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Delicate hands rose, spraying nicely around an early autumn field. The flowers decorating the soil appeared to be happy and serene. The hands spraying pleasant smelling chemicals belonged to a young man who appeared to be in his late teens. Out on his own, he was young for a ward that was out on his lonesome; though he had no choice. His parents had departed earlier when he began ripening into the golden ages of masculinity. Now, near the eighteenth year of his life, he was living his third year alone.

He did okay, as okay as anybody within the small town of Arbomont did. When he was but a child, his parents raised him differently from other boys. Most boys were allowed to be rough, fight amongst one another, and taught that toughness was what made a man when they were of age. He wasn't like that.

As a young child, he lived near the forest of Alcrueastuea, known for its pleasant scents. The forest itself was heavily known for the Alraune that dwell within. Few ever laid their eyes on the Alraune within, but all knew they lived inside Alcrueastuea due to how strong the scents from the forest were. Often, those who were looking for a place to brace their home ventured far from the forest, as the pollen and sweet scents lured most, if not all that resided near, into becoming one with it. That being said, it was often a popular spot for most bee keepers to locate their bases, as Alraune presence proved to be a bolster for their own products; Alraune and honey-bees are seen to have a symbiosis of some sort, albeit more parasitic than symbiotic, in favor of the honey-bees often.

The Alyeiris family was not like most other bee-keeper families. Where as most would have their bee-bases facing towards the forest, the Alyeiris family lived near the forest. As a result of that, the sweet and fragrant smell of Alraune was always in the air, Winter a moderate exception. Danger was always in the air for the family, as the odd couple of bee-keepers were always wearing masks outside their dwelling, as breathing in the scents and pollen could drive any man or woman in a sexual high.

The work of the honey bees residing next door in the family's personal alvearies was no help. Honey bees were known to often take as many men as they could as their own, but as bee-keepers, the Alyeiris family had rules and obligations to uphold. Using special chemicals and techniques, the honey-bees would recognize the couple as friends rather than potential mates. Using the tools and techniques at their disposal, one was able to safely gather honey and sell it on the market. It was here Sacchen was born, under Alraune scent and honey-bee drive.

As he grew up, he didn't wear a mask and was in constant contact with the family's bees. This resulted in him becoming used to the fragrant scent Alraune let out as if it were oxygen itself; having little to no effect on his person. The honey-bees would kindly interact with the child as if he were part of their own. Queens had no desire to see him as he was seen as the one that kept the heaters warm and frames proven.

Come the year of his fifteenth birthday, chaos erupted into his life. Strange people invaded the land of his father. He was hidden in a safe room. Strange noises sounded, voices yelled, and claps filled the air one after the other. The young teenager, Sacchen, cowered as the new yet terrifying sounds slowly departed. Hours and silence passed before he emerged. Before, a house that was once lively, was now a desolate ruin. All that was left were the barely functioning alvearies, and the many honey-bees now left without homes. Nary could he find his parents, the skeleton of a house was empty. The pollen was heavy in the air that summer.

Two years had passed since the fateful days his parents disappeared. The previous dwelling was in no condition to be living in. He was lucky he still had his bees. Following the directions left to him by his father should “anything happen to him”, he was able to get back into business. He had settled in the small town of Arbomont, a peaceful place not far from Alcrueastuea, close enough to be blessed by the good production of honey from bee farms, yet far enough for the towns people to not be affected by the pollen that floated through the air every summer and spring.

Spring was great time for honey-bee honey to sell. He had worked within his father's store found near a busy junction within the city, though only during the summer. Now, he worked full time, taking care of the bees on par with keeping up with the shop. In the back of the shop, a place akin to a home was constructed so that his father may stay on site during the busy summers, but now Sacchen found himself using it as a permanent dwelling. It wasn't what he had in mind for himself, but he was thankful regardless.

The honey-bees always produced great honey over the years, often enough as a child, he'd give the bees his blessings before they departed, either through a warm hug or similar. The bees would always say they loved his scent.

