AARRRGHHH!! THE FINAL EXAM INBOUND!! (Note:I'm 18 but still not graduate from high school)

Dream Came alive

I stop right in my tracks the second I felt a hand taps my shoulder.As I turns around in reflex,I see a red haired woman in her 20's,or should I call Agni.

"Oh,It's just Agni.What is it ?" I friendily ask her about the thing she needed,but only to be given a glare and something I heard as gibberish.....what the hell !?

She continues to ask me about something that I do not yet respond and each of her questions are accompanied by more hostility and I finally answered,by shaking my head.

The moment I shook my head,She points one of the needles at my nerve center but not piercing it....yet,but I responded in calm manner,well since I'm usually the one who did this.

As I grabbed her hand that is holding the needle she sweeps my leg,that because of my lack of sleep,I can't dodged and points her sword at my body on the ground.but before she could thrust it,another voice is heard that I had never imagined from which.

a Black feminine figure with light armor and pair of red eyes,My Facade Jesicca Hargreave called Agni and seemingly ordering her to stop and gives explanation,but what I'm bothered about here was because why is there someone named Jesicca Hargreave at the front of me while I'm the one !?

Agni shakes her head before going away to the other troops direction,while "Jesicca" approachs me and helps me up while also speak in laughter "Did I get you ?"

I'm still dumbfounded,but seeing that she can talk normally,I sputtered "What the hell just happened !?"

She giggles,and then hands me a mirror that reflects my normal face,and if that means normal face,that means my old face while I'm still a man.

"So,you get it ?"

"You damn demon..." I growled a bit while still holding the mirror,but she or he just chuckled

"C'mon,You know that demons would take control of their contractors body if the contract had been done right ?" She laughed evilly that I detest him for this but she continued her sentence after she finished laughing "Just kidding,actually I used Gerald's slime clone to make this,at least this can hold out for about a day"

.....I'm speechless,to think that I would do this thing while dressed as a woman,but being kicked out in the middle of the way.

"Anyway,I will lead the game today.and you will lead Platoon 5 and yeah,I told everyone that you are mute.So it's fine" She tells me that he already took care of my lost of speech ability,well at least he can do this in my stance....for I'm bad in Shogi,or Go or Chess....

She heads to the camp's ground,where the Soldiers have waited,among them there are Mamonos mixed up,from Orcs,Goblins,Werewolves,Centaurs and Lizardmen that strangely obeyed his orders as mysterious as what he did to tame them.

She stands on the platform and start her motivation speech for the game to the troops or what it seems as I walks to the front and waited there next to Ed that also glares at me.

"Alright,Guys.I can't do a long termed speech,so I will make this short.As you have heard,I got challenged to a Duel by the Battalion's Leader.And for we had been hated all the way along....deemed Vanguards and should just get captured,and I ask you,Are you satisfied !? and for The Prisoners there,are you satisfied !? being brought here forcefully against your will ? and if it was for naught then all of you would have been executed and so Here we are !"

She starts to ignite the Troops morale,while continuing her speech.

"We have stood aloof from the other Companies in this Battalion,Received Scorn and detested from the others! and called us cowards from not killing ! Guys! Tell me what is our Code!"

The human soldiers cried out our code,To not kill Indiscriminately in unison

"That's right ! Let's show them what we are made off,and make them regret challenged us!" She holds the broadsword highly accompanied by the cries of the troops,and starts marching to the place,and after a while arrived at the Grounds with The Fool's army also stands on the opposite direction.

"And so This begins" The demon smirked in his feminine form,as for now I need to lead the Mamono's Unit while also cooperating with the others....for our zero kill record

Ride The Lightning

[30 October 1516]

Alright,The stage is set and the actors are ready,time to start this theater of revolution.As I have heard from Nee-san that she had cleared a path through the sewers to outside,this way,there is a way for a secret transport.and for now I have to take care of this dumb game,although I knew that my troops strategies are at disadvantage,but the terrain advantage is mine.....and by the way,I'm Kanzaki who was writing this.


I finally arrived at this game board,well as far as I thought everything was fine.The Orcs,Goblins and Werewolves had been subdued using force and The Centaurs and Lizardmen barely obeyed my commands though,despite I called them to a bargain,with this as the facade of the fight that if they would win,I will release them.

