Not Surprised,in the end.

[29 October 1516]

"Good,a trouble as the first thing in the morning" I heard a mind complain first in the morning,because I'm being dragged to the Royal Castle on the way due to the perverted king is said to be calling me on trial.

"Oh Good,and what did I do wrong ?" I uttered curses concealed in a question to the armored troops that were taking me rather forcefully from the bar.

"About making fun of your higher ups" One of them answered me in tabular manner that also took "Blind Dragon" away from me.

Sighs...for Your God's sake,Good thing I told Nee-san and Anna with her elven friend to stay quiet before hand,or else this mission is considered forfeit,and Zack will be the afterlife.

After a short trip under the dim moonlight,we arrived at the royal castle entrance that is a plain designed gate but reinforced by blocks of metals that after a loud creak,it opened.revealing an also plain entrance with some kind of obscene feels to it.

"Right,so here I am again.Going into weird place all over again"

"Watch your mouth there,or else you want a punishment for you later." I get a warning for something that actually true.

I'm being escorted to the Throne room,where I see many women on that bastard king....hold your emotions,and let it like a undisturbed surface of the water,I practiced meditation for every morning before under a small waterfall in my village,but now I can barely holded it.

"Your Majesty,The suspect has arrived" One of my escorts called to him,why the hell aren't you disturbed by this kind of embarassing scene right at front of your eyes ? Good damn lord,seems Izuna's report about the Church being abolished and The Knights being fed up of this womanizer were true,wait if that's so why are they still calling themselves holy ? and what about the holy knight first regiment !?

"What do you need of me,Your Majesty ?" I swiped away the thoughts,for now.Because I need to take care of this bastard in the present.

"Ah,yes" He pushes one of his concubine side way and stares at me.

It's about 3 minutes already,I'm really fed up of this so I coughed and say "Your Majesty,If you don't have any thing for me,I would like to get back to the barracks and do something about myself" That breaks his stare and concentration.

"Ah,sorry about that.I was really captivated by your change" He scratched the back of his head while saying that and his troops,my escorts gives gesture to him about my summons.

"And well,Enjoyed your first week in our Army ?"

"I am" I turned my back on him after the short answer

"Well,it could be better if you had not caused problems." He ordered the guards to stop me,before pointing to Reinbeck beside him.

"Well,I received reports about your behaviour from Major Reinbeck here,He was saying that you called him a fool"

"I did call him that,because that was the truth" I calmly claiming the suspect,because of that fool,we almost suffered great losses.

"Why you little-!"Reinbeck puts his hand at his sword,but the perverted king stopped him.

"Now,now. Let's settle this in humanis manner"

"But,your majesty,She wasn't taking any prisoner other than monsters!" He accuses me for my spoilers of war,desperately.

"She's new in the army,at least give her a rest on that.Well,let's settle this on Strategic game then,to sharpen your skills so it won't go dull,don't you agree ?"

Reinbeck puts off his stance and bow to the king "If that is your wish"

"I don't mind" I also calmly accept the settlement of this matter.,but what will it be ? Go ? Shogi ? Chess ?

"Well,I want to try to watch this once. Life action strategic game" The King pulled a map and showed us it will be a death match using real troops and real weapons.

The king then turns to Reinbeck with Menacing expression "I won't need anyone useless here,you understand ?",Reinbeck then nodded I don't know if it's fear or not....

"Fine then" I turned my back,again and heads toward the exit.

"I will be using my Prisoners,so if you will" I announced my conditions while opening the door for me to get out and as I get out I also warned them about my Company Zero kills record.

Unexpected circumtances

"Well,well,well. If it isn't our pretty boss

"You didn't do anything,so don't tease me for now" I rubbed my ears,this earring starts to cause pain,a pain figuratively and metaphorically.

"Okay,but I will do the negotiations with our ladies" The demon giggled,his giggles and laughs are still terrifying as ever,terrifying at causing me troubles that is.

"Well,since I'm here,I will do the mapping as well.Changing methods sometime doesn't sound bad" I muttered to myself while walking around the castle to map it.

I circled the castle and about 5 times get caught by guards,but luckily gets off by an excuse of getting my period.My parents are going to cry about this....

I ended up mapping the entire castle from the basement to the roof,but there's still one locked room that hasn't been mapped yet.

"Well,let's get it on" I takes off the earring that returns me to being a man....Honestly I miss this feeling,to the extent I dropped myself to the sealed room's balcony because of reflex and I end up landing head first there.

