The Righteousness of a Demon (1/2)
[20 October 1516]
Yesterday,I had my most embarrassing moment of my life,because I nearly popped out because the speech from before,good thing the demon or Kanzaki stopped me.and after a seemingly endless march to Marksburg,we camped near the pass entrance at the nighttime. ____________________________________________________________________________________  A dark starless night,After that march which seemed to last at least for 13 hours of walking,at last we are allowed to rest.the rest of my group seems exhausted and I still have my strength,and I secretly don't have any strength in my arms.but I had my strength in my leg.

My colleagues are already set up the tent,and sleeping soundly after that,while I watched the bonfire I lighted up a while ago,around the fire Lloyd,The Battalion leader and one company captain are sitting while opened the previous map

"Okay,Lads. Listen up" The battalion leader,named garth speak with a rowdy voice while opening the map and pointing to one of the entrance.

He pointed  the upper left entrance,which with a rather narrower and longer path to take.

"Jesicca,You take your troops this way.Be careful when you are at it,girl.You will be teamed up with Roland and assisted by 25 Holy knights,Because your rather new company is known of their speed,correct ?"

I'm teamed with Roland Milrac,I heard that his company are composed of brutes that excels in strength,strength is everything ? excuse me while I laugh.

"....And We predicted that your way will be blocked by a checkpoint with considerable amount of enemy soldiers,any questions ?"

"No,sir" Roland and I replied almost in same time

"Alright,next up.Laurence,You already know your role,right ? In case if you forget,I will explain it again.Your company will be divided by two,and you will be supporting all of us.I,myself will lead the armored troops on the entrance next to it."

While I'm hearing the explanations,I can also hear a light chuckling in my head,of course from the demon.He chuckled non-stop from the start of the march until now,I will ask him later.

"That's all.Remember,We are charged the clearing of this side,if we fail.the general and the others will be in danger,understand ?"

"Yes sir" We all replied in Sync again

"Good,I wish you all good night"Garth stood up,and walks back to his tent,Roland follows after a while,leaving me and Lloyd the only ones around the fire.

"Hey,Lloyd" After a while since the two went off,I started a conversation

"I already told you,my name is Laurence,not Lloyd"

"Okay then...,Laurence,what do you think of the explanations ?" I started to discuss the previous explanations with him,I know it's rather dull but I need to take caution.

"yeah,I think he didn't explain it all,it still has considerable risks"

"So you realized it too ? they said this area is full of Orcs and Goblins...but where is the ogre ?" I told him my speculations,because of Ogres living quarters are always near Orcs and Goblins and it would be rather odd if the two of them get into a fight and the third one doesn't.

"Yep,and also,Aerona said about a sight of a Dullahan and Minotaurus ? This thing is definitely related to demon realm,probably the others will show up too" He also told me his speculations,while throwing another branch of wood to the fire,does he intend to pull an all-nighter ?

"Well then"I stood up,intending to get back to my tent "You should watch our's back,Lloyd" I warned him about his role while waving my finger,and he also responded with seems annoyed expression.

Arriving at my tent,or should I say no-tent.I decided to sleep under a tree because it's not like me to sleep so soundly with groups,if I can say with all honesty,I kept my eye open from the month before because I was nervous sleeping with groups.

as I troubled by the thoughts,I started a handstance of fire release,to cook food to fill my stomach because I still don't eat anything and to keep me up at least until dawn.

"Fire Release:Cauldron fire"

Cauldron fire is a offensive fire release,used to a bunched up enemies in tight place,because it will stop if it hits anything that isn't an organisms when it is spreading.

I started to roast up my own food supplies,good thing it's still not rotten despite I put it there for more than one month,well pretty much likely nearly rotten.

"That reminds me....,Demon,what is the thing you told me to prepare the other day ?" I asked the demon about the thing he told me to prepare a day ago,I thought he was saying about something that was Demon Realm Material.

"Don't mention it,I already got it myself,and Hided it in a nice place"

"Tell me already" I urged him to tell me the thing he already prepared,because of my curiousity which he responded with a sigh.

"Fine...,I will give you a clue.If it was only to destroy a town,it can be done in short time,but if it was not to destroy it,it will take years."

