One coin has 2 sides,each side could be both Gold or both Silver,or perhaps Gold and Silver on one.But what would happen if Gold and Silver were on the same side ? What will take the place of the other side ?

And what could take the half part of Silver would be this in these part of book,Where there was a camp for The Order's Appointed Observers,now there is an uproar,and outside of the camp a Red haired succubus along with 2 Incubis are staring at the remains.

"Hey,You sure this will be according to plan ?"

"Obviously,Captain is doing his part too in the Hornet's nest,right ?"

"All we can do is believe,duh"

The three of them converse among themselves,all while a group of various Mamonos and Incubis-composed group taking what they could take from the camp in the background or in other words,Their Food.

And the other Gold part is...

Can a Puppet have Self-awareness ?

[10 December 1516]

it already had been a month and 5 days,a month and 5 days since my hesitation erupted and I had casted away my own right to call myself a Shinobi and replaced by a Knighthood.

Well,This is surely not bad as I would-Just kidding.This is completely bad.Because all they did was keep on extermination in the line.

I tighten a ribbon to tie my hair while I silently think.

"Hey,Remember what day is this ?"

"Yeah,10 December"

I put up a shirt,while I also look at my face,Gloomy and Somber are words that will describe it,Because I can't sleep at all,Terrified of my Company's dead face,I had always been surged up around 10 minutes since I closed my eyes.

I still can stand mockings and detestment,but to be faced by a group that always called me their leader and Captain terrorizing me in my dream,can't do.

"You still can't calm down,eh ?"

The demon mockingly but somehow also has a bit concern in his words,tried to console me,while I put up a uniform above my shirt and I'm wearing a long pants.

"It's okay,since if I fail,You will eliminate me either way"

I finished dressing,a set of a black buttoned uniform used for Ceremonies.10 December,According to my information,today is this Kingdom's annual ceremony,but has long forgotten,nevertheless for the High ranking Officers that had served since the previous King and Holy Knights,This can't be forgotten,at all.

It has been past Sunset,and the ceremony will take place at Night in Castle's courtyard.So I headed off to the place,while remembering the memory of myself back in the day.

I stretch my hand upwards,staring at it while remembering when I lied down back under The Sakura tree back in the village in Sunset's light.back then,I have never had anything to be sad about.

"And it all will end today"

I treaded a halfway to the courtyard while remniscing,but I soon stopped my feet at one particular door.The Throne's room door.

Hearing a commotion from behind the door,I slowly move sideways to the door,Eavesdropping.And i can hear about 10 people in there,9 Men and 1 woman.

"As for the pact,If I managed to hold this kingdom for at least one year,I will become an official heir to the throne right ?"

a frantic voice of a familiar voice is heard,along with voices that support his statement.This is a valuable information though,so I just continue my eavesdropping.

"Summoning release:Slug"

I put up a tiny magic circle on my palm of hand,where from it a slug spawned and I send it inside through a small gap,this tiny little guy will be my eye inside.

Inside,I saw The court advisers with The King and Queen are arguing.With the King frantically try to confirm a truth,but the queen stays calm and with one single sentence,put the condition in place.

"That was correct,But you do know that Father entrusted the election of the next representative ruler to me,don't you ?"

I see,This is really a valuable intel,So this Kingdom was a Matriarchy from the start,and that's why There's no rebellion or mob's protest yet,Since it all was a test.

And such,I retreated the Slug back the moment they finish arguing and return it back the moment the door is creaking and to open.

I reflexively casted Water Release:Mirage in that split second,well to start,Mirage's handstances was only to connect middle fingers and cross index fingers,then don't move.

I continued my static stance on my feet,while the group who poured from the gate is talking while passing me  without noticing my presence,or so I thought....

In response of my relief,a gentle whisper is heard from my left ear

"Raven,It is okay now.Please show yourself"

The one who is the last of the line,no...the one who was the last one to come out,The Queen,whispers to me to stop hiding my presence that I instantly obey.

"Very good,Your majesty"

I immediately neutralize Mirage and comes out while scratching my head,while she is giggling.

