I am a busy-body bee keeper.  The forest and everything about it is my life.  Honey bees and Alraune have been in my life since I was a child.  My parents raised me on Alraune nectar and kept me near a forest full of them, that way I may smell the sweet smell of their nectar when I wake up and go to bed, getting me used to being around them.  My father was a bee keeper, which is where I get the need to be one from.

I keep to myself regularly, tending to my many honey bees and the queens, doing as I can stay afloat in the MGE world like most of us.  I work hard, I'm happy; my bee honey sells well enough to pay for the land, keep the alvearies warm and put food on my plate.  My bees see me as somebody to keep them safe thanks to the small techniques I use to help them see me as a friend and not a potential husband.  All is good

One month, my honey sells terribly, honey-bee honey just isn't in demand this month.  Rent is coming fast.  I have bills to pay, debts that are owed, there is only one thing that can be done: Search for valuable Alraune nectar.  I enter the nearby forest, a small lunch in tow, and after several hours of searching, resting and eating I do not find my Alraune.  I do find that I am, however, lost.  After many twists and turns, I do not find an exit, I can not get back home; I do however, find a sweet voice.  This voice belongs to an Alraune.

I hear the Alraune tell me in a sweet voice, "you look tired, boy.  How about taking a rest?" It is true, I am tired, I am hungry.  The small lunch I had did not cut it.  I have become used to the sweet scent of Alraune, having been taught not to get caught in their trap; but something about this scent was very familiar.  I find myself enthralled, I can not resist.  Slowly, I approach her, my mind not in the right.  Her arms are open invitingly, spring-bud skin silken soft, amethyst eyes like that, jewels.  I am hungry, I am tired.  She does not force my body, as I find myself willingly climbing in.  She removes my garments and holds me in an embrace.  I hear her tell me in a soft voice.

"Finally, stamen and pistil are together; I have been waiting for a long time for you, my sweet."

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