A powerful empire settled on a large region filled with cities and forests, secluded on a high ring of mountains, with dozens of regions on his control outside said ring. An empire ruled by a only man, said to have lived hundreds of years from the empire’s foundation: the so-called Emperor Chimera.

This only human, if ever could be called ‘human’, has control over all the Nothgard empire and his vassal kingdom, or better said puppet kingdom, the Dominate of Nothgard, and thanks to this power he has the largest army ever known.

In first place, the imperial army, also known as the Imperial Legion. The most loyal soldiers that fights for their emperor, completely prepared with armors and weapons forged with the special ore, nothgil, mined from the mines of Nothgard, more resistant and stronger than the steel of the Order or the silver of the Demon Army.

In second place, the Dominate army, formed by the thousands of soldiers recruited from the Dominate, obeying orders from the empire officers. They use armors and weapons of steel, making them more vulnerable than the Legion, but they compensate that ‘weakness’ with their sheer number, having around 50 for every imperial legionary.

And in last place, the Monster Army, formed by legions for monster girls of every recruitable race, all them coming from a breeding system using the Echidnas under the rule of the Echidna Matriarch, Tiamat, inside the imperial city of Tiamatnur, using spells of fast pregnancy. This breed of monsters, trained and taught from imperial mentors, have turned into obedient warriors, and equipped with weapons and armors forged with nothgil, is a fearsome force able to resist their inner urges and obey their superiors. They also learn a simple but strict doctrine only for them: They can mate and copulate, but only if they not are in service. Also this army has turned into the most effective counter against the Demon Lord’s army tactics.

Also, they got the aid of an ancient tribe that lived underground, named the Saurians, which race can ride many creatures that they call ‘Dinosaurs’ and either if they’re very primitive, their tactics and the weaponry given by the Empire has turned this race of the past, completely immune to the Demonic Energy, into a danger for their enemies.

The empire has also mastered the art of siege, building terrifying weapons as the Steel Scorpion, a large steel crossbow that uses heavy steel arrows; mastered new technologies as the magic cannons, working with elemental gems, with which defeat any army; the Iron Golems, large mechanical armors controlled by soldiers; and powerful flying airships. Also has discovered methods for repel the demonic energy, avoiding turning into monsters in seconds.

In this very moment, the Emperor is putting his eyes on the distant Demon Realm of Lescatie. A victory there could mean a great victory for the empire, and a terrible downfall for both the Holy Order and the Demon Army.

But at difference of other tactics, this objective is personal for the emperor. For understand this reason, we must travel back in time to years before the empire’s foundation, hundred of years in the past, until reach the age of the Theocracy of Lescatie, when the most powerful emperor of all our time, was only the most respected captain of the city’s royal guard.