"Girl's sensitivity is not something you could underestimate"

i bow down to her,with an admitting defeat kind of atmosphere around me,from the start,I'm a man.But seems my sensitivity is still inferior to the natural girl.

She stopped her giggles after a while,asked me for how long did I conceal myself outside of the Throne room,which I answered only for about 3 minutes,but She only smiled.


With only a single word,She brings destruction to my lie,that I confirmed that I had overheard something that I was not supposed to hear,as I kneel,She only pat my head.

"It's okay,Everyone has already known that fact anyway,Even the citizens had known that."

She walks away after leaving me with a gentle pat answer,while I can only leer around doing nothing,but a shout in my head is waking me from my daydream,telling me to stay put.

And so,I'm running to the courtyard,of course almost late.

I managed to get in line,a group of around 200 people wearing same uniform,but at the front there was another one with white uniform,Aerona Auvers the leader of ours.

And such,I just need to stand and hear the Ceremony inside out and I expected it to be at least 3 hours long,but with no avail on the 10th minute....

Since a cannon's fuse was fired that moment.

Mistakes are to be happening


a shout was heard from the courtyard entrance,with a man in wounds telling about enemy attack.

With a clarity,all of the Knights that was lining up,turning to the entrance and from the entrance to the armory,where they took up their armors and swords and I'm among them.

"What kind of enemy that attacked us ?"

One of them asked the man,while I'm connecting my steelplate over the battle gown,while Turk is already prepared.

"It-It was The Order Strike Force,Sir!"

The man said something irregular in anxiety,with the others who is still preparing now staring at him,but Aerona is the first one to try to confirm it by riding her horse to the town.

I,too need to follow up as well,So I took Turk and goes the way she was going,and I see her fighting Human Soldiers.

"What's going on !?"

I kicked on a soldier's head with my sin,While stabbing another leg with Turk and sliced it off,He is still alive but incapacitated that way.

And such,I throw Turk to the far away side,while acrobaticaly use the enemy soldiers heads as platform,albeit with them trying to slash at me and I landed right behind my instructor.

"Instructor,What in God's graceful name has happened !?"

She huffed,before deflecting an arrow with her shield and bash a soldier with it,before talking to me in partly tired voice.

'Somehow,They mistook us for someone else"

I catched Turk back,and try to incapacitate anybody who try to attack,while in the background,I can see the other is fighting hard as well,but seems our part is the hardest.

a Bright Light is coming behind my back,when I turned around,I can see Aerona is clashing swords with some Young man with brown hair.

"What could you be doing here,Raine !?"

She shouted at Raine,the one who is clashing swords with her,before shoving him away with her shield that emitting a bright light,but He dodged.


He retaliated by firing a bright light bolt from his palm of hand,before going in a dogfight.


He pushed through an opening between the clashing swords,and grabbed the shield and thrown it away,but Instructor also countered him with a blocking with her gauntlet,but blasted away by an Impact that come from his hand.

"Instructor!!" I thrusted a Soldier that is at the front of me and leaving Turk's there,while I approach Aerona who is on the ground,tired and breathing heavily.

"Just who is that guy..."

Raine slowly approachs while picking up his sword and Aerona pushed me away.

"Jesicca,Retreat...You will be exterminated as well at this rate"

"I can't do that,instructor"

I called Turk back,that sliced the one it has ancohred in half,before catching it back,and launched my fingertips blade at the oppressor.


The fingertips suddenly cracked as it approachs him,and finally shattered by a swing of a blade while i can see him firing a beam of light at me.

I'm sure,I was surely being blasted back by that light,but seems not,as I can see Aerona is blocking it with her shield at my place,of course panting.

"This is an order!,Retreat and regroup!"

"You are so stubborn,Aerona."

Raine suddenly is already behind her and ready to pierce her throat with his sword.

"And too soft for your Juniors"


Suddenly my hand moved on it's own and casted a non-handstance Darkness Release,Vortex of Malice at the front of me,that he blocked with his sword enchanted with his light in cost of cancelling his finishing blow.

