Wolf's Run Chapter 2 Diana's Tail

I was a small naive girl who was really only good at one thing: casting spells. From an early age my aptitude for magic was clear. They even called me a genius. While this did cause some hardships I eventually made some friends during my adventurer school days. We formed a party together and were all set to become high class adventurers. And then I met him.

We were at the school cafeteria and I was in a hurry to get back to my new friends. Unfortunately, I hadn’t seen that there was a wet patch and I skidded out of control. Although he tried to catch me, my steaming hot bowl of soup landed on his head and he lost balance. We tumbled together to the floor, rolling several times. It took several seconds for me to realize that I was laying on top of him. I had never had much contact with men and now I was pressing my entire body against one! I could feel his muscles through his clothes. Blushing furiously form the contact and the fact that I was wearing my soup and his spaghetti I got up and fled.

About one week later I had another encounter. I was eating my salad peacefully when Arien called out to me “Hey look there’s soup head.” “Soup head?” I replied puzzled. “Yeah soup head, the guy who you ran into and ended wearing your bowl of soup for a hat.”

I blushed furiously at the memory but couldn’t help but take a look. He was an average height guy with an unruly mop of black hair. However, what stood out about him was his personality. He seemed to always be the core of any group that he was with. He didn’t hog the center of attention, but skillfully passed it around always sparking new ideas and topics as necessary. Every place he went seemed more lively and animated.

He had captivated my interest before I knew it. In class my eyes would always wander in his direction. When I had idle thoughts they would turn into wild fantasies centered on him. I even mustered some courage and snuck a peak at one of his papers and learned his name. It was Draco. What a wonderful name! So strong and powerful! Of course being in a tight knit group of female adventurers this did not go unnoticed. After a while they sat me down and had a chat while we were out on a raid one day.

Arien looked at me intently, her long blond hair flowing in the breeze. “So Diana have you done it with him yet?”

 I nearly choked on the water I was drinking from our canteen. “ D-done what with whom where?”

“With Draco of course. We all know you have the hots for him. As for what, well you know, done it with him.” She made an obscene gesture with her fingers.

“I HAVE NOT!” I screamed blushing a deep red. “How did you know?”

“It was pretty obvious hon.” Freya said patting my head. “You didn’t think we noticed all those nights out on missions when you would sneak off for some fun while moaning his name did you?”

Turning beet red I stammered “ I, I did-didn’t do..”

“Oh come on, that’s nothing to be ashamed of, we all do that sometimes.” Arien said slapping my back. “Just make sure you’re still intact for the wedding night.”

Facing the relentless teasing from my friends I turned to my only hope of salvation, our priest Ceres.

She cleared her throat “Diana there is nothing wrong with a pure love like yours. I am sure both the Chief God and Eros would approve. However, please keep your libido in check until after you have made him your husband.”

My last avenue of escape cut off I buried my face in my hands and attempted to curl into a ball.

“Oh hey guys, I just got a great idea!” Freya said slapping her fist into her palm. “Why don’t we invite Draco to join our party?”

“EEEEHHH?” I squealed and jerked upright as if someone had hit me with a shock spell.

“What a wonderful idea! After all it seems as though if we leave it up to Diana the stars will fall from the sky before she confesses.” Exclaimed Ceres.

“But-but I am fine the way they are!”

“Nonsense girl! Don’t worry. I am sure there is no guy alive that could resist such a cute thing as you. If we get him into the party it’s only a matter of time before he falls to your charms and has his way with you.” Arien declared. “You have to invite him the first thing we do when we get back to town.”

Looking up at the three devilish smiling faces of my friends I wished I could melt into the ground. Oh Chief God I wish time could stop now!

Of course it didn’t and with Freja literally pushing me forward I ran into Draco. “Hey y-you! Join our party!”

What followed was one of the happiest times of my human life. We took classes, trained together, and eventually I was able to talk to him like a normal human being. I was even treated to seeing his sweating body during our exercises. Of course my friends knowing gazes were a bit annoying, but I didn’t let it get to me.


And so two glorious years passed, and we graduated from the Rhinsefeldt Kingdom Technical School for Adventurers. Our first trip as professionals was supposed to be an easy treasure run, but it turned into a disaster. The map that we had bought in the market led us straight into an ambush by a pack of werewolves. Arien and Ceres fell right away. I almost was corrupted as well when a wolf fell out of a tree, but my dear Draco was barely able to pull me out of the way. I panicked and started to shoot off spells left and right until I burned through my mana reserves. However, it did allow Draco, Freya and I to flee from the wolves and our newly turned friends.

