[Violence Alert]

Unveil the Terror

a Dark cloud enveloped the sky of that day,and soon.It rained down torrents of Moonsoon.After the incident at The Mountain of Mino,There has been something not right for the residents of Zipangu's Mino-Province.Either by Nausaea,Uncontrolable Bloodlust or some vague instincts that has ravaged that Monster-resisting province.

Meanwhile,In other place.The same dark cloud is still raining it's cold water over the ground,Sometimes a thunder also strike  the ground violently.a Black clad person and White robed person,backing large Claymores on their backs are walking like it was a sunny day.

"Ah,a Rest at last" The white one murmurs while pointing to a light he has seen.a tavern in the middle of nowhere while the black one nodded as he continues his step.

it was not a wise choice for them though,For none of them has gotten a hold of a single penny.But as if without any burden as empty as their pockets,They opened the door which unveiled a mostly wooden room with many chairs as they are greeted by The Holder of the place.

They took a seat without any further questioning,Their heads are wet from the rain but yet they refuse the Tavern keeper's kindness of blanket for them,in exchange,They just ordered plain water.

They had kept silent for the whole time,Until a certain sentence from the fellow guests piqued their interest.

"Hey,How about for 5 Silver coins ?"

"Nah,I ain't buyin' tha' kind of bloody book,What's in there anyway ?"

a Green cloaked man and a brutish looking middle aged man is arguing about a bargain,"about a Bloody book" He pharsed it,The Black one grinds his teeth hearing about it.

"So what ? Are you buying it or not ? I promise there will be a good thing in this!"

"I ain't gonna be fooled"

The black and white pair instanty direct their sights to the other,Holding the hilt of his Claymore with a written "brevis ipsa vita est sed malis fit longior" that means "Life is short but prolonged by Misfortunes" on the blade,The black one emits a murderous intent at the other,But the white stopped him.

"Can I buy it with 3 Silver coins ?"

The white one interferred the vicious bargain while presenting another bargain.With a smile,He dived his hand to his pocket and shakes it that result in jingling sound of coins.

"Can't you just raise it a little bit ?"

The Green cloaked man is just keep haggling on him,While the one at the front of him is still staring at him because of his greed,that obviously perplexed by the other bargain.

"No,I can't"

The white one stands from his chair and walks to the Green person chair while his hand is still in his pocket.He stares at the one he is dealing with a hidden but empty sight that is enough to make him uneasy.


The Green one sighed,finally surrendered his property as He lays the book on the table.

"Thank you for your Generosity"

The white one puts down 3 Silver coins as He takes the book and gets back to his chair,The black one is furiously huffing while his companion is leisurely sitting and opened his newly bought book.

"Hmm,Seems The Failed one is still roving around somewhere"

The white one mumbled as He looks at the content of Blood stained pages,flipping pages over pages when the one that has received 3 Silver coins is still sighing while counting it.

Sooner or later,He would hit the ripped pages of the end,As He hits it in this moment.He only smirked at it,while channeling a bluish-purple little ball in his finger.

"Dimensional Transfer:Memory"

He flicks his finger at the torn page that seems to do nothing,But to him,It restored the page with a ghastly appearance and blue rune-like writings.

[1 January 1517,06.00 AM]

He laughed after He drained the life out of The 8th one,as the others is finally unable to talk.John is keep roaring along with Rivalz,The other is speaking gibberish.Sayo and The Fallen Essence is still not talking at all.

"Alright,The final one!"

He cackled after he throws the remains of The last one and keep pushing to the end of The Village,His lust for The Life force is Immeasureable,as do I.

As we treaded the blood stained crossways of the now empty village,I reminiscence about it.I remember though,even with my head getting screw loose.

I let The Demon took control so I'm fine with whatever I do here,Can't believe I was coming back only to find it like this,What could have caused The bastards to go here ? Even with the Treaty with The local Warlord about The truce in exchange of our service.

I put my palm on my face and think,thinking about what I have done,The Order's thinking train,The demon's plans,The Fallen God's intention by letting me enter Pandemonium to evade being dragged to the depths of sea and other things that had happened.

From what I think,Although I'm not good with complicated problems,along with the complicated things outside,Seems The Demon is still letting the last one run for his own amusement.Probably they were chasing me because of My valuable data.....What the-,My memory....It has been altered !?

Let's see....Let's remember about the past,When I'm 7 years old,I was....Living happily in Order Governed City !? and a Son of a Templar in that !?

Nononono,That can't be right.Let's try another.....No good,It all the same.

"What kind of Nightmare is this !?"

I startled to see my memory from the village is all gone and being replaced by something I couldn't possibly believe....I..I had been an Esquire at age of 7,Executioner at age of 12 and....Being experimented on at 14,How old am I possibly !? And moreover,I'm not aging from My 16 year old appearance at all !

"At least about the past,I won't lie"

I scratched my face and sniffled.

"You are a big liar in the present...but a Honest man in the past,huh ?"

I at last opened my eyes in real world,which I see a Majestic-armored old man with long beard and blindfold with a few scars on his face is holding a sword and huffed.

"You are pure of the inside,Young man! Why don't you take a step back and live in God's grace !?"