"This is not a game anymore! He is a hero,dude!

What !?,The top soldiers of The Order !? Oh man....

And such,realizing my mistakes,I took Aerona and fetch a horse that is running nearby,but before I could ride it,Raine is already striking at me but an arrow obstructed him.

And there where the arrow comes from,I can see an elf firing at him,I can only wink to thank her before I gallop out of the reach.


"And now..." a Succubus with red hair is coming out of the alley from the two's direction,flexing her hands and readying her stance.

"Come at me,Big boy"



I arrived at the castle,where I can see many soldiers wounded,either by sword slash or shot by a bullet and my condition is the only one that is fine,but the one I brought along is not as fine.

As I step down the horse,a pair of knights,also wounded.brings Aerona down and shoulder her.

"What about you,Hargreave ?"

"I will continue the fight"

I stared at my broken gauntlet,this was made by Hazelrink,specifically designed following the grappling hook that I brought him.

I huffed before mounting the horse once again and gallop back to the zone after I glance back to make sure Aerona is okay,because the contract will be nullified if anyone here was to die.

"Rivalz. Prepare for a rough ride"

John and Rivalz suddenly take over both of my sides,leading the horse astray and runs away after it dropped me,and then Rivalz takes off my earring.

"We probably won't need this anymore"

He then throws it to the nearby gutter,before running on all fours to the barracks.To my surprise,The barracks is filled by Mamonos soldiers along with Incubis which all of them have taken arms.

"Glad to have you back,Captain"

a Incubus with a familiar face approaches me and pat my shoulders while I stutter after remember who he is.

"Are you....Ed ?"


What !? So you guys live afterall !?

"We are awaiting your orders,Captain"

Suddenly the group kneeled down to me,while I can feel my right eye burning.

"Alright,First. Lizardman units and Centaurs units,go to the west side of the city.Orcs and Goblins,Go be a hero to your Masters and also save the other's husbands.And Werewolves will be setting up an ambush at the forest watch out for the Elves though"

"Sir,yes sir!"

All of them jumped right to their instructions,And I approachs Ed and talk to him in solemn voice

"Ed,Do you surely take the citizens to the sewer ?"


"And what about the others ?"

"Agni is stalling the Hero that was beating you,Fred is leading Werewolves unit"

I sniffle,and feeling a bit proud of these guys,because they can finally really graduate from me.

"And I think this is a bit absurd,But how about my companions ?"

Ed only smiled before pointing to the East side of the city,near the forests.

"Anastasia is playing Melody of Discord along with Melody of Harmony from Lieutenant Luthien from Assassination unit,While Alice is holding the Demonic Energy outbreak by using modified Demon Realm Silver"

"I see"

I also smile while flexing my stiff shoulder and swipes my left eye

"Shall we begin ?"

The demon smirks as the left eye also burning purple.

Mighties Fraud

"And what do we do ?"

"Huh ?"

"About this Valkyrie,Normal submission method won't do.You know that Chief"

"Forget about it,I got a reeaaaaal nice method on me"

I jumped from a burning house's roof to another while listening to these guys,even though you guys got permission from Sayo to move out and act,at least help me a bit on the mobility.

I sighed and glance back the town,it is as ravaged as possible,with many magics circle remains,from Water to Lightning to ordinary Light,all of them were here.

"Guys,Just to be safe.I'm gonna cast Veil on us now"

I landed on a top point of a tower,while I continue to progressing in my handstance.

Suddenly,I hear a incantation from below,and before a launched fire ball fired at me before I could finish "Veil",along with a sound of loose Bowstring.

a swift moving arrow,as I have thought.Intercepted the fire ball and dispels it away by what that can be seen,a wind magic.While I can see a Incapacitated mage that was attacking me.

"Thanks again."

I thanked her before I released "Veil" that covers my presence completely,that practically erases my existence and continues forward.

"Well,You should be more careful next time,Tatsumi"

I arrived at the wall behind the castle,This one is gonna tough,since Earth Release will take more energy the higher the wall or thicker the wall.