Unfortunately we were not able to make it out of the forest together. Freya collapsed due to the weight of her armor and greatsword. She made the hardest decision of her life: to sacrifice her soul so that Draco and I could survive.

“I’m sorry guys, at this rate I am only slowing you down. Go on without me.” Freya said sorrowfully

I ran over to her pleading with her to abandon her heavy armor, although I knew that to be impossible. I was the one that normally helped her put it on and under good conditions that took a half hour.

Freya gave her a sweet sad smile while patting my head. “I wish we could honey, but you know how long it takes to put this stuff on. At the very least you and Draco have to make it out of here. This is the only way.”

Draco argued with her as well, but it was no use. Freya swung around stabbing her sword in the ground and grabbed his shoulders. She hit every word with a hard shake “Dammit Draco THERES … NO … TIME! You love Diana don’t you? Then you have to make sure that she makes it out of here alive. It’s bad enough that the rest of us are going to lose our souls, but at least our cute couple should make it home.”

And just like that the secret I had kept in my heart for two years was laid bare. Even under these circumstances I couldn’t help but blush. While we pleaded with her a bit longer her response was still firm. “You two deserve to have a life together and raise lots of cute little babies. I am NOT going to be the reason that you fall here.”

Draco almost had to drag me away from Freya. We barely made it to our horses and escaped the wolves. We said nothing on the several hour ride back to the town. After all there was nothing we could say, we had just left our best friends to be consumed by lust and darkness. My thoughts kept spinning in dark circles imagining my friends who now were most certainly wolves. When we finally got back to the inn I soundlessly collapsed on my bed. I could feel the tension drain from my body as my brain finally registered that I was safe. That was when I discovered it.

While the tension was released my body still felt oddly hot. In particular my right arm throbbed. It was not in pain but it felt like liquid heat was pouring into my body. I slipped out of my robes to find a thin red scratch arching around my arm. I touched it and my entire body trembled. “The wolves.” I muttered breathlessly. I had not gotten out as unscathed as I had thought I had. Still it was such a small wound and should not be causing such symptoms in the rest of my body. Puzzled I mulled it over in my head a bit. Then the answer came striking me with such force that it caused my knees to buckle and sent my butt crashing to the floor.

Normally such a small wound from a monster would be resisted by the spirit energy residing in a woman’s body and no side effects would be felt. However, I was a mage that uses spirit energy for casting spells, and I had totally expelled all of my spirit energy flinging spells at the wolves. In other words there was nothing in my body to resist the demonic energy creeping in, the heat in my body was proof of that. I had been doomed before I had left the forest.

I curled into a ball bawling my eyes out. I cried for my doomed self, for my love Draco whom I could never have now, but mostly I cried for my friend who had given her soul to try and protect mine. “I’m so sorry Freya. It’s no good. You tried so hard to save me … but it’s no good. I’m sorry Freya, Draco.” The heat that was assaulting my body did not care about my emotions. In fact it actually felt that once I realized what was going on that it became worse, as if to mock my fears.

The idea that I would soon become a monster terrified me, but what terrified me more was what Draco would do. After all we were adventurers aligned with the Order of the Chief God and were trained to fight and kill monsters. The idea that Draco would turn his sword on me made me feel like my heart would be ripped from my chest. A dark idea blossomed from this fear.

“That’s right I should clean up my messes before he has to.” Through my tears I stumbled through the room to Arien’s spare gear. It took me a minute of fumbling before I found the object of my desire: her spare knife.

I stood holding the knife to my neck. “Goodbye Draco my love.” I had thought to draw the knife across my neck ending my life while I was still human, but my loves face floated in front of my eyes like a ghost. I saw him smiling and laughing with me and all of my other friends. My hand trembled and I dropped the knife where it stuck in the floor. As if my refusal to end my life was a signal the heat hit my body like the previous heat were the embers from a dying fire. My back arched and I felt my body start to change.

With a tingling sensation I felt fur start to sprout on my legs and arms. With a moan that rocked my entire body my nails erupted into long sharp claws. Panting I placed my new paws on the wall in a vain attempt to hold my body up.

The fire retreated for a moment, but before I could catch my breath it returned flowing into every bone in my body. As they melted I collapsed onto the floor. Inch by inch I could feel them shifting changing me into something I was not. While it did feel hot, I was in no pain and the terror I had initially felt changed into something more pleasant. Deep down, I started to look forward to what I was becoming.

