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  • Deathnote99

    “I thought that they would just do some countermeasures, aside from that”

    I and two Agents ran for our lives into the forest, disregarding our fatigue and complexity of the cause of fire. Two hours have we ran until we found a glade within the forest, where we can completely stop.

    Never in my wildest dream I could imagine a ghost was raising a child, but truths are truths. My feet can’t stop trembling.

    I looked at Randy, by full name of Na Rang Jie of Seokgulam that looked stupefied at the rising smoke, After the case is wrapped, He explained to me that He was from The Secret Agency that enforces the law in The Southern-east of the continent, that means I am also in the Southern-east part.

    “Well” I lightly called to Nekomata Soo-Min and lowere…

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  • Deathnote99


    “Ken, Don’t you think it is quite out of place of you to come here ?”
    “What about it !? I don’t have a reason to not visit a friend !”

    The man before me laughed heartily, he is already quite old but his conduct still hasn’t shown any sign of maturity although the sword on his back has been there since I know him in the ancients.

    I do not actually mind him laughing, but considering that my newly born daughter and her servant might find him, I have to do this, although the Baphomet lady has also taken a liking of him.

    He is strong, rough and doesn’t mind small things.

    “But…” I could feel my eye flashed for a moment for this trump card “Don’t you have a wife yourself ?”

    Suddenly, his laugh came to an abrupt halt. Then, he continues to wrap hi…

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  • Deathnote99

    In The Depths of The Myriad Order Affiliated States, a Single figure is working earnestly at the front of her table, her clothes are black and her hair of the same color are only illuminated by a single candle.

    “Lady Selena”

    A Figure with the same black hair entered the room, in her hand are papers with all sort of names designated to her.

    “Hm” Selena put down her quill “What is it this time ?”

    “Yes, The incident mistaken as “It” has been taken successfully.“ The Servant’s word was put a hold for a few seconds “…by someone that claim himself as a member of Hargreave household”

    “Hargreave ?” Selena’s voice was shaken as her finger twitch for a second, as She hears the word “Hargreave” but managed to compose herself

    “Are you sure He isn’t a fake&#…

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  • Deathnote99

    A Heavy sigh take flight from my mouth when the door gets shut by itself because of the magnetic field I have implemented before in case of robbery.

    “He is too impulsive” I picked one of the black letter after letting go of the glass that I have been constantly polishing, if it’s not because of my worn out bandage, I should have finished long time ago.
    Without delay, I opened the letter which easily be opened because of no use of adhesive, the letter itself is has my name written as the receiver rather than my address, with “From Irinesha, 9th Princess of Demon Realm” at the end with a heart mark.

    Honestly, She still doesn’t know how to let go of me, but still manage to let me go and live by myself after I used The Replica to grant my wish. I …

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  • Deathnote99

    What do you mean by that ?”

    I tried to speak to his message with no answer, He sounds like he was being indignant.

    “Liselotte, Could you send a few people to check the underground network ? In here, here and there”
    “Yes, sir”

    I pointed the location of the underground network at the nearby map after telling Lise of the additional remnants of the hostiles, She agreed to it and heads out of the tent.

    “What is that idiot thinking, still on the site where I threw that body..?”

    Absurd, Frictionless luck

    “Come on, You are fine !”
    “Hey ! Over there pull up a little bit, We got a tail on our asses !”

    I ended up commanded a single scout group after the Arles troops calmed down. There must be a reason why that Tatsumi could be killed so easily, but why ?

    I pu…

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