"What's that Noise !?"

the door was slammed hard,and I see a golden haired girl came into the classroom

"Class President !!"

"Miss Sylvia!"

the girl called sylvia coming to my desk,with some menacing visage behind her

"Excuse me,Transfer student,may I know what happened here ?" She stared at me while pointing to the unconscious Herman

"Ah well,You see,He seems bullying me,so I just fight back"

"Fight back ?,You knocked him out,this is not self-defense!"

"I told you,Tatsumi"

Izuna was chuckling when she sees me,do you enjoy my quarrel with this girl !?

"Nee-san,please stand back"

after saying that,I stood up,while holding my head high

"Correct,This is not self-defense,actually I thought he was challenging me or something"

I talked like a samurai,even though I'm not a samurai to begin with

"You can only solve problems with muscles huh ?,Fine then,I propose you to a duel"

I smirked a little after hearing that,I don't know if I was happy to meet a training partner,or just some desire to fight

Duel and Love Proporsal (1/2)

"Hey,did you hear that ?"

"Yeah,I think miss Sylvia just challenged the transfer student to a duel"

"Well,He's toast"

the students seems to talk about it a lot,though I don't think it's something to be fussed about

"I accept your challenge"

I calmly announce that I accept the challenge

"Fine then,the time is after school at the Fencing hall"

"Good enough"

"Don't run away now,Transfer student"

She seems like a person with great pride,which I think was funny if I defeat her later

"Hey,Tatsumi,You sure about that ?"

a blonde girl in my class talked to me,this is the first time I talked to a human peacefully 

"I'm sure,what about it ?"

"You don't know !?,She is a high-ranked knight in Holy order!,a normal person can't even scratch her"

"Yep,so what ?"

"Don't just do anything stupid later,Little Brother"

"Trust me nee-san,it will be fine"

Izuna seems doesn't worry about me one bit,I wonder if it's because she trusts me or looking forward to see me in pain

The clock counts fast,The lessons were about Biology and Physchics which I'm only interested in Biology because I think it will be useful.

At last,the time for a duel,I walked peacefully to the fencing hall

"So you came,transfer student,I commend your courage for a brute"

Sylvia talking arrogantly to me,even before the duel begun.

"The Rule is one-hit battle,1 Round in 1 minute"

"Your mistake" I whispered silently

"Ah yes,Referee, before this duel started I'd like to make a change"

"What is it ?"

"Change the time limit to 2.5 seconds"

the crowd spectacting us are shocked

"What the !?,Is he Insane ?"

"That's Impossible for a human to win a fencing match in that split seconds!"

the crowd are still fussing about it,and only Izuna and the blonde haired girl from before who still calm

"Alright,both of you,prepare yourselves"

Sylvia putting her stance for a quick thrust,I'm already reading it



a gust of wind occurred because both of us charging toward each other.

"Hyaaaaahhh!!"Sylvia charging toward me with her sword at front of her

"Thrust",a thrusting sound heard from the arena,but it's not from me

"Wha-what the..."

"Class President,You Have 3 Flaws"

the thrusting sound was from my kunai thrusting her shoulder,while she just merely thrusting at my after image

"Referee" I called the referee

"Oh !?,The winner is Susano'o Tatsumi with a time of 2.25 seconds!!"

"Damn,I miscalculated huh..."

I approached Sylvia who still sit down because of the shock

"First,Your methods of attack are too simple,even the lowest enemy ranks can easily see through that"

I pulled my kunai from her shoulder and started wrapping bandages on her

"Second,You are too focused,It will be a problem if you meet a speed type opponent like me"

I finished the bandages,and stood up to take my leave

"Third,Try not to charge to enemy's vanguard,because you are just speeding to your death if you do it next time"

I take my leave while the crowds still frozen

"So,you succeded huh"

Izuna already waited for me outside,I still don't know why she still undoubted me though


the blonde haired girl talked to me with a shuddering voice,I wonder if she shocked because of that duel

"Are you really human ?"

Kuh,am I already too exposed ? for a girl to notice that my speed is abnormal even after tricking the class president

"Uuuh,I am,why ?" I answered in panicking tone hoping for her to not notice



she shouted at me with a red face,and her red eyes that glittering from the sunlight

"huh ?"

for the first time in my life, a human girl brave enough to talk to me and proposed her love to me,this is sure a rare treat which I don't know how to deal with it.

Duel and Love Proporsal (2/2)

[3 September 1556]

I just got my first confession in my near 17-years life,I don't know how to deal with this because mom didn't even show any emotions when she trained me,I suppose the elder teaching "One Should Only reveal's one true heart and feelings in front of the husband that one truly loves" will help me in this,even though I must change the "husband" with "wife" in this case.



that word reverbnating through my head,which make my mind to go blank for a second

"Eeeeehh!?,Doesn't that means this is a so called "Love Confession" !?"

"Yes this is!,I love you!"

"Wait,this is a bit sudden,but who are you and what do you like from me ?"

"Indeed,this is really confusing"

Izuna step up in the conversation,I begged her to help me in my mind

"What you like from a Cocky,self centered,and Egoistical pervert like him ?"

Heeeey,I did begged you to help me but you don't need to insult me that far,and most of them are just your opinion!!

"My name is Anastasia Gildedmoon" she ignored Izuna's opinions about me,and keep pushing herself toward me.

"And ?What do you like about me ?"I tried to act calm but in reality,my mind felt like it will explode for the next attack

"I like everything about you!From your Introduction that seems from an unknown lands,and your shy expressions after that!,even if that's not enough,you are strong!"

Gah,another stimulus ? my mind gone blank again for a second and after I got my consciousness back....

"Do you accept my feelings ?"She closes her face to me,seems like she intend to kiss me,while my face has been turned red

"Alright,that's enough"

Izuna once again steps in between us,I can't thank you enough Nee-san!

"That's enough for now,Anastasia.This Idiot needs to think about that at least for one night"


"No buts,now if you excuse us"

Izuna pulling my clothes back to the school to avoid anastasia

"Thanks a lot,Nee-san"

"Don't need to thank me,Here"

She gives me a key with a number 303 written on it

"Is this.."

"Yes,that's your room key,for now go back to your room and prepare to investigate tonight"

"Tonight ?,Don't we start investigating after school ?"

"That's the original plan,but due to the reconstruction of mother's magic,I can't fly for too long"

"That's true"

I'm immediately searching for the building called "Boy's Dorms",which I found in the middle of the woods

"Seriously ?"

When I'm going in to search for my room,I just found an empty building,without a single person

"What,so I'm lodging here alone in this abandoned building ?,Yeah sure "good lodging place" "

I just found my room,303,then I just throw myself on the torn bed there

"I'm tired,I guess I will sleep for later"

I'm falling to a deep sleep,for today I met with situations I never been in before,Had I stayed in Zipangu,I would never feel this huh..."


"Well,seems You have come back,Tatsumi"

"Ah,is that you again ?"

"Yeah,I'm you,or should I say I'm the dark side of you"