There is an infamous bounty hunter known for being secretive of what he looks like. He is distiguished by wearing Black and Red armor and weilding a blade said to cut trees in half with one slice. He also distorts his voice for his own protection and never takes off his armor in public. He is feared by many human criminals. He  also has no relations to The Order and therefore considers himself neutral in the whole Order Demon War, and also tries to avoid Mamono without the use of violence. This bounty hunter is known as "Magnus".

   The bounty hunter then found himself in a mountainous area as he traveled to a human settlement, hoping to rest there. He hoped he wouldn’t run into any trouble while on his way, he has a bounty he is interested in. As he walked by, he couldn’t help but feel he was being followed or being watched.He turned around and periodically to make sure he wasn’t. He would be prepared if anyone tried to sneak up on him.

     He felt the sound of an object flying the air and he immediately took evasive maneuvers and saw that the objects he dodged were quills. The one who launched them was a Manticore. It seemed his luck had run out.

“You’re pretty quick for someone in armor. What’s your secret?” she asked.

Magnus replied with, “That is for me to know and for you to not know”.

     The manticore just stood there and looked at him, her tail swaying around behind her. She had a rather menacing look on her face, as if she hungered for him. He knew that turning his back to her to run would be foolish so he just stood there and looked back.

“Black and Red armor, covers whole body. You must be the human bounty hunter Magnus, aren’t you?” she asked.

“That depends on who’s asking” he replied.

     She chuckled slightly and licked her lips. “I’m just a lone Manticore looking for a meal, you would make a great one”, she answered. Magnus examined her body, showing as little moment as possible. She had dark reddish brown wings and a tail of around the same colour. She had canine like ears on the top of her head and her hair was a blond with an orange tint to it, she had fur that covered her lower legs and lower arms and she wore a very skimpy bikini top and bottom.

“If you’re just here to have a meal, then don’t waste your time. I won’t hand myself to you”, he stated.    

 “I know, but that won’t stop me. You’re going to be my meal whether you like it or not” she replied with a smirk on her face.

“You have brought this upon yourself” he stated as he unsheathed his blade and it shined in the light of the sun. “Any injuries that might be caused towards you are because of your own arrogance” he added.

“Oh don’t worry, I won’t blame you, this is the kind of behavior I expected to begin with. I like to have prey that challenges me”, she replied.She readied herself into a fighting stance and leaped into the air and swooped down onto Magnus. Magnus blocked her charge with the flat side of his blade and pushed her back. Their fight continued for about ten minutes before Magnus started to get tired. He pulled out a raging mushroom he had stored for emergencies, but the Manticore shoots it out of his hand with the quills on her tails. She charged at him hoping to seize him but failed as Magnus dodged and began to flee the scene.

     Magnus continued to flee but she pursued him through the air. She fired a quill at him that pierced the armor and paralyzed him since it hit his skin. He fell down like a brick onto the floor and fell unconscious due to his weakened state.

     When he woke up, he felt his head his head pulsating with pain from his fall. His vision focused and he noticed his bared skin exposed and that his armor was completely off and that the only thing he had on his body was a light loincloth that covered his groin. This either a way to make it easier to eat him, or if the rumors are false a way to make it see for her so assault him.

“Ah good you’re up, I never thought the mighty Magnus would fall unconscious so easily, after such a great fight” she said getting up from where she was sitting, which was across from him.

”It was pretty cowardly of you to run away like that, don’t you think?” she asked.

“Not at all, my life was at risk so did the most logical thing that someone could do, so much help that was” he answered; now speaking with his regular voice.

“Is that so”, she replied. She started to walk towards him, with her tail swaying back and forth.

“Well I say it’s about time we get to main course. The flesh of a famous bounty hunter must taste delicious” she said licking her lips. She examined his body closely, he had dark brown hair red eyes and a rather muscular build, and he had some scars on his face. She also noticed that expression showed some signs of fear, which made her happy. She was now knelling on top of him with her face not too far from his.

“Those stories, about manticores eating humans, they’re fake aren’t they?” he asked.

“Nope, they’re true” she answered.

“You’re lying!” he exclaimed. His expression was a mixture of anger and fear. She pinned his arms down with hers and she got closer to him.

“Now now, don’t get feisty, you will suffer quite a lot, but at least no one will know of it” she said. His face now became a mixture of fear and confusion. He started to doubt he would make it out alive from this and that she would actually eat him. She loved his expression, as her tail began to close in on his pride behind her. Her face got closer to his. When Magnus closed his eyes and looked away was the instant the tail to hold of Magnus’ pride. His pride erected the instead it was fully in the tail and he opened his eyes spontaneously and looked at her with confusion.

“W-what are you u-“, he started before he was cut off by the pleasure being sent through his body by the tail of the manticore moving its insides. He moaned as the movement continued and the pleasure continued to pulse through his body. She loved every moment of this, his moans his confusion, about ten minutes later he fills the insde of her tail with his warm whiteness. This lasted for a few hours until she felt she had reached her limit.

     She took her tail out of his pride and laid on him and started to cuddle up with him. Magnus just accepted this fate since it was the only thing he could, he couldn't fight back as much as he wanted to.

"So Magnus, what is your real name?" she asked looking into his crimson red eyes.

"My real name is... Alfred, Alfred Smithson" he replied.

"Well Alfred, you can call me Lianshia" she said, "and from now one, you Alfred the mighty Magnus will be living with me from now on, understood" she added.

"Understood, Lianshia" he said. It seemed that his life will now revolve around her and her presence. They lived together for about 3 months in that cave, she would have her tail suck his pride at least 5 times a week. Her body was starting to change a bit, as if the sex was doing something to her. Her figure became more attractive to him. He was actually starting to like her, her non human features would actually make him blush from time to time. At this point was when she actually started to use her human entrance during intercourse. Something about it made him fall in love with her and this act they did. She said that this was a sign that they were married, and he was glad. He could hapily give up his bounty hunting for this.