a Blissful morning,Started by a constant noise of hammer and boards hitting each other,and the people who are rebuilding it,Yes,The City of Auvers that had been attacked due to mislead are recovering after the war.

"Good Morning"

"Yeah,Good morning"

They are friendly to each other,even with full knowledge that their races are different,but this is but the other side of the coin....


[11 December 1516,02.00 AM]

"Move to E4,and Centaur teams,Move to D5 and attack to F3"

The demon started to play chess,using the troops as Chess piece via telepathy,and yet,The Prideful Lizardmen and Centaurs seem still to obey him,even with the news from the Orcs and Goblins that they have liberated the prisoners.

I huffed heavily,and barely able to pull myself to the window to see what is happening outside,I still can hear the loud recoil of firearms,big and small,and also aftersound of Magics.

"What ? Alright,What now ?"

"What are you doing ?"

"Nah,Just analyzing the most recent input,but somehow....I still can't find anything "Normal" at all"

"What ?"

I somehow can imagine him furrowing in distress,But because of me barely have the slightest idea of my peculiar composition of soul,in fact more peculiar than a Seismic twins that are said to happen when their souls can't fully separate.

"Hm....,Alright....DAMN IT!"

Suddenly my other arm shoves me aside from the window,barely dodging what that seems like a liquid dripping from my previous location.

"No good,I miscalculated...."

The demon took over and rolls aside,dodging another drop of liquid,from what I see,This is an Aphrosidiac,wait,Aphrosidiac !?

"You dodged it pretty well"

a clanking sound of boots,coming from The Throne room.I barely able to stole a glimpse through The Demon's eyes,a silver haired black valkyrie with still recognizeable bright blue eyes,clad in armor along with 4 black wings sprouted from her back.

"My,You are coming for me personally ?" 

I can only hear now,because The Demon took over my eyes,but from what he said,I'm sure he expressed surprise in playful manner.

"You recognized me ?"


The Fallen Valkyrie laughed in amusement the moment the other person stands up.

"Fallen God,You really came for me personally,didn't you ?"

Kanzaki,who is a Half breed of Succubus,that is obviously able to recognize her presence in matter of second,also laughing in amusement.The sound of the hall filled with laughter of both of them seems to fall upon deaf ears,as nobody in their vicinity does any effort to do any activity.

After a few second,both of them ceased their laugh,and the atmosphere around them turned solemn

"Okay,enough play for today."

"So ? Care enough to tell me ?"

They continued their banter,but without any intention of giving,both of them.

"Well,You do know my wish,don't you ?"

"Yeah,The same of the succubus clan"


She started to move towards the succubus,with her hips moving side to side like a metronome,while still having the candidly passionate expression.

Kanzaki sighed,"What do you want ?"

"Pray tell,What part of you that had captivated this child ?"

She stopped at the front of him,her slightly smaller posture compared to him makes her eyes at his neck.

"You see,I can't stand my children holding their desires" She said,while licking her lips,before continuing

"And you wouldn't mind if I take you to my realm for her,would you ?"

"I do mind" Kanzaki stepped back,while casting a Light Release:Radiant Waves but the light is dispelled by a slight wave of the valkyrie's sword

"Then,I will need you to sleep for a while"


Kanzaki keeps moving backwards,while reaching other thing behind his jacket

"That won't do"

He threw a cylinder,with the fuse already lit and turns his back before the cylinder explodes to a moment-long light and loud banging noise that leaves the other staggered,and he runs away.

After a while of silence,The Demon finally let me open one eye,his breath is disoriented and his heart beats fast.

"Hey,what happened !?"

He gasped when he gets to the back of a pillar,and peeking for a while in distress.

"That's one eloquent excuse for taking me..."

"Okay,I give up.What's going on ? Why The Fallen God would like to take us to Pandemonium !?"

"Alright,I'll tell you"

So he explained it all to me,about The Queen having her trigger pulled by the kiss from earlier,and now I'm in a sink or swim situation.

"And now,What would you like to do human ?"

He took the final breath and returns to my head,he seems tired,Did he use some kind of release ?

