"You are such a liar,Chief"

I sighed "Am I not ?"

A Liar's Honesty

The recoil of gunpowder flies to the air,along with a thump of limp body to the ground,and I,who was shooting at Major Reinbeck "The Fool" am now The Breaker of my counterpart's record.

"May your soul find peace" I crossed my hands at the front of my chest,I hate to do this so I will try to relieve it later,as I walk away some clappings are heard from behind.

"Wonderful !" The King clapped his hands,while speaking in a amused manner "So,you finally have peeled your skin!"

"Is that so ?" I keep walking while also throwing the firearm away after breaking it,but as I pushed the door,He talk about promoting me into the rank of Major,replacing Reinbeck as The Battalion leader which I don't give a crap about.

"How much time had we wasted ?" I spoke to myself,or Gerald,which is his body I am controlling right now.

"Around 2 hours,That was an ineffective move."

"Hey now,I pulled an allnighter to think up the plan you know" I keep walking towards the troops location.

"Negative,You lied,Secondary-self. According to my information about your thoughts,You had been preparing 13 Underhanded tactics that would end the battle in 10 minutes.Yet you used the 14th"

I chuckled "Dang it,You saw through my lie even by accident."

He keeps asking me in more curious manner "For what purpose did you become tarry for ?"

"For fun....and for feeding if we are lucky" I meet up with the forces,all while Gerald is sighing.

Ed is the first one to talk to me,but I only hear them as gibberish.Ah,So the time is up ?

I keep the distance between me and the other troops,while looking for Tatsumi with his Mamono's troops that I found suffered casualties due to me having fun.

"Report" I called one of the Lizardman that is around,while I can see a few of them tending the wounded,I'm not a linguist who can speak many language but among monsters,I can speak normally.

She told me about the situation and about the plan,but due to some circumtances,seems the outer part is also gone soft.

I sighed and give order to the remaining individuals who is willing to stay under me to do an Operation Apate or in other words,Get out of the city and waiting further orders,while I look at Tatsumi who is using Light release to heal the wounds of others

"Yo,Congrats for the Promotion" I mockingly tell him about the outcome of the challenge while taking off the earring.

He is still focused on his handstances and not notices me,so I approach him slowly and shouted right at his ear,that he reflexively hit me with the elbow.

"What the hell was that for !?" He angrily yells at me while holding his ear

"Shut up,and hear me out this once" I stand after being hit by his elbow that is not too severe,since we are not trained in frontal hand to hand combat.

So I explained to him about the promotion and about how I killed Reinbeck that he responded rather in upset manner,but with his self control,I'm sure he can control it.

"You just sullied our Village's name" He sighed,while I continue my talk

"And yeah,Since now  you or "Susano'o Tatsumi" will be the Battalion Leader"

"I see..."

"And Jesicca Hargreave is going to apply to the Holy Knight's Regiment"

Miserable Penance

[31 October 1516]

Once upon a time,There's a person who is not right in the head. And now my situation is the same as he was.Getting dragged into innumberable matters that need to be settled.One,I got a warning from Yumi,a Senior Kunoichi that actually had been tailing me from the start,Two,I have no knowledge about Knight's Chivalry that would be needed and Three,I don't know what The Demon's plan is.


Today,in the break of dawn.After the bloody record of my family,I had killed someone,well Kanzaki said nobody would find out,or just he said.and for I have been tied upside down on a big tree at the outskirts of the city,and under the tree,there's a woman in a standart Kunoichi's uniform,Yumi.

"As I said,I know I had done something unforgiveable but-"

"Silence,Just answer my question."

She is just as cold as ever! Dammit,seems I have no other choice.because if I fail to answer her question CORRECTLY,all I hope for that I won't be given a punishment that is impossible,and the light one if I can choose,like sitting on my knee and two blocks of stone placed on my lap for around 3 hours.

"I will ask you 2 question,since obstructing your progress is out of question.First,of course.Why did you kill that man ? I was sure you would have spared him,so I didn't stop you.and I think you must had a very good reason to break the expectations"

For my dear mother in the village,You asked the wrong person for the job,since I was in the battlefield last time doing gestures as command to the troops that almost always resulted in misunderstatement !

"Ummm...uh,Since I evaluated that man below the consideration ?" I nervously answered,even randomly that makes her glares at me.

"Meaning ?"

"According to my Perception,He was Selfish,Self-centered,Vainglorious and also a coward with a misguided valor.I thought that I would save his soldier's time,although I hate it to obstruct the other tribes women to get husbands..."

Before I could finish my reasoning,suddenly a shuriken was thrown just a pinch beside my ear,Don't be so harsh on your junior!

