Kingdom in Chaos (3/3)

[3rd day,27 September 1516]

I just have been sent by my kingdom,religious kingdom of auvers to check Bucharest Branch,but in my mind,I already have some other plans,this corrupted country,I will hire some mercenary to overthrow this kingdom,but what I got are not ordinary mercenaries.


“We Have arrived” At last,I have returned to this place,with 3 people,2 girls with golden and purple hairs and a guy with strange features,black hairs and red eyes.

“So,Zack,are you prepared ?” The supposed guy talked to me,well currently he is going in undercover by using a artifact that changes his gender,but I'm confused by his sentence and I just replied with “What do you mean ?”

“Did you forget ?,I said if we want to overthrow this kingdom,the king must be replaced”

“Y-yes,but why must you that will become the king ?”

He enhaled a deep breath and let it out in a sigh,while asking me a question as a respond for my half-filled answer

“Listen,If one who never felt freedom,given a freedom,what will happen to them ?”

“Uuuh…,They will accept that and change to better ?” I don’t know the answer for that riddle,and I just answered randomly.

“What are you ? an Idealist ?,C’mon man,face reality!”He pulled my outer armor with his right hand,while his left hand just stay calm.seems like two people talking at the same time

“Look,Zack,If one who is never touch a gold,given gold as the material for a crown,do you think that person can craft the crown ?”

He tells me the answer,I can see his intention clearly right now.

“Then,the answer is clear” The Purple haired girl steps in the conversation while the golden haired girl wanders off the alley

“They will break down,and if one manage to become the king,this is just some kind of circle” the guy continued his sentences,and reveals his real intention of becoming the king

“That’s a wise one from you,Tatsumi”

“It’s nothing,if one think about it long enough,anybody can see through that”

Tatsumi,so that’s his name,maybe I will call him Sir Tatsumi later ?

“Tatsumi~,I found a suspicious man in the alley!” the golden haired girl called him out from the alley,while dragging a man with armor

“T-that’s one of the soldier of the army,isn’t it ?” I was terrified seeing that,because of the king, the army was given rights to do anything they want

“Hm ?,Is that so ?,then the timing is perfect”Tatsumi smiled,with some hidden  intent again,I can sense something malevolent from it,and He says something with a smile.

“Zack,You will be our captors”

“Pardon me ?”

“I said,We will start this revolt as Criminals,you will be our captors,and I do know that this kind of kingdom can’t let failures,am I correct ?”

He hits the bullseye,this kingdom can’t tolerate failures,especially from the troops from lower ranks and they usually get banished or executed

“Ah,that’s right,good job Anna.”

“The Pleasure is all mine”

He thanked the golden haired girl,and the thanked just as happy as a girl in love,I wonder if this 2 were couples ?

“Just right on time”

Another troops have come to our position,I will have to play my role correctly or else…

“What Happened here !?” one of them asked me,I must answer naturally

“Sorry!,I let these Criminals slip off a bit,and they already knocked one of the troops!”

“Is that so ?,well then,You Ladies will come with us”

They took them away,while they have been put in handcuffs and being transported to the court,I can see something,a sly grin of a demon…

We arrived at the court,a large building beside the royal castle,and of course a execution grounds behind it,but even though all three of them are handcuffed,they seems don't feel afraid at the slightest while hearing other criminals death throes.

In the court building,the three of them are bounded by chains while still handcuffed at the center,and I sit over here because I have to act as their captors and try to convice the judges about something that I don't know

“His Majesty,Handric the 3rd entering the court”

A Man entered the court,his hairs are silver,but I can feel a large amount of disgust from looking at it,and I can tell,this one is a serious womanizer

“Your Majesty,According to the reports,According to their captors,This three suspects has harassed a personnel.Is that correct ?

“Yes,that is” I stood up,with a serious look,do I have to do it like this ?

“That’s it,Your Majesty,Your Verdict Please” The Verdict is set,He seems conviced by me,and I can already predict his moves

“You three,Do you want to be free ?”

The “king” asked them,which Tatsumi answered while the other two nodded their heads.

“What do you mean by that ? “Your Majesty” ?”

“Well,I offered you a chance to live longer by becoming my concubine”

He took the bait,now my role is finished,right ?

“No sir”

“Sir,I'm afraid I must decline”

“Mister,I don’t like your offer”

All of them declined his offer,which I can predict his next move,they will either execute them or using some kind of magic

“Sigh,what a waste,Guards,Execute them”

“Yes sir”

3 guards has pointed their muskets at them,which seems Tatsumi gave a signal for the other two to light up


As the muskets fired,all of them broke their handcuffs,and started their own way to deflect the bullets,Tatsumi sliced the bullet in half using a knife hidden in his sleeves because his sword has been taken away,The Golden haired one deflected the bullet by her rapier and changes it’s trajectory near the judge which surprised me,I thought that was a blunt rapier,while the bullet that fired to the purple haired one seems losing it's speed,and she caught it.

