[A bit of the Book's last pages are left in stains,red as if stained by blood]

[1 January,01.00 AM]

"We made it..."


I gasped for breath along with my sister,This has been the 4th day of the Marathon travel.Since I had liberated and fulfilled the contract,but Zack hasn't come to confirm it yet,I suppose I will go back home first.

The early morning breeze is quite cold,not to mention during winter.So I shivered and ignite the red liquid I had stained my clothes with.

"Well,That was quite unfair.But He seemed willing enough to take us back"

Izuna is also shivering,while rubbing her shoulders with her hands and also Her breath froze as well as mine.

"It's okay,We paid him anyway"

I headed back with trembling knees,Anyway things have quieten down lately.Kanzaki haven't made many Incidents as well as the others,even The Fallen God has fallen silent.

"Anyway,Nee-san. Where are we ?"

"Seems we are a bit little off Kyoto,Osaka maybe ?"

"Seems so"

Osaka.....That was quite far from The Village,Seems If I go full force from here until morning.I will get back in 4 hours.

I sneezed while also having my jacket up.It's still cold.Dammit,I should have brought another Wool Jacket with me.

As for Auvers,Things has begun to be self-sufficient.The Agriculture has been taken care of with multiple Casual-type Golems powered up by Demonic energy,The Economics is still at a slump but Verdandi toldme that she will take care of it,and the defense is also perfect,Diplomatics with the Dwarves also ended up well.

"Your Village is in Mino,right ?"

Izuna asked me while we are on the way back,She hits the spot.Despite it's Hidden location,Saying that my village is in Mino is the most correct answer.

I stared left and right,the road is also empty....Well,There's nobody beside Heavy drunkards that still drink in the dead of the night and winter.

"Well,Want to tag along to meet dad ?"

I offered up to come with me back to the village,maybe we can alter her memories so she wouldn't blurt out our intel,but she rejected that immediately.

"No thanks,Maybe you just want to alter my memories and just have your way with me when I'm defenseless"

"Don't bring up the past,It was embarassing"

We both let out a little laugh and seems to grow a little to look more like siblings,The moment I realized it,We have treaded into a separate ways,to Mino and Kyoto

"Well,See you back in the castle"


So we part to our respective ways,While also bidding goodbye

I ]never Imagine it to be like this though.

Sleeping Dragon is waking up

"Alright,Let's go"

After I part up with Izuna,I quickly initiate a wind release

"Wind Release:Gale"

I blow up the wind and start running,Uncaring about what I was passing,Probably just some Kappa or Something I stepped on,Probably just some Obakes.

The scenery reflected in my eyes is changing at frightening speed,The snow is so white and is compatible with Silver moonlight,but for some reason,I still can't feel I'm being at home at all.

"Mom,Dad....Happy new year!"

I keep running at a frightnening speed,while also imagining what will comes out in home,Perhaps a Kotatsu ? a Normal Chazuke ? or something like Oban,but that seems impossible.

I jumped to a tree and start moving on them,Moreover I can see Red along the way,maybe Aneki was having a party again.Well,I was choked by her....with a huge jug of Sake back in the day I was 15.

I keep reminiscing these memories over me as I hopped from tree to tree,And finally I can see The Village Entrance.

"I'M HO..."

but,before I can say I'm home,Suddenly a figure is crashing at me that sends me back to the sides,Good thing I have succesfully blocked it.

"Ow....What the-Sai !?"


The one who crashed to me was Sai,a fellow Shinobi trainee.I thought She was also sent on Mission but came back for new year.But her body is now in scars and Her shoulder is bleeding.

"Hey,What happened !?"


I was toring my clothes to help patch up her wounds,but She shoves me into under a Uprooten tree that I hit my head again.

"Damn! Where did It go !?"

"You tell me,Why did you even miss anyway !?"

"Hey,I'm not your best shot.Let's just search for it"

Two armored soldiers that seems familiar....The Order's Sigil,Why the hell are they here !?