Instead of giving me a answer,he gives me a riddle.a philosophy that say instead of destroying your enemies,it's more useful to take them's the ancient way of war that taught the art is the way without bloodshed.

"You are saying about this crusade ?" Puzzled,I asked him again,but this time he just keeps quiet and won't tell me anything until the next morning.And I'm falling asleep just after a few minutes later because of the fatigue,again. ___________________________________________________________________________________

[21 October 1516]

The next morning,which I refreshedly flexen my body because at last I can sleep in a long time.I tried to walk after I woke up,a bit sleepy but I can still ready my ninja-to and kunais,and I should prepare my special kunai,the wired one,because unlike my fellow villagers,I don't have tails,pointy ears or something that would act as a grappling hook,so I decided to use wired kunais as a mean of mobility through windows.

While I'm busy polishing my blunt-edged blade,and also wiring up the kunais and attached them to finger sockets of my glove,I noticed that something is wrong with the camp,After I finished in a few minutes,I run to the camp to find that some of the soldiers are missing.

"What happened last night ?" Wondered,I took a inspection that I found a hooveprints,according to's about 2 meters high,weigh around 100 kg and seems carried a big axe.

"They strike first.damn it,I thought minotauruses were dumb/Chief,don't you mock me now" the demon and John start arguing because John finds the demon's statement a mockery because he is also a minotaurus.

As they keep arguing,I keep inspecting the other soldiers are coming to the site,troubled by the sight they asked me what happened which I answered it's a night raid with the culprits being minotauruses.

"Hargreave! What happened !?" Roland comes running to the site,already wearing his armor and carrying a halberd.

"I don't know,seems there's a raid last night.there's hooveprints everywhere"

"Do the headcount,I will keep track on the outer area,probably they are still there waiting for us"

"No,you stay here and do the headcount,I will do the tracking" I unsheated my ninja to and wear my kunai- attached glove as I leaped through the soldiers...because I know one thing.

"Wha-!?,Hargreave! wait! it's too reckless to do the tracking alone!" He seems worried,but his worry are not necessary and my colleagues calmed him down.

"Don't worry Captain,Raven's speciality is not combat,it's tracking" As I heard it,I further entered the pass,using my wired kunais as grappling hook to enhances the mobility,but....

The thing that was bothering me is ....Lloyd wasn't in the camp....

Cooling Water for a Fiery Heart (3/3)

It already had been 2 days since the failure,and seems Chief Milly is still in her room,probably still sulking for the past 2 days.Today begins by Morning Practice and improvisation after I called mother yesterday and she said I must not help the chief too far on warfare research,because We,People of Zipangu has been living in peace for the time to this day.

As I do the practice and still troubled by thoughts,I accidentally messed up one ice molding that end up freezing the object it hits instead of passing it in water form as usual.With a sigh I scratched my head while thinking about how I would solve the problem Tatsumi gave me.

"Nee-san,Try to minimize the Demonic Energy in the city so it would last longer" is what he said,but how would I do that ? the exposure in the sewers is too condensed and I can't approach it without getting my mind fogged.

"How troubling..." I sighed to myself,while I'm immersed in thoughts and some stress,some unexpected noise happened in the morning.Instead of explosions,I heard someone slam open my lab's door.

"I found it!"Milly comes into the lab,with huge bags under her eyes which surprised me.

"Uwah!What happen-What is with your eyes,chief !?" I boldly expressed my surprise of her conditions.

"Duh! Call me Milly Already,and I found out what's the wrong with the last part!" She talks roughly,rather forced I would say,because Her body seems trembling because of sleep deprivation.

After that,She explained to what was wrong with the last time,from the composition,the magic to make it move and the fuel.and after a while She collapsed,sleeping because of fatigue,rather obviously because it's already amazing because with her small body,she can still re-check all that composition for 2 days straight.

"Truly,What a troublesome fellow,You are overworking yourself" I grumbled a bit and then carry milly back to her room on the top floor.After I put her on her bed,She murmured something about some formula,sleep talking it seems,as I walk to the door she starts to change the pattern.

"Senior,How do I do on this oooone~?"She speaks in her sleep,Which make me smile because she is remembering me of myself in childhood days,it was a good days because I can still be relaxed and surprised because of Reiko-Nee always know my secrets because I sleep-talked it all.