“Wh-what’s with them !?”

The supposed executioners and the people in the courts frightened of them,I would be lying if I'm saying I don't frightened either

“Excuse me,Your Majesty,We don’t want to become your concubine,but let us in the army instead” Tatsumi started to speak about rolling in the army,what's the point of being in the army to become a king ?

“And ?,Your Specialities Please ?” the "king" asked them for their field of expertise,probably because this kingdom still wants to do some dividing

“Land combat,Against Big Opponents”

“Water Magic”

“Uh..,I am experienced in Rapier fights sir”

“Very well,bring them to the Arena,we can check your abilities a bit,can we ?”

Damned king,so you still wants them as your concubine ?,or are you trying to execute them again ?

[At the Arena]

Modelled after the Italian colloseum,a smell of blood in the air,this makes me sick,even the mercenary I hired doesn't reek of blood,I wonder if the church's teaching that monsters are evil are wrong ?

“ At the east gate,3 female criminals,arrested for killing a personnel from the army”

Killing ?They never do that,what’s the point of Exaggrating it anyway ?

“At the west gate,3 male traitors,each of them are from our own Army,Magic Department and Assassination Department”

Each of them has speciality ?,and more from this country's department ?,I'm sure something is about to happen,and I can see the all of them just smirked,except the girls

“Aaaand,Let  the blood be spilled!”

The bell rang,Tatsumi charged to the big guy carrying an axe,while the other two faced the opponent who has the same ability as them,I hope you guys survive this,because if you guys failed,then what's the point of coming here ?,but my worry seems to be a bit off.

Tatsumi just caught the axe with his bare hands,and more over just two fingers and blocked the following kick with his feet,and seems looked like a hoove,maybe because of sand.meanwhile the other two also extraordinary the purple haired girl uses water magic,which be difficult to fight a earth magic user but she controlled the water,and freely changes it's forms and cracking the earth that engulfed in water,and the last seems just about deflecting the venoms the assassin throws at her,but somehow I can see scars on the assassin,I can't believe my eyes,that rapier supposed to be blunt.

As I adverted my sights from one to another,the one I adverted my sights from just finished,the big guy went uncounscious through unknown means,while the earth user seems uncounscious too,and with the looks of being choked until he passes out,and the assassin just like a cat,scratching the walls as He tried to escape..,his looks like he sees something really dreadful.

"Alright,is this good enough,your majesty ?"Tatsumi asked the king with a smiled face,as I know that he is a guy,I can't hold my disgust and laughter,and of course I break into laughter.

"Fufu,so interesting,a group of women can defeat a group of trained soldiers ?,seems good,fine you three are accepted to the Holy Order of Auvers" the "king" decided to let them in as soldiers,unknown about their intentions,I too wasn't aware,not until a month has passed,I will give this journal to them if they succeded to ovethrow this kingdom someday.

"And your names are ?"

"Jesicca Hargreave/Alice Clearsky/Anastasia Gildedmoon" the three of them told him their "names" which I know was a fake name

Umbra Raven,Sea Witch,and Golden Phantom (1/3)

[18 October 1516]

I have been accepted to the army a month ago,after the fight in the arena,John complains and complains a lot because I interrupted his fun,but actually,it was my fun.because I had been fighting that big guy from the start,and now I have been called "Raven" by the soldiers and the instructor,which surprised me,because the princess Zack mentioned was her.


One chilly morning,as always I woke up before the other guys.because I have to wear that earring and turned back to my girl form,and somehow I find this barracks seems odd.because I have to sleep with the girls in the barracks,and I kept my one eye open every night,because I have to watch out for the guys in my head.and that's why I have to woke up early

"Human,You wake up early again ?" the demon just wake up,and from the other guys,he is the fastest one.much like he has been trained like me,and of course yeah,because I and him were trained in Ninjutsu

"Yep,and I have to wash up my clothes,clean up,and wake up the girls"

"Hohoh,so daring,and ?,how do you plan to make progress on any of them ?"

"Quit Teasing me,of course I will make a move on the princess,and after that it will be your job"

"You really know your stuff huh,Human" He laughed,because I know that his job to seduce human women,and of course the foolish act when at berne was an show the other guys that he was not dangerous

"Alright,Now don't bother me,I have to do my tasks"He replied with an okay,and I'm called by the instructor,as always her white hair is so white,and I want to touch it,as opposed of my always dark hair,She told me to rally up the soldiers to the field

After I woke up all the girls,I come into the Men's barracks,and I smelled something really bad.I'm a man and still don't recognize this scent.

"Hey,You guys!We got a call!" I slammed the door hard,and all of them noticed me,and started wearing their armor,as they passed me to get to the field,they seems slightly pushed themselves towards me and I can hear one unpleasant word

"As flat as always,Raven" flat....,of course that is.I'm originally a man,but because I have to act like a girl...