"So,Here we are." I polished The Blind Dragon and sheathed the broadsword I got from The Town's Blacksmith,while waiting for the King that comes from the balcony a few minutes after.

"Good Morning,Everyone!" He greeted all of us,and as the tenet,the leaders are called to the front,where we swear to agree to the bargain and with him confirming it.

As for the bargain,If I would have lost,I will have been executed as typical as ever,but I will not lose.but should I win,I will have to do anything I want to the fool that I already prepared.

The troops are led to a different region,to the marshlands near Marksburg that really tickles me,since this is almost winter,the situation will be good.

"Okay,You two.Sit there" One of the attendee pointed to a pair of a set of chair and table that separated for about 5 meters,where on the table,there is a board,a chess board,but with limited pieces,Mine was 5 pawns,2 rooks,1 Bishop,2 knights and a king. 

"Well,This should be a chess game,is this not ?" I sit on one of the chair,that Reinbeck also sits on his,but from what I see,since I can see more sharply than humans.he got almost a full set,except the Queen and 2 Pawns.

"Well,basically yes.I shall explain what is the game you two will play for me as an amusement."The king opens a map,where the marshlands are mapped there and which the attendees are opening one for each of us as well.

"You will first position your pieces...or troops and as for the king,it will be a dummy of yours.And of course you would not be permitted to instruct your troops directly."

So is that it ? a living chess game huh ?

"And as for the orders,I will leave the methods of sending them to you.and if your dummy were to be slashed..."He took a knife from his robe and a doll that he sliced it's neck,that caused the inside to fall out.

"You die...."

I smirked before putting my pieces in place,while Reinbeck also starts placing his pieces.From what I see,He seems to use a fast attack using cavalry....In this marshlands,Horses are not to be relied upon you know.

After a few minutes,both of us finished placed our pieces and as for me,Let's start this theater.

Burning Shadow

I started by pushing my pawn that I placed at the middle that has Marshes as the border,that also connect my head through telepathy to one of the troops,that turns out to be Ed

"Ed ?"

"Your orders,Captain."

"Alright,Move your platoon to a bit near the marshes.and stand by for next orders"

"Roger,My Platoon will be standing by near the border"

I put out the communication and announce the end of my turn,as what I see,Reinbeck is moving his pawn too,2 steps ahead that I responded by moving my Bishop near the edge of the region,that commanded by Agni

"Awaiting Orders,Captain"

"Move a little bit to North-east.Watch out for any hazards"


Reinbeck moved his rook,near Ed's Platoon,but with this weather....

"Attack!" Reinbeck shouted a command to attack like a fool,you are talking through a telepathy right ? Oh,wait. He can't use it!

His rook is advancing towards my pawn,but to his surprise The Rook was taken by my pawn instead.

The king laughed,that also do I,since there's only a fool that would consider this game to be only a chess game,You are using REAL TROOPS.

He is growling as opposed of the chuckling me,since I received a message from Ed that his Platoon has ambushed a group of Arquebusiers that placed near the border,that I responded to move one of my pieces again,this time,another pawn that is placed at the east of the map.


"Yeah,Kanzaki.I heard you. What is it ?"

"Take your Centaurs and tell them to fire at a Shooting star pattern around 50 degrees to the right northside,and tell The Lizardmen to take Vanguard and hide behind the weeds.and as for The Others,tell them to hold their lust a little bit."

"Roger,and Do you already prepared for the worst ?"

"The one who lost control first end up losing,so yeah"

Reinbeck responded by moving his pawn again,near the Marshes to anticipate my move.But that is what I hoped for.

His pawn suddenly disappeared again,and of course by Agni's Platoon that was using bows,and I can see that his other is in disarray,since I ordered the Centaurs to shoot arrows torrent as decoys to hide the sound of Agni's bowstring.We were trained better to fight in quick fights,unlike the others that detested us.

"Well ? Are you done playing around ?" I tease him with a belittiling voice that angers him and calls me an arrogant one,well I do am.

I moved my Knight,Fred's Platoon to the middle of my field and told them to hold the ground there.

Reinbeck also responded by moving his bishop now,that placed at near the Border,Oh my....This is my predicament.

His bishop attacked Tatsumi's Lizardmen unit,and I received reports that 3 of them are almost done in,well at least they didn't die,then I told Tatsumi to retreat his Vanguard,that replied by Reinbeck that moves his other Bishop.

