressed a giggle and resumed her reading. Such a man would be a sight to see indeed. 

It itched so much to take the mask off, but such a gaze as she had, it was uncontrolable.

She had a fondness for Daniel, as he had always done what she had asked and it was someone she could vent too. And despite his clumsy efforts, he never fails to enlighten her mood; always asking what more could be done for her and how else he may treat her. It was all the qualities a woman could ask for in a man.

She flinches, making her tail shiver. Stop that, she told herself. he is just a servant and you are a monster. I don't want to force him into something he doesn't like. She can be content with her books.

Sullen and silent, she still fidgets with the thought of his face.

.   .   .

Unbeknownst to Bali, Daniel had heard her giggle and smiled to himself. He was glad to make her happy.

To the other providers of the shrine Daniel had been seen as a hapless man and was fitting to be stuck with a hapless mistress, thus how he came to be serving Bali. She was seen by the other serpent girls as a failure in aquirring a man; showing no interest in doing so.

He had only been in her service for only a fortnight and found himself to have already made himself into a fool. No doubt she thought he was incompetant.

He wasn't in the slightest. He would be an expert worker; dutily serving his new mistress, were it not for his own disablilty. He was, himself, blind. Daniel, and apparently the rest of the stewards of the church, found it best that Bali were not to know, as he thought that would make him less desireable as a servant.

Nothing would please him more than to be there for Bali, even if that meant servitude. She was kind to him, regardless of her mild scolding of his calamities. Not only that, her voice could often be heard in song. Like that of all lamias, Bali sang like the angels in heaven. Such chords made his heart stir and even more so, curse for why he was struck with blindness.

How much he would want to see her, be able to tell her how beautiful she was, and how brightly she shown. But he digressed into serving her.

Still, with drive only a man can feel, Daniel would read the books that she had, ones she had recently finished. He not only took in the words thats came to him, but the feel of the braille, the smooth touch. The touch of where her hand had been.

Alas, this was the closest Daniel felt he would ever get to her. Or so he thought.

.   .   .

On this night, Daniel had incidentally fumbled a book from one of her many shelves and Bali had heard it. She was very protective of her books.

As he picked up the book, his hands scrolled across the pages and felt the brief touch of a sentence. Curiosity held him and he read the page with his fingers, the bumps of braille telling him the beginnings of an epic tale.

As Bali had occupied her time between reading her story and fantasizing about his face, Daniel had kept silent; reading the book from whence he had picked up. Before either had known it, more than an hour had passed, and Bali stirred and realized Daniel was still present.

"Daniel are you still here?"

Daniel shaken from his concentration, looked up and around, "Yes? Oh yes, I am still here, Mistress."

She looks over to him, "Why are you still here? It should be very well into the night by now."

"Forgive me, Mistress. I was caught up in this tale I was reading."

Her tail flicks, he is reading? One of my books?, she questioned herself. Bali sauntered next to her bed and sat down, feeling along the spines of books.

"Forgive me, I didn't know you could read. Which one is it?"

Daniel, sensing that she had moved from her vanity and onto her bed, stepped closer to the door with the intent of leaving.

"I..I didn't read the name yet, but it is about a sailor searching for his lost love amongst the open seas... Its very good."

"Ah, I haven't read that one yet...I am very glad to hear your recommendation..."

A brief silence, before Bali blurts, "Goodnight, Daniel."

"Goodnight." He turns to the door and reaches for the handle and hesitates. With sudden fire of resolve, he turned back around to his lady and thumbed over his hands, "Ah Miss Bali..."

Having been never referred in such manner by him, Bali's curiocity was piqued. "Yes, Daniel?"

He steeled his bearings and reasoned his response. Heck, if a lowly fisherman from that book could retake his lost love, then I sure can state my feelings to my mistress.

"I...I have a small confession to make...if that is alright?"

Now visbly shaken, Bali could only whimper a small voice, "Speak..." She was scared for him. Had he fallen for her? Her body fretted and flung between excitement and fear as Daniel continued.

"I...I know why it is that you are reclusive from the other priestesses you view your eyes as a curse..."

He fidgeted and stepped forward, "They say that...eyes are windows to the soul, and such eyes are meant to be seen by some...even if they cause such symptoms of which you fear..."

Slowly, like a serpent would, Bali rose from her bed and slithered towards Daniel, "But why must they? Such a power is of only wicked use... I would dare not unveil my eyes unless it is for the needs of the church."

Daniel's voice shook, "Ma'am...I..." Clutching the book in his hand, he felt suddenly empowered once more by the words within and hardened his voice with confidence. 

"I believe that such a gift, that is of seeing, should not be taken for granted."

Quizzically, the serpent girl asked, "What do you mean by that?" her mind still fleeting from torn emotions.

Dropping the book in his hands to the floor, Daniel clasped his hands together, "Think of me as not an incompetant man, but know now that I am a blind one."

Her tail twitches and stirs, "You are...blind, Daniel?"

Barely able to stand, he reached out his hands to steady him, "Yes...and I hide it from you so wouldn't find me a so many others have." His cheeks began to wet with tears, "Miss're all I have..."

His hand suddenly found purchase, a soft feeling upon his palm. Bali held his hand in hers and brought him closer to her, "Why would I lose favor in you? You are companion..."

She was now questioning her own feelings to Daniel. That body-shaking feeling still lingered, if not stregthened when she touched him. Despite the coal-burning pit that lay at the side of the rom, Bali felt a cold presence wash over her, some feeling or need of warmth.

Daniel brazenly shifted his hands among hers and crept one to her face, feeling along the lines of her face; his thumb touching against her lips. "Then can I ask...ask one thing of Mistress?"

Too enamored to speak, Bali nods enough for him to feel it. He puts his hands on the mask, "Please...let me remove it."

Her voice quivered at the softness of his words and yet how bold he was to ask. She shrilled, her body now shifted hotly, and her scales seemed to burn with anticipation of his hands.


With slow fingers, Daniel gently lifted away the mask which hid her face and held at his side. He could not see it, but Bali's eyes glowed red with that of roses, shimering like rubies in the sunlight.

All that Daniel could feel was a sudden shock course through his viens, every fiber of skin alight with sudden fervor. With tumbling grace, he drags Bali over top of him as they hit the ground, his grip now tight on her shoulders.

Bali coiled her serpentine body around them, encircling her arms and her gaze transfixed into Daniels vacant eyes, "Daniel..."

He reached his hands to her chin and kissed her intensly, parting her lips and wrapping his tongue around hers. Upon breaking frm her lips, he stuttered, "Forgive me...for I know what it is I do..."

She kisses him once more and plays her hand down his chest, "No...I will never forgive punishment, you will be here to pleasure me...forever."

Although he could not see the face of his new love, or see her tears of joy, Daniel pressed his forehead to hers, "I consent happily."

Well, I hope you enjoyed that one, guys. When finding out about the Basilisk, I just knew I had a new snake waifu! I love those shy reclusive girls like Wispy-chan and Doppel-chan and this one is no exception! Tune in next time for the newest story of love and romance from Carth himself!