[26 August 1516]

yesterday was a crazy day, first I fell into a muddy pool, second a ryu girl attacked me and mistaken me for a pervert, and now I have heard that the girl who attacked me is my sister? Oh well, things that already be done cannot be undone, that's what my mom said when I make mistakes in the past and I will follow it as well.

The Ryu is my Sister !?

I was frozen in my feet when I heard the revelation, not to mention that I'm not a pure blooded-human as well,and I heard Ryus are beings of incredible power, well even I just holded off a little balls of water earlier, I'm still freezing in my stance and location from before.

"Wait a second, Mother! What do you mean this pervert is my brother!?" Seems Izuna too can't hold her urges to deny that, and she quickly take the crystal ball from my hands and they start to argue about the present "misunderstanding", or in fact,in my field of view.

"Sorry Izuna, but that is the fact."

"a fact that my father is also the father of this pervert? Didn't you say that father leave the shrine for a task long ago!?"

"I did, but the truth is what I said before, He escaped the shrine and became a leader of a group in non-monster friendly area because of that"

"That"? I wonder what that means but I still have to check on my clothes, I will be in deep problem if I'm still here wearing only my pants after they finish arguing.

I'm silently sneaking away from them while they are still in argument to check if my clothes finished drying, as I ran through the bogs and muds, I was disappointed to what I found.

"Good lord! Not dried yet!?" I was surprised after found out that my clothes haven't dried yet, which I figured out that in this marshes the air is more humid than in the village and about regretting why I DID leave these things here and went exploring.

"Darn, if they find me like this, I'm really in for a complicated matters, seems I don't have a choice"In a panicking tone, I was preparing a handstance for a fire release, even though with my energy drained, I still have some reserves.

"Fire Release: Burning Wall"

burning wall is usually used for defence, but I'm already ran out of energy, and now because of that, only a small fire that appeared.

"Good enough, better quick before she finds out I'm here" I started to dry my clothes in a roasting fashion, due to the tightsuit is a breathable material and the jacket can easily be dried that way.

"So,you are here"an unpleasant voice came from behind, as I turned around, I found Izuna stared at me while I'm still drying my jacket and packing my luggage..

"Yes, what is it ? "I'm answering with a fake smile on my face.

"My mother said she wants to meet you and that I should bring you to kyoto, follow me"

She "walked" on the paths after telling me that, and I was still half-wearing my overall clothes and lifting my luggage. perhaps I do must follow her. because I can't read the map anymore, it's already withered.

[3 Hours Later]

After 3 hours of walking, I've finally arrived at kyoto, even when I felt strange gazes from people in town, to be frank, since I entered through the town gates.

"Hey, don't you think that people are staring at us in a weird way? "I whispered to her webbed ears with a low tone voice, which she replied with all hostility.

"No, it's only natural because it's quite uncommon for a human and a monster walk side by side in broad daylight"

So,that's it,even though we were not in anything, wait a minute, wasn't this area is still friendly to youkais?

"Here, we have arrived"

We arrived at a huge shrine, with a nameboard "Water God Shrine", and here I was again, dumfounded like a kid from countryside, all I was ever been in was 3 rooms house with 6 tatamis each, and all of them were full of traps.

"Welcome home, Lady Izuna"

a white lamia-no I think it's a shirohebi, greeted us at the front gate so formally while still sweeping the terrace.

"Don't be so formal, Reiko-nee chan, I'm home!"

Izuna suddenly hugged the shirohebi, which confuse me because she called her "nee-chan"

"Uuum, Hello ?"

"Ah, Sir Tatsumi I presume?, Please come this way, Tsugumi-sama has been waiting for you"

I followed her, after she shrugged Izuna away and Izuna herself seems to obey her, I guess she is her babysitter or something.

"Tsugumi-sama, Sir Tatsumi has arrived"

We stopped at the end of the corridor,which a lone double slide doors laid on the walls, as Reiko called the name of the one who called me, the doors opened by itself

"So, You have arrived, Tatsumi"

Capricious Magic and Unneeded Concern (1/2)

"So, You have arrived, Tatsumi"

a ryu has been sat at front of me, her appearance really look like Izuna except for the glasses and sweater she wore, and seemed to be more dignified and cold-headed.