"That was no excuse,You only acted according to your emotion,despite our very core of teaching is patience and you had done it very well back then."

She threw another shuriken,this time near my feet while also lecturing me from the basics....again.

"Second,Not only you are underaged,but you had started a romance of polygamy.What kind of situation will you put yourself into ?"

By the flipping Tengu's sandals in heaven,what the hell did you just say !?

"First,You have answered The Dhampir girl's feelings and told her that you would someday give a response that is really a suspending rope answer used to buy time.Second,You have been close to your commander that I heard from rumors has abided our ways to the point of exchanging places with her,what could you-"

"Wait,wait,wait,wait. This is just a big misunderstatement oka-"

and there again,before I could give an excuse she threw a shuriken at me,this time near the torso.

"Silence,You just talk when I permit you to do so.and back to the question.What could you be thinking about it all ?"

"Well,okay.Actually,my commander is none other than me"

And so I explained to her,that I need to play as a woman and give the excuse of using a body double,that she nodded and understood.But still,the matters is I'm still hanged here.

"But that still doesn't change the fact that you were engaged while still being a minor"

She sighed,while I can only cringe in response.If you had been tailing me from the start,why didn't you know about what happened when I entered the Bucharest's castle at least the minor details !?

"I hope you will not endanger the women you captured,especially their husbands in the prison..."

She started to execute a handstance,a fire release

"Fire Release:Falling star"

Suddenly the shurikens that stucked into the tree comes back to their trajectory when they were thrown,as if rewinded by time,and falls down to her hand.

"....And don't make the war later too noticeable" 

Suddenly the ropes snap,leaving me to fall down to the ground while She already disappeared.

"Don't be so hard on me,please" I landed on one of my arm and jumps back to my feet,it's still dawn and yet so much commotion for me already happened and...let me yawn at least.

I tried to walk back to the barracks while still being sleepy,what kind of "Going to apply to the Knighthood" ? I thought that the soldiers were all footmen that were recruited either from Peasants or Adventurers,since when did this kingdom has a noble hierarchy ?

"Hey,Are you awake ?" I tried to call for the demon in my head,but he seems still asleep.In my attempt,I have reached the town.It's still a bit dark outside,so I guess nobody would come out.But I can see someone jogged around the town.....The Instructor,or I say General.

"New guy! You have been jogging around too !?" She waved at me,still as a bit childish as ever....but due to the demon's not needed details that have been added,all I can do is waving back at her and put myself in the pace.

So,I have to jog around with her until the outside is bright and returned back to barracks in a normal I head there,I tried to make a gesture to ask what happened to my facade self.

"Say,How did you get hooked up with her ?" She started the conversation,I need to minimize my profile so,I just make a "What do you mean ?"Gesture

"I mean,You were not there while in training camp,and also in her first arrival here.And after She rose in her career,you came and she gave her position to you."

Just give me a break already,I hate it when asked about romance when I'm just 16!

And so,I answered her with the minimal amount of information I could give,like we had trained together etc,fake information,and in return,I asked her about my facade progress in her Knighting by a piece of paper I happened to comes by along with a small piece of coal.

"Well,She is more than capable.But she need to be tested on her loyalty"

Just what in whatever's name I just got my ass dragged into ? The original plan was,Gather troops,Secure a secret passage and try to initiate an insurrection.and this is just taking too long.

"Well,You should do your duty as She used to do" She waves at me before going to the Castle's direction,Good for you.

"And....Since when did I learn about how to write this region's language ?" I mutters to myself,regarding my unconsciously writing something I never learnt before.

Corrupted Audicity

[Some Pages were ripped,From Date 31st October]

[5 November 1516]

I'm a devil,I dare you to say that again you bastard,why do I must get to-.Seems my sanity is breaking down,After the knighting at 1 November,The demon has been actively aggresive.He would come out of my body and-do something you piece of shit,at least I don't want to get my ass into this business much longer- do something like this....


I'm sitting on the execution grounds,with my hands are bloody and my eyes seems shaking with constant twitch at my face.For I had holden my Knight's sword,The Turk they named it,a black Great sword that could think of it's will,to slaughter whatever remains of my former troops.

"That was crazy...." John speaks in my mind with shaky voice while I can't talk at all,still shaken by the shock.

The demon sniffles and cynically said "Let me be frank about this,Don't get shaken by something like this you hear me ? Those guys were after all just your pawns"

I replied "Your way of thinking is just different from the others,you hear me !?"

The demon sighed and gives me one last warning "Now you know why I had changed the plan and hit the wheel to another direction,right ?"