It was getting late in the day of June 23rd, the sun was setting. Again, Sacchen found himself wiping down the counters. His sapphire eyes trailed to the still full shelves against the walls. He placed down the cleaning cloth and walked over, staring into the bright bronze color of the honey within the clear jars. He rubbed head in wonder.

I wonder why the honey isn't selling this year?” His soft voice said aloud in question.

Yes, he wasn't his father when it came to tending and caring for honey-bees, but surely his methods weren't that different. He showed them love, he showed them care. He made sure to tend the alvearies one on one as if one would their child. The honey-bees worked hard, and he praised them for their hard work. He wondered if it had something to do with how he was approaching them. He let out a long sigh, lying his chest and stomach across the table, debating on whether to stay open tonight or not.

Oh... it looks like another day is going by, and not a single person wants to buy honey. I wonder why I even try...”

He sighed heavily. He looked up, he missed the way things used to be. He missed helping out his father when the busy times came. The work was hard, yes, but at least he spent time with his family. He missed his old home, but it wasn't like he could go back. More so than anything, he missed the sweet smells that used to flood his olfactories back at home, his real home. He couldn't afford it. He barely made enough money to pay for the alvearies, for the equipment running them, and then there was taking care of the bees themselves. Keeping the bees happy without men was a very daunting task, and to keep them from recognizing him as a potential husband was arduous. He followed everything his father taught him, but he was questioning if the methods even worked anymore.

He drifted to his thoughts, back to when his parents were still alive, back to the old house of frangant scents. He thought about the forest he lived near, one time he was enticed to enter. His thoughts drifted a dark trail, dark yet bright, lit by the thick canopy high above. He remembered the warmth, and atmosphere. The memories were vague, but if there was one thing he remembered the most it was the smells, the scents. They appeared to be coming from a very large flower. The faint image of a young girl within the flower came to his mind. Her purple eyes stared at him as he stared back.

A pounding on the door, he looked around, having been pulled from his thoughts. He ran a hand through his blond hair and looked at the time, only to realize that he had drifted to sleep. Another series of hard knocks on the shop's door, he got up and straitened up his coat before headed to the door.

He looked through the glass to find a man standing on the other side. This man had purple hair, and wore a black suit. His appearance, he didn't look old, he was fairly young; but he had no sense of interest nor what appeared to be dreams about him. If anything, he appeared... bored. He lifted a small card, most of what read on it made no sense to him, but he knew who this person was.

Open the door,” the purple haired man demanded in a monotone.

Almost in regret, Sacchen opened the portal, and the young man stepped in. Dangling from his right hand was a case. The man looked around, and an unpleasant frown took over his complexion. “Care to take me to a seat? We need to talk.”

It didn't long to get started at all. After taking a seat, the young man ran through many papers, documents, lots of stuff that didn't make any sense to the young owner at all. In the end, it all read 'give me all of your money'.

As you can see, the depts your family owe, those who you have borrowed from, they are getting impatient, and are demanding some form of recommence. Have you anything to show?”

Sacchen looked away. “I'm sorry mister...” He looked at the card the man had layed down. “Tsenkara sir, but the honey just hasn't been selling well, so-”

The young man, Tsenkara simply dusted off his coat, he didn't even appear to be listening to his reasoning. “It doesn't concern me whether or not you're selling, what concerns me is the fact you're not keeping up.” A smile started to form on his face. “Looks like we're going to have to start taking manners into our own hands.”

I can't help it that I can't pay for what my father-”

Manners... into our own hands.” Tsenkara kept up the smile. “It doesn't matter to me if your father made these deals or not, what matters is that you're the one left to pick up the pieces.” He looked around. “I like the way this shop looks, but I also really like the honey here. It's very rich and personally, I think it has a very nice amber color to it. I think I'll start by taking the bees.”

Sacchen's complexion was quickly overcome with despair. “No, no please, those are my family's bees! They've been raised by my family for several generations, my father would be heavily disappointed in me if I lost them too!”

Tsenkara nodded, walking about the shop. “I'll definitely start by taking the bees.” A small laugh escaped his mouth. He then took out some papers. “Sign these.”

No, no-” the boy begged. “I'll find a way to get the money- I will! Please, don't take my bees from me, they're all I have!”

