Raven's Feather on White Wings (1/3)

"Come to the training grounds after the time"
I still remember that words,really quickly for this is the chance if I want to make a move.or that was what I thought before a scornful voice come from my head who is telling me to prepare for something.
As I'm thinking,the clock's fingers are ticking and ticking accompanied with a voice from my fellow soldiers,men and women alike,requesting me to be their training partner or a friend to go to the bar,which I refused them all in thought of the Instructor's command.
The sun sets,as I hoped for it to do quickly,for some reason my sensitivity to light seems pretty high lately,I casually walked to a a tent,where I found the Instructor already wait there with her Equipment.
"There you are,Jesicca.I am tired of waiting" She said that in a weary voice,almost like she will fall asleep anytime,and I have to answer with the suitable answer
"Sorry for the wait,Ma'am"
"Well,that doesn't matter" She stands up,and walks to the grounds behind her tent,all while readying her sword and shield
"Draw your sword"
"As you wish" I pulled my sword,a blunt-edged ninja-to,I wonder how long it is since I drawn this,for this is a keepsake from mom and dad.
"You know the drill" She picked up one of the pebble,and hold it on her thumb,I can grasp the meaning of that and readying my sword
The pebble is thrown,falling to the ground with speed,as both of us charged at each other when it reached the ground
I started by a simple chop from my palms,aiming at her neck,but she immediately blocks it with the hilt of her sword
"C'mon,don't use your hands,use your sword!" She encourage me to use my sword,which I can't use it as well as a child
"Right" I started by slamming my sword against her shield and dodges the countering slash that follows by jumping,as I jump I have released my sword,while trying to knock her off by hitting her spinal cord
"Not so fast" She lets go of her sword,and blocks my palms with her gauntlet and bashes me with her shield afterwards which pushed me away
"You are not bad,Instructor" I'm out of breath,for I wasn't trained for this kind of frontal battle like this,
"Same to you" She cracked her arm that received my blow,and readying her stance again after that
"Alright,that's enough"
"Huh ?What does it mean Instructor ?" I'm struck with confusion,I thought this was a test that requires to knock out the opponent.
"I mean,I have checked on your abilities in this test" She shrugs her shoulder to ease her neck with a cracking sound after that.
"And the result is,you will be the Captain of your unit"
"Eeeh,Doesn't that mean-"
"Correct,Congratulations on your promotion"
I can't believe what I hear,the last time I received an award was from my time in the village...for merely casting a water ball ninjutsu...and the scroll just scribbled randomly by dad
"Ready your troops,Captain.We got a word from HQ" She pats my shoulder as she gets back to her tent to brief the other units about the "word"
"We finally got our call huh ?" "Yeah..." As the instructor gets in her tent,I follow her to a table circled by other captains,and she starts to open a map and the briefment

Cooling Water for a Fiery Heart (1/3)

As the shout was heard,I'm walking to the source accompanied with explosions and other reactions from other rooms up to the top,where is the chief's research lab.
"What is it,Chief ?" I relaxedly open the door,then a pair of small hands pulled me in. 
"Ah,there you are! Quick,this way" She pulled me through the room,albeit with difficulty,because her small size,and I never asked for her age before.
We run through a serial of glass,which the contents are all volatile material the chief has been experimenting with,and all of them seems still active
We stopped at a red door,made of solid material with a rune printed on it
"Protective Seal:Release" The Chief stretched her hand to it and said release,which deactivated the rune and opens the door
"This way,quickly!" we entered the door,and I can hear some gasping-or some pipping sounds from nearby sources,but from the humidity-
We came to the end,and what waited for us is a creature made out of lava,but seems still a little child
"Th-this is..." I stared in wonder seeing it,because I have never seen anything such as this,because it's not a Oomukade or Ushi-oni I have met before,it has no "life" but I can see it's heart still beating.
""Alice,what are you spacing out for !?,come here quick"
"Ah!? Sorry!"I come up running to the chief,who is behind the creature and out of curiousity,I asked her "what" the creature is
"Hm ? This is just a golem"
"a golem ?I thought golems are made out of soil ?"
"That is! I tried and tried to make a lava golem,but all of them just turned out to a volatile the one that exploded before,and that's why people just keep underestimating me "
Come to think of it,there's not a single person in this building,even with that many labs.
"And enough of that,let's get to work" She walks off to another room nearby,with a heavy step and I can tell,there's really something big going on out there,in here and out there

Moonlit Leaves of Harmony (1/3)

"You! Stop Right there!"
The Shout jolted me awake to consciousness,along with a gust of wind and a clanging sound coming from nearby trees,right a step at front of me
The Pendulum,or what they called it,swings at me,I managed to dodge it.but what it hits is just another arrow trap to be precise,and one shot right beside my cheek,and another at my eye
A second before it can hit me,another arrow comes from the sides,tackling the one shot at me,accompanied with a tug from my sleeves
"What are you doing Dozing off like that?!"
a Girl with green hair pulled me out of the stream of arrows,I definitely will die if She didn't help me.
After a short run through the woods,we stopped under a big cedar tree,and with a gasp,the two of us subsided on the grass. 
"Huff...Huff,Recruit! What are you doing near that lake!,I thought you were told to not approach it!" She panted heavily due the running,well it's not like I don't spend any energy but what made me gasp was the fact that she called me "Recruit"
"a Recruit ? Are you my senior ?"
"Senior ? Nah,I'm your supposed instructor"
"Ah I see,Instructor.Wait what !?"
Due to my surprise,a flute fell down from my pocket,along with a notice of her pointy ears,I spontaneously crouched to pick up the flute
"That's....a flute...?" She look at it with glittering eyes so shiny I can see utmost interest in it.
"Uuum,yes this is a flute"
"Can I play it ?"
I hand over the flute to her,and she quickly grabbed it and after a quick look,started to play a melody out of it,the melody of the withering leaves.

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