Raven's Feather on White Wings (2/3)

As I followed the instructor through the entrance,we are greeted by a table rounded by the other captains,or should I say a Brigade's leader and battalion captains,and I'm merely a Company Captain,well,it is sure a big difference in our ranks,but what really counts is the abilities,not ranks

"Alright,So here we are gathered once again.I suppose you all already know what kind of meeting this will be ?"

"Of course,General Aerona"

They responded in a quick manner,and I only stood by here near the table.and occasionally the demon also started scheming up his own plans."Good,now let's get to the point" She opened a small rolling of a worn out paper,which is a map of some region,a monster infested,or should I say monster-friendly region. The other captains and leader focused their attention at the map and Aerona's directions,directing from a enemy encampment or the main city,and it's branches which divided by four,and the invading force landing zone.


The Center is the enemy encampment,the rest is us

"The enemies that are reported to be present are mostly Orcs and Goblins,occasionally a sight of a Dullahan,Minoutauruses,and Werewolves also present,this one is going to be tough,but are all of you guys prepared ?"

"Yes Ma'am" In Unison,all of us answered her almost at the same time "Good,now the plans are,First we are going to drop the first Battalion's Second Company and second Battalion's third company on the cliff of both sides,where they will provide us covering fire,and from the west and east Half of a Company of Holy Knights are going to assist the rest of the battalions for each sides,after that,the rest is just to regroup and storm the enemy's encampment" She finished her plans,but why do I feel at unease here ? Simplicity ? Too Hasty ? or some Uncertainty ?,but well I will play along with this "play" but I will try to shield my troops and act on my own accord a little.

"That's all,any questions ?" 

"No Ma'am"

"Good,By Chief God's will,May we meet again after this sound and well"

The group is gradually decreasing,and I'm still observing over the maps even after General leaves,My eyes are glued to this map,and as if I'm already there,I can see the landscapes,a rocky,steep valley surrounded by mountainous terrains. "You sure are something human" The demon is starting to talk ,and the others frankly speak to me about the area,and the course of action they would take.

"You seem troubled,Jesicca" The Instructor comes back,did she come back to check on me ?

"Ah,nothing at all,General.I'm just a bit too concerned about this operation"

"Are you being nervous about your first mission ? well,it's not uncommon though,many of the captains failed to lead their units in their first day of command"

"Instructor,are you sure choosing me as the captain for the guys in the barracks is a good choice ?,I'm pretty sure there's someone with more redeeming qualities than me"  "Well,the matters are not of age,but out with experiences,and I have known since I first trained you,You have a good perspective and courage,I'm pretty sure you will be fine"

She friendfully pats my shoulder and tells me to leave and ease the tension,but it's not the tension that matters,only the progression toward the revolt. As I walked to the barracks,to sleep and check on my jacket,a female figure runs towards me,and after a while,She stopped with a heavy breath,and started talking once she finished taking in air.

"Raven,do you hear about the rumor !?"

"Hm ? Why are you talking about it ?" I cluelessly answered her questions that was regarding me,because I still so clueless

"Well,you see,there's a rumor about a recruit receiving a promotion as Company Captain on Her Graduation day from the barracks" 

"Ah,that person is me then" Talking like some a talk about weather,the words just slipped out of my lips,and surprised the interlocutor as it passed through her ears  "Seriously,Raven !?Well,I won't doubt you,because you sure are have the qualities,congratulations for that!" Shaking my hand,she congratulates me for being the captain and her leader,but I'm pretty sure can remain calm if the shout didn't attract crowds among recruits like this

As I tried to calm the crowd,Someone of them suggested the rest to dress me like an actual person suitable to the position,and after a single hour or so I'm out the place with a more feminine-I don't like appearance


After that,I'm being pulled by my contemporaries to somewhere,that I sneaked out in the middle way with a wind release,because I can't pass through that crowd only with some agility.

"Seriously,what's with those guys ?"I murmured with a quite voice,for what my colleagues did,letting my hair loose like this,as I keep a protest feeling in my heart as I walk to the barracks,my consciousness suddenly flew out of my head,and I awoke in my bed in the barracks the next dawn,and explanation from the demon as my morning words.for now I have to muster up the guys and readying myself.

Cooling Water For a Fiery Heart (2/3)

Entering the door following the chief,we are leaded to a room next to the research room,or should I say the control room for experiments.Brimming with heat as it be,because this room has been used to such extent that I don't have an idea how long it is,and the last experiment is an artificial lava golem.

"Alice,Over here"She called me to a board with runes craving on it,and after a quick introduction to it from her,she started to explain the how-to-do the process.