"Have a nice dream,Milly" I murmured good night a while before I close the door,of course I still had my thoughts from before and I still confused about it.this is like a dead end,and what we will do on a dead end are usually 2 ways.

The First and The Second already failed,I'm troubled because I can't ask mother for help because she obviously will warn me again to not get involved with violence.So I decided to take a tour to town to ease my mind,I took off my lab uniform to my usual Kimono,but I considered that this is not Zipangu so I wore my School uniform instead,good thing I still kept this.

I walked down to the exit of the building,but I'm seeing empty roads and alleys in my sights,seems odd to me,because I know it's still morning but it's nearly afternoon,so why people are absent in this time of the day ?

"Ah,it's the doctor" Some familiar voice are coming into my ears,which I know it's from an old lady that comes to my clinic because of health problems,She hardly can make her way to me so I run to her and help her because she is running an errand.

"Old Lady,May I ask why is the town seems deserted ?"I asked her regarding of the town conditions that she replied with frightened voice

"The Soldiers were leaving the town on a Crusade 2 days ago,and of course since we fear they might do something because one of us can anger them,We stayed in our homes" 

"So you are all being threatened by the soldiers ? how about the king's authority and the church ?" I asked her again for the king's authority to discipline the troops and the church because of their teachings to treat the fellow humans nicely,but she laughed. 

"You're new to this town,doctor. the previous king was a good man yes,but the current king is so sloppy that his sloppiness make the church abolished because their members of heroes and holy knights and templars were disgusted by him and left"

As I heard it,I ceased my inquiring and helped her walk to the center of the town,which has people in it,or at least more from before.

After I casted medical magic on her,she thanked me and left.leaving me puzzled because of the sudden addition to the troubles for our group.

"So this is why Tatsumi said the king must be replaced" I sighed to myself,impressed by the cunningness of my own step-little brother,he already predicted that the church and the holy order already abolished but the king still deems his kingdom "Holy".

As I ventured further into the town,I arrived at the arena,the energy here is pretty dense because of Monster prisoners,but I feel something strange.

"How strange....,the density seems reduced from the last time I checked" I decided to enter the arena's prison,because the density seems obscured around here,there,I found something that I never thought I was able to find before.

I found a leather pouch with pink metals in it,There's really a third way if two are present and two fails.

Moonlit Leaves of Harmony (3/3)

"Melody...of Truth ?" I was dumbfounded upon hearing it,because She was saying about something that can easily be misinterpreted

"Is it a Melody that will open a person's secret in life and another lies or something ?" I asked some rather dumb question,because I'm being panicked that my own secret might get digged out.

"Normally yeah,but this one can only reveal the secret of the one who played it"She explained a little of it and getting ready to play the flute,while I wait anxiously to see the effect.

"Well,I'm playing it" She starts playing the flute,the melody at first is a smooth one,but the strange one is I can see flowing leaves in my eyes,despite it is already season of the fall,and I also can see houses and people,all of them with pointy ears.

"This is the village I was born in" Her voice are heard from nowhere,because she disappeared the moment I advert my sight from her,Instead there's a little girl running so cheerfully with a man and a woman on a field,what a calming view,it makes me envy her for having such nice memory....

Suddenly the melody gets harsher,and the view of the blowing wind changed into a snow wind,The view also changed into a snowfield,the trees are all withered.among the wind I can see a light coming from the other side of the village,and a man coming through the snow.

"Excuse me!" He shouted loudly with seemingly all his strength while knocking on the door,whence an elven girl opened it,after a while She let him in but words of argument comes out from the house,but comes down after a while with none of them getting out of the house.

The night came as the melody gets harsher and harsher,so does the morning.The next morning,the villagers comes to the house with their bows,probably because of the man.and my hunch was right,the man is being dragged out with the family to the townsquare.

"Luthien Telemnar,Some witness said you were letting a human into your settlement,is that correct ?" an elder elf,seems like a village elder accused the girl for letting the man into the house,I think what is the wrong of that ?

"No,We are the ones who let him in!. not this child!" the parents are defending their daughter,desperately in that, but because the elder said there was a witness,then it's all in vain.

"Silence! Luthien,do you confirm it or not ?"

