Theocracy of Lescatie.

The captain of the royal was patrolling alone the streets of the city, seeing how the people was doing their dairy activities, without many changes. The kids were playing on the street, the men were working on their places and establishments, the women were going here and there getting what they needed for dinner, the guards were patrolling the city maintaining the order... basically a normal day in Lescatie.

He continues his particular patrol to the market, seeing all the products that the merchants were selling to the civilians: Meat, fruits, vegetables, fish, magical objects, ceramics, artisan objects, books... the typical on a huge market in a huge city.

Soon the captain got his eyes on a particular establishment that was selling fruits and other products, owned by a beautiful woman. He went there and took a view to what was there, at times looking that the woman, who gently smiled at him. After of look them, he took what seemed a mushroom and kept staring at it. The woman was near of talk when he opened his mouth.

"You remember the deal, right?" The captain said, looking at her. "You can made your business in the town, if you don't sell objects infected with excess of Demonic Energy, and you go with your real shape."

The woman looked him surprised. She laughed nervously with a smile, and with a smoke explosion, the woman turned into a Gyoubu Danuki, scratching her head.

"Sorry, force of habit." She excused herself. "How you found it, captain Magnus?" She asked to him.

"Really, you think that you can sell this as a normal mushroom?" He show it to the Gyoubu Danuki, showing to be a Raging Mushroom. "Truly, somebody with eyes can see the difference at first sight."

Captain Magnus threw it to the Gyoubu Danuki, who catch it on the fly. "I hope I was your first 'client'."

"Yes, sadly you're my first client." She said with disappointing on her voice.

"Well, just change all your genre for normal products and nothing happens here." He replied. "And remember, be sincere, sell your products at a fair price, and maintain your merchant licencie visible."

"Don't need to remember me that. You already know the problems I had for get that licencie, being the only thing that allow me to do my business here..." said the monster girl.

"Yes, and you're the first one on get it in a long time, so don't mess it." He said and left for keep his round on the city.

"As I could do that..." She sighed with a hand on her cheek.

Hours later, he was called by the king Castor Bistoa Lescatie, and he met him in one of the castle's terraces.

"King Bistoa." The captain made a reverence to the king, who was giving his back to the captain.

"Captain Magnus." The king turned around for see the captain and waved his hand for that he could stand at his side in the terrace.

The captain stood alongside the king, watching the city from their position.

"Adam..." Said the king to the captain. "You're feeling it, right?"

"Yes, his majesty." He replied. "The people's morality is getting worse by moments, and every year it's getting worse."

"That's right." The king said. "And sadly we can't do nothing for help them. The taxes are needed for train the soldiers."

"And the religious orders are getting more irritating with the people and their control over them. Ever I had to raise the voice on them at times."

"Yes, yes. Still I remember when months ago that monster girl was trying to get permission for made business here, and all the things she had to do for get said permission." He laughed remembering that.

"Don't tell me, I'm still having an eye of her every time that came here for made sure that doesn't sell contaminated products. Today she tried it again. And you want know which was her excuse this time?"

"Which this time?"

"Force of habit." The two laughed for a long moment.

The king sighed after of laugh and looked the horizon again. "Well, I suppose you know why I called you."

"Yes, his majesty." He said and looked the horizon again. "The monster girls, they're getting more than a simple conversation topic. The sighting of monster girls on the surroundings has ben triplicated in the last weeks. I'm feeling that they're preparing for made a raid."

"That's what I wanted to know." Said the king. "And I assume that you took measures."

"Yes, weeks ago I sent a message to the main cities of the Order, asking for reinforcements, explaining the actual situation. It's true that we have some strong heroes in the city, me included. But still I have my doubts if the soldiers and heroes will be enough for hold a possible attack."

"And, you ever thought on what we can do if the Demon Army invades us?"

"His majesty, I prefer not to talk about that possibility. Still we have don't know if they're going to invade or only scare us."

The king sighed. "Anyway, just in case, remember our conversation?"

Adam looked at the king. "You mean the medallion, his majesty?" He asked. "The one that was found in Nothgard?"

"The same. Promise me that if the city is invaded by the monster girls, you will do anything in your hand for take it away of them. If the Demon Lord end getting that object and discover their powers..." The king left a loud sigh. "I just don't want to know the possible results."

"Results that we don't know. After all, we have no idea of the powers of the medallion, only that has magical powers." Added Adam.

"Yes, and don't knowing what can do, is what scares me."

The captain looked to the horizon. "Don't worry, his majesty. If the situation occurs, I will do it."

"Thanks, Adam. I know that I can trust you with this."

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