"Yeah,Let's do Thunder Rain Formation"

Guilty Thunder

"Thunder Rain...Alright"

I tighten a wire that I had brought with me to one of the pillar,and concealing it with a bit of dirt by Earth Release.

"You are prepared for it ?"

The demon also enchants the Kunais that are used as a trap with Light Release:Untainted Blank,this will erase the wire's presence completely,while having their offensive power increased.

I touched the wire to make sure it won't snap.This is my first time doing this,So I won't know when it will have a unexpected wrench on the way.

"Tighten up and seems good"

"Hush,Here she comes"

The demon erases his presence,while announcing the other's presence and moving to the shadows of daybreak.

"Where are you~?"

She hums a tone while searching for us in her clanging boots and armor gestures,what happened to the meek and enclosed Queen that I know ?

I blinked,while putting all my conceration on 6th sense of feel through energy,since her energy is massive,it's very noticeable.


I release the wires that triggers the first sequence,a falling shower of Kunai above her head,that she repelled effortlessly

"Not yet!"

I windstepped to her back,while readying my elbow to her neck.

"Fire Release:Emanating-"

"No way"

Before I could initiate the starting of second sequence,She tackled my feet with a swift side step and puts her sword beneath me,but good thing I could use my hand and dodges it,but alas.

my elbow is getting a cut,a small cut indeed.but what is troublesome,I got an urge to just hug and push down the one before me,so extreme,but I could hold it for a second the demon took over.

"Not good man,That sword has a Dragon-class Aphrosidiac! "

"Be a good boy and let's get packed already!"



Kanzaki sprouted bat wings from his back,and flown out through the window.having an expression of extreme pleasure,but because of him considering his partner's sanity and obsession of nothing,He couldn't take this encounter any further.

He sighs "Say,Can't we do this another way ?"

His hovering figure lightly levitating in the dark sky,along with another that also as black as the sky but still having the silver hair that is not losing to him.

"Give me an example"

"Like,You know..."

"Yes ?"

"I will be your vessel in this world,and I will keep your child there"

His stuttering,along with his red face,saying that he will take the position of the caged damsel,amuses The Fallen god greatly.

"That is interesting"

She chuckles in response to the bargain,but still,She would not take the "bluff" so easily.

"I'm serious"

Kanzaki flaps his wings and flies towards her,and holding her chin upwards,The Fallen God is only snickering

"Then I assume You had known this child history,Correct ?"


Kanzaki holds his breath and bit his lip,before showing her what is in his mind,The Queen's history he has ripped from the analyzing done by Sayo.

a single heir to the throne,She had been left all alone,Her mother was a Valkyrie and Her father was a Hero that has founded this nation,being a meek one and also has a weak disposition unfit for a Valkyrie or a Hero.She had found her comfort in her solitude after this Kingdom falldown with the King never came back on a crusade,and so did The previous Queen.With the last will of The King,She had taken the throne and searching for the partner as Representative ruler,but The Order forced a weak King to her,in exchange of them not planting their own ways in the period.

"I see"

The Fallen god smiled,and closing her face to him

"I think you will be a good partner to her,but what would you do on my influence on her ?"

"I will take it all.Her burden,pain and solitude.Even you"

Kanzaki finally forces his lips to her,that instantly triggered a sequence.His eyes turns Bright Yellow,with a slit pupil resembling a Black cat's eyes,along with Rion's analysis

"Fallen God's Essence Received,Alterations completed.Valkyrie Gene altered to Dark Valkyrie Gene"

a mechanical voice replaces his voice chords for a while,with a unconscious girl in his arms,He sprouted a bright white bat wings,along with 2 set of Jet black wings.

"Welcome back,Your Majesty"

His final voice,before going back to the castle and declaring that this war outcome has been decided,is Sayo's voice

"Conditions for Devil's Revertion:Reached.Awaiting Stimulation"

A Caged Evil Dragon,That was Tatsumi and Kanzaki are,along with their brothers.

"You really-Nay,I hath never thought thy holds an allegiance to anyone,Evil Goddess of Downfall"

"Is that so ?"

Sayo solemnly speaks to The Essence,while having Kanzaki takes down The Order strike force and repels them.