"First off,you will need to stabilize the golem,then after I give a go,you will  cool it off precisely on right temperature,after that,it's just the normal procedure to make it move"

"Roger that chief"I responded in quick pace,and readying myself in the meantime,as the chief is starting to prepare her mixture of substances.

"I am hitting it"I started activating the board accompanied with a nod from the chief,I was surprised of how hard it is,because not even my normal ice-molding procedure can hold out barely more than 5 seconds,and because of that I have to keep molding ices continuosly,while the chief mixing the substances.

"Chief ?,are you done yet ?"I gritted my teeth trying to maintain the ices,as the ices in the experiment room starts to melt.and the chief is still mixing and looks confused.

"75% of Silicon Dioxide,Magnesium Dioxide,and- what is it again ? "The chief grazed her head while mixing,confused for the last thing she would add,and I'm not interested in Alchemy so I can't help her with that

"Chief!"I shouted at her,signalling my limits in this form,and also jolts her back from her thought and subsconsiously added the last thing,which I instantly froze the golem after she dropped it.

"How it goes ?"She ran towards the exhausted self of mine,which I replied with "I don't know",which lead the chief to check on the golem and unfreezes it but....

The Golem explodes,leaving a jelly-like object in it's stead,and the chief is injured again,and also feel depressed while muttering something."Why....why doesn't it work...?" She muttered some depressed lines,over and over...while I recover my energy,and after I'm done,I started by comforting the chief,despite I'm still an assistant,I'm moving on reflex because of memory of Reiko-nee when I'm still a child.

As I give some comforting words,she is still in the previous state,but still able to respond....violently and in pessimistic way.

"It's okay!If you want to leave then leave!"

"What are you talking about chief ? why must I leave ?"

"Stop lying !the previous people who was helping me with this,are all got fed up with it and then left me behind !,aren't you being fed up too !?"

I see,that's why this building had no people in it,probably because they can't keep up with this...brat,but I don't need such thing like a short temper,long-post thought is a need in this kind of situation.

"It's okay chief,I already get used to it"

"Get used ? How !?"

"Well,you see,I have a little brother who is much like you,He is quite clumsy,short-tempered,and seems rather a late-thinker.but He never did leave his work undone"

"Eh !? isn't he much like me !?"She seems surprised,probably because I described Tatsumi as such,well it's quite accurate even when I'm not minding the details.

"Hahaha,maybe so.well,it's probably the cause that I can still holding myself different from the other people"I chuckled lightly when I heard her response,"Well,let's just try it again next time,chief" I stood up from the floor,and cleaning myself after I take care of the chief's injury,because it's already night outside,seems I will go to sleep

"Just call me Milly"

"Okay,Chief Milly...."

Moonlit Leaves of Harmony (2/3)

She played it for a few minutes now,but somehow....I feel dizzy from hearing it,is it from the melody ? or is it from my lack of sleep ?,but I can still endure it,because no way I can sleep in broad daylight.

She continued played the flute,and the melody started to change,and my sleep urges subsided and filled me with motivations instead,I really wondered with the sudden mood changes and I doubt that a flute sound can change the mood like this.

She finally put the flute down,and yawned loudly after that,"Ah~,that was good",She flexed her body after the yawn,with a very refreshed expression.

"That was good"I complimented her while clapping my hands,because I must admit she was very good at it.but seems my compliment didn't reach the core.

She startled hearing my compliment,and backed off a few step with a red face.but somehow her green hair seems fading,leaving a green highlight near the edge of her now light blonde hair.but it doesn't matter,because She nervously tried to speak.

"Uh...umm,Did you hear my play earlier ?" She asked something really obvious while still in stuttering manner and tried to cover her face partially.

"Yes,that was good.I never thought I can see someone play a flute so well"I answered her with seems a passive role,a spectator role in fact.but I took the initiative and seems too late,because she denied the compliment again,but still in soft voice.

"Forget about it" She told me to forget about what was happened,but it just stroke me with more curiousity

"Eh ? Why ?" I expressed my disagreement about her command,because I don't want to forget such beautiful thing.

"Just Forget about it!"She shouted at me with red cheeks tried to hide her shyness that seems happy because someone complimented her of her play,is it because of pride ?

"Uuum,well I'm sorry then..."I took a rather passive move,but I can't do the task Tatsumi gave me if I stop right here....

"I'm sorry of asking this thing,but...are you an elf ?" I asked her about her elven traits,which she replied in rather annoyed tone.

"Yeah,I am.what of it ?"She answered in rather prideful voice,her shyness was disappeared but not completely,such prideful way of speaking....

"Such Pride,That's the trait that really easliy recognized.but I'm not actually affected by it" Still,I must control myself.Since I'm different from those family member of mine,talked with the same prideful voice,the same arrogance...all while look down on others.