Tsenkara kept a smile on his face, taking out a pen. “Sign. They'll surely make some of the people you owe happy.” His smile then disappeared. “I will not say it again, sign.”

Sacchen looked down at the pen and paper. He was defeated. The pen. The paper, its existence taunted him. He looked back at the man, who simply looked at him with half interested eyes, a small, smug smile on his face. This man, he didn't care for the bees at all, he only cared for what he was going to get from them.

I can get the money,”

The purple haired banker straitened himself, his eyes opening fully, showing some form of anticipation. “Oh, you can? How, out of your ass?”

I...” Sacchen looked down. Many things went through his mind, many ideas. What could he do, he didn't want to sell the bees, he definitely didn't want to lose the bees. What could he, a mere bee-keeper, do about somebody like him? He had power, the power to take, to take as much as he wanted if he weren't handed gold coins that he himself could care less about. He disliked selfish people like this Tsenkara who claimed to have some form of false presidency over him. Yet, here he was. They may have been sitting down, but he could already see the slightly older boy stand over him like a monolith. He thought about what he could do, a bee-keeper like himself could do. He thought about the forest, he thought about the smells. He thought about the image of his father snatching him from a well lit grove. He bit his lower lip. “I can get you an Alraune...”

What was that?” Came from the lips of Tsenkara. “What did you say?”

Sacchen held his breath, taking in a deep one. “I can get you a jar of Alraune nectar.”

Alraune, you say?” Tsenkara took in a deep breath, looking about. He then got up and walked over to one of the shelves, taking a jar of honey in his hands. “Alraune nectar, you say?” He examined the jar, then looked back at the boy. “Seriously, child.” His grip loosened, causing the jar to fall to the ground, shattering. Sacchen watched in horror as Tsenkara's neatly polished shoe began to twist and trample on the honey and the comb that lied within. “Don't make me laugh.”

Stop it! Don't do that, my bees work very hard for that! Honey is to be enjoyed not-”

It's a reminder, boy,” the purple haired banker told him sternly. “Think of that comb as yourself. If you don't have money for me within the next forty-eight hours, you're crushed, just like this poor excuse of a business.” He smiled sinisterly. “You're not your father, kid. You're just another wanna-be'e.”

A sick sound came from his shoe as he lifted it off the sticky remains of the jar and dust that was once the comb. He then grabbed another jar, flipped it about and took a tight grip. “I'll take one home for the course. Bring me that nectar, and maybe we can see about setting up some kind of arrangements.”

Sacchen closed his eyes in defeat. He couldn't say a thing to deter him. The ultimatum was made. He watched as the purple haired menace left the store, disappearing into the sunset. Sacchen looked at the floored remains of what Tsenkara crushed.

For the better of the bees. He had to leave. Sacchen flipped the sign of the business to CLOSED, he was sure to lock up tight. Making sure the alvearies were hooked up, heaters running, frame provers working as need be, he took one last look at his psuedo-greenhouse, subsequently his shop and home. Hopefully, when he came back, his home would be there, the shop would be just fine, and he'd have a couple full jars of rich Alraune nectar. Alraune nectar? He laughed to himself silently. He couldn't tell if it was a laugh of disdain, defeat or over all, anxiety.

Alraune, his father told him every year when Spring arrived that Alraune were some of the most precious plants a bee-keeper could hope to have within a fifteen mile radius, but one of the most dangerous plants as well. Alraune are very tenacious and very deceptive. They don't even have to move to capture a man. The smell from their flowers, the fragrance they emit is such a pleasant smell that few can resist. This was why his parents raised him as close as possible. Only once in his life had ever caught a glimpse of the rare sight few ever are seen tell about. Now, here he was, about to go hunting for one.

The morning sun hadn't even begun to rise, Sacchen had a small lunch packed, he didn't plan to stay gone for very long, the bees would become heavily agitated should their keeper not see them once a day, without “maintenance”, they'd go crazy and immediately start searching for husbands, or at least searching for him, dragging him back home without his much needed Alraune nectar, and no way to pay Tsenkara.