Then there were the ears. The heat seemed to move from my body to my head. Slowly I could feel them start to crawl up the sides of my head and get bigger and furrier. By this point in time I was covered in sweat and panting heavily like an animal in heat but my consciousness was long gone beyond the point of caring. My ears as they moved seemed to open my head so that the heat would pour directly on top of my brain melting it into a puddle of white goo. I came which put me past my limit and I lost consciousness.

My consciousness slowly returned to me lying in a puddle of sweat. It felt like my brain had melted and pooled on the floor. There was some heat left in my body making it presently warm and for some reason my body felt really good. It was like I had just done a lot of exercising and was presently tired. Yawning I stretched when I felt fur brush my cheek. Fur? Why did I have something on with fur? After all I was sitting there in my underwear. I slowly brought my hands down in front of my face and was surprised to see that instead of the small hands that I was used to they were the claws of a beast, large and fur covered. What.. had happened?

I got up and staggered over to the room’s mirror. What awaited me there was quite a shock. Staring back at me was certainly Diana, but not the Diana that I knew. My hands as I saw before had changed into the paws of a beast with fur covering my entire forearms. The same could be seen for my legs. My ears somehow had moved to the top of my head and grown to a ridiculous size. They too had become covered in a thick layer of fur. As I stood there I felt something tickling my rear and me legs. Turning I was surprised to find that I had sprouted a rather large fluffy tail that was wagging excitedly.

Excited? Why should I be excited? I had just turned into a monster the enemy of humanity! I had no right to be excited. And yet when I turned back to the mirror it was plain to see that I had a huge lascivious smile on my face. I ran my hand along my body from my bra which could now barely contain my chest to my tail. It all felt sculpted, smooth, and sexy. Even the bits of baby fat which always given me grief had melted and gone off somewhere. I caressed myself in the mirror. If only Draco could see me now.

Draco. The thought of the name of my lover sent an electric shock down my body. Any little misgivings about my new form flew away as my brain was consumed with thoughts of him. In a daze my body was drawn across the room to the wall that separated us. I caressed it as I would touch him. I even thought that I could smell him, and who knows with my new mamono senses maybe I could. It took all of my self-restraint to not break down the thin wall and jump on him.

“Bad Diana!” Giving myself a hard chop to the head I broke out of the lust driven fog. This was not due to any lingering human morals but the knowledge that we were in an Order town. If I destroyed the walls Draco would certainly scream. While this might actually be cute, it would definitely lead to the guards being called. A horde of Order guards would certainly cut down on our lovey-dovey time and we can’t have that can we?

No, I would have to disguise myself until I could catch my prey and keep him all to myself. Not even our first night and already we are into roleplaying.

Thankfully, I had everything I needed at hand. My nightgown was a rather modest one and ran completely down to the floor and the ends of my arms. Seriously, I have no idea why the human me had ever wanted to hide so much skin! Still it was convenient that it would cover most of my wolf bits. Clutching a pillow would hide my paws, which just left my ears. I searched, and searched the room, but the best I could come up with was my sorceress’s hat. It didn’t really match the setting, but I had a feeling that Draco would be far too distracted by my cuteness to wonder why I was wearing my hat indoors.

Barely, suppressing my giddiness I slipped out into the hallway and knocked on his door. “Draco, do you mind if I sleep in your room tonight?” It took all I had to pretend to be the demure human I no longer was. As he turned around to let me in I briefly let a predatory grin slip onto my face. He had no idea what he was going to be in for tonight.

Authors Note: That’s it for this chapter. I hoped you enjoyed Diana’s transformation into a sexy wolf. I love transformations and it’s what brought me to the MGE in the first place. That’s why my main character does nothing be corrupt human women into mamono.

This chapter was a bit longer then I was expecting. I had originally planned on expanding the plot a bit but it seemed like it was getting long so I had to split Diana’s chapter into two. Next time we will see the return of the wolves and the appearance of the rival character. Also the next update may be a bit late as I am changing jobs and moving halfway across the continent.

I do have one question for my readers. Currently I call Diana’s hat a sorceress’s hat. In real life it is equivalent to a witch’s hat. However, as there actually is a monster called a witch, and a very obscene one at that, I figure normal female magic users would not call themselves witches. So what do we call female magic users in the MGE?

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