At night, Demian was sleeping on his bed, until he heard something near, and instinctively got his sword and aimed it to the neck of who tried to attack him without warning, finding that was a monster girl. And this one was a Lamia, a woman with a snake body as lower body and her tail was moving very unsettled. “I suggest you to return from where you came if you know what is good for you, lamia.” He warned, with a tone enough of freeze the blood either to a Glacies.

"And why should I?" she asked in return while sitting around a little.

He moved and his blade was now touching her neck. At that distance, if the lamia tried to attack, she surely will have his blade impaled on her neck. She hissed in protest by that.

"Tell me, what’s going on here? How you got into the city?"

"As I would tell you it now, but if you turns into my husband, you will know everything."

"Ha! As I would fall into that trick!" He replied. Then he heard the bell’s city play. "The bell… it’s an attack!"

"Damn, I thought they had dealt with the guard of the wall." The Lamia cursed. "But hey, is hunt time, and is a special hunt time if you want know."

"Sorry, but this will not be the husband you want for your safety, so now back off!" He threatened, but she seemed to ignore his warning. "I will count to 10 for you to disappear! 1… 2..."

At this the Lamia snarled before slithering away of the room.

When she left, he put his clothes and armor the faster he was able and with his blade in hand got outside, looking around. At first nothing was seen but then he heard screeches in the air and many moving shadows on the ground without a person connected to them… meaning something is flying.

"An air attack..." He commented and found a group of soldiers. "What’s going on, soldier?"

"We’re under attack, sir Maguns!" Said one of the soldiers. "The Demon Army is besieging the city with both walking and flying monsters!"

And just right in this moment, a harpy grabbed the soldier and carried him off, while he screams and was soon high enough that ripping himself free were suicide. Also they began to hear sounds of other people away, mixed with screams of terror and some howls of pleasure.

"Who is at the head of this attack!"

"For what we found is a Lilim, the one named Druella! And now she is in the castle!"

"And what happened with the heroes in the city!"

"Monsters!" Yelled the soldier. "All the heroes as been turned into monsters!"

"Damn it!" Demian cursed by the luck of the city. "Try to find all the possible survivors and evacuate the city! Use every mean for take the people out! Hidden corridors, the aqueducts, the catacombs, any route that take you outside the city!"

"And what will you do, captain?"

"I must go to the castle! I have to recover something that must not fall in the monsters' hands! No go!"

They nodded and ran for try to get all the possible survivors.

Demian needed to reach the castle at soon as possible, but with all the monster girls wandering around, was impossible to made two steps without turn himself into the objective of a half-succubus in heat. Luckily he found a familiar image: a Gyoubu Danuki was running around the streets with a ball full of money and valuable objects. Having an idea, he stop her by grabbing her tail.

"Hey, you pervert!" She yelled and turned around, but then recognized Marcus. "Ah, it's you!"

"Making your financial August?" He asked.

"Evidently!" She replied. "And what do you want?"

"I need to reach the castle, and I need you as shield for avoid be attacked by this pack of bitches in heat. And if you help me, the thing you have stolen will be nothing compared with the treasures you can find."

"Oh really?” She asks “And who says you won’t kick my butt afterwards?"

"I need you for get in and out the castle. After of get what I want to retrieve, you can go where you want."

"Deal!" She told and looks around for a good path.

Soon they reached Lescatie’s castle, and began to walk into the corridors, not stopping of hear the sounds of screams and moans filling all the place. Soon they stopped on what seemed a dead end.

"That's it? A dead en? I followed you for only find a dead end?" Asked the Gyoubu Danuki displeased. "All this for nothing!"

"Oh, don't be so suspicious." Demian said. "Just move that chandelier on the wall."

The monster girl spotted the chandelier, and as he said she moved it, soon causing the wall to open, revealing a hidden treasure’s chamber, where they found more gold and jewels that the monster could dream to see.

"Wow! There is more gold that I ever thought! Evidently the royal family is swimming in gold!" The monster girl exclaimed. "I will need help for take all this with me!"

He simply ignore her reaction and began to look around, trying to find something. After of a while, he soon found what was looking for: A golden medallion with the silhouette of a dragon with a purple gem on the centre.

"There it is." He said and grabbed the medallion and put it around his neck, hiding the object under his clothes. "Okay, we leave now." He turned to see the Gyoubu Danuki, only for see that she was busy trying to fit all the gold and valuable objects inside her bag. "You can return later, you know?"

She looked at him, and made a wide smile.

They soon began to walk crossing the corridos, avoiding any encounter with the monsters, until stop on a wall.

"Here is it." He said, but when he wanted to something, he was surrounded by a large number of monster girls.

Every monster girl for herself!" Said the Gyoubu Danuki, running fas for avoid problems.

"Damn it!" He cursed, rising his blade to them. And they smirked at him, eager to claim him for their needs.

"Don’t come any closer!" He warned. He soon found that a goblin tried to jump on him, and he caught her, and hold her with his blade aiming to her neck. "I will not repeat myself again Don’t come any closer, or she is finished!" He said, making a scratch on her cheek as warning.

They looked at each other... they honestly don’t care if one gets hurt, but the risk applying to themselves is something else, and more if the safety of one depends of them.

He looked around, until he spotted between the group two Lilim, one of them being the one behind the whole attack, Druella. "You, tell to your bitches to stay away of me."

"And why should I?" She chuckles. "What is wrong with love?"

"A thing is show love to each other, and other thing is fuck as mindless beasts until there is no tomorrow as you do! And trust me that I hope that someday that will end, either if I have to do it myself!"

"You are really not knowing what you are refusing."

"And what I’m refusing? Be used as a toy? Oh, I know perfectly what I’m refusing. If I want a monster girl at my side, she will be only by her usefulness." A wall behind him opened, entering some soldiers. "I would say good timing, but you took your time!"

"Sorry sir Magnus. It's not easy to find the secret entrance from the other side!" Said the soldier.

"Magnus? Demian Magnus? The only male hero of the city?" Druella asked, getting the other Lilim's curiosity. "I though that we turned all the heroes."

"The same and the one, and sorry if this got you off guard." He said, back stepping. "Remember my words: Someday I will put the likes of you on your place, and will be your kind who beg for us!" He threatened, but then noted that while Druella had a mocking smile at him all the time, the other Lilim smile just when he said that words.

"Get him!" called Druella "Let him have our love!"

"You will have time for get me if you have to catch her before she lands?" he said and threw the goblin to them, striking down a part of them, giving him time for escape. He began to step back into the secret entrance, but without warning a Lava Golen threw a lava projectile hitting his chest, sending him flying into the corridor, falling unconscious.

Closing the corridor behind for avoid be followed, the soldiers grabbed their unconscious capitan and they escaped from the city, getting away of them, the sounds of the monster girls' attack still being present.

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