Over many hills he traversed, the trees of Alcrueastuea becoming much more than a horizon. Over a couple water breaks here and there, when the sun was near highest in the sky, the forest became near. He recognized the lands, looking about, he could make out small memories he made a young boy. Playing with the bees, having genuine fun, exploring the forest with his parents. He took a huge whiff of the air. A familiar scent adorned his nostrils. He was home.

He walked down the hillside and slowly entered the Alcrueastuea Forest. Many a sight there was to behold. Thick trees here, lovely looking flowers there. The forest was a sight, it was regarded by many a natural greenhouse of wonders. One would have to be on the look out for wasps or even the occasional grizzly. Being caught by one of those and he would be in deep trouble. While he didn't build a resistance to Alraune pollen as a child, he lacked the strength necessary to fight off a warrior wasp and especially a grizzly.

Carrying a stick, he scared off pesky small game and even some snakes that had found their ways his direction. Looking up, the sun was just partly past the midpoint. He figured it was time to settle down, and have himself some lunch. The smell of Alraune nectar was always present in the air, something he hadn't sniffed in a long time. Opening his lunch box, he found that the scent indeed complemented the spicy tang of the fried sausage sandwich he had packed. He took a seat on a nearby rock and began to chow down.

The sun moved further and further from the midway point in the sky, Sacchen looked and looked, but nary could he find an Alraune. The fragrance of their bulb fills the forest, but only now could he understand why few could find one. Either they were just hard to find, or he was just bad at looking for them. Maybe he should have taken one or two of his bees with him, they'd definitely be able to help him locate one, yes?

He kept a small pace, it was nearing the time to start going back. If he started now, he might be able to make it back home before dark, only to get back on his knees and beg Tsenkara for a couple more days. No, that man wasn't going to give him any more time, he didn't care about him, his business and most importantly, his bees. He only cared about what that building and those bees were going to put in his pockets. Surely he wasn't going to waste that chance. If Sacchen somehow found an Alraune within the next twenty minutes, there would still be getting the nectar, and then getting back home before he just outright took everything. The world was never a nice place.

Sacchen reached for his stomach. He was starting to get hungry, and he definitely wasn't getting anywhere. He was tired for sure; sitting down, he looked about. He couldn't remember which way was North, and which way was South. He was lost. He reached within his bag, and took out a bottle of water. Holding it over his mouth, tongue out ready for the moisture. He squeezed. A couple of plops, barely four drops of water landed in his mouth.

Defeated, he set his water bottle down. He thought about the time, he thought about his bees. “Tsenkara... is going to take everything... from me.” He could envision the smug look on his face as he pictured his shop knocked down, all the produce loaded into a small truck, and another truck bed just loading up his alvearies, one after another. Yes, the Order and the Demon Lord were forces to be feared and respected, but it was the local greedy corporations nearby that had to be worried about, corporations like the one Tsenkara owned.

Lazily, he stood up, ready to go on his way. Sacchen packed his things and trekked as he could. Shuffling, one foot after another. He was tired, oh so tired. One twist, one turn after another. One canopy, one opening, one flower, one animal. All passed by, everything but an exit from the forest presented itself. He couldn't find a way out for the life of him. He closed his eyes in worry, feeling the setting sun atmosphere sink in. He looked about, finding himself in a grove. He figured here would be a good place to rest. Carefully, he began to place his things down, when noticed a shift in the fragrance in the air.

You look tired, boy. Why do you not take a rest?

A sweet voice called out. Carefully, he looked about, wondering where the voice came from. He looked left and right, until he noticed a large flower resting at the trunk of a nearby tree. It was large, and tall, standing at a towering eight feet high. He looked at the top of the petals to see a young woman, slightly older than he was, resting atop, nearly hanging over the pink petals.

How had he not noticed the significant change in the fragrance, was he too concerned with other troubles. He looked on at the beautiful woman within the flower, feeling a very strong pull. Never before had he smelt anything as strong as this. It was so pleasant, it was so fragrant, but most of all, the scent was so enthralling. He was used to the scent she gave off, but something about it was so pulling, so familiar, almost as if he smelt it before. “What... are you?”