"Leave it to me,Boss"

John takes over and prepares his fist,then he jumped and starts climbing the wall.

I widened my eye in response,while my body is still suspending under the height.

"Ummm,Which floor is it again ?"

"4,I said 4"

"Aaaalright....What's after 2 ? 4 right ?"

The rest of us are dumbfounded,he is really a bull brain afterall!

I thursted my Kunai to the wall and start climbing,while John is protesting.I would not know what will happen if he continues to do this.

I continue climbing,my stamina is almost gone but to climb just one more floor,I think it's okay.

"By the way,How would we deal with our appearance ?"

"Of course we will change it"

"By using ?"

"Wind release:Bliss"

"I see"

And I finally reached the fourth floor,by using all my breath,I climbed up to one of the terrace

"I would...never climb any Daimyo's Castle again"

I huffed and stands up while shaking,but as I straighten my head,I can see many guards are here,along with some servants,but with Veil up,they can't be possibly noticing me.

So,I keep walking towards the locked room,and picking it's lock when I arrive there.

"...Empty ?"

I find it empty,after all the time I wasted on picking these lock,well,can't blame something that already be done,as my mother said.So I just bite my lip and search for her.

I checked up and down,left and right for her.But strangely,there has been less Soldiers than I had known from my information.According to my information.This Kingdom's fighting forces are composed of 3 Battalions,but when I went on the field earlier,I counted just 2 Battalions and 2 Companies,excluding my supposed slain one.

"Seems The Cowards ran..."


I finally finished opening every last door,but nevertheless I couldn't find her.That only leaves me one choice then.

"The Throne room"

I leisurely walk to the throne room,that I can barely open it's gate.I'm weak in term of physical strength....

I enter the room with a huff,and I finally can see her,So I neutralize "Veil" and approachs her from sideways

"Finally,we meet again"

She gasped in surprise seeing me,that I only smiled in response.


The mood suddenly frozen,even though we are in the middle of the battle.What is this awkward mood ?

"....Are you a Crossdresser ?"

"Huh ?"

.....Dammit,I forgot to tell the demon to change my outfit!

And well,I run towards the other end behind the curtains and change my outfit with wind release,and then using Veil again to replay from the start.

And so,I properly introduced myself.and so she is,telling me that she is thankful I have come here,but she tells me that the Kingdom is in chaos now.

"Well,You need to help your countrymen too,My lady."

The demon took over,and converse with her.I can't complain after all,since sweet talking is his ability.

"You need to help your countrymen,As a Honorable warrior"

"Honorable warrior ? How could you-"

"Yes,my lady."

He holds her hand,gently and as gentle as he gazes into her eyes.I possibly can't see this....

"You will need to unfold your wings,and help them"

"But....they are..."

"Do not worry"

He places his mouth near her ear,and silently whispers

"I shall become your sword"

....before kissing her.Mother,Father please forgive me.

She was infatuated and maybe petrified,since her face is now a bit pale,but the demon only moved his position beside the throne.

"I shall bestow your power upon the soldiers,That way,You have saved your countrymen"

He stepped outside of the throne room,before snickering.

"At last....Sayo,Distribute the power to the troops"

"Received,Valkyrie DNA:Completed,Distribution in process.Prime clearance needed"

"Give your word,Human"

"Do it"

Without hesitation,I give my approval to Sayo,which the moment I feel every fiber of my being screaming in pain.

"Don't worry,it will distribute your energy that is now massive of a Lesser Divinity to the troops"

The demon slyly grins,while seeing the troops through the window,that I can also see that my troops have considerably get stronger too....The Lizardman has gained the ability to windstep,The Centaurs are able to fire 5 arrows with total precision and The others has their speed and agility increased and a increase of mana to all Incubis.

Seems this war can be won after all.


The Queen,now Infatuated in her throne,after getting her first kiss stolen by a Mysterious charismatic person,in fact the first male that she had come in close contact.rubbed her lips.

"Sweet,isn't it ?"

a lecherous voice is heard in her head,that her aura has also gone dark with dark feathers covering the background.