"Calm down,We need to stop your bleeding first"

I whispers in quiet voice while also wrapping her wound in my clothes,She only writhes in pain as I do so.After I finished and no soldiers nearby I asked her what that has happened.

"Enemy attack...."

She huffed while holding her bleeding shoulder,I can't use a Light Release to heal her wounds,because it will attract too many attention.

"Why they could even breached our Perimeter anyways ?"

"Who knows,Even The Thunder Rain to Storm's Rage traps couldn't hit them back"

"I see,How about the elders ?"

I crouched to avoid eyes that is still roving the area in search for The Shinobis,They won't all be easily found though.

"Most Elders were holding them back,But seems None survived"

"None ?...Wait,How about My dad !?"

"Lord Ken and Senior Mikan is probably among them"

The worst case of Scenario has been rolled down for me,I blurted up in response.But I can't be too surprised with her coughing up blood.

"My time won't be long anyways,For now.Run"

She tapped my shoulders before her hand going limp.

"Forbidden Method Number 4:Reality - Phantasm"

She casted the forbidden method number 4,The price for number 4 was.....time.

"Wai-You can't just-"

She hits me with her fist that has been fueled with the Phantasm,If I remember,Phantasm effect was to be like a ghost,a Phantom.

"At least,You must live!"

I was thrown out the tree root from the recoil,I hate to say.but even the Trainees who were younger than me possess more strength than I did.

I hit my head to a tree trunk,before I can feel my body distorting up from the effect,Like a Ghost....Okay,At least I must rally the others!

"Can't expect it would end up like this eh ?"

Turning into an Evil Dragon


"Is it really okay to leave him in the dark ?"

"Yep,He would find out soon enough.And I'm not one of the nobility you said back in your realm"

"You were pretty high ranked so It won't differ too much"


I keep run and search operation in my mind,This is really a dire situation.First,Why would they have known our Village's location,Two,The Traps are supposed to be undetectable.

"Dammit,Rai on The Tree!"

I shouted from the top of the tree,a code of Rai and Geki.a common code used in Training days.

I keeps on the sense of hearing,I can vaguely hear a heavy breathing,Seems young and also old,moreover I can hear a Arquebus being pointed

"Geki on The Ground!"

At last! The code! I bursted from my way through the Patrolling soldiers,With Phantasm Sai has given to me with her life,I could pass through a blockade easily.

I can also hear foodsteps,crackling bonfire ?,Gunpowder smell ? What the heck !?

I opened my eyes,and the scene I'm seeing is the one I wished I had never opened my eyes.

a Massacred field of my fellow Villagers,Even Aneki,Hondou,Chisako too ? 


Suddenly I feel a strong headache rushing into my head that makes me fall to my knees.and my view turned into The view of James's town.It was not peaceful anymore.With all Youkais doing nothing but Lecherous thing left and right at all I can see,One peculiar scene didn't escape my sight.

That James boy is being respected by the Youkais he was passing by.What could that mean ?


Huh ?

"Hey,Could you stop watching already ?"

H-He means me ?

"Yeah,you.Get back to your instincts already"

He points his finger at me that gives me a chill on my spine.and my view is reverted again back to the gory field,but my head is not the same anymore....

I have gained the Instincts that told me...."To Eat"

Vengeful Spirit with No Reason is Dangerous

"Ahahaha...So is that it ? Is that it ?"

I laughed,so hard.Hahaha,I could find it funny though.after all this time,After all this goddamn time.I can finally find a way to relieve my head.Well,I felt stressed since the time I was in here,and I finally found the reason.

"What was that ?"

a Soldier is coming to check due to my laughter,hehehe.Doesn't matter though.So I slipped by and gets to his back.

"Thanks for the food!"

I appeared behind him from "Phantasm",that my jaw suddenly transformed into a Bull's mouth that clasped his head and crushed it,even his helmet was also crushed up.

Ah....The blood,The Brain even something gory that normal person would avert their eyes is in my mouth.It tastes like a high-quality Sushi though and the blood tasted like Soy sauce.