"I merely play a masque"

"Even if Thee shall swear fealty to a mortal ?"

Sayo chuckled and cycnically answers with a sharp stare that makes The Essence takes a step back

"This child had created mine Essence,the same as ye.Is it not as a tenet I swore loyalty to one who created me ?"

"I shall keep thy words"

They finally finished their serious discussion,in his mind,Tatsumi has a dangerous power nobody ever think of,not even him.

Oozing From Ripped Heaven


And such,Things has ended,and rebuilding is on the way.While The New King coronation is taking place


[11 December 1516,07:20 AM]

"Seriously,Do I really have to do this !?"

"Obviously,what kind of Shogun will dress like a peasant in his decoration ?"


"Yeah,make sure you don't put us to shame now"

My goodness,these people are really....Nah,I think I would let it slide.Anastasia is dressing me meekly,Izuna is dressing my hair like a Daimyo,and Luthien is....watching me.

After I finished,I go to the hall,where The Queen is awaiting me,with a sword in her hand and she is wearing armor.

I kneeled before her,like what I did in Coronation process.But...

"I thank you"

She kneeled before me,which I responded by standing up and coughed a little.

"Raise your head"

I,who is dressed in robe,and a Valkyrie,Let's see,what do I do....well,I will just do this naturally.

"Do thou wish to serve me ?"

"With all of my heart"

"I see.Then,Would ye tell me thy name ?"

"I am-"


I lightly pat her head that she jolted in surprise,but she calms down after a little time.

"You are not nameless anymore"

I took her sword,and lightly pat it at her shoulder

"I bestow you the name of "Verdandi".From now henceforth,Thee are not The "Nameless" Queen anymore.You shall be my knight named Verdandi"

"As you wish"

I smiled at her while still holding this sword,and kneeled next to her and gently give the sword to her.

"Sorry for the first meeting"

I stand and go to the balcony,where the citizens are waiting for me to give a speech at the courtyard downside,I can see most of my conscripted troops are there too,with their husbands of course.

"Okay,I won't give a long speech,so-"

"My Lord! Do your best!"

Agni is cheering at me from the most backwards line,All this unnecessary tension is making me cringe!

"Ahem,Citizens of Auvers.I knew you are in distress,despair,and confusion.Perhaps you have no trust in me anymo-"

"That's right!"

"Why should we trust you !?"

a person is pointing at me while doubting my presence as the King,well,this is already predicted though.

"So,you would trust this man instead ?"

Suddenly a man,or Handric is thrown to the front of the courtyard,by my facade,Jesicca Hargreave or The Demon in disguise.

"People,Let me tell you.This man,The Previous King,is a coward who abandoned his Kingdom for his own safety!"

"But-He is the one The Order sent us,is he not !?"

"And why do you think The Order attacked us !?"

The crowd is getting disoriented.hey,Kanzaki.If you would,we need to end this faster.

"That's true..."

"Even the Black Knight said so."

"Well,even The supposed man-eating monsters were helping us"

Well then,The crowd is settled.So I go back to the hall,and surprisingly Verdandi is not moving from where she was.

"There,there. It's okay,You can throw it at me,I will receive it"

I hugged her while lightly stroking her cheek,that I can feel beads of tears falling down to my shoulder.

"Finally....I...I...find my own self worth...."

She grabs my robe tightly while she continues whimpering and shedding tears,and with her voice swallowed by her tears,she tried to say something,but all I can say is...

"No Need to thank me,If it was about my sense of Justice,I just can't feel a life just can be taken lightly"

She looked up at me while I walk away back to the room to exchange my clothes,and one with clear voice,She says

"As you wish,Master"

Along with her spreading her pure white wings


Outside,in the Courtyard.Kanzaki who is calming the crowd and also working on rebuilding,is seems friendly among them but the inside of him is as thorny as a rose.

"How Interesting of you"

"Well,I just erased her memories regarding you,and replaced Divine Commandments A.K.A God's voice with my own"

"No,I mean you"

"Hoh ?"

"You are the original race of Incubus,aren't you ?"

Kanzaki snickers while his right eyes is glowing bright yellow "Who knows"


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