"Ouch,ouch,ouch...."I holds up my head that is throbbing in pain,but before I could ease the pain to go away,a pair of hand comes to my head and begins rubbing the pained area with a handkerchief with seemingly a small amount of medicine.

"Are you okay,Sir ?" I lifted my head to see Aerona-not,This one's hair is silver but with the same blue eyes,for some reason the eyes calms me down while she takes care of my injury.

"I'm...okay" I stands up after feeling the pain goes away as soon as possible,there I saw a normal bed room with no decorations befitting of a room of a girl or a boy,this is just...prison.

"I'm glad about it"

"Oi! Get away from her! She's dangerous!" The demon tells me to get away from her with a puking person tone,what's with her definitely ?

"Thank you,May I ask for your name ?" I ended up exposing well,at least I will get her information.

"I am nameless,you can call me anything" The girl identifies herself as nameless,did she notice that I was a ninja ? but before I realized that the knock on the door and the sound of the lock being undone,I reflexively drops myself out of the balcony after giving my name "Susano'o Tatsumi"

After that,I let the demon takes control and do the negotiation,while I get to sleep for tommorow morning.Well,I suppose He already get the earring on the next morning....

Prince ?

I closed my eyes for a bit now,and as usual I don't have a dream or something to dream of,but seems this time,the dream comes once again.

A peaceful town in time of spring.what a peaceful sight....The main street is the same with any other town,many carts and people are walking left and right while caressed by Spring breeze and wrapped in warm sunlight,talking to each other and some are laughing....I wanna return to my village soon....

But somehow,my consciousness is still intact,as if I was watching a show instead of the boy's view named James from before.Well,when my mind was full,my sights suddenly focused to a father-son pairing on the street,seems the boy is still 2 years old because he was calling his father "Daddy".

He was hugging his father's hand all the way of their trip,but before they could go to their next destination.a messenger-like person intrudes them with a tired voice,that tell them they need to go back to the castle because of a War Discussion.

My field of view suddenly changes again,to a discussion table with a map on the table and military leaders around it,with the boy and his father behind him as the leader of discussion.

"So,my boy. What should we do to whack this bad duck ?" The father pointed to a Harpy's nests that is shown as a duck,which the boy whispered in a playful tone to his father,"Daddy,The Duck can't fly for too long can it ? So,I want to point a stick to them while distracting them with a worm in a Drizzle."

Stick....Arrows ? Worm means Ground,Ah...I see,so the boy intended to do a distraction by ground forces while having concealed Archers and Arquebusiers shoot the harpies out of the air....wait a minute,this is a plan of 2 year old boy right ? and what he means in a Drizzle ?

The Father then orders the other leaders about his son plans that strangely carried away as orders in the frontlines without asking,if it was me,I would have asked him about why trusting a 2 year boy in Military Strategy and discussions.

My view suddenly warps again,and the night is coming outside along with the return of the troops,while The Generals are sitting around the table again,of course still with the child at the front of the table that has 3 holes.

One of the Generals stands up while bowing to the child that has a glittering pair of eyes as if he is getting a new toy "Young Lord,The crusade has ended succesfully".

The boy jumped in delight,that makes me feel undoubtedly strange,such a boy able to make strategies to win a war,but my my strange feeling right now subsided because of more strange things.

The last 3 Generals who congratulate the boy put a decapitated head of harpies to fill the hole of each,I look at it with disdain,but the one there seemed happy looking at the heads,patting them and call them "Bad Ducks".

 "Gruesome,aren't them ?"

"Not at all! They are pretty!"

"That is our Young Lord,James Hargreave for you"

I surged awake and touched my left eye that the condition is almost the same with my stomach and spirit,Disturbed to the core.

"Dammit..." I muttered a straight curse from my heart after so long,before puking to the ground of the barracks...I will clean it later.

"Like the dream this time ?" a sarcastic voice are heard in my again.

"That was a lie right ?"

"Nope,that's the truth,of the one I shown you last time,it seems to not be you."

"You just shown me a thing that is not fitting for a dream" I express my dissatisfaction from the dream he shown me,as I walk through the barracks to the castle.For some reason,My subordinates sees me with strange eyes.Were they still half-asleep ?

I keep walked through the barracks with My Company strangely gazed at me,But at last I reached the exit,to both ways.But before I cross it,Someone grabbed my shoulder and asking me who am I.

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