"What are you talking about,Old man ?"

He is suddenly startled and his huffings becomes more frantic,and after a few seconds.oddly,He smiles,In a situation like this.

"Your deepest desire is as pure as a new born baby,You are untainted even among those wretched energy around you."

"Like I said,What are you talking about,Old man ?!"

He smiles,even with that blindfold,I can feel it.He is really a kind old man,but yet,I can't give it to him.

He extends his arm to me and dropping his sword....If I go get that hand,I would contract myself into submission ? No idiot stupid enough to do that you know.

So,I took Blind Dragon and put a cloth on my eyes,This will do it,The Swordmanship of Raigeki Village.

"How unfortunate"

Descending Blinded Dragon of the Skies.

"You were creating me to kill,and that is what I do"

I put up a stance,and from his aura,I can feel his attacks,defense,intentions,movement,etc.This is the essence of it.

His aura is red and seems moving from side to side,So that means....a Swift sword attack followed by Knee's movements

I swiftly moves to his position and prepares for blocking,but seems my prediction was wrong.....Because I can feel somthing warm and thick splattered on me.

"W-what is this ?"

I touched and smells it,a smell of iron....Blood !?

I ripped my blindfold and sees The old man is stabbing himself,Instinctively I approached him.

"H-Hey! Are you okay !? I know this is a stupid thing for me to do,but-"

He laughed silently,and extends his hand and pat my head.

"That is why I said you were as pure as a new born baby,Young man"

Suddenly a bright flash emanated from his palm to my head....and I can feel it,The demon and the others is my bloodlust grew dull...

"Guh...What the.."

I stumbled while holding my head,My eyes are still blurry,So I opened them slowly but I'm scared of opening my eyes....but,but...I forced it open...

....The old man is dead,Somehow I feel unimaginable sadness instead of Fleeting anger,These guys destroyed my precious homeland....So why...

My tears are dropping to the ground along with an urge to throw up seeing the field of blood behind me.So I ran,In these field of blood and corpses,I was wondering.Where can I go home to !?,Where can I go back to !?Even with the Demon gone,I can't shake the feeling of guilt and The Fallen God is now trying to drag me to Pandemonium,So I ran,Because nobody wanted an abomination,right ?

I keep running to my last breath,In this mountain.There was no place I wasn't ever be.But here I am,I found a run-down shrine deep in the mountains.The exterior is as normal as you would find in other shrines,but There were protective charms everywhere sticked on the exterior,But somehow,It let me in.

Without any place I can go back,I lifelessly land my feet on the brittle floor of that shrine,I keep walking to the main hall,and in that dark hall I crouched in the corner.

Under this dusty pillar,I explored back my Brain's memory.All those sweet time,are now just a Fleeting dream.I cried remembering it,Even The Fallen God's whisper of deprivation is not enough to pull me back.

Suddenly,I caught a glimpse of light.In my hopelessness,I followed it through the shrine to the treasure room of the Shrine and there,I found what I set off to find.

The Yata Mirror.

Suddenly the page tear itself,that The white feels his finger burned and flaps it.

"Ow,ow,ow. It burns"

"So ? DId you get any info on that bastard ?"

"Yeah,He got sucked up by that mirror because of his Goody-two shoes's wishes.And Tsukuyomi just prevented me into peeking that"

He chatted with the black one,but suddenly His shoulder is hit by The Green one,HIs face seems angry with huge frown at his forehead and threatening expression

"You Fraud! How dare you to deceive me !?"

"What are you talking about ?"

"I mean this!"

The Green one throws 3 Silver coins to the table,Suddenly The coins are decomposing.While The Black one already disappeared from his chair

"Oh man,Look what you have done"

"What !? At least,I will now have you arrested!"

"You irritated him"

Suddenly The Green neck is cutted off,along with everyone in the tavern.Being cut cleanly,and without any blood splitting.

"You used that quite well,man"

"At least,not so gory as you"

They are bantering among the "corpses",strangely in casual manner


The Green's head shouted angrily at them,but it was cutted in half by The White's claymore with a written "cineri gloria sera est" that means "Glory paid in ash is too late" on the blade.

"If you hadn't bother checking on me,You would have lived longer"

They left the tavern through the front door,as if They had paid properly and behaves like ordinary guests,leaving Severed heads with no blood and a sliced head with blood splattered.

"T-those two..."

"James Hargreave !? I thoug' I hear' him already died!"

James Hargreave,in 1526,He came back to the world....Seeking revenge on someone who had irrirtated him with multiple breach of privacy,and his first offering was Heads that were seeking breath but in vain.

"And ? Where do we start ?"

"Dunno,Perhaps new year ?"

"That means in one week"

James stabs the white one without any remorse,but the white just crumble into ash,and James is picking up his claymore as his own.

"Oh ? That was painful"

"You felt pain ?"

"Heheh,Nothing.Just pleasure"

"You are really a sadist,Silver Rasch"

"Let's find that failed one already,Susano'o Kanzaki,He already deceived many with his half assed behaviour"

"And Susano'o Tatsumi,I will end him"

He swinged the blood stained claymore to clean it off the blood,and from the blood,Dark shadows are emerging,devouring The Tavern they had been in before.