I forcefully stands up on my shaking feets,my breath is all disordered and my focus has gone.It has no need to ask that I stumbled all the way back to the castle,due to my pact to the Queen or should I say the Girl in the closed room,I swear pledge to serve the Knighthood and The Church,and for whatever reason I got orders from the secret church in the castle to do the slaughter,that I really wanted to pierce my eye to repent for it.

"Must be hard,huh ?" Aerona patted my shoulder after I get back to the castle while the people are on the site of the crime,or was it my crime ?

"I'm....fine" I coldly swiped away her hand,while going to the nearby well to wash my face.

"Alpha,You should not concern yourself too far with it" Rivalz tried to make me relaxed,but I just continue to constantly splash the water to my face,with a glimpse of hope of me died of drowning.with this,I can't even face Nee-san or Anastasia anymore,even though I'm younger than them.

I gasped with the water runs through my face,while I can see a reflection of a murderer in the bucket that grins at me that I really fears of.

"Fuck this shit,You messed up the show! Sayo,Just put him down for a while,I will do this!" The demon angrily complains about my Hesitation,and it seems my vision has been swallowed by a swath of black curtains,while I can see Sayo,who has never shown herself approaching me.

"Why are you hesitating ?" She keeps walking to me,without even making a noise by putting her feet as she walk,but I can only fall silent,while she is already at the front of my face.

"You know,Brother. You were used to do this kind of thing everyday. What could have caused you this new set of tracks ?" She spouted some contradictory facts,that I had slaughtered people on regular basis that I violently deny,but she only giggles.

"Wake up quickly,Dear Brother" She slowly disappears,while the curtains are also opened and I can see Nee-san and Anastasia looking at me in anxiety.

"You had me scared there" Nee-san sighed,seems with relief while Anastasia hugged me and says something that muffled by her tears,but from what I heard,She is sorry for what happened 4 days later.

My view is a bit hazy,so I touched my forehead,although to my surprise,I can feel something like a blade wound.

And so,I ran to the nearby mirror,where I see myself already wearing my new armor,a Black Chestplate with a extendable gauntlet with a customized fingertips that can be fired and reeled and also on my forehead,I can see something engraved,a core with a pair of wings that one already spreaded while the others is stagnating,what kind of thing is this !?

"Tatsumi,are you okay ?" Nee-san and Anastasia both asked me of my condition,which I responded by fearfully turns back,but they are still looking at me with worrying eyes,especially Anna that still have tears on them.

"Actually....Seems I can't do this anymore"

"What are you talking about dude ?" Suddenly my voice are muffled from behind as I realized that my view blackened out again,while I can see the guys in my head.

"Boss,Don't hesitate ok ? If we are needed to kill to achieve goals,we will do it"

"Prime self,Just give the order"

Rivalz just nodded,while the others are telling me to move forward and not being a coward.

I'm still shaking,why the hell am I shaking !? is it my training not enough ? or my emotion just get out of control,while I can feel a huff at my ear that also says "Calm the fuck down,I will tell you the truth that will shake your boots and send you to heaven later,but now we need to make an angel fall down head to feet to us."

"A-alright,But if I messed up,Use the forbidden methods,I don't care anymore!" I gripped his hands and throw it away,while he smirks and says "Alright"

Umbran's Period

[8 December 1516]

I gripped my hand on eye sockets,While I can hear the noise of slashing and death everywhere.and I'm here,after I got rid of my hesitation with the demon to pull the trigger if I ever mess up again.and tells Nee-san and Anastasia to go,but they insisted to help me,because I can't do this alone they said.


"Yeah!" I launched my gauntlet's fingertips to the nearby group of Ogres,while I threw Turk like a boomerang and reels myself to one of the ogre my fingertips daggers has etched themselves in and rips her face,while casting Darkness release to nearby rocks,and what I casted on them is Evil's Legacy,which animates dead objects temporarily,that the rocks hit themselves to the enemy.

"Head count"


"Heh,mine was five"

I can hear the fellow Knights chat about their kill records,with happy face.Well,I'm not one to talk,so I just catch Turk's handle and head over,leaving a trail of dismembered heads and bodies behind me.

"Sorry guys,I took out 17" I walked over them while dragging Turk away back to base,covered in blood of course,but they only stared at my walking away figure.

"Are you sure you are okay ?" Aerona asked me about my condition,She also has blood splattered on her shield,anyhow due to Winter is coming,the blood also runs on the snow.

"I'm good,Anyway Why there is still a subjugation right in the winter ?" I shivers,a steel plate over a battle gown right in the winter is not especially an appropriate clothing you know....