His other Bishop hits Agni's unit,is that a lucky shot ? or not...

I smirked,and then I left Agni's unit to stand their ground as I move Ed's to the enemy lines.While He laughed in content as He moves his knight and hit mine,Thomas's unit near Tatsumi's Front line group were crushed.

"Hmm ?" I mumbled at the event,what kind of unit that can destroy a platoon with a single shot ? Ah~,I get it.

"Kanzaki !"

"What ?"

"Cannons! They got Cannons squads at the front of us !"

"Alright,Shall I move my Rook then ?" I mutters in discontentment,as I don't want to have these to get in the field so fast.

I moved my Rook and points it to his Pawn,that eradicated in an instant the rook finished adjusting....for this is what I get from Nee-san.

"What did you bring in,Captain !? I saw a blaze over the enemy lines !" Agni sputters in surprise,since what I got is an Artificial Lava Golem from MagiTek named A.P.L.O.N.

"Nothing,Just get them distracted." I kept my cold attitude,while the battlefield is burning hot.

No one is Perfect

Reinbeck stopped his fingers in surprise the moment one of his unit vanished,and due to his disposition.He continues to carelessly places another pawn to the border,while I have the Prototypes keeping guard for the Enemy Cannoneers Squads.

The king also seems surprised,and uttering "Hoo~,Is that from The MagiTek ? I thought they are supposed to be short on members"

"They are" I monotonely reply,while moves Fred's unit near the border.

"Captain" Fred connected to me,and asking the strategy of this battle,which I replied "Take and Hold" that he complies.

I continues to place my pieces,and also Reinbeck,Everything seems to be in order.The Prototypes are keeping the Cannoneers squads at bay,Agni is tackling down Cavalries and Tatsumi and Fred are repelling ordinary troops,but not until another anomaly shows up.

"Kanza- I mean,Lady.Are you listening ?"

"Yeah,I'm all ears. What's up ?"

"Say,What are the enemy's units ? and how many is their numbers ?"

He asked some absurd things,I thought of that while looking at Reinbeck's board-,What !?

I widen my eyes in surprise,for on Reinbeck's board there's a Queen piece right now.I'm 125% sure that his pieces are without Queen....If you were going to cheat,at least let me do that first!

I connected my mind to Agni,Fred and Tatsumi while also mockingly say "It's gonna get real ugly guys"

I continued to move Ed's platoon into enemy lines,while also hoping that The others would hold up,because I don't have any idea of what kind of unit the Queen would be.

"Captain! There's a trouble inbound!" Agni talks in hurried voice,while I also can hear explosions in the background that seems about the A.P.L.O.N.s firing.

"Give me the details" I continued to move the lone pawn.

"Roger,There's a Heavy Armored Platoon right at front of us backed up by a few individuals capable of magic"

"I see,Move into Pre-Sigma formation.and use what we have prepared earlier"


"So,You still have a hand to play" I smirked while my opponent is chuckling.

"There is nothing fair in a Battlefield,You wench"He scoffs me right at my face,while also moving his queen forward to Tatsumi's Orc unit,that is the center of Sigma formation.

My head are full of reports,telling about heavy casualties.While also moving to one final piece,while My king is almost get routed by his queen,but before it could route my head piece,The King stopped the game.

"Alright,that's enough" The king declared the game is over,with Reinbeck looks confused and asked him why,I only mockingly tell him "Why don't you look at your king ? Fool"

If my opponent was to cheat,then I too shall cheat to even bigger scale.and my form of cheating is,Ed is moving out of his move and slashed The Enemy king while the rest are distracted.

"Hey,everything good ?" I connect to Tatsumi,that he answered in panting voice


"Well,at least you are all good" I put one of my leg on the others,while the loser just keep asked the king why he had lost because such cheating,and responded by a pair of guards kicking his leg to make him kneel.

"Ok,That was a good match." The King picks one of the musket and gives it to me,while telling me to do what I want.

"Well,You may live" I shoulders the musket and turns away my back,but some unpleasant laughs turns me

"What could I expect from a cowa-" He laughs while throwing an insult at me,but before he could finish

"Sayonara" I turns back and fires the musket right at his head...Since my era is long gone,and I must make an apology to Grandmother for this,what a pain in the ass.

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