I'm slowly falling,but it's not like I fall into some gravity pulled place,like in a ocean,I fall so slowly and blissfully

"So,You have came back"

"It's you again ?"

"Yeah,I'm you,or should I say dark side of you"

"Hmph,don't try to act tough,even you say you are the dark side of me or something,we are still in one body"

"Heheh,that's true.So how does it feel to be in my form for a while ?"

"It's good enough,for at least people don't suspect me because of my black hair"

"And ?,how do you plan to respond to that girl ?"

"Huh ?,why are you talking about that ?"

"As I thought,you are really dense aren't you ?"

"You don't need to tell me that,Incubus"

"Heh,You can say that again,Human"

"Quit calling me a human,I quit being a human long ago because of you"

"Hmph,do as you like"

I awoke in my room,room number 303 in this abandoned building.

"Damn it"

The Demon Ninja and The Half Vampire of The Bloody Moon (1/2)

It's already night outside,My Illusion magic seems still intact,even when I'm asleep

"It's time"

I prepared my equipment.a Smoke bomb,Kunais and my Ninja-to.I also changed my uniform into my actual duty uniform

"Alright,time to go"

I broke my illusion magic that reveals my natural black hair and red eyes,then I jumped out of window

"According to Izuna,she is investigating the West side of this town,seems I must go to east"

I'm running through the woods,but soon I leapt to a tree branch because I sensed something

"It's a patrol" I whispered to myself regarding of the patrol,but strangely the patrol seems only one person and a woman from the body shape.

"I don't have time for that,the time is ticking"

I'm proceeding to the east side on top the trees,until...

"Wait Right There"

a rapier suddenly thrown at me,luckily I just dodged that.after I landed safely on the ground,the patrol,which has her helmet on.

"You,Identify Yourself"

"I don't have time for that"

I tried to run away by throwing a smoke bomb,but she is so persistent that she still chasing me even after that,I managed to dodge the second thrust.

"Don't run away!!"

She thrusts her rapier at me,such a swift move and without an opening.

"Darn it,seems I don't have a choice but to fight"

She tried to side kicking me,which I dodged but followed with a swift thrust

"Good,but not good enough!"

I'm parrying the rapier with a kunai,and throw it at her

"Same to you"

she bited the kunai,such quick reaction.I'm impressed.

"Not Yet!!"

I turned upside down from my hands,and able to kick off her helmet

But in exchange,her rapier thrust is able to graze my cheek and stain her hand

and what surprised me is...

The one that fights equally with me,who is not a pure blooded human,is Anastasia,the one that confessed her love to me hours ago.

"Kuh!!" I can't afford to be seen by her,for that will lead into trouble tomorrow and destruction of my first friendship.

I prepared the ninjutsu for a light release which is a difficult one

"Light Release:Radiant Waves"

Radiant Waves,a blinding light that occurred from my own body,it normally used when the smoke bomb already used up


Seems I'm able to run away,but with such high consequences,Radiant waves consequence is after using it the vision will be impaired for 1 day

"That man..."

  • Slurp


"You are late"

It's Izuna from the voice I hear,because of my vision has gone impaired minutes ago,I have to walk slowly

seeing my miserable state,she is rushing at me with a worried voice

"Hey,Little Brother!You alright !?"

The Castle in Horizon

"Nah,I'm fine,somehow my vision just blurred when I got here"

"That's good then,do you find something at the east ?"


"Seems so,I have already checked the west side,but only that castle over the town that still not checked"

Izuna pointing to a castle at the horizon which,I can barely see.

"You don't look good,you sure you can get back to dorm by yourself?"

"I will make it somehow"

"No,you will need help,get on"

"What ?"

"I told you to get on my tail,we will fly to your dorm"


We flied through the sky,straight to my room

"Take a good rest,If you are not feeling well,you don't need to come to school tomorrow"

She quickly jumps away and get back to her dorm after that

"Oh ?,what happened,Human ?"

"I told you not to call me human,dammit"

for the rest of the night,I spend talking to the incubus in me which he talked about contract or something

The Demon Ninja and The Half Vampire of The Bloody Moon (2/2)

[5 September 1556]

It's already been a day after I recovered my lost vision because of the use of Radiant Waves,but I'm still surprised knowing that Anastasia is not human too,I predict she is a Dhampir,because she looked fine walking in sunlight and what make me sure she is a dhampir is She slurped my blood that stains her hands the other day.


"So,do you like to form a contract with me ?"

"Quit talking like in mangas,of course I won't make a pact with a demon"

"C'mon,don't say that,because if she meets you again next time,she will surely beat you to a pulp,am I right ?"

"Heh,trying to tempt me with sweet words ?,Don't even try to do that"

"Fine then,but I will make sure this body is safe if you happened to be knocked out"

I awoke after 2 days of slumber,because I need excessive amount of rest for my recovery.

"Oh,you are awake ?"

That's the voice of Izuna along with the smell of food,I'm really hungry because I eat nothing in past 2 days

but,wait this building only have a kitchen at first floor and my room is at third floor...

that's mean somebody other than Izuna is here.

"Good Morning!"

It's Anastasia,as I thought she would come here after hearing about my 2-day absence

"Good Morning" I'm answering in quite normal tone,with intent to not attracting her

"Tatsumi,I've made breakfast,do you want to eat it together ?"

"Uuuuuh"I'm still to weak to respond to that

"Stop it,Anna,let him at least eats in peace"



"So,let's move on to the topic,Tatsumi,why you didn't come to school for a past 2 days ?"

"That's because...."

"Because I found him uncounscious in the woods 2 days ago,so I brought him here"

"That is?Why you passed out in the woods in the first place ?"

"I don't know,suddenly my vision got blurry and when I woke up,I'm already here"

"Hmmm,That's it....,but do you know ?"

"What is it ?"

"2 days ago,The Patrol seems found someone around this building"

"What is the intruder looked like ?"

"Well,they said He has a natural black hair,red eyes,and wear a tight undershirt along with jacket and thin sword in it's sheath"

I bursted into surprised state,spitting food in my mouth in the process,after hearing that I'm sure that the one I fought in the woods is anastasia.

"Eh,is he dangerous ?"

"Probably,because the patrol said he was able to use Light magic"

Magic....,seems a concept of ninjutsu isn't known here,good for me

"Well,isn't light magic is the second most difficult magic to use ? and also with the second highest consequence rate,just after darkness magic"

Izuna started to talk,regardless about her food that already have been finished

"Fine then,I will go to school first,Anna please make sure you help Tatsumi to go to school"

"Yes,leave that to me"

With Izuna gone,seems I also have to go to school

"Well then,I will go as well"


She grabbed my arm,seems she has some questions for me

"Tatsumi,You are the Intruder,aren't you?"

She hits the bullet right at my face,just like the kunai she caught with her mouth the other day,I will have to go through this somehow,or else I won't ever be able to get out from here.