"Well,Since Ogres are usually holed up in their mountain and usually scattered up,as their usual brute behaviour.The only time they are on static state is winter and so-"

"This is the time to get rid of them,I get it" I cut up her sentence with her only sighs and says "Very good,Major" at me.

I continued to gets back to base,along with the group of Knights that were tasked to subjugate the mountainous areas near one of the conquered town from the previous quests,since they are dangerous when the rebuilding begins,They said.

"Newbie,How is your body ?"

"I heard you used Darkness magic,How's the consequences ?"

"Come now,Don't underestimate me,people" I jestfully dodges their worries,since I remember that most of the people in the Church the time I was knighted were in agape,since they didn't see a relinquishing light of blessings only a Darkness that caused the Priests to try to revoke my Knighthood,but the fool king stopped them and there I was,I was ordered to do the most heavy test,massacring my own Original company.

I stared at my bloody gauntlet after I put Turk on a table to do the polishing,since it has cut more heads that I can imagine,for what kind of sake,if this was what Zack was talking about,I should do something about him due to this being out of the line.

"You can do it afterall" Kanzaki interrupts my polishing,with his usual tone of mocking.Not to disappoint you,but I will definitely be banished from Village if this is will ever be found out.

While I'm polishing,I can see the other knights are doing some arbitrary activities,but nothing I could complain of,since this group is composed of Knights that forced to become a secret protector exclusive to royalty,instead of leading an army.

And so,I wonder why Evil's Legacy consequence is still not showing up yet,if I remember correctly,Evil's Legacy consequence is some part of a brain will be malfunctioned for about an hour,with 1/4 chance of death.

Preparation for a dance

[9 December 1516]

Another restless night,I have stay up for 3 full days of combat now.but somehow I don't feel tired at all.While Yumi still doesn't show up even that I have commited many account of murder.What's going on actually ?


I walked through the castle corridor,doing nothing but odd jobs.Since my identity is supposed to be hidden,I'm now confined in this castle,a fact that I can only sighed at.

And since,I will do some polishing today.Since I can't get a single damned lead to the Queen,while this is my second target because my contract was to put Aerona under my becoming a King,it will put a cut on the effort needed.

"Have any idea to get this on the gear ?" I internally speak to my accomplies,while I still do a polishing on the silver wares.I couldn't get a respond for a while,but when I get to polish the 6th knife,The demon suddenly speaks "Go to the eastern corridor".

I have no other options,so I just polished the remaning silver wares as fast as I can and go to the eastern corridor,where I find empty,as usual.

"What,it's just empty" I wasted a few moments by leering around,only to find nothing and my body being taken from control and I was put on a chair in my mind.

"Welcome back,Boss" a blonde haired young man with green eyes is greeting me.John,Since when did you learn proper manners ?

I can also see a Blob of slime and a 2 men,one with dark eyes and also dark purple hairs while the other is blindfolded with the same dark purple hair "Prime self,You should let Secondary self takes control for now" The Blob said.

Thus,I was forced to watch.The demon took form of a young man with white hair and purple eyes after changing his outfit with some kind of release that I can't see due to the view being directed to another direction.

The next time,I see something.a set of tea cup with a container holding tea leaves on a tray,with my body wearing a shirt under a vest with black long pants.a awkward outfit if I say.

"Milady,I brought you your Afternoon tea" He said,while knocking on a locked door while picking the lock with a third arm that sprouted from his torso.

After 1 minute of waiting,the door finally opened and I can see The girl I met 2 months ago,sitting on her bed while do some sewing,while the demon put the tray....wait a minute,did you just put our green tea leaves to make that !?

She stares at me with a puzzled look and mutters "Um...Sorry,but did I ever drink anything over the past months in the afternoon ?"

The demon continues his brewing,dropping some leaves,uses a water release and a fire release to fill the cup and heat it to exact temperature of 5 Hen,then he serves it "You did not,This is a special occasion"

"A Special occasion ?" She lifts the cup and take a sip,only to be surprised by how bitter it is.

"Yes,It is a drink made from leaves called "Jade Dew".Someone has given it to me this morning and said that you should try drink it" The demon explains the tea,with The Queen stares at him before asking "Please do tell me,Is he dressed in black ? and also has some accent that is different from most people ?"

"That is a striking detailed explanation,My lady"

"I see" She takes another sip and after barely gulped it,while staring at the surface of the cup,She mutters "I hope he would come properly tomorrow night"

The demon bowed and put the set back on the tray before leaving and the moment he was on the door,He said "Is it so sweet,to meet other man than the one forced to you ? and moreover,You had met with me that night" but before She could respond to it,He closed the door and turns me back to the control.

"Time for action is up boys" He whispered in silthy voice to all of us,of course,in my head.


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