[1 September 1556]

it has been 3 days since I lodged here,in water god shrine,but my quest won't walk itself to find the Yata mirror If I just stay still like this,so I will request Tsugumi-san to teleport us after I got rejected by her because she knew that I'm not fully recovered 3 days ago.

Capricious Magic and Unneeded Concern (2/2)

It has been 3 days,since I decided that I will regarding Izuna as My sister and Tsugumi-san forcefully push me to bed after I requested her to teleport Izuna and myself 3 days ago.

"Good Morning"

"Ah,Good Morning"

that's Izuna,seems she just woke up,while I had trained myself to the bone since dawn at the courtyard.

"Hm ?,You training youself again ?,didn't you just train yesterday ?"

that's true,but for a ninja,a day without training will dull your edge.

"Hey,don't push yourself too hard,little brother,I don't want to carry you back here if you pass out later"

Still hostile to me as always,but with reduced amount of hostility to the point I can accept it.

"Don't worry about me,Nee-san,I'm quite tough you know"

"My,aren't you two a lively couple"

Tsugumi-san,Izuna mother,still teasing me with mind play and her words,but please don't say things that will easily misunderstood by other people.

"Mother!,Please just don't say such things!and we are siblings!"

Izuna blushed while saying that,well I'm probably would do that too if I'm still Naive

"Uuum.." I wanted to request that she will teleport us today,but...

"Well,Seeing you two's conditions today,I guess you two will be good to go"

Right into my mind huh...

"Please pack your belongings and meet me at grand hall when you ready"

She turn back and walked into the way to the grand hall

"So it is time"


I and Izuna both come back to our room which we packed our's belongings.

Kunais,Ninjutsu Scrolls,Reserve clothes,Smoke Bombs,I packed them all in one bag while my ninja-to still in it's sheath,while Izuna seems packing Magic Technique Books.

After that,We walk to the Grand Hall

In the Grand hall,a massive Magic Circle are drawn,seems like a dimensional magic but too complicated for me to understand.

"Alright,Step in" Tsugumi-san told us to step in the magic circle

"I almost forget,where do you want to go ?"

"Okinawa,I guess I will begin the searching from the South"

"Okinawa...,okay,before you go,do you like a little transformation magic ?"

"Transformation Magic !?,Mother,is that even possible !?"

Izuna seems surprised after hearing that,I too a bit surprised because I thought that transformation magic is not possible.

"No,it's only Illusion magic that felt like real to others but for you,it felt like nothing"

"Is that so ?"

"Well,take notice though,that this magic will restrict your energy,which means other than your physical ability will be restricted and you won't be able to use them"

Magic-Restriction magic,it's a high class magic that restrict other magic powers.

"So,do you want to ?"


"Me too"

I and Izuna agreed to it,and suddenly a magic circle appeared beneath us which starting to transform our form"

Izuna's tail is transformed into a pair of legs,and her webbed ears turned into normal ears

My Hair's color turned into white and My eye turned into purple color

"Hmm,Good Enough"

Tsugumi-san seems watching us too closely,probably examining if her magic worked fine.

"Well then,Step in the magic circle"

the magic circle started to glow,and starting to work

"See you mother,I will come back at new year!"

"Thank you so much for helping us,Tsugumi-san!"

that's our last word before we teleported away.


"My,aren't you a tricky one...,Ken ?"


our view was white after we being teleported,but it's started to clear away

and  what awaiting us are...

a Starting period of Autumn,and at river banks

A Ninja,A Ryu and Vampires (1/2)


"What is it ?"

"Aren't we supposed to be in Okinawa ?"

"I suppose"

The land that awaiting us are not beaches,seas,or a dazzling sun,but what awaiting us are Withering leaves,Rivers,and Chirping birds instead.

"This is a land called europe by my mom,doesn't it ?"

"I think so"

"Why are you so sure ?"

"Because there's a board with "Welcome to Bucharest" Written on it"Izuna say that to me while pointing her now-hands to a board

"So that's really are"

I was dumbfounded,because don't even get out of Zipangu,this is the first time I ever leaving my Village

"Quit complaining,at least we got something"

"What is it ?"

"The Yasakani Jewel detecting magic energy in this town,probably it's the Yata Mirror"

The Jewel at Izuna's chest reacted,seems she really sensed it.

We going in the Town,while searching for it's sources,but not long after that a loud shout are heard from behind us

"Hey,you two!are you slacking off from school !?"

a really big man shouting at us,seems he is a human,and not the size I cannot handle

"Ah,Sorry mister,We just arrived at this town"

Izuna seems tried talking to him,which I'm not yet preparing for anything

"You two,tell me how old you are"

"I'm 16"


"Ha!,so you two really are slacking off from school! now follow me!"

The Big man pulled us to somewhere

"Hey,Nee-san,why are you let him pulling us like this !?"

I whispered to Izuna in low tone voice

"Relax,didn't he just say school ?,I think we just found a good lodging place"

"Huh ?"

"Listen,In Human school in europe,the students usually given a room in the dorms,which means a free lodging place for us"

So that is,I have never been in school before,just at the backyard of my home or the mountains for training

We pulled into a big building,and into a room with a double doors

"Principal,I just found two kids walking out from school area when it's still assembly ceremony"

"Oh ? and they are ?"

an elderly man sat at the chair,seems he was the "principal" of this "school"

"We were just arrived at this town sir"

Izuna started to talk to him after the big man released his grip from us

"Hoho,what a polite young woman,Do you two interested to enroll in this school ?"

"Yes,we are"

and now you just make decisions without my approval huh

"Good,now just sign this paper and you two can go"

I and Izuna just signed that paper,but only me that write my name in kanji on it

"You Brat!,What is this ?"

the Big man shouting at me,what did I do wrong ?

"Hoho,a Zipangu writing ?,isn't this good enough,Vice Principal ?"

"Uh,if Principal says so"

"Good,now please escort them to their class"



  • In the assembly hall

"Accho!"a blond haired girl sneezing pretty hard at her handkerchief

"Ugh,I think I just felt something"