"I....did.." Luthien,the young elven girl confirmed her actions in a low voice

"Then it iss decided" the elder gets a scroll with villager's name in it,and ready to put a cross to a name "Luthien Telemnar,You are hereby banished from the village!" He crossed a name,written in elvish language,and after that,the young girl and the man are forcefully expelled from the village by the villagers.

"That's the downfall of my life" She speaks again,with a shuddering voice,seems she is almost breaking down when the melody gets on it's peak.

"Stop" I whispered to her,to stop the melody because I'm not going to inquire further.this is the same one from the time with Tatsumi,I almost broke open his secret that he wanted to keep for himself,and yet I'm still trying to do it again....what a bad habit...

The melody stopped,and the view dissipated to thin air and turned to the normal view under the cedar tree bathed in moonlight,with an elf beside me with teary eyes.which pains me because I too have known of that pain.

"So that was your story...Luthien" I pat her head,and while I do that,she whimpers and suddenly hugged me.well,I will let this one slide,too bad I don't bring my hat with me though.

After hours of crying,she finally calms down.her green hair is back,along with her now watery light green eyes.She still tries to speak clearly but can't because she has been crying for hours.

"Hey...,grant me a favor. why are you keep getting close on my nerves ?" She grabbed my clothes and stated her question that why I had been able to keep my cool,well,the answer is simple.

"Because I'm not a human" I replied without hesitation,because I'm not talking to a human and seems safe,but not with her.She is stunned by the answer,but before she let the word out,I already anticipates it.

"Maybe I will present you my own melody one day" I picked up the flute as she smiled hearing my statement and gently pats my shoulder,claiming me as her friend but I only had one advice to give her,so I stated it bluntly as a conditions of being her friend.

"Don't let that kindness fade away" That is my condition under this moonlight,the leaves also fall as we gets back to the camp and I get my punishment for returning late.

The Righteousness of a Demon (2/2)

"What happened ? why all of you still don't start the attack ?"

"General ! I'm terribly sorry! but it seems we were hit by a raid last night"

"a Raid ? Was there any casualties ?"

"Until now seems none,but Second Company Captain Laurence Edgard is missing,First Company Captain Jesicca Hargreave currently still tracking the raiding group at the first entrance"

"Ngh ? You mean me ? Sorry,but I overslept"

".....,Jesicca is in danger" _________________________________________________________________________________

I continued to proceed deeper through the pass,periodically throwing and pulling the kunai to make it quick,and also using my blade as jumping platform,I'm really troubled by the choices,should I proceed ? or should I return and tell general to find new leader for the Arquebusiers ? because without anyone to lead the supporting power,this side is really compromised 100% to get screwed at our rear hard.

"You'd push forward Human" the demon suggested me to move forward with a belittling voice

"I know,because I don't have another choice right ? if I get back,we probably wouldn't get back safe" I replied with an approval while stabbed my blade to the cliff and also preparing handstance with one hand.

After I finished,I blow a long breath to my handstance, that amplified my breath into a surrounding wind," Wind Release:Gale"

Gale is a mobility increasing ninjutsu,and something I prided myself in,because I was trained in all aspects but the one I can use the best is wind releases,despite that,the demon still said my compatibility is darkness which I decline persistently.

After the wind finishes enveloping me,I grinned a bit while detaching my earring that reforms me back to my actual self with shorter hair.

"Alright guys,Hope you still got the reserves" I taunted the guys in my head in underestimating way of talking,that responded with thrilled reaction by all of them and told me to get to the jump already.

I lunged forward,with my already high mobility and with enchantments from Gale,I pretty much can run over this entire passes in 3 hours,but before I could finish even one,I stopped before I take my second jump,because I spotted a patrol group that makes me jump upward to avoid them instead.

I silently analyzed the components of the patrol,which seems composed of 10 Orcs,15 Goblins,and 5 Werewolves.but Rivalz suddenly alerted me of the bristling sound from behind,but before I can turn over I'm getting pounced by what seems a werewolf with chains on her leg.

"I found one!" She shouts in a thirstful voice,but seems also lustful.but wait a minute if it's one second if you prefer it,didn't I know her ?

"Hey now,Lady. What are you doing ? Pouncing on me like you did the another day and moreover on broad daylight" Rivalz suddenly takes control of my right side,but He seems try to take over my left side too,but since Sayo doesn't permit it,He's only able to take control the right side.

