[2 September 1516]

a Bad day,I just got at front of many people,and now I'm forced to wear this "uniforms",well at least now I got a lodging place when I don't have any I will consider this as training or whatever,I will try to endure it.

A Ninja,A Ryu and Vampires (2/2)

an unbelievable scene,after the encounter with that big "vice principal",we were being escorted to our classroom,in my puzzlement about the previous encounter,I called Izuna with my original language which none other but us understood



"You understood the language in that paper ?"

"I am,why ?"

"How ?"

"Using magic of course"

as I thought,you just used magic without telling me and only me that had been given the consequences,with a pique I muttered some words at her.

"Why you don't cast it on me ?"

"You fool,you really believe that ?,didn't mother told us that magic can't be used when we in this form ?"

oh,yeah,I forgot that Tsugumi-san told us that our magic power restricted when we in this form,with the rememberance,my pique just shutted down.only to be met with another matters.

"Hey,you two,Hurry Up"

the Big man called us from a room with a hurrying tone,even though I don't understand what he means,I only followed Izuna into the classroom.

"Please Come in"

We came in the classroom,which so many people gathered in,I never been good with crowds especially mixture,well I already endured the crowds in my childhood,by being childhood friends. 

"Please,Introduce Yourself"

"my name is Murakumo Izuna,It's a pleasure to meet you all,I hope we can get along"

Izuna said that in some unknown language,and then the boys in class seems shouting in the same language,and it's my turn now.

"I'm Susano'o Tatsumi,Nice to meet you all"

I said that in Zipangu language,of course the people will be confused by it,I was sweating bullets because of the awkwardness and the people unknown mutterings.

"Ahem,Allow me to translate it"

Izuna spoke the sentence I just said in the Unknown Language,which the class understand.

"And that's it,Get along with them okay?"

I suppose this man was the teacher,because I can understand that the class says "Oh-Kaii"

After that,we sat on one of the empty seats,while I was being put on the corner,Izuna seemed popular as she kept speaking with the fellow students after the lesson is over which I can't understand even the tiniest of it.

After that,I lifelessly walked my way to the rooftop,and Izuna followed me while asking my conditions,which I replied after I sat down on the roof..

"That was Hell"

"You really can't stand crowds,huh?"

"It's not that!,how am I supposed to talk to people that I can't even understand what they say!?"

"Then it's really can't helping it"

Izuna is dismantling her illusion magic,which reveal her true form,a ryu and slither to my direction.

"Stay still"

Izuna pointed her finger at my forehead,then suddenly a surge of words are flowing into my head.

"You got that ?"

"Got what ?"

"So,you got that"

a Magic circle appeared beneath her,which re-construct her illusion magic.

"As expected from mother,She already expecting that we will need to broke out of this form when needed"

as expected...,wait,this is her fault that we teleported to this place in the first place doesn't it?

Sound of the bells are sounded,and sounded right through me who is still in puzzlement,well I don't need to think about something for too long,do I ?

"Oh,well the Bells already rang,let's come back"


We walked back to the classroom,which the students  are whispering as we come but now I can completely understand what they say,in strange way.

"Hey,new kid"

a big student patted my shoulder from behind,he seems about 6 feet and a few inches,with some funny looking and also threatening face.

"Yes ?" I'm still answering in ZIpangu Language,because I still don't used to the new language.

"Look,I'm short on money,can you lend me some ?"

The other students still murmured something,with quiet voice,but I can still hear it.

"Oh look,Herman is bullying the new student"

"Isn't this the third time this month ?"

So this guy is a bully huh ?even more a human...,piece of cake if I would say,but I must not show off here.

"What's up ? don't you dare ignoring me"

"Be Quiet"

"Huh ?"

"I said,Be Quiet"

I said that while placing my index finger at his forehead,and with one swift move I flicked him by his forehead. Just by a swift move of my index finger,Herman is sent flying to the end of the class,unconscious

The class got quiet because of that,while Izuna approaching me

"Really,You are overdoing it"

"Eh,seriously ?I just flicked his forehead"

"That's what I call overdoing it"

The class shocked seeing Izuna scolding me,which they too understands what I said and scornfully said things to me and warned Izuna with respect.

"Miss Izuna,why are you scolding this brute ?"

"Yes,Don't you fear you will be knocked out as well ?"

"He is able to speak proper words  !?"

"Why I must afraid of my own little brother ?"

Izuna just let out a incredible statement,I'm already prepared for this by closed my ear.


the sound of the class vibrated through the school,is it that surprising that the fact that we was siblings or step siblings to be exact ?

"What is that noise !?"

the sound of the door pushed so hard and the glowing yellow I see,seems this will be one hell of training or should I say "school"