"Shut up"I hit him at head with my ninja-to sheath,from my now armor,because my jacket currently is in the wash,and to add up,I acted a little girlish with a blush,I'm sure if the other guys were awake I will be a laughing stock for today

As the sun comes higher,all the soldiers has gathered at the field,with the instructor standing at the wooden platform.for it's a morning call or something that need to be demonstrated,because all of us are recruits down here.

"Okay,I will mentioning names that are not passing"

She says something about evaluation test 10 days ago,well I'm pretty sure,I will pass this easily.but I can't keep my confident nature too closely,as I have experienced it,rather bitter at that

She smiled,and I can tell that will be many of us will stay here,and receive another month of training and the ones that passed will be sended to battlefield immediately and I was hoping for that,because I will need third party role for this.

"There's only one name,Jesicca Hargreave"

I'm shocked,How come my name's the only one that not passed,I'm sure I was performing well in the tests,well actually the swordmanship did not going well,as I used my bare hands.As I come up the platform,I can hear snickers around the soldiers,apparently scorning me or something,because I have awaken them early everyday.

"Jesicca Hargreave,Do you know why you didn't pass ?"

"Yes,Ma'am.Because I used my bare hands instead of sword in the test"

"Correct,but your other tests are remarkable,You Scored Perfect score almost in all of them"

Well,that was because of the interruption of the crew,John Helped me on the Endurance test,Rivalz Helped searching for the item on Searching and Recon Test,and Jeremy and Gerald Provided Vision and Feeling in Night Combat Test.

"And because of that,you barely passed"

Eh !?,I'm sure she was saying-

"That's it,all of you are finished with your training! Your duty started by Tomorrow!"

She announced that all of us passed,and the cheers of the soldiers are heard,but I can hear one swift whisper from the instructor.

"Come to the training grounds after training,I need to examine your swordmanship skills"


As my graduation times come and my part are advanced,I will need to make this move before she knows it.but I wonder if the other two's part proceed smoothly.

Meanwhile in the MagiTek Department,an Explosion was heard from one of the a Purple Haired Mage is running to the source of the explosion.

"Chief,are you okay ?"

"Yeah,I'm fine"

The chief just made something Volatile again,I really can't understand humans.Trying to make use Knowledge of magic for war,as I'm still developing my water magic for medical purposes.

"Hold still chief"

I started to cast my water magic on her injury,freezing the blood and let it melt after a period of time.the blood and Thrombus will do the rest.Actually I have been discovering this as I learned how human body works,as the conflict in the arena a month ago was not ended quite well.

"Tell me honestly Chief,Why do you always making something as Volatile as this ?"

"Ahahah,You see.I was trying to make something explosive,because the soldiers will need it on hitting harder targets"

I accept that answer with a sigh,and leave the chief with her experiments for a bit longer,as the sun already so high.

" I will contact mother for this illusion magic,the energy on this place is stronger than I thought,Obvious Signs already happening"

I go back to my research room,where I have patients waiting for me.Nearly all of them are troubled with Blood Problems and Spasm.When I asked to them the cause,they all say Taxes is too high and they need to work harder which I conclude that Stress causes their disease.

"The Plan goes as planned,but I need to persuade the Chief to agree with Tatsumi's plan or else" I fell deep in my thoughts,but it all cracks as the Chief calling me

"Alice~,I need some help here"

"Yes,I'm coming"

I have honed my magic as well in this human society,two birds with one stone.Still I have to do this quickly and Anastasia too

The Wind blows,as the leaves brushes against each other.I don't really want to use Illusion magic.but if Situations demands it seems I will have to.

In the camp where the wind blows,at the edge of the forest.Lined up assassins recruit awaited for their first order,and my first order too.

"Okay,Recruits.Here is your first order"

a man clad in leather armor distributed papers,all while whispering something to each of recruits ears.something that I don't want to hear.

"Listen,Try not to approach the lake in the forest"

Lake in the forest ?,Curiousity strikes me when I hear that,because I am still at that age,and of course at age of searching for my husband candidate too

"Alright,Spread out.We will regroup here in 7 hours"

The crowd spread out and disappears into the forest,all while I jumped from tree to tree,ah... I can see why Tatsumi had delight on his face from the last time.this is really comfortable

As I lost in all the comfort,I can't tell where I have gone to,as I have no directions in this place.

"Well,Seems I lost my way here,according to to the paper.the mission is to obtain something at another end of the forest"

As I walk aimlessly searching for the answer,I stumbled upon a sight.a lake in the forest which a delicate one,as flowers floating still in it,even in this wind.

"Such a beautiful lake...."

As I was infatuated by the scene,I'm reflexively walking towards it.and not ceased until I jolted awake by a shout

"You,Stop right there!"

a Green hair flourished by the wind,the color of nature....

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