"This scent....Master !?"She seems surprised,to find me here,but she still doesn't stop from caressing my body,even with Rivalz scent which is her master,she still doesn't stop until it started to reach below.

"It's Master...without permission I can't,but uh...I can't hold it anymore!" She tore off my chestplate that revealing my tightsuit,but before she can tear it open,my right hand suddenly moved on it's own and touched her forehead.

"Maaan,what a pain,seems she got so little spirit energy since the last encounter that she is now able to go against us" the demon takes over,and by placing his fingers at her forehead,transferring a bit of my spirit energy without taking...intercourse...well,I have seen dad and mom did it a few times but still.

She quiets down,and after that run to the direction of the capital with a nod,I wonder what happened to her,but the demon said it's nothing but only to decrease the effort that will be needed,but while I properly dispose of the torn off armor,I can see the patrol run towards the other direction with haste.

"What's that ? Gunfire ?" I tried to look what happened on the other pass,but in vain because even with my trained sense of vision,I'm not a hawk that can see through horizon clearly.

"Who the hell cares ? Just get to the town quickly,or else we're going to wait for a eternity that can make me drop dead" the demon gets back to my head and urging me to quickly go to marksburg capital with agitated voice,which I comply by a long lunge that boosts me to the capital in one swoop.

Landing on the top of the gates,I'm seeing the residents evacuating,why they already evacuate when it's just a few minutes after the alert ?,but before I can think about it,the demon takes over my right side and shooting a bolt that is a fire release to the gates...with a powder that seems a gunpowder.

The Demon grinned,as the gates explodes.the residents are able to flee without delay,and I'm proceeding to the castle to take over the flag,because they said in books that Daimyous and Samurais were taking the castle's flag as a proof that they succeeded in taking over the castle.

"Well,in the end.I don't even get to use this "Blind Dragon" huh ?"

"Don't even use that,We will get it dirty.It's a precious sword,you know that!"

"Yeah,I know" As we talked,I break through one of the castle window with the grappling-kunai,and what I seems entered is one large seems-ordinary room.but not what I think,because some bullets are heard fired at me,which I quickly blocked with the back of my sword that is the blade that caused the bullets to be cut in half.

I quickly turn around,and what I found is a trembling man holding muskets,while mumbling about some nonsense.that I must leave because blah blah blah about romance or something.but I casually approached him,that responded with him unsheathes his sword and pointed it at me.

"Y-y-you! get away from here ! or else-or else I will..."

"Or what ?" The demon takes over by the response of the sword,then quietly closes his face over the man's face while whispering something from my mouth.

"Listen up,I gotta make a theater and I hope you can participate in it"

"Y-you are..."He seems surprised and then obeyed,as he quickly runs outside to evacuate and I leisurely take over the precious kingdom's mark and flag as I get out of the castle.but,alas,when I gets out.the crusade forces already break through the pass and charge over the town gate.

"Holy-,They already break through"

"Oi,instead of admiring them,why don't you just change into your girl form ?"

"Ah,right" I quickly attached the earring,that let my hair loose once again,and after that,I lifted up the flag to show them that I already conquered the castle,but instead of being welcomed,the flag got shot by a musket ,much to my dismay.

When I stared to how much waste that caused by that one shot,someone with helmet and armor riding a horse rushes to me,while holding a sword openly.but immediately sheaths it after stopping and dismounts.

"First company Captain Jesicca Hargreave I presume ?"

"Yep,it's me"

"Excuse me for a second" He stared at me,stare that seemingly so despisable that the demon complained.After a few minutes,he finally stopped and then told me to get back to the camp that I quickly run through the troops to get back.

After I get back carrying the flag and mark,of course I got surrounded by my colleagues that already get back since they are not a high class units that were tasked the holding of the position like the previous unit,and also they are worried about me so much,that seems exaggerated but soon they noticed about the wrong with me.

Yep,my tightsuit just can't handle the transformation,that caused my own body to seems stretch it a little,but before I noticed it,the General called me and also scolded me for going on reckless from before and relief because I was able to take over the castle,albeit with her unknowing about how it done.and yeah,we goes back to the city and arrives at nighttime.