"Not yet....I'm still hungry..."

The blood is still dripping from my mouth and minced headmeat is also dropping,I come upon a pair of soldiers and after that and after that,This is all like a feast!


I laughed maniacally,all these scrumptious taste in my feels like I was the Shogun! With all these delicious food are already at the front of me!

The laugh reverberate through the mountain,even through the Village.But my ear is still catching heartbeats,around 15 people.

"There's still some....I won't let anything stay in my plate!"

I deliberately let the food dripped from my mouth while slowly walking to the Village's direction.My Villagers's bodies are everywhere,like a warzone.Even though I have fought inside a warzone before.

Even the reflection of the nearby spring of me is ridiculous,My eyes are bloodshots,My canines are so long,and also my voice are ear-deafening.


I purposefully announces my presence with a loud shout,I can hear the heartbeats are going faster and starts moving,somehow even my consciousness is fully for "Eating" I can still cast Ninjutsu pretty well,even better.

"Fire Release:Infernal Flame"

First,I released Infernal flame,a Intermidiate level of Fire release,it will chases out an opponent,trapping them.

And such,The Heartbeats are stopping.So I slowly approach them with my saliva dripping.

"Earth Release:Malicious Land"

Second,I put my hand on the ground to cast Malicious Land,it is a High level of earth release.It will pretty much transform the land into a Malicious beings,and I mean malicious,yes,I mean malicious.

The Heartbeats is weakening,So it turned out to let out a Poison Gas !? Ahahahaha! So funny!

I find a Soldier running from the other direction,His face is so frightened from the sudden enviromental change.Amateur,Learn to calm down in your next life!

I sprouted wings from my arms and pierces him with my legs that grows sharp claws,His face decorated with snot from fear and tears are also funny but disgusting to eat,so I just eat his guts by toring up his stomach.

"9 more to go"

I landed after the body drops,From what I hear,it is 9 more.Probably 5 already died of Poison gas.So I run and chase them with strong lust for their flesh


"So.. ? Mother,Why had you sent me to accompany him ?"

"Did you realize it ?"

"Yes mother,Yasakani Jewel only reacted to someone who has evil inside them"

Tsugumi sniffled and smiled at her daughter

"Very well,And how about it ?"

"It reacted to Tatsumi,and It was not searching for another Treasure in the first place"


Beast from The Era Long Gone

"Sir! What was that thing !?"

"No! Help me!!"

I ripped apart a soldier who was left,with him,it was 4 that I had eaten out of 9,I busied myself with eating all of his flesh while the other is firghtened.

"You Monster!"

He reluctantly strikes at me,shaken with fear.His strikes are getting disoriented that I dodges easily

"Water Release:Man-eating Swamp"

I transform the ground he is standing to a dense concentration of bubbly material,He screams before all his body were sucked in.And at last his remains of skeleton emerges.

"How about it ?"

"Boss! It's enough for me!"

"I'm the same Alpha"

John and Rivalz are replying inside of my head,while Gerald is giving out bubbling sound and Jeremy is screeching.The Demon and Sayo is not eating at all.

"Well ? Should we hunt down the rest ?"

"I do approve"

"The Same"

"I'm not"

The demon is disagreeing,why would you disagree at a fun time like this ?


He rages up! So,he was hungry too! Just told me a second earlier and I will let you take control of my body!

So,I let him takes control of my body and I just watch.He was draining life from the remaining survivors,from them that He has taken out is some carcass that is like a dried corpse.

[Pages were ripped]

--And such,Please....Anybody who find this.Don't remark this or either,This is a forbidden memory of The Perilous past,If you show this to a Monster or Youkai,They will return themselves and perhaps eats you.So I warn you to not show it.....

[The last of Pages are completely covered in Blood,Unable to be read]

"So is that it ? That was quite a casual fairy tail"

a Green cloaked man is closing the book after reading it and he stands up

"Maybe I can sell this for around 10 Silver coins"

He leaves with the book,unaware that the aftermath is maybe will come upon him.