"Please, sit down" She told me to sit down which I quietly comply
I sit down at front of her, which she started the conversation

"So, what do you need from me ?"

straight to the point, seems I won't have to choose my words carefully here

"Ah yes, According to my dad, a Ryu that possess the Yasakani Jewel has been in this town, do you perhaps have any information about it?" I'm ending my sentence with a sound of a jest

"Please..., be polite when talking to Tsugumi-sama, or else"

the Shirohebi named Reiko suddenly wrapped her tail around my neck, so this is why you told me to be careful when I'm talking to her huh? dad....

"Reiko, stand down"

"Yes, please forgive my insolence"

She calmed Reiko down, I suppose she is the master of this place.

"Let's get back to topic, The Yasakani Jewel? Yes I have it, but what you need it for ?"

She said that while opening the upper part of her sweater, which revealing that she possess the yasakani jewel implanted at her chest. albeit with me in need to control myself in asthethic way meanwhile.

"I need it for my mission, The report said that Yata Mirror has been disappeared, and my dad said I will need the other treasures to find it."

Her face suddenly got a serious look, before it returned to a relaxed state and also her usual tone of speaking.

"ah, that..., so Ken has gave you that mission, very well, I will lend it to you.

She took the jewel off her chest and gave it to me, even though now I touched this great artifact why do I feel like it's nothing?

"Take notice, this jewel can only be on effect when a Ryu using it, so take Izuna with you"

That's what she said, but I doubted she will obey that easily.

"Aren't you eager to come too? Izuna"

"Yes, Mother"

Izuna suddenly appeared from the Slide Doors, so you too can't disobey her. much to my dismay though, because I would pretty much likely will get tired quickly.

"Good, for now, please rest, I suspect you two are tired from long walk. Reiko, please escort them to their room"

"Yes, Tsugumi-sama"

I and Izuna followed Reiko to the room near the front gate, leading to a room with a size 3 times my bedroom that also known as the attic, because of training.

"Please make yourself at home"

after saying that, she closed the door, leaving us two alone in this room. after a moment of awkwardness, Izuna started to initiate a conversation while I played with the jewel.

"So, what mission father has gave you ?"


"I said, what mission my father has gave you!"

"ah yes, dad gave me a scroll one night, in it written a report about Yata mirror disappearance, and he told me to find it and bring it to tokyo for my 17th birthday"

"So, that is"

She suddenly lowered her tone, and somehow I feel uneasy.

"Why is my father, who has been in this shrine long ago, can run away and marry another woman, when I'm still in mother's womb!?"

She suddenly shouted at me, but somehow I felt sadness in it, I remembered about it....long ago, I....

"It's because of that ritual"

Izuna's mother, Tsugumi come into the room, so you are eavesdropping on us.

"a Ritual of Rain calling, 16 years ago. I, who was still a young ryu that day, appointed for that ritual."

She starting to explain my dad escape, I and Izuna quietly hearing her explanation.

"I was nervous that day, but my husband, Ken told me it will be alright, but still I went overboard.It has been 6 day straight of that ritual, and he was on verge of breaking down, but I insisted that the rain calling needed for a week and 3 days after that he ran."

So, that's why dad joined the non-monster group long ago and that's why my mother met him, good thing though, because else I won't be here.

"And that's it, call me if you already recovered, I have prepared a teleportation magic for you two"

She leave the room shortly, leaving us two again in this awkwardness, in that silence I was thinking about what should I do and the best I should do and Izuna seemed the same.

"Here" I gave the yasakani jewel to Izuna, which she accepted it with a wondering face.

"Your mom said that only a ryu can use it, so I'm believing in you, as my sister"

"Alright, leave it to me, Little Brother"S he replied at me with a smiling face, but I sensed a small amount of distrust in her smile, I should ignore

"Alright, let's call Tsugumi-san, I've gotta go" As I went over to the door, I saw her rear part and some scales that's growing backwards, and out of curiousity I tried to touch that only to be responded with a telephone punch through the door.

Trust and Distrust I wonder what I must believe, but I must proceed with whatever I believe.