I... am known as an Alraune,” she tells him softly. “I am called Icorisveil.” She melds herself deeper into the petals. “It has been a long time, since I last seen a person.”

Sacchen looks about at his hands, he finds them trembling. What was this he was feeling? It was so powerful, so enriched. He hadn't felt this way since... slowly he looked about, yes, he could recall bits and pieces, but he knew this grove. He looked back at the Alraune. Her arms were open, so inviting. He looked upon her silken petals, her spring-bud soft skin begging for a touch. How he wanted to be the one to touch her.

What? An Alraune? Get yourself together! Those were the words he told himself. Alraune are one of the greatest assets and greatest dangers for a bee-keeper, especially for one who was raised on their pollen! What are you doing!? Get away from her! She can't chase you, what about your bees!? Don't they matter? What about the nectar- “Nec... tar,” He whispered slowly.

Oh, you want some of my nectar?” Icorisveil asked. More forward, she extended her arms, putting them within arms reach of the boy. “If you are hungry, I can feed you, I can nourish you.” She smiled. Sacchen stared into her eyes, the amethyst pools that were her eyes. Her eyes seemed to reflect his own sapphire. Slowly, he reached out.

Don't do this, just take the nectar and go; just take it and go! His skin then brushed hers, and in that moment, he felt himself lifted off the ground as she wrapped her spring-skinned arms around him.

She pressed him against herself, lightly rubbing his hair. She then took off his large hat and smelt his skin. “Ahh, such a familiar scent. I recognize you all too well.” Slowly, she placed the hat atop her head and drew him close.

His head was in the clouds, he couldn't tell what was up or what was down. Not like it really mattered. He could then taste something very sweet. He could feel something wet exploring his mouth; he looked in front of him to see her amethyst eyes staring into his own. He closed his gaze as did she, allowing her full entry. The two began to share a passionate kiss.

Oh how long I've been waiting for the one who has been raised off of my fragrance, the one raised in my garden.” She said in a soft voice, keeping the boy in a hold. “How long I have been waiting for you. Finally, stamen and pistil are together, two now one. I have been waiting a long time for you, my sweet Sacchen.”

Sacchen felt his head rest on her impressive bosom. He was tired, night was beginning to fall. He wondered... what was he worried about earlier in the first place. He didn't care, he finally had somebody to hold. He closed his eyes as he began to explore the body of the one next to him. She had an impressive bust for sure, her face was incredibly bewitching, her fragrance was fantastic. He thought what wonders awaited him down below inside the thick nectar.

He smiled at her, as she did him. She knew she had found herself a good catch; a man not completely enthralled was always a treat. She found herself a keeper.

A coin flipped through the air, and rested inside a gloved hand as men wearing thick white armor appeared to be loading boxes full of jars into a supply truck. Purple eyes stared at the closed shop, a smile ever present on his face. He ran a hand through his purple hair before putting back on the cap. He was clothed in a dark hoodie, and dark blue pants. He didn't care about why the shop remained closed, he only cared about what lied inside.

I can not believe I actually shut this place down...” He held a hand to his face. “The plan worked... all I had to do was tell light lies, hahahahaa!”

Tsenkara laughed to himself long and hard. He was proud of himself. Not only did he have property to sell, he had honey-bees to sell too, and high quality ones at that! This was a good day for him. “Ah, Tsenkara,” he said to himself. “These people are just too meek, this is just too easy. I never thought that this would be that easy.” He watched as the last of the alvearies were loaded onto one of the monochrome trucks. He nodded. The drugs used were sure to keep the bees within asleep. He looked up to the moon, flipping the coin once more, and catching it. He looked to see it was on heads. He then shoved in his pocket, and whistled a small series of notes, hopping withing a small similarly colored vehicle. His smile reflected off the mirror.

It's the little things, isn't it?”

Author's Note: I am heavily aware there is a lot more I could have done with this, but anything more could have delved into NSFW territory, which isn't allowed on the wiki, sorry for those who may have wanted more.  I can understand if you hate the "Tsenkara" character, you're supposed to.