"Maybe you are one that not affected,but see the others.they feared me because of it.That's why I never showed up in the introductions,remember ?" She reminded me of her own absence a month ago,but why did she remembered about thing that already long passed ?

"Ah,You still remember about the introductions a month ago ?"I jestfully questions her own statement that state that she didn't care about the other member or should I say humans.

Her face turned red again,because I knocked on her nerves.and she desperately tried to shove it and deny it away.but such things indicated that the prideful way of speaking a moment ago just merely an act.

Not a morning person

She desperately tried to make me forget by call me a not a morning person in her memory

"Sh-shut up!,It's not like I care about that at all! It's only for the job!"

"Dear me,but isn't that mean you actually cared enough for us,that you remembered even our faces ?,because you saved me from the traps earlier and called me a recruit ?"

"Shut up! It's because I know you are not a morning person! you already stood out from the first day!" She still desperately tried to make me forget by seemingly projecting an image about me.well actually,even when I'm not a vampire,I still can feel depressed in the morning.

"Well,I will leave that as it is then"I shrugged off the current topic,while she still wore the same expression but very much calmed down.

"About the task..."

"It's nothing,it said you must retrieve something at the edge of the forest,right ? but I'm sure the other guys still searching for it" She cutted my sentence mid-way regarding my task by saying that the task was merely a fake.

Being skeptical,I was about to turn my back on her and get back on the run,but stopped by her,or by her meloday again,to be precise.

"Hey....,You said my play from before was good right ? How about I play you one more ?"She picked up the flute again,and about to play me one more melody,well I won't refuse it,so I sit back.

"This one is called:Melody of Truth..."

Raven's feather on White Wings (3/3)

[19 October 1516]

After I got up,Weary because of the fatigue as my eyes can barely open themselves,I supposed to muster up the soldiers but for some reasons I still went doing the chores.being laughed at by the other guys in my head,but strangely the demon only chuckled lightly,which strange because he is the usual proprietor of my problems.

While I do my usual activity,also known as doing chores,because of habit of doing it,back in the village or here,waking up at dawn,training,washing clothes,etc.I heard someone calling me.

"Hargreave! What are you doing there !? doing chores like that despite we must rally the troops" a young man,seems about 5 years older than me with medium brown hair,called me and reminded me of my duty as the new captain.

"Oh,it's Lloyd" I called him Lloyd,because of my habit of giving people nicknames,because I need to remember high value targets,and my highest value was recorded by their actual name,well other than in mission I address people by their name.

"Who the hell is Lloyd !? My name is Laurence!"He seems angry,because I address him by his nickname,was my nickname for him seems too weird ?

"Well,let's drop on that,let's continue our duty"

"By duty,You mean I must continue polishing this shield ?"

"No duh!,Rally the troops!" He told me to rally the troops,post haste.I know because we are going early this time,but isn't this time of the day still too early ?

"Ok then,You'd better watch our backs when we arrived" I pat his shoulder,because he is the leader of the second company,or known as Arquebusiers,because I was told that their rifle's official name was Arquebuse,and of course the one that was given the responsibility of supporting the fighting forces.

I walked down to the barracks and arrived at the other guys's barracks,which I opened it with a slam,but before I can shout to them,I found the barracks empty.

"Raven,what are you doing here ? the rest are waiting" One of the guys in my unit called me from behind as I turned back,I saw all of them are all ready with their weapons and armors at the field,waiting for the command.

I sighed a sigh of relief,"Seems you guys really pumped up huh ?" I'm letting out a satisfied smile,because I don't have to get these guys to take care of themselves,after a while the other units also arrived at the field,and of course each and one of us captains are struck with responsibility,and my responsibility is to act under the command of the battalion leader,named Garth Hazelrink.

Garth Hazelrink,a big middle aged man with unkept beard,seems he was lived for battle or something,my ability to read a person capabilities seems rather low,if compared to mom,it's pretty much like a big stone and a peeble.

"Ahem,Soldiers of Auvers..." Aerona just arrived and started her speech,with guards with seems good equipment,as herself also wearing full-armor.

"Our Target this time is the Marksburg Castle,the Capital of Marksburg,As you have heard,That place is a place crawled with filth,filth that also caused by ones of our brethrens.because of that, We must purge them,Purge them in the holy name of God!" Such speech,what the hell is this god anyways,if she ordered the humans to kill,doesn't that mean she was also a madmen ?

I tighten my fist hearing it,because I thought divinities are present in all things,and if they kill each other,then that means,the one that going to take advantage is....

"That it is! Join the fray,Warriors of Auvers! we will purify them!" Aerona finishes her speech and hold her weapon high accompanied with cries of the soldiers,and I just keep silent here..."Watching these guys get violated rather would be amusing" the demon snickers,talking about this crusade,because he seems know what we are up against.