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[17 August 1566]

My name is Tatsumi,a normal or not-so-normal teenager that lives in shinobi village in Zipangu Region,well this village is full of girls,which make me nervous when I go out of home in my childhood days,for I'm the only boy that lives in this village.

Tonight my dad calling me to the training grounds just after dinner

The Unexpected Task and Reunion (1/2)

Just another day of rigorous training,I'm being heavily trained by my mother,a kunoichi, in other words a female ninja.because every children in this village expected to become a shinobi at their 17th birthday.

"Hey Tatsumi,can you come to the training grounds tonight ?"That's my dad,a normal human,my mother said that she got a mission to "assassinate" him years ago because he was a leader of a group in a non-monster friendly region.

"Sure dad"

Later that night,after dinner,I meet him at training grounds just as planned

"Son,do you know why I called you out tonight ?"

"Uuum,Yes?"I just don't know why he calling me tonight,because I too wasn't aware of my age.

"Then tell me why I called you here"

Damn,I know my mom and dad are cautious because flexibility is needed in infiltration missions but...

"For a mission for my 17th birthday" I answered randomly

"Good,now take this scroll"

I take that scroll and without hesitating I opened that scroll,in it a briefment that Yata Mirror,which one of three great treasures has disappeared.

"Your mission is to find the Yata mirror and bring it to the capital of Zipangu,and for that you will need to travel around the world"

around the world he said,doesn't he think that it's a bit too much for a 16-year old boy.

"Any Questions ?"

"No sir"

"Good,now go pack your belongings,you will go down the mountain in 5 hours"

in approachment of my 17th birthday,an unexpectedly heavy task has been waiting for me.

Unexpected task and Reunion (2/2)

[25 August 1566]

It had already been a week since I left and I should have arrived at kyoto if I had managed to follow the maps and read the directions correctly.

Apparently i should be in the outskirts of the Kyoto area where my father told me I should seek out the Ryu.

Being boggy marshed i really should have been more careful with my footing...

A cracking noise broke the silence of the area before I Tripped and I fell into a muddy pond.
Beconing 1

and there I found a girl floating in one of the pool

"For FU... No i must stay calm... am i really searching in the right place?"

Looking down with a sigh, my clothes and luggage were covered in mud, forcing me to wash them in one of the cleaner ponds.

"I guess I will have to wait longer, but i dont have time to just sit around waiting..."

I began exploring the area while waiting for my cloths to dry, walking around in the buff was a rather stupid thing to do but unavoidable.

“At least it’s warm out today.”

Barely covering myself for decency sake, I managed to find a path which seemed to lead deep into an open glade as I searched around.

“Hey are you alright!”

I immediately rushed towards the pond at the glades centre, I had to save her. A beautiful young woman with long purple hair was floating unconscious at its centre.

“Hey! Are you ok!”

Jumping into the water I was stunned by its coldness for the time of year, I had to save the young woman who could possibly drown, so I bit my lip and persevered.

Wading out to her and finally making it to her side, I peered down at her, she was stunningly beautiful with facial paints that only helped to accentuate the fine lines of her face.

I attempted to check if she was breathing before she jolted awake, her face ending up barely a hand width from my own as she stared at me wide eyed.


She started frantically screaming and hitting me with what appeared to be clawed hands.

“Get away from me you freaking pervert!”

“No! Stop… you don’t understand I...”

“Pervert! Trying to steal a kiss and have your way with me!”

Continuing to frantically hit me even as I backed away from her slowly, I now finally noticed her long snake like lower body.

“No… Wait… You misunderstand!”

“No excuses pervert! You are going to be punished for trying to defile a fair maiden!

“Just wait!”

“Your punishment shall be Death!”

Rising up on her snake like body, The tranquil mood broke as the glade darkened, looking towards her she was like a furious deity as she reared back and water rushed up from the pond into her cupped hands.


"Now pay for your insolence!"

She furiously launched the two water balls at me, i barely dodged them as i stood gawping from my initial shock, her face contorted in anger as she began to gather more water.

"You damn pervert! just Die!"

I was familiar with the basics of many differenc kinds of magic when i trained back at the village, but it was not all they taught me, I also leant ninjutsu.

"Take this, you stinking perverted molester!!"

Gathering a large amount of water between both her hands, she raised her arms high above her head and hurdle the giant sphere towards me.

With expert precision, i went through the motions i learnt back in the village.

"Water Release : Water Barrier"

A basic defensive water spell of ninjutsu, It was far harder performing the motions of the spell and casting in the middle of battle compared to training, especially against an opponent who seemed intent on killing you.

"Nearly had me there, any later and you would have gotten me."

"Hoo you know a little bit of magic you damn pervert?, I guess I don't have to hold back in the end."

Her face turned into a twisted grin as she slunk low into the water. I widened my stance as i prepared to fight.

"Don't have to hold back? I think you are already going on rampage as it is."

A giant magic circle appeared beneath her, even with the twisted smile on her face, the glow of the spell circle only made her appear more beautiful in its gentle glow.

"Concentrate man... she trying to use summoning magic."

Going through the motions i prepared to cast my own counter to her summoning. Her eyes began to glow as she swept her hands around herself, creating trails of water around her body.

"Let the sea become enraged... the sky darken... arise feared child of the ocean waves... Awaken, Leviathan!"

We both gawped at each other as similar familiars burst forth from the calm surface of the pool. looming over thier respective summoner.

"But... how?"

"Pervert! Tell me... how do you know how to use my mother's techniques!?"

"That's what I want to know! How do you know my dad's ninjutsu!?"

Narrowing her eyes and glaring at me, she fished inside her clothes before pulling out what appeared to be a crystal orb. Its surface began to glow as she quietly talked into it before she looked at me again with a frown.

"Here... my mother says she wants to talk to you"

Throwing the crystal orb towards me, it was far heavier than it appeared as i barely caught the thing. But as soon as i touched the orb i could hear a voice in my head.

"Hello Young man... it seems you have been giving my daughter a bit of trouble... or so she says."

"Yes... although its all been a misunderstanding i assure you... but may I ask who this is?"

The woman started to laugh gently in her amusement.

"Well...I am that girl's mother... my daughter said you could use my techniques....may I ask for your name ?"

"My name is Tatsumi...Susano'o Tatsumi"

A shocked gasp came down the line as the womans voice became more frantic.

"a susano'o? can it be by any chance your father is Susano'o Ken ?"

I stood there dumbfounded as i looked up from the orb towards the young woman, having folded her arms she just greeted me with a "tut" and turned to face away from me.

"How do you know dad's name?"

"Well, he is my husband"

"Come Again?"

" He is my husband,or should I say ex-husband"

"Wait a minute, doesn't that means...."

A chill ran up my spine as i carried on looking at the young woman across from me, she was idly playing with the water and leering back at me on occasion... I could not believe it.

"Yes... you and my daughter Izuna are... how should i say... step-siblings."

"come again?"

I carried on looking towards the girl and in her frustration she turned back to me.

"What the hell are you gawping at you damn pervert!"

"She... She said we are siblings..."

Her face went blank as her mouth started to open and close slowly, i threw the orb back to her and she began to frantically talk to her mother. Looking back at me again her face had turned white.

"She... said were siblings... im siblings to a damn pervert..."

"WHAT!?" We both shouted in unison towards eachother.

We both started talking frantically and shouting at eachother... This